17 Of The maximum productive K-Pop Idols And Rappers To Apply On Snapchat

17 Of The maximum productive K-Pop Idols And Rappers To Apply On Snapchat

17 Of The maximum productive K-Pop Idols And Rappers To Observe On Snapchatsophfly July 5, 2016 0 17 Of The suitable K-Pop Idols And Rappers To Follow On Snapchat Omit Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine – we know that Snapchat is where its at! Snapchat is used day through day by millions of other folksround the world, offering virtual tacticsto have interaction and connect to others. What sets Snapchat excludingthe remainder is that it suppliesspeedyreside updates available to all and sundryat thebuddies list if uploaded on “My Story.” With this kind of platform, K-pop idols are now readyto offer insight into their day to dayregimen and engage alongsideenthusiasts on a newer, more intimate level. Increasingly idols are beginningto exploit apps like Snapchat those days, and whenever you haven’t already, you maywish toimagine adding a lot of these celebrities onto your Snapchat list. 

Girls Generations TiffanyID: stephanieyoungh

Among the contributorsof women Generation, Tiffany turns out to take the prize, by far, for updating her fans on all her social media platforms most consistently. Nearly daily, you'll be able totake a glance at her Snapchat story for plenty oflovely lip-syncing videos and more recently, behind-the-scene hangouts with the forged of the diversitydisplay Sisters Slam Dunk.

Girls Generations TaeyeonID: taeyeon 3.9

Taeyeon is yet some otherLadies Generation member who loves snapping her daily recurring for her fans to see. Those who steadily watch her Snapchat experiences know precisely how obsessed she is with the Snapchat filters, especially the glasses/braces one. Most recently, her story is filled with her private insight into her latest album, Why.

In only one word, Ambers Snapchat is FUN. Whilst its well known how friendly and easy-going Amber is, as evidenced by the collection ofpals she has in the industry, its a complete new revel in for her fans to more in detail goto understand just how goofy and good-natured she in reality is. While those who follow her Snapchat can frequently meet her placing out with other K-pop idols, its cool to get to look her non-celebrity friends. Oh, and her dog, JackJack!

Jessica JungID: jessica.jsy

Following Jessica on Snapchat way being aware about her classy wine nights out with her companyin addition the a lot ofin a foreign country flights she takes. Seriously, this lady is literally in all places — flying from Korea to China to the U.S. to Europe and during again. Seeing her story makes it somewhatmore straightforward to gauge exactly where she is and where she could be going next.

2PMs TaecyeonID: taeccool1227

Taecyeon especially loves giving his fans a piece of a behind-the-scenes glance into his famous person life, occasionallyadding his 2PM brothers when they crossforeign for their concerts. His Snaps definitely provea chunk more of his playful, goofy side.

Miss As MinID: therealminnn

Here, we have got all the samesome other Snapchat clear out lover: Min! This woman is indisputably a fun one to follow because she knows how to play and kick back with her friends. Like Amber, Min could also be famously known to have many peers in the K-pop industry including type Irene Kim, who is next in this list.

Irene KimID: ireneisgood

Model and fashionista Irene Kim is one more active uploader on Snapchat. As an avid follower of style trends, Irene affords her fans exclusive looks at occasionssimilar to Paris Fashion Week. And of course, its at all timesmore or less exciting to see guest appearances on her Story, including Jessica and Min, who also enthusiastically take part on Snapchat.

BTOBs PenielID: btobpeniel

Perhaps those in the K-pop industry with English as their first language are more susceptible tothe usage of Snapchat, yet its actually a plus for BTOBs international fans to have get access to to Peniels Snapchat. While he definitely doesnt upload daily, when he does upload to his story, Peniel greets his fans with the entirenewest filters on his face, usually eventide including his BTOB members especially if theyre all traveling in combination for concerts and events.

Its no wonder that Eric Nam is developing in repute these days, especially as more and more individuals are falling for his easy-going, adorably hyper personality. He always knows how to bring up the temper and does so for his fans by uploading peculiar and funny videos, occasionally featuring other idols who dont have Snapchats.

Epik Highs TabloID: bornhaters

Whether hes shedding in as a surprise during Lee His song recording, appearing us around the YG building, or maybe providing updates on Haru, his daughter, Tablo is always in it for the laughs. Following this Snapchat will certainly put a grinin your face, and convince you that Tablo is in truthso much funnier than you will have thought.

Jay ParkID: aomgjaypark

If youre a big fan of the AOMG staff or the K-rapping scene in general, youre in for a treat with Jay Parks Snapchat. Hes almost always hanging around with his rapper crew which contains those like Simon Dominic, GRAY, or even CL. These snap stories are usually a bit less censored so it actually does feel like you're invited to see more of who these celebrities are.

If Grey is all air of mystery and fireplace on stage, his Snapchat account definitely presentations more of his adorable, off-stage facet with selfies and all. Like Jay Park, GRAY is generally hanging out with his crew of rapper associates and then following him plus Jay Park and Simon Dominic might mean a couple of updates of the similar day from other vantage points.

Simon DominicID: longlivesmdc

To circular out the active rappers on Snapchat, we cant forget Simon Dominic and his cute prankster videos of his friend Jay Park. It type of feels like Simon also has a playful, funnyaspect as he doesnt hesitate to filter Jays face with large chipmunk cheeks and upload it for all to see and save forever.

For those smitten by Jessis quirky and honestly refreshing personality, following her Snapchat is a must. Her stories, whether of her by myself or with other people, show that Jessi is really who she is, either when she is on the screen or level and when she is off relaxing. She really sticks by who she is, and of course, her fans appreciate and love her for it.

Girls Generations YuriID: yurikwon_gg

If theres something you will be informed from following Yuri on Snapchat, its that she is passionate about coffee. Most of her Snapchat updates involve her showcasing her favouritealternative coffees and starting her daily routine with coffee brewery. She even has a professional-looking coffee filter and brewer, as she embodies the complete barista spirit.

Girls Generations SooyoungID: sooyoungchoi210

If you know anything else close toWomen Generation, its that Sooyoung is truly the existence of the party. Forget idol image: this girl really knows how to make humor a concern and is going all out to make those round her laugh. Her Snapchat is not any exception, and which you can actually glimpse her bright personality from up close through her Story.

Nine Muses HyunaID: moyahoya119

Through Hyunas account, you can get more glimpses of both her and the completeneighborhood in overall as they go about their busy schedules. Its also really great to see an upload from Hyuna like the onlyunderin which her fans can pay attention more of Nine Muses vocals.

sophfly glaringly loves Snapchat in conjunction withlovely much all the summer comebacks correct now. Shes especially digging Sistars new album and Taeyeons newest comeback songs and track videos. 

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Top 10 male idols with the maximum productive butts

Top 10 male idols with the maximum productive butts

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Ago weve committed lists to the entirety from abs, to underwear, to mustaches Yet what about the unmarriedmaximummentionedframea section of this generation: butts.

With idols appearing that they are ready to twerk and wiggle wiggle, it’s time we showed our love for one of the vitalvery best butts in K-Pop. See which male idols make the list of TOP 10 Male Idols With Gigantic Butts!

1. EXO’s International trending butt Sehuntumblr_inline_nc29jmK3QQ1qaw7od tumblr_inline_nc29mcDJO91qaw7od

2. Infinite’s “Butt Analyzer DongwooBKPYoutCcAARXHY tumblr_inline_nc29rwGB3e1qaw7od

3. B2ST’s “Tight Pants” Doojoontumblr_inline_nc29vbXTWb1qaw7odtumblr_inline_nc29y84VI51qaw7od

4. EXO’s “You Make Me Growl” Kaitumblr_inline_nc2a0d6jgx1qaw7od9614_827etumblr_inline_nc2a1bxARK1qaw7od

5. Rain with the buns of steel

6. Great Junior’s “AAAAYYY PAPI” Donghaetumblr_inline_nc2atl7Bk71qaw7od tumblr_inline_nc2aunmK3S1qaw7od

Its so attractive, Eunhyuk cant even stay his hands off.

7. SHINee’s “Flaming Charisma” Minhotumblr_inline_nc2aehdOag1qaw7odtumblr_n6lajy917m1rmmikuo1_500

8. BIGBANG’s “BAEsung” Daesungtumblr_inline_nc2ap4z2TY1qaw7odtumblr_inline_nc2apq28LR1qaw7od

9. 2PM’s “Junho You need This” Junhotumblr_inline_nc2ayo0R6T1qaw7odtumblr_inline_nc2b1mRgZP1qaw7od

BONUS: “Gonna Make You Sweat” PSYtumblr_inline_nc2bfip3MB1qaw7od

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Fans Claim Those 14 K-Pop Idols Glance  The maximum productive In PIGTAILS

Fans Claim Those 14 K-Pop Idols Glance The maximum productive In PIGTAILS

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens speak aboutfeminine idols who can pull off the maximum productive Sus scrofa tails

There are many equivalent hair styles among female idols in the K-pop industry. Yet which of the idols glance good and can pull off the simplest pig tails?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens speak about female idols that appearanceabsolute best in pig tails.

Titled Female Idols With Pig Tails, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

287 / -28 Your now not even a feminine idol.. but why..

78 / -30 I grow to be a nerd when I do this.. f*ck

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Who looks the maximum productive with purple hair among  those  feminine idols

Who looks the maximum productive with purple hair among those feminine idols

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens speak about which feminine idol looks the maximum efficient with crimson hair

Color dyeing the hairs in number ofcolours has been a fashion in South Korea for either male and feminine K-pop idols. Regardless of who beganthe fashion first, colors that could existthought to be wild for habitualfolkscan be attempted by way ofthose idols. Yet who looks the simplest in pink hair among female idols?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens talk about which of the feminine idols glancebest possible in pink hair.

Titled Female Idols With Pink Hair, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Taeyeon used to bethe primaryuserto begin the trend of this taste of pink hair?

Personally, I suspect Bomi looks the appropriate in pink.

Two-tone dyeing by Irene.

AOA sub-unit AOA Creams Hyejeong.

Besides being pretty, I feel Bomi looks the only in pink right?

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

133 / -31 For my part I think Taeyeon looks the smartest

119 / -22 Taeyeon turned into so freaking beautifulright through Party. She even dyed her hair by herself

80 / -44 Her hair is red but it more or less also has a pink tone to it. So pretty.

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Fans Select 14 Feminine Idols With The maximum productive Lips

Fans Select 14 Feminine Idols With The maximum productive Lips

28kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Those K-Pop idols are frequently featured in photo shoots with plain makeup and bright lipstick to intensify their beautiful lips. It’s no wonder fanatics regard them has having the maximum productive lips in the industry! Fans put in combination this number offeminine K-Pop idols with the simplestformed lips, take a glance at this list titled, TOP 14 Female Idols With The suitable Lips

Fans Pick out 14 Female Idols With The Easiest LipsThrough Koreaboo

K-Pop idols are normally featured in photoshoots with bright lipstick. We preparean inventoryof other idols and othersunglasses of lipstick, where their lips are featured prominently. 

Sandara ParkBy Koreaboo

Girls Day YuraBy Koreaboo

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Which best idols have the maximum productive ant-like waists

Which best idols have the maximum productive ant-like waists

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKorean media Dispatch asks enthusiasts which of thosemost sensible idols have the maximum productive ant-like wastes

It is often referred to as a cola bottle fashioned bodies when glamorous ladies takethin wastes. Yet in Korea, there is in a other way of describing such skinny and narrow waists. They call it the ant-like waists because of idols skinniness.

Korean media Dispatch asks fans which of these height idols have the simplest ant-like waists.

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Top 6 male idols with the maximum productive facial functions released

Top 6 male idols with the maximum productive facial functions released

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens speak aboutthe pinnacle vi male idols withe the maximum productive facial capabilities

Fans all have their favourite idols whether as a result of their appearance, talent, or personality. Yet which idols have the simplestfacial expression discussed by potential of netizens?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens talk aboutthe tip 6 male idols with the fitting facial features.

Titled Best 6 Male Idols With Perfect Facial Features, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

This might be my own opinion! But I attempted to write this independent equally possible.

Im writing about 6 male idols who have the simplestaggregatein their eyes, nose and mouth.

The order of the idols dont matter.

EXO is understood for their flawless visual.. ^^ But even among them, Suho has the neatest eyes, nose and mouth combination.

He has the face of the leader as well. I havent observedsomebody claiming he's ugly. But I dont think he knows how to take merit of his just righthaving a look face upneatly hahahahahaha

Im now notkeen onLimitless just oneat all times get worried when I see his images hahahaha.

He has no bad photos. Im not pronouncing he is number 1 in appearance. He looks so great and generous. He makes me think how can a Korean userseem like this..?

NEW! Rookie Idol. Other people say he is purelysensiblelooking out because he is mixed.. But to be honest, it's fardifficultto discover someone that looks as if him even supposing theyre combined right..? I continually cant assist but to save his photographs on my desktop hahaha.

I saw him in genuinelifestyles but he is so freaking handsome. I suspect he looks higher in his dramas right..? I cant post his old pictures alongside his hair hahahaha. I dont know why he blocked his perfect looks with his hair in the past. His eyes are truly deep and pretty!

He is so nicesearching and clean. I believe he would pass evidently if he met his dad and mom in regulations haha He has thick lips but it works well with his eyes and nose. He doesnt only have a sexy aspect but a differentcharm to him right..?

His face is good-looking in addition to but his air of secrecy and temper around him. I think I'd freeze if I met eyes with him hahaha. He has this leading aura around him. When I first saw his photos, I assumed he was once an actor or a style hahahaha. He is that handsome.

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the most well liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

301 / -91 To be honest, I think EXO Suho and SHINee Minho are truly handsome! Oh yeah and Vernon too!

270 / -50 He is so handsome but is any suchauthentic dumb dumb T_T He is like a pup T_T_T

234 / -74 Hansol too!!.. I mean I dont would like to exist criticized by placing him along the ones legends..

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Young Koreans select  feminine idols with the maximum productive hips

Young Koreans select feminine idols with the maximum productive hips

According to the result of a survey announced on December 16, in keeping with the votes of 371 young other folks in their twenties, AOA's Seolhyun used to bedecided on as the feminine idol with the maximum productive hips! 

The survey, titled 'The feminine idol who makes the most effective pose with the biggest hips is?' surveyed random individuals in the 21 to 29 age bracket round the Seoul metro area. Just about 20% of the votes or 69 of the complete 371 votes went to the curvaceous Seolhyun. 

SEE ALSO: AOA's Seolhyun makes all of the male visitors excited with her lovable dance on 'Running Man'

Nana got here in 2dposition amongst 46 votes, Hani with 41, Kyung Li with 38, Hyosung with 35, Pocket Woman Soyoon with 32, Tzuyu with 30, Krystal with 27, and Jaekyung with 24. 

Who do you suspect has the precise hips in K-Pop? 


Hip-Hop Artists Vote and Choose the maximum productive feminine Rappers

Hip-Hop Artists Vote and Choose the maximum productive feminine Rappers

Hip-Hop Artists Vote and choose the simplest Female Rappers 20 male hip-hop artists were surveyed and were asked to make a choice two of the fitting female rappers. Out of a general of 40 votes, Yoon Mi Rae took the identify with 12 votes. Jessi was once a close runner up with 10 votes. When asked for the explanation in the back of opting for Yoon Mi Rae, the ones surveyed explained, “Everyone is of the similar opinion that she is the perfect female rapper in the nation,” “She is the only in whatever she does,” and “She is a voice killer in either rapping and singing.”

Debuting thru Uptown’s first album in 1997, Yoon Mi Rae has bolstered her presence in the track scene by way of solo and team projects ever since. Even though incredibly well known in the hip-hop world, Yoon Mi Rae has also received numerous fame from making a song OST songs for popular Korean dramas akin to “Master’s Sun” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

Jessi’s air of secrecy as a feminine rapper without a doubt made a big remark this beyond year and so it isn't a marvel that she is 2d place. When asked for the explanation why at the back of selecting Jessi, those surveyed said, “The truth that she is so popular among ladies says it all,” “She has a formidable power that intimidates many male rappers,” and “She expresses the real nature of hip-hop so well.”

Jessi debuted in 2005 through her unmarried album “Get Up” and has risen to stardom through her participation in the survival show, “Unpretty Rapstar.” She also participated in a female soldier special episode of MBC’s “Real Men.”

CL, leader of 2NE1, and Cheetah, the winner of the primary season of “Unpretty Rapstar,” tied for 3rd position with 4 votes each. CL turned into described as “a rapper that may no longer only rap yet too can wear an ideal functionality as well. It should no longer be unreasonable to mention that she would possibly turn out to be the following Yoon Mi Rae.” at the other hand, Cheetah was stated to be “extremely tough on degree in addition a veteran by way of writing inventive lyrics and making music.”

EXID’s LE got here in 5th place because of her talents in songwriting and past collaborations with artists adding Huh Gak, BEAST’s Junhyung, and more.

Do you consider the results?

Source (1)



10 of the maximum productive feminine K-Pop Rappers

10 of the maximum productive feminine K-Pop Rappers

10 of the most effective Female K-Pop Rappers “Unpretty Rapstar” Season 2 is up and running, and all of the symptoms say it may be just as action-packed as the primary installment. the forged for this season is lovely star-studded, too.

Whereas Season 1 best featured just one idol crew rapper, in the type of AOA’s Jimin, the hot season has long gone so much heavier at the mainstream stars.

Wonder GirlsYubin, Jiyoon of 4Minute, SISTAR’s Hyorin (I concept Bora was once intended to be the rapper in that group?), Gilme (of Clover and solo fame) and Fiestar’s Yezi are family names for most K-pop fans. And Play the Siren’s Kasper has been one to glance at since “Dream Drive” final year.

There also are a handful of very appealing under-the-radar rappers on the show, which will have to make for some fantastic viewing in the weeks ahead.

Mnet Mnet

But all this communicate of female hip-hop stars and rap battles has were given us thinking — who would you forged if you'll need to compile a dream line-up for an all-female rap fight show?

Take a glance via our list, vote in the poll, and let us know who your favourite female K-pop rappers are in the comments below.


Almost undoubtedly the 1st call on most peoples’ lists. Since her underground days, LE (aka Elly) has long had a name as the most technically ready young rapper in Korea.

Along with Basick, she put in combination an impressive take on Nelly Furtado’s vintage “Promiscuous” (Warning: this song functions particular lyrics).

With her aggregate of adlescent and almost exceptional capability on the mic, it turned into almost inevitable that a ability firm somewhere would attempt to get her desirous about a woman neighborhood project.

And in 2012, manufacturer Sinsadong Tiger did just that, drafting her in to EXID.


Don’t let the fitness & protection other people catch you doing that, LE!

As a section of EXID, she has come into her own, changing into everyone’s favorite featuring artist, performing on songs with every person from Gavy NJ to K.Will. Her superb ALi collaboration from previous this year is a slow-burning classic.

Blacklist” — with HyunA — is just too much goodness, though. HyunA and LE is too much hearth for one stage/song/planet to contain.

LE and Hyuna

You may spoil the web with this much goodness. You've got been warned.

Sonamoo’s D.ana Dana

I am most probably in a tiny minority of those who think that Sonamoo is probably the most very best new woman teams around.

But in spite of an out of this world debut album, an even larger sophomore effort (“Round and Round” and “OK” especially), decent dance moves and flashy, expensive-looking level designs, this organization will now not be getting much traction.

And this is a true pity. they have got some genuine stand-out members, similar to Euijin, who just exudes energy.


However, for most, the real stars are the group’s two rappers: New Sun and D.ana.


The latter in specific has some fairly noteworthy skills.

Her verses in this were pretty outstanding:

And on her own, she is solely as fierce.

D.ana pretty well has your complete gear it can take to slay on a display like “Unpretty Rapstar.” If she ever got the chance, she can be a real dark horse.

2NE1’s CL CL_2

The whole song international is waiting with baited breath for CL’s American debut. we've got been looking ahead to moderately a while now, but the reality that it's miles taking goodbye makes you hope that after it after all does drop, it's going to be anything very special indeed.

The self-styled “baddest female” in K-pop, CL won't have a background in underground rap, but that doesn't detract from her explosive emceeing skills.

Faster, slower, blending it up, it all turns out to come so herbal for 2NE1’s leader.

From her verses on “Fire” to her Diplo collaborations, she hardly disappoints.


The top point for me was this, though. Minzy may be an excessively solid rapper in her own right, so this song had it all. This world wishes more CL/Minzy collaborations.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo Miryo

A someday member of hip-hop collective Honey Family, if you'll be able to keep in mind back that far.

Honey Family

Miryo is any other heavyweight proficiency who would be very demanding to overcome in a rap battle.

Somewhat overshadowed in Brown Eyed Girls by the presence of Ga In (and, to a lesser extent, Narsha), Miryo plays slightly better as a solo artist. the newest effort, “Queen,” is perhaps her top yet.


However, the ones who can don't forget her Honey circle of relatives days would argue that a miles harder, purer rap sound like here's where her abilities actually come to the fore:

One of the few artists available in the market who can genuinely freestyle, she would be a dream contestant on a conflict rap prove — there don't appear to be many idols accessible who could hope to outdo her.

A.KOR’s Kemy Kemy

Kemy gets onto this list not truly on the strength of her material, but because of her uncooked ability on the mic. Last year was a sexy bad one for A.KOR, with the crowd (and Kemy in particular) copping a flood of controversy after shedding a Park Bom diss track.

When you're a less-popular Korean girl group like A.Kor, you want to learn how to pick out your battles, and the diss pretty much came upon as deficient noise marketing