12616song Ji Hyo Gets Devastated To Learn Her Gold Item Is Fake One Kstars

Song Ji Hyo gets devastated to learn her gold item is fake one

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Song Ji Hyo gets devastated to learn her gold item is fake one

Gold items Song Ji Hyo stole has turned out to be fake ones.

In the episode of SBS’s I Love Sunday-Running Man that aired on July 1, ace Song Ji Hyo was given a mission for which she had to steal gold items. Later, they turned out to be fake ones.

The female member finally met secret agent Kibo at KIST, a spot for the ultimate mission. Kibo, however, told her “The items you’re bringing are fake ones,” which devastated the actress.

In other words, Song was not the culprit but the real culprits were the guests of the episodes—Kim Bum Soo, Yoon Jong Shin, and Yoon Do Hyun. They were given a mission for which they had to steal genuine gold items. Guest Kim Bum soo set a clever scheme—he ordered Song to run away with the “gold item,” which was note genuine.

In short, the genius trio was given a mission where they had to find out where the genuine gold items out by making a use of the fake culprit and fake gold item.

Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

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Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

--> Last week, in the aftermath of suneung, some of K-Pop′s maximum bright idols faced off in our dream find out about friend poll, and now, it′s time to announce who won!

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun proved to be the fan favourite this week, taking the pinnacle spot with 40.6 % of votes. BTS′ Rap Monster wasn′t too a long way in the back of him, completing in 2nd position with 38.4 percent of votes.

2PM′s Taecyeon ranked 3rd with 8.9 percent of votes, whilst Girls′ Generation′s Seohyun followed in fourth place with 7.7 percent of votes.

Red Velvet′s Wendy and EXID′s Hani rounded out the ground two with 3 percent and 1.4 percent of votes, respectively.

In this week′s poll, a couple of talented idols in the kitchen are facing off, so vote now!

Learn how to dance to M.A.P6's 'Storm' thru 1theK's 'Let's Dance'

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Learn how to dance to M.A.P6's 'Storm' thru 1theK's 'Let's Dance'

M.A.P6 has debuted with "Storm", and the men are coaching fanatics how to dance through 1theK"s "Let"s Dance" segment!

The boys taught their "whirlwind" dance, the "stormy angry" dance, and their "hurts a lot" dance. The boys played more than a few games to look who"d teach the dance, and each and every one looked cutely excited to do smartly every time they won.

take a glance at the video above!

Poll Which Idol Makes the maximum efficient learn about Buddy

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Poll Which Idol Makes the maximum efficient learn about Buddy

--> As prime college scholars in Korea scramble to cram in a couple of more hours of reading prior to the large suneung exam tomorrow, we’ve rounded up a few ace idols we think will give test-takers the additional spice up of power they need.

Whether you’re learning for the suneung, SATs, midterms, finals – whatever exam looms forward – let us know which idol you need as your learn about good friend through vote casting below!

The Red Velvet participants is also Dumb Dumb in terms of love, yet member Wendy proved she’s a general brain when it currently got here to gentle that she gained the President’s schooling Award for remarkable educational Excellence in heart school.

She’s also a median baker, so you know she’ll have snacks on deck at the be taught session.

Rap Monster’s smarts earned him a place on tvN’s The Smart Guys, and he even admitted he used to be an ambitious student creating up.

From shuttling via 40-50 hakwons back when he changed into a student to traveling everywhere in the global with BTS as one of today’s most up to date idols, Rap Monster will have to be doing anything right.

Hani might be have shot to repute for her horny image, but K-Pop enthusiasts know by now that she’s the entire package, having proved her language and math abilities on I’m Going to School.

She also survived the jungle, appearing fans that she can persevere via anything.

If you ever desire a few tips in multitasking, communicate to Taecyeon.

Taecyeon has been juggling lifestyles as a school student with his life as a world-class K-Pop idol, but he someway makes it paintings – despite the truth that it way taking an exam in his degree costume.

If a hectic idol can make it through an exam, so can you!

We can’t discuss ace idols without citing Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Seohyun.

She’s any other idol juggling faculty with the fame life, but Seohyun handles it with grace, once back proving nothing’s impossible.

We may all use Seohyun’s certain calories to tug us through stressful exams.

Don’t let Kyuhyun’s maknae prestige idiot you.

The Super Junior member makes sense as a whip, now not only keeping his hyungs on their toes, but status his own among some talk veterans on Radio Star. That is, of course, when he’s not making us swoon with his buttery voice. And running against a master’s degree.

