10 K-Pop MVs That may Make You need To Commute The World

10 K-Pop MVs That may Make You need To Commute The World

10 K-Pop MVs That might brandYou want to have To Go back and forthThe arena melkimx July 11, 2016 0 10 K-Pop MVs That Will Make You want to Travel The World Maximum K-Pop MVs are filmed (naturally) in Korea, yet there are times when Seoul and Jeju just wont cut it. Sometimes, youve were given a unmarriedin your hands that calls for tropical white sand beaches, the colourfullighting fixtures of Vegas, or the stately appeal of Giant Ben. Filming a K-Pop MV in some other country is expensive, but the extra cost is value IT just to get the ones exotic places – and also to recognize your appreciation for the in a foreign countryenthusiasts who have helped make K-Pop the foreign sensation it's far today.

For the applications of this list, we are restricting our alternativesto these where we feel the site played a big role in the video – if the atmosphere is indistinguishable from other locations, then we can bein a position tono longercome with it here.

New Zealand – Taeyeons IIn the primary moments of I, Taeyeons searing vocals unfurl opposed to a brilliantly rendered landscape of bright sky and green grass. The song and video are a adventure of self-discovery, and from morning to sunset, New Zealands stunninggeographical region makes the very best backdrop.

Stockholm, Sweden – VIXXs Only UIts time for the Scandinavian countries to receive some K-pop love! The sole thing prettier than the cobblestone streets and classical architecture is the sight of VIXX, suited up for the cool Swedish weather in blazers and sweaters.

Hawaii – SISTARs Loving UGeneric coastline settings are a dime a dozen in K-pop MVs, but Loving U takes us on an unmistakably Hawaiian excursion. SISTAR lets in US to proportion in their all-American Oahu avenue trip, full of beach fun, roller-skating, and finding out the local surfer boys. Its like holiday goals, friendship goals, and framedesires all rolled into one.

Hong Kong – Youngster Tops I Wanna LoveFrom the double-decker trams to the ferry, from the harbor perspectives to the streets, I Wanna Love takes us on a whirlwind vacationvia Hong Kong. Be expecting around random moments, akin toa major binge-fest of canned pineapples.

Las Vegas – B.A.Ps Typhoon and BIGBANGs This night (Tie)Either MVs showcased an identicalaspects of Las Vegas – high-octane lights, vividwasteland landscapes, and of course, the high-roller automobiles and penthouse suites compatible for the likes of BIGBANG and B.A.P. In the end, it actually comes down to which song you favor best.

Southern California – Jessicas FlyA California woman by origin, Jessica takes us back to her house state for her debut. The uplifting Fly provides U.S. a bohemian take at the California desert, with an eclectic Southwestern-style house and a brightly painted adobe mountain.

Runners-up: 2NE1s Happy, Taeyeons Why, and Red Velvets Ice Cream Cake

New York Town – BEASTs LovelyEvening Attractive Night lives up to its title, giving us a colorful night out on the town, entire amongst pretty people and fireworks.

Runners-up: BIGBANGs Bad Boy and Blue

Okinawa, Japan – Lovelyz For YouLovelyz escapes the harsh Korean wintry weather and heads for the light beaches of Okinawa. The purity of the landscapes makes a super backdrop for their exceptional vocals.

London – Super Junior DEs Still YouHeres some EunHae love for you! Of all of the K-Pop MVs that experience been filmed in London, we think Donghae and Eunhyuks duet supplied the most tourist-friendly version. The video does a split-screen to apply both guys as they go about their separate tripsviaexquisite London, till the happy finish where they run into each and every other.

Runners-up: CNBLUEs Im Sorry, G-Dragons Crooked

Which MVs make you wish to travel? Feel loose to voice your evaluations below!

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AOA and SISTAR"s new albums make top 10 of Billboard"s "World Albums" Chart!


There"s no need to pick and choose sides, we can celebrate the fact that both AOA and SISTAR are both immensely popular groups!

For this week on Billboard"s "World Albums" Chart, AOA has landed the number 5 spot with "Heart Attack" and SISTAR landed the number 6 spot with "Shake It"!What an amazing feat for both groups!

BTS" "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1" also managed to climb back up after 3 weeks on the chart to clinch the number 8 spot. It"s great to see so many K-pop artists in the top 10, don"t you think?

A huge congratulations to all groups, they definitely deserve it!

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CL fails to make the cut for official list of

CL fails to make the cut for official list of "TIME"s 100 Most Influential People in the World"

CL fails to make the cut for official list of

It has recently been announced that 2NE1"s CL unfortunately did not make the cut for "TIME"s 100 Most Influential People in the World" list despite placing high in the viewers" poll.

CL had placed second, following right behind Vladimir Putin, in this year"s "TIME 100 Reader"s Poll," heightening the anticipation for her appearance in the official list.

The final list included artist Kanye West and Taylor Swift, as well as leaders like Kim Jong Un and Hillary Clinton.

According to TIME, they produce the list every year in hopes that they will introduce the readers to influential people you might not have met before. TIME editors choose their annual official list based on online poll results. 

Meanwhile, CL was the third Korean singer to be nominated for the list after Rain and Psy. While Rain made it onto the final list twice in 2006 and 2011, Psy failed to do so in 2013.


CL stays strong at top of voting poll in race to make

CL stays strong at top of voting poll in race to make "TIME"s list of top 100 influential people in the world

President Barack Obama? Global pop icon Lady Gaga? The sacred Pope Francis? Apparently, they"ve got nothing on Hallyu artist CL as this 2NE1 member has been nominated for "TIME"s annual list of the top 100 most influential people in the world and has been beasting it in the poll.

She"s consistently stayed in first place, currently with a shocking 11.3% of votes while Lady Gaga follows behind in second with a hard drop to 4.3%! Regarding CL, "TIME" had written, "CL of popular girl group 2NE1 in Korea is a part of famous producer Scooter Braun"s team and is preparing for her American debut."

Looks like Blackjacks are voting furiously at the poll. What are your thoughts? The voting will take place until April 10 and final results unveiled on April 16. You can vote here.


Kim Chang Wan Shares Self- Motivating Tips With 'Misaengs' of the World To Make A Nice Day

Kim Chang Wan Shares Self- Motivating Tips With 'Misaengs' of the World To Make A Nice Day

Kim Chang Wan Hand-Writes a Touching Letter for the “Misaengs” of the World

Singer and actor Kim Chang Wan has left his heartfelt letter for listeners, who are carrying enormous working pressure weighing down on their shoulders to wipe out depression, and boost their mood, as well as gathering strength to achieve successes. The letter particularly drew attention in light of the currently-airing, critically-acclaimed drama “Misaeng,” which also handles the subject of employees’ struggles in the workplace.

As the DJ of SBS Power FM‘s “Beautiful Morning with Kim Chang Wan,” Kim Chang Wan wrote the letter on December 4, through which he offers warm consolation to those in the world who are imperfect.

In the letter, Kim Chang Wan urges the listener not to chase after perfection too much in the workplace, and to relax a little bit.

Kim Chang Wan wrote, “Hello, this is Kim Chang Wan. When I heard that you lost weight to the point your bones are showing through, I felt for you. But I think it might be because you’re being too sensitive. Although you’re a perfectionist, things in the world don’t always fall into line like you want them to. Try to relax a bit. Now I’ll draw some circles as the space allows.”

Kim Chang Wan then drew a series of circles. He then continued, “I drew 47 circles. Of these, you could only consider the two that I marked with a v to be perfectly circular. Work is the same thing. Of 47 days, only two will be perfectly circular. Don’t try too hard to make every day perfect. Just because the circles aren’t quite perfect, would anyone ever call those squares or triangles? They’re all just imperfect circles. That goes for our everyday life, too.”

This letter from Kim Chang Wan was revealed through Producer Nam Joong Kwon‘s SNS on December 11.


2PM make 7,000 HOTTEST fans

2PM make 7,000 HOTTEST fans "Go Crazy" during their recent world tour performance in Beijing

The boys of 2PM had 7,000 HOTTEST fans "Go Crazy" during their recent world tour performance in Beijing, China on November 1!

The boys performed their hit songs such as "Heartbeat" and "Again & Again," putting their beastly charms and energy in full display. They also performed, "Hands Up," "10 out of 10," "Come Back When You Hear This Song," and "I"m Sorry,"

In addition to group performances, sub-unit groups of 2PM also held their own little performance such as Nichkhun and Junho"s "Love is True," in addition to Taecyeon and Chansung"s "Saying I Love You."

It was also reported that 2PM had performed the Korean version of "I"m Your Man" and "Beautiful" for the first time ever in China.

For the two hour long concert, the members of 2PM performed 26 tracks in all without a break, sharing and creating a memorable night for both the artists and the fans.

Meanwhile, the "2PM World Tour GO CRAZY" will continue in Guangzhou, China, on November 29.


GOT7 to make their Japanese debut with

GOT7 to make their Japanese debut with "AROUND THE WORLD" single album

GOT7 to make their Japanese debut with

GOT7 will make their Japanese debut with single album "AROUND THE WORLD" on October 22!

They previously teased fans with an image that read "Around the world", and it turns out that was indicating the title of their single album.

The boys also opened their official Japanese homepage, which gives all the information fans need to know concerning their Japanese debut and tour. The single album consists of title track "AROUND THE WORLD" as well as "SO LUCKY" which 2PM"s Jun.K took part in composing, writing, and producing.

GOT7 will also kick off their "GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014" in Zepp Namba on October 7-8 ahead of their Japanese debut on October 22!


Fly To The Sky make a surprise appearance at SMTOWN’s Live World Tour IV concert in Seoul

Fly To The Sky make a surprise appearance at SMTOWN’s Live World Tour IV concert in Seoul


Fly To The Sky has been invited by SM Entertainment to come out as sunbaes and perform at the SMTOWN Live World Tour IV, held at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul on August 15.

Hwanhee and Brian from Fly To The Sky, whose contract with SM began in 1999 and ended in 2004, performed collaborations with current SM artists such as EXOs D.O and Super Juniors Ryeowook in addition to performing some of their own hit songs.

Their new song You, You, You has earned the first prize in various music chart programs and they thanked their former SM boss, Lee Sooman, for debuting them. In turn, SM had sent a celebratory wreath to Fly To The Skys concert.

Fly To The Sky will hold an encore concert at the Hall of Peace in Kyunghee University in September.

Source: TV Report OSEN


Sunny Days make their comeback as 5 members with

Sunny Days make their comeback as 5 members with "Half of the World are Men"

Sunny Days make their comeback as 5 members with

Girl group Sunny Days are back with a new lineup and the song "Half of the World are Men"!

As mentioned before, the previously added members Bichen and Gyuhee have left the group, and Jung Yoon was added to the group. Member Seoyeon will also be inactive during this album promotion due to health reasons, so Sunny Days have made a comeback as five members.

Without further ado, check out their new sound above!