10 K-Pop Idols Are Pushing The bounds Of Gender With Androgynous Charm

10 K-Pop Idols Are Pushing The bounds Of Gender With Androgynous Charm

7kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter There are a handful of South Korean celebrities who can boast to be stunning stillgood-looking and handsome yet pretty. Heres an inventory of a couple of of the onesstated celebrities who can pull off this kind of look.

Image: Two times Jungyeon / My Daily Image: TWICE Jungyeon / My Day-to-day

TWICE Jungyeon: Even thru her time in SIXTEEN, Jungyeon has at all times been shown to have a quick haircut with her hair so long as above shoulder. Yet eventide alongside her boyish haircut, the TWICE member still exudes a feminine charm.

f(x) Amber: Credited as the idol who startedthe womanoverwhelm trend. Since her debut, Amber has endured with her femaleimpartial and tomboyish look, who prefer to stay her hair short.

Image: MAMAMOO Moonbyul / My Daily Image: MAMAMOO Moonbyul / My Everyday

MAMAMOO Moonbyul: Referred to as the doppelganger and feminineedition of EXO Xiumin. She rose into reputation after reworking into a male for the teamssong video for Um Oh Ah Yeh in addition on degree for the promotions, shooting the hearts of fans.

Image: Kang Ji Young / My Daily Image: Kang Ji Young / My Each day

Kang Ji Young: These days active as an actress in Japan and is getting attention for her upcoming film Kataomoi Spiral. Throughout her time in ladyworkforce KARA, she wonnumerous tending for her lovely visuals. However, the still cuts for Kataomoi Spiral expose Kang Ji Young transforming into a handsome tomboy.

Image: Girls' Generation Sunny / My Daily Image: Women Generation Sunny / My Daily

Girls Generation Sunny: On multiple times since her debut, Sunny has been spotted with a short coiffure and varying bobs, which now nothandiest highlights her feminine charms but complements her cute looks.

Image: SEVENTEEN Jeonghan / My Dailly Image: SEVENTEEN Jeonghan / My Daily

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan: With his long locks, Jeonghan can without difficulty existwrong for a feminine equally he has that refinedattractivenesseven though he indisputably hast he functions of a handsome male.

Image: No Min Woo / My Daily Image: No Min Woo / My Daily

No Min Woo: Status at 185cm tall, No Min Woo is a superstar known for his handsome but fairly visuals.

Image; Endless 50 / My Daily Image: INFINITE L / My Daily

▲ INFINITE L: The member is in command of INFINITEs visuals. Having dressed in female garbs on several events for his fans, theres doubtless that he has sure feminine charms as smartly as his handsomeness, making him even more sexy to fans.

▲ BTS V: A charismatic idol who has taken over the hearts of many fanatics with his visuals and humors. Dressed up in female dresses, he still comes out as pretty as ever.

Image: EXO Suho / SM Entertainment Image: EXO Suho / SM Entertainment

▲ EXO Suho: Not just an idol but an actor as well. At one of the crucialbeyond SMTOWN Are living in Seoul concerts, Suho remodeled as a female as he wore a red dressed decorated in a red boa and short haired wig.

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On Air, Dont Care: Pushing the bounds of V App and Are living Broadcasts

On Air, Dont Care: Pushing the bounds of V App and Are living Broadcasts

20160608_seoulbeats_JungkookOn Air, Don’t Care: Pushing the limits of V App and Are livingAnnouncesWritten via Erianne On June 9, 201620160608_seoulbeats_VAppEver since Naver launched the V App closing year, K-pop loverseither in South Korea and all over theinternational were ecstatic to understand that the opportunity to get closer and more intimate with their favourite idols would be more imaginable than ever before. This application, which can also be downloaded and installed by approach of any iOS or Android smartphone, has given fans the danger to immediately witness the live broadcasts of idols in addition drop their own comments whilst the live broadcast is in session, thereby being ready to be in contact amongst idols at the spot in spite of being miles and oceans clear of where the idols are.

While the V App has had its fair quantity of technical inconsistencies, it's milesnonethelessa vital entity which the more global and technological age of K-pop has utilized. From normal updates which idols can behavior themselves by doing impromptu live broadcasts to precise mini-segments of the diversity show-kind that the idols have created themselves just to entertain fans, it has certainly revolutionized the manner fans have interaction and hook up with idols.

Recently, V App has gotten itself into a little bit of a hot water after a slightly messy live broadcast of a quickkinddisplay entitled Flower Crew. The show, which was once made to imitate KBS’ popular truthTelevision series 2 Days and 1 Night, would be using the application’s fan interactivity feature by depending on fan votes and comments for the otherresponsibilities and demanding situations which the celebs on the broadcast would be doing. The Flower Crew rangeprove stars some veteran MCs of the industry (former profootball actor Ahn Jung-hwan, former expert basketball player Seo Jang-hoon, comic Jo Se-ho, and Yoo Byung-jae)  as smartly equally two young rookie celebsactor Kim Min-seok who gave the impression in Descendants of the Sun, and BTS’ maknae Jungkook.

20160608_seoulbeats_FlowerCrewDuring the primary day of broadcast, fans voiced their worryin regards to the mode the MCs were treating Jungkook and Min-seok. From refusing to settle for the food that Jungkook purchased and their condescending remarks against Jungkook’s popularity, to their allegedly impolite means of speaking to Min-seok, it wasn’t long earlier than fans were making their discomfort known and soon, the older forgedparticipants issued apologies addressed to Jungkook’s and Min-seok’s fans, acknowledging that what took place during the live broadcast maywerebeside the point to a undeniable extent.

Some could say that the full incident turned into only an unlucky and awkward misunderstanding. As the MCs have relayed in their apologies, they were looking to exist close, then again close to fans (particularly South Korean fans) are actuallynow notpurchasing information technologytaking into consideration how Korean etiquette and manners between strangers is various between close buddies and acquaintances. In addition, fans were also fastto select out up on Jungkook’s and Min-seok’s worried demeanor. Jungkook in specificseemed way too uncomfortable during the MCs’ moments of informal jesting (mostly deriding Jungkook’s fame) and making an allowance for how this was Jungkook’s first time on a wide rangeexhibiton my own without his fellow BTS members, it was simple for any individual to feel bad for the maknae.

Misunderstanding or not, it was transparent that appropriate off the bat, this incident is solely an example of why V App’s fan interactivity feature isn'tat all times that pleasant. Since Flower Crew heavily relies on fan requests and votes for the execution of positive missions on the show, it was nearly way too glaring that Jungkook would almost continuously be the maximumliked one curious about how BTS (along with EXO and Big Bang) has one of the mostgreatest followings on V App. In the end, what may have been a supposedly funny and highly entertaining show (since it was intended to be like 2 Days and 1 Night), ended up changing into a hot mess.

20160608_seoulbeats_RunningManApart from the comments, the live broadcast structure was definitely not the way to move for this variety show. Because the five App’s attraction is that it makes the entiretyglanceoriginal by doing away with cuts and fancy edits that one would generally witness in TV network shows, it is obvious that this sort of format is anythingthat might not paintings on a spread show.

Variety displays are variety displays for a reason. Despite how they are tryingto seem ‘authentic’, a a phase ofit's going to always be scripted and adjustedthru that signature K-variety taste of editing which more continuously than not can either undoubtedly or negatively manipulate the way audience sackunderstand a bound incident or cast member concerned on the show.

V App as a supposedly authentic and intimate medium for fans and idols will have to remain just as that. Certain Naver on occasion releases variety-like content on V App (case in point: BTS’ Bangtan Gayo and Run! BTS), yet they are still edited and formatted in some way that apparentlymuch like your same old sort program deceptively filled with consistent amusing and laughs and devoid of any awkward moments or uncomfortable scenes which some viewers might effortlessly misinterpret.

Due to how the K-Entertainment world is predicated heavily on the fairly controlled ambiance and masterful editing in their shows so as to get the most desired reaction from fans and viewers, it is simple for the forged and crew members to disregardthe effectsthat may emerge during a real alive broadcast. Visitors and MCs might get too comfy and forget that this scene or that scene can't be edited out once it's beenfinished and so on.

However, on a more hopeful note, most likely this fresh be broadcast mishap could inspire tv set personalities to be a load more professional and careful without reference towhether editing can bein contact in the show. After all, such a incident has almost definitelycame about dozens of times potentially too at the expense of budding rookie idols and celebs at the back of the scenes of more than a few other variety methods and were just hidden faraway from the eyes of most people later some careful editing.

In the end, despite the promising premise of the show, the cast (particularly the MCs) regarded way too used to the standard goings-on of a TV network broadcast where you have toeasily pull off the rest and  depend on the editing abilities of the PDs to make it work in everyone’s total favor. Upload to that the truth that Jungkook and Min-seok are more or less variety show neophytes and you’ve were given yourself a train-wreck of a show.

What are your mindin this issue? Did you think the show may have worked no matter its live broadcast format?

(Korea Herald, Naver 12, News Nate, BestBig name News, UnitedKpop, Day-to-day Mail UK, YouTube, Images via V App and SBS)


2AM Member Jo Kwon Reveals Androgynous Charm for Vogue Korea

2AM Member Jo Kwon Reveals Androgynous Charm for Vogue Korea

2AM Member Jo Kwon Reveals Androgynous Charm for “Vogue Korea” Jo Kwon, Jo Sung Ha, Michael Lee and Kim Da Hyun were recently featured in a pictorial for “Vogue Korea” magazine.

All four men were cast in the musical, “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” and dressed up as women for a special shoot for “Vogue Korea.” “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” is a musical about two drag queens and a transsexual who encounter strange characters on the way to perform at a drag show at a resort located in Alice Springs, Australia.

For the shoot, the men were styled from head to toe in stilettos, thick makeup and of course, fishnet stockings. According to the staff, the men completed the photo shoot successfully with their professional poses and expressions.

In an interview with “Vogue Korea,” the four men shared their individual concerns regarding their own character roles and stories about their determination in acting in the musical. As the role of Adam, Jo kwon shared, “No matter what anyone says, I prepared a lot and studied hard for this role. It’s similar to being a singer in that you get to express emotions through lyrics, but singing in a musical is definitely more dramatic. Only when you’ve lost yourself in your role, can you express yourself. Each day that passes, I feel like I’m getting more immersed into my character.” He also added, “My Adam will be the sexiest Adam! Please look forward to it!”

All photos from the pictorial will be available in the July issue of “Vogue Korea.”

In related news, “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” will open on July 8 at the LG Art Center.

2AM Member Jo Kwon Reveals Androgynous Charm for “Vogue Korea”2AM Member Jo Kwon Reveals Androgynous Charm for “Vogue Korea”2AM Member Jo Kwon Reveals Androgynous Charm for “Vogue Korea”


Roundtable: What's with Androgynous Idols

Roundtable: What's with Androgynous Idols

Roundtable: Whats with Androgynous Idols? Roundtable: Whats with Androgynous Idols? Roundtable: Whats with Androgynous Idols? Androgyny is something that is rarely found in Western pop culture. Aside from maybe David Bowie, there are very few instances where male and female celebrities embrace the aesthetic norms of the opposite gender. That is certainly not the case when it comes to K-pop, and perhaps a lot of us are drawn to it for that reason. Who are your favorite androgynous idols? What is it about them that appeal to you?

Lindsay: If we are going by the standards set by my American peers, all of the male K-pop idols I like are my favorite androgynous ones. I cant tell you how many times Ive had to say thats a boy when someones gotten a peek at my phone. If you consider the standard of masculinity in pop culture in the US, every single male Korean I like is androgynous. With their delicate features, stylish clothing, and heavy eye-makeup I guess I can see how someone completely unfamiliar with Korean pop culture would be confused. Trouble is, I think of male K-pop idols as very masculine, and therein lies the cultural conflict.

So to answer the real question, my favorite idol that I actually consider to be androgynous is Amber of f(x). Amber readily admits to being a tomboy since childhood, so her masculine image doesnt feel contrived. Amber is also playful and casual in a way some other female idols arent which both makes her seem slightly more like one of the guys and also just makes her an awesome person. But lets be honest, Amber appeals to me physically because she has the same aesthetic as a male idol, from hair to fashion to dancing.

Another favorite of mine is Rokhyun from 100%. He doesnt go out his way to look feminine; he just does. He has one of the cutest faces I have ever seen in my entire life and has a lot of natural aegyo, which makes it very hard to tell sometimes if he is a boy or a girlI think it might also be the full, pouty lips. He has a high-pitched voice, both speaking and singing, so that adds to the androgyny too. But then he takes off his shirt and he has completely ripped chocolate-abs, so that kind of ruins the femininity.

Roundtable: Whats with Androgynous Idols? Pat: My favorite androgynous idols are definitely Infinite’s Sung-jong and Nu’est’s Ren. I find that both of their features are masculine AND feminine at the same timeit all depends on the hair they have. With both Sung-jong and Ren, my favorite thing is that they both don’t care that they look feminine; in fact they both flaunt it.

Sung-jong readily admits that he is more attractive than several girl group members. His body is slim and he has this air around him that makes him seem so delicate. And then one of his Infinite hyungs pushes him to the limit and his sharp tongue goes into action. What appeals me to him is that even when Sung-jong is teased about his appearance, he plays it off and owns it. But then, this is the idol that got banned from dancing to girl group songs by his CEO.

With Ren, despite his looks, he is arguably one of the most competitive members of Nu’est. In fact, if you take away his looks and judge by his attitude and thinking, he definitely falls under the societal construct of what being masculine is. And then when you get to his looks, he is definitely feminine. I love that paradox about him and that he carries it in a way that would make even Heechul proud.

For female androgynous idols, Amber readily comes to mind. Her appeal to me is the exact same reason as Lindsay: it’s not image forced onto her, it’s just Amber Liu being Amber Liu. There is no pretense; she is cool and stays herself be it with male idols or female idols.

But really, when it comes to male K-pop idols, 90% of them would be judged as androgynous just because of what Western society has told us a man is. A man is said to be strong person with muscles and keeps their emotions in check. And yet in K-pop, we all can easily name those who easily gets carried away by their emotions. Chances are if a persons first introduction to K-pop would be, say, a video of Jong-hyun crying his eyes out, then they wouldn’t think he was masculine at all despite him filling out most criteria of what a masculine person is. Also, we can easily name several who, despite not having a body that looks like it, is masculinebut then he also likes dancing to girl group songs and does it better than all of us.

Roundtable: Whats with Androgynous Idols? Leslie: Whats funny about this discussion is that K-pop has a plethora of male idols with an androgynous image, some who even embrace their femininityJo Kwon comes to mindbut theres a significant difference in the number of female idols who are androgynous. While not all groups are necessarily girly or cutesy, most maintain a distinct feminine image, be it sexy, cute or fierce.

But when I got into the K-pop fandom, which was right when f(x) was debuting, one of the things that appealed to me was Ambers image. I myself have always been androgynousI have a boyish haircut and wear sneakers and snapbacks oftenso I loved that. I was disappointed to find out that Amber is more of an anomaly because even though there are a handful of other female idols who have an androgynous image, it definitely seems contrived with them. I had to look to Taiwanese girl group Misster for more female androgyny.

On the side of male androgyny, what solidified my love for K-pop was several months after f(x)s debut when Shinee released Lucifer. I fell head over heels for Taemin with his long hair, and I never looked back. That is still my favorite era. I always remember when I brought a collage of Taemin with that hairstyle to my hairstylist, and she referred to him as she. I didnt correct her because I didnt really want to explain to her the differences of gender standards in Korea versus the United States, and because I thought it was funny.

Another fun anecdote: my mother once said that she thought Eli looked like a woman when I was watching a U-KISS video, and it totally threw me because he is one of the most masculine idols to me. But just like Lindsay and Pat have both said, its the standards of masculinity that are different, even among Western countries. My family is Hispanic, and the distinction between masculinity and femininity is arguably greater in my culture in comparison to American standards.

Roundtable: Whats with Androgynous Idols?

Also, in Western entertainment, there are more female celebrities embracing androgyny than there are male celebrities, which makes idols like Amber not so strange but those like Sung-jong and Ren totally weird. Right off the top of my head, I can think of Ellen Degeneres, Tilda Swinton and Agyness Deyn, but I cant think of any male celebrities. Either way, its interesting that male idols embrace their femininity more than female idols embrace their masculinity, whereas in the United States it seems to be the reverse.

Miyoko: My favorite androgynous idols are the ones that embrace androgyny or dont seem to care; that attitude appeals to me.

Many of the male idols I like look feminine by Western standards, but assert their masculinity at every turn. Because they do this, it says to me that they want to be put into the socially-defined male category, so thats how I view them. There are a few female idols that are androgynous in appearance, but it comes across as a concept. I was struck by OneKet and Aram from Global Icon when they debuted, but since their company stated they were doing a tomboy image for their first single, I dont know if their style is a one-time thing. Time will tell.

My favorite would probably be G-Dragon, who is very fluid in his appearance and consciously plays with it. I like Heechul too for the same reason. And, as everyone mentioned, Amber is the ultimate at just being her awesome self.

Laverne: The only androgynous idols I know are Ren from NUEST and Amber from f(x). But to be honest, I dont know much about either. It has nothing to do with their androgyny; rather, their groups dont interest me so Ive never felt drawn to learn more about them.

But I do like the fact that we have androgynous idols because they defy the strict gender identities and roles that have persisted for too long. I wont go on a tangent about the systems that have enforced this but I think its important to acknowledge that its okay for both sexes to like or do something that is traditionally viewed as for the opposite gender. I think its great that these idols not only express both masculine and feminine traits, but own it as well.

Roundtable: Whats with Androgynous Idols?

Jaclyn: My favorite androgynous idols would have to be Nuests Ren and Super Juniors Heechul. Heechuls flamboyancy and personality arent for everyone, but he cracks me up. I love his who cares attitude when it comes to his non-traditional ways. Honestly, I dont know much about Ren personality-wise so my appreciation of Ren is purely on the superficial side. Hes just so darn pretty.

Id have to say whats appealing about androgynous idols is the embracing of the image. I really dislike the pressure of gender roles and the shame put on those who flit in between them, so for certain idols to carry it proudly is awesome to me. Im actually not big on androgyny in K-pop because its often feigned for publicity. Also, it tends to be the butt of too many jokes. Still, I love those idols that wear it like its no big deal (which it isnt) like Amber and Sung-jong.

Nicholas: I must admit to being rather cool about androgynous idols, given how after so many years, I still struggle to tell apart the guys whore so pretty they look like a female, and those females who happen to have a sharp feature here and there that give them a hint masculinity.

Of course, none of this gender-bending helps with my ego (why are there some guys/gals who enjoy positive points on both sides of the ledger), or explaining to my mum that the whole gender-bender movement is in vogue and not sinful.

Still, as long as I get my fair share of pretty people, why should I complain too much?

Jaclyn: Nicholas, youre not the only one. There are plenty of times when I thought he was a she or she was a he. Just recently, a friend of Ambers posted pictures of them with Henry and some backup dancers. I had trouble differentiating her, but fortunately, I knew her face well and her legs are a dead giveaway.

And Ive grown past comparing myself to anyone now, and have accepted that Im really really ugly. Like so ugly that I walk into a room and not one, but two babies start crying. In all seriousness, practically everyone experiences that. How in the world are Jaejoong and Taemin prettier than I am? I just have to accept that I wasnt lifted off the pages of a manga.

Roundtable: Whats with Androgynous Idols?

Mark: Woh, Jaclyn, lets not let our insecurities get the best of us. Im sure a lot of people (guys and girls) feel less pretty than Jaejoong.

What I quite dislike is the association of hip-hop with masculinity and how it forces a specific image on certain groups and idols. Like many of you mentioned, androgyny comes off as less appealing when it becomes an aesthetic forced on certain individuals, and this cant be more true than when it comes to female rappers, even when it makes them look a heck of a lot worse (ahem, Woori of Rainbow)! Because, surely, the only way a female rapper possesses any form of legitimacy is if she dawns short hair and/or tomboyish tendencies.

With the hip-hop aesthetic currently enveloping the K-pop scene, many female idols are forced to adapt more tomboyish wardrobes without necessarily having to adapt the personality. Hip-hop-inspired rookie groups like Global Icon and Wassup dress its members in tomboyish clothes so that they look the part but its clearly only a concept, if not a gimmick, to bring the group attention. With that said, Im going to completely contradict myself and say that I like Jucy of Evol and Jimin of AOA because they are decent idol rappers and Im glad their semi-androgynous looks allow them to stand out.

Nicholas: Mark, so can we argue on the flipside for all the pretty boys, like Ren, Rokhyun, and in the past Taemin? They do have that guy-ish air around them, but end up being marketed to girls as guys who play the feminine archetype well, and seeing how the girls practically love this sort of thing (I have a friend on Twitter who goes into sugar shock when she sees Rokhyun do a Sistar cover), it makes the role practically an obligation in almost every new guy group these days.

Sahar: It would be unfair to characterize the west as particularly closed-minded on gender-bending. RuPaul is an American icon who has been around for decades, and also the host of a very popular drag show. Androgyny and cross dressing are nothing new in the west. In addition, regardless of what Macklemore might have everyone think, there is a thriving queer/gender-binary challenging the hip-hop scene in the US. Yes, there is a mainstream take on things and Frank Oceans coming out process shows we have a long way to go when it comes to unpacking concepts of masculinity/queerness in the American community, but in the shadows of that mainstream, there is a thriving alternative that we should not ignore.

Roundtable: Whats with Androgynous Idols? That said, one of the most attractive features of contemporary K-pop is that unlike a lot of artists and the industry in the West, K-pop does not seem obsessively tied to outdated and very western essentialist ideas of gender and sex identity. Taemin or G-Dragon (just to name two examples out of many) are just doing their thing instead of performing to anyones standards about what men look like. They are not looking at gendered norms for how they have to be styled. They are looking at what is creative and interesting in any particular moment. My reaction to that? Thank [deity of your choice] that somewhere in this world, the pop music industry isnt boxing people into a gender presentation binary that isnt real.

Erika: I think that, according to Western expectations of gender, the overwhelming majority of male K-pop idols would be considered androgynous. But I dont know that that has to do with K-pop challenging the gender binary. I think this has a lot to do with the objectifiability of K-pop idols, as is the fetishization of cuteness. Part of femininity as a social construct in nearly every culture are passivity, perceived weakness, harmlessness, and allure based on the preferences of the observer. And, of course, with cuteness, you have a performance of childishness, a major feature of which is a lack of agency. K-pop idols are someone elses moneymaker whose worth is based on the ability to be non-threatening fantasy fodder for their audience, which translates into money spent. No wonder nearly EVERYONE in K-pop is what the West would consider hyper-feminized (women, too). This isnt unique to K-pop. Teen heartthrobs in the West tend to be more feminine, as they have to appear innocuous and available for objectification too.

(Images via Pledis Entertainment, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment)


These five idols constitute why the 97 line is emerging as the head  elegance of male visuals

These five idols constitute why the 97 line is emerging as the head elegance of male visuals

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even ifloversceaselessly argue whether the 94 line or the 99 line is the maximum impressive magnificence of feminine idol visuals, the 97 line has temporarily emerged as the front-runner with regards to male idol visuals. 

In fact, fans on Pann recently discussed five male idols whose authentic and exceptional visuals are representative of the 97 line. Already blessed with a dangerousaggregate of visuals, height, and aura, fans cant agree with that those five 97 line idols are besttwo decades old and just beginning their careers.

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Fans rank the pinnacle visual male K-Pop idols

Fans rank the pinnacle visual male K-Pop idols

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics online have ranked K-Pop idols once again, this time naming the presentBest 7 visuals among male singers. 

The list comprises some individuals of workforce EXO, who is already well known for having many visual members, in addition BTS, WINNER and also member from the rookie group NCT.

Take a glance at the list below. Do you consider the ranking? What is your ownscore in regards to peak visual male idols?

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These two male idols are thought to be the representative visuals of SM Entertainment

These two male idols are thought to be the representative visuals of SM Entertainment

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAlthough SM Entertainment is known for having many flower boys, loverslately discussed two male idols that they believe to be the representative visuals of the agency. 

According to a well-liked postal service on PannEXOSuho and NCTTaeyongs visuals are remarkable even in an firm with such so much ofgood-looking male idols. Noting Suhos sumptuous looks and Taeyongs infamous resemblance to industry legend and previous SM artist JYJJaejoong, the post has gaineda huge number ofcertain reactions from fans.

Although fans understandably couldnt come to consensus on which of the 2may smartly bethought to bethe pinnacle male visual in SM Entertainment, fans agreed that the two are no doubtauthentic and distinguished visuals in the K-pop industry.

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Fans claim to have found out irrefutable evidence that those two idols are dating

Fans claim to have found out irrefutable evidence that those two idols are dating

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter The usage of their infamous detective skills, enthusiasts have pieced in combination that two veteran idols are most probably in a courting with each and every other. 

According to fans, StellarHyoeun and Cross GeneYongseok were hinting that they're dating, uploading several footageof one anotherdressed inthe similar bracelet and matching couples outfits. Fans noted that Hyoeun has also attended several of Yongseoks concerts, or even had an target marketinterplay with him all over one of his musicals.

With such so much of alleged hints on Instagram, fans are nearlypositive that the 2 singers are dating, with many advising them to make a public announcement since so many fans are already suspecting them.

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Media names the “Best 4” generating idols

Media names the “Best 4” generating idols

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterRecently, media news portal OSEN indexedthe maximum efficientfourgenerating idols in the Korean entertainment industry today, who also are known to heavily take part in their teams albums.

As the manufacturerin their respective group, they are at a topmerit every bit they are the most conversant in their own colourin addition strength and weaknesses.

201607211756773107_579091e6140dd_99_20160722075405 Image: Zico, Jinyoung, Rap Monster, Woozi (left to right) / Photo by capacity of OSEN

Image: Block B Zico / Photo by OSEN Image: Block B Zico / Photo by OSEN

Since liberating his first ever mixtape in 2010, Zico has been a welcoming presence in the hip-hop network in South Korea, and has been identified as a skilled producer. As neatly as producing for his workforce Block B, Zico has also released his own self-produced solo albums. One of his most fresh solo hits come with Boys And womenand i'm You, You're Me.

Image: BTS Rap Monster / Photo by OSEN Image: BTS Rap Monster / Photo by OSEN

As the leader and primary rapper of the crowd BTS, Rap Monster has shown his abilities in producing in quite so much of of the groups beyond and existing albums. Apart fromcommunity activities, he has also released numerouscombine tapes to extrablow their own horns his skills as a talented producer. During the mixtapes, which supplies Rap Monster more freedom to precise himself, lovers can pick out up on hints on what type oftune hell be releasing in the future.

Image: B1A4 Jinyoung / Photo by OSEN Image: B1A4 Jinyoung / Photo by OSEN

Since B1A4s debut and primary mini-album Lets Fly (Bling Girl), Jinyoung has participated as a songwriter and composer for the group. In fact, some of his songs have also been selected as the groups leading track adding Baby, Im Sorry (2012), ToddlerJust rightEvening (2012), AttemptedTo stroll (2012), Whats Going down (2013), Lonely (2014), Solo Day (2014), and CandyWoman (2015). He was once further in a position to exhibit his expertise as a producer on MnetProduce 101 with the song When Cherry Blossoms Fade, which won rave experiences from netizens.

Image: SVENTEEN's Woozi / Photo by OSEN Image: SVENTEENs Woozi / Photo by OSEN

Boy group SEVENTEEN has been identified as a self-producing idol ever since their debut ultimate year. They are well known to be very self-involved in terms of their performances including the composition and production of their tracks or even their choreography.

One of the individuals who is especially highlighted in the OSEN article is member Woozi. They write that his expectation point as a producer is certain to upward thrust in the arrivinglong run as he's the most eager about the production of SEVENTEENs albums.

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Netizens claim those idols were already good-looking even prior to their debut

Netizens claim those idols were already good-looking even prior to their debut

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIdols are incessantly times embarrassed about how they looked before their debut, yet some idols, are being praised for their looks even such awkward pictures are being leaked to the public. 

For example, a post on Pann currentlyindexed down the idols who were already good-looking eve before they made their debut. As photos of EXO’s Chanyeol, BTS’ V, INFINITE’s L, B1A4’s Jinyoung, BTOB’s Sungjae, Block B’s Jaehyo and more were being posted, enthusiastscan'tassist but agree to their undeniably excellent looks in the past.

Whether the photos were taken from their college photos or selcas, netizens are pronouncing that those idol teamparticipants were already handsome even before they were presented to status and styling.

Do you agree? Take a glance atthe remainder of the photos below!

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