Kyuhyun really has it all

Learn how to dance to 'Like OOH-AHH' with two times members!

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Learn how to dance to 'Like OOH-AHH' with two times members!

TWICE"s bubbly, catchy debut song "Like OOH-AHH" is now not just a laugh to sing along to yet it may be fun to dance to! 

The lively women of TWICE featured on 1theK"s "Let"s Dance" to coach the audience the dance moves to "Like OOH-AHH," which might appear daunting for some to learn--especially those that think they can"t dance. But with the maximum efficient lecturers to steer you step by skill of step during the dance moves, you'll by making a song and dancing along to the music in no time. 

Watch the clip above and get started leaning the dance moves for "Like OOH-AHH"!  

Yoo Jae Suk finds his precious item on 'Running Man'

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Yoo Jae Suk finds his precious item on 'Running Man'

On the newest episode of "Running Man," which aired October 18, Nation"s MC Yoo Jae Suk published one of his maximum treasured pieces from his past.

His prized ownership became out to be a shabby, battered old suit that he had purchased over two decades ago, when he was once just beginning to make a call for himself as a comedian.

Yoo Jae Suk explained, "A sunbae steered that when you grow to be a superstar you'll have a minimum of one formal suit so I offered a logo name suit," recalling his more humble beginnings.

The MC added, "It"s a suit that i bought on a per 30 days repayment plan with my mom"s credits card for I accept as true with twelve or ten months."

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Truedy gets dissatisfied at being called a 'fake Yoon Mi Rae'

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Truedy gets dissatisfied at being called a 'fake Yoon Mi Rae'

Truedy and Gilme butted heads in a diss fight at the October nine episode of Mnet"s "Unpretty Rapstar 2." 

Many folks have mentioned that Truedy reminds them of Yoon Mi Rae. Gilme attempted to take benefit of this to her virtue and all through the battle, Gilme called Truedy a "fake Yoon Mi Rae." Truedy spat back, "The explanation why for my tears? I"m misunderstood loads and thousands of time because I"m very an identical to Mi Rae unnie (referencing Yoon Mi Rae"s song Memories / Smiling Tears)." 

In the interview following the diss battle, Truedy may just best set free a large sigh about being classified a "fake Yoon Mi Rae," frustrated about the comparison which limits her obstacles to grow as an artist and make a call for herself. 

She said, "I concept about a massive number of things. I felt disgrace that they thought about me that way and used to be hurt.

Though Truedy will have been upset for being called a faux Yoon Mi Rae, she walked away the as the winner for this diss war round, having inspired the guest judges The Quiett and Dok2.

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Learn the choreography for Lovelyz' 'Ah-Choo'!

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Learn the choreography for Lovelyz' 'Ah-Choo'!

Lovelyz have printed a reflected choreography video for somebody who needs to be informed the moves for "Ah-Choo"!

The ladies made a comeback with any other beautiful concept, taking a look adorable as ever, and now you'll be in a position to learn the dance moves. Lovelyz may also be retaining a canopy dance contest from October 6 to the 20th, that you may take a glance at here.

Check out the video above!

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Nine Muses celebrate their first gold from the '2015 Idol Megastar Athletics Championships'

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Nine Muses celebrate their first gold from the '2015 Idol Megastar Athletics Championships'

Nine Muses recently won the gold medal at the "2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships" for women"s wrestling, marking their first ever gold medal from the annual event.

The team printed a behind-the-scenes clip from the development in addition pictures of the women celebrating. It surely seems like the Nine Muses individuals ready so much for wrestling as they even prepare backstage. How do you suspect they did?

Check out the championships beneath whenever you neglected it and the behind-the-scenes footage of Nine Muses above! 

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BTS, MAMAMOO, EXID, and More Snatch Gold at 11th Idol Big name Athletics Championships

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BTS, MAMAMOO, EXID, and More Grab Gold at 11th Idol Star Athletics Championships This year’s Chuseok saw the a hit wrap of the 11th Idol Star Athletics Championships, aired on September 28 and 29. Regardless of fans’ love-hate courting with the event, which at all times turns out to turn out some injured idols, love prevailed again, and lovers witnessed returning triumphs, exciting new victories, and fist pump-worthy comebacks and reversals.

Groups with collaborating contributors this year come with EXO, BEAST, 4Minute, BTS, SHINee, INFINITE, SISTAR, A Pink, Kara, Girl’s Day, Red Velvet, TEEN TOP, Secret, CNBLUE, AOAVIXX, and more. The overall choice of participants got here to kind of 300.

The first broadcast kicked off the feminine wrestling tournament, in addition the 60-meter dash pageant and futsal tournament.

Day 1 Wrestling The first day of the Idol Star Athletics Championships left 4 groups ultimate in the wrestling tournament: AOA, T-ara, 9MUSES, and A Pink.

60-Meter Sprint — women Kara’s Goo Hara and Dal Shabet’s Ga Eun went head-to-head for the 60-meter sprint, and in the end, Ga Eun went house with the gold.

60-Meter Sprint — Boys For the guys, BTOB’s Minhyuk prevailed over B1A4’s Baro with fantastic speed, going domicile with the gold.

Futsal Perhaps the maximum nerve-wracking rivalry of occupied with the first day was once the highly competitive futsal bracket. Avid gamers were divided into four teams, FC Chungdam, genuine Mak Dribble, Objective Post Seuriga, and Makchester United, with the most efficient players dispensed between the teams, making it tricky to are expecting the winner.

However, Purpose Post Seuriga briefly showed their prowess at the field. With BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon and Yang Yoseob, known for their football skills, as smartly as VIXX’s Leo, the team changed into a force to be reckoned with.

For the finals, objective Post Seuriga went up opposed to Real Mak Dribble, for which ZE:A’s Dongjun and Taeheon were running. The matchup was a close one, with the sport going into overtime. In the end, Yoon Doojoon carried his team to victory, scoring the winning goal.

Day 2 Wrestling Finals A red and 9MUSES competed for the wrestling name on day two of the Idol Star Athletics Championships. First, A Pink’s Bomi went against 9MUSES’ Sojin. the 2 girls’ fit went for the whole allocated time, or even with a 30-second overtime, neither came out on top. In the end, the winner was determined with a weigh-in, the only weighing less taking the win. With a 0.4 kilogram difference, Bomi scored some extent for A Pink.

bomi sojin wrestlingNext up was A Pink’s Hayoung and 9MUSES’ Kyungri, with Kyungri winning one for 9MUSES.

Down to one ultimate match, A Pink’s Namjoo and 9MUSES’ Song Sungah stepped into the ring. The usage of her 173-centimeter height to her advantage, Song Sunga prevailed, securing the gold for 9MUSES.

9MUSES celebrate their win:

Archery In the first circular of the competition, MAMAMOO and EXID, fairly new in comparison to other groups, knocked out SISTAR and 4Minute, respectively, much to the wonder of spectators.

MAMAMOO ended up fighting the sector team, which was made out of omit A’s Fei, Shannon, and others. Victory came down to a hair’s breadth, riding on unmarried very last shots via MAMAMOO’s Wheein and Shannon.

Wheein landed a 10-point shot, which intended Shannon — now not a very simple competitor herself — would must do the similar for some other chance. In the end, Shannon was simplest in a position ranking a nine-point shot, and it was a victory for MAMAMOO with a one-point difference.

Wheein especially shined in the archery competition, being the first ever in the idol competitions to score 3 10-point shots in a row, which she did in her matchup with A Pink.

MAMAMOO celebrates their win:

Basketball Basketball was utterly Jung Jin Woon’s game. Jung Jin Woon, a known basketball heavyweight among idols, led the Gangnam Lakers to victory over the Shoot-hago Bulls, for his 2d championship victory in a row.

400-Meter Relay — Girls The 400-meter relay finals were run by EXID, A Pink, Dal Shabet, and Oh My Girl. The lead runner replaced ceaselessly all over the relay, and in the end, EXID’s Junghwa made the overall comeback, and the gold went to EXID. A Pink by chance stepped on the line at some point of a lap, and was unfortunately disqualified.

EXID celebrates their win:

400-Meter Relay — Boys For the boys, the groups running the last 400-meter relay were BTS, SEVENTEEN, Teenager TOP, and B1A4.

While TEEN most sensible were predicted to win, BTS, who was in moment up till the final lap, made a triumphant comeback with Jungkook, who surged to the front and stayed there, grabbing a gold for BTS.

Final Winner Taking all the competitions into account, the team called Who’s Your CEO, comprised of Wonder Girls, miss A, BTS, Lee Hyun, Jung Jin Woon, Changmin, Baek A Yeon, BESTie, and GOT7 took the overall Idol Star Athletics Championships gold.

They made Rap Monster do a celebratory rap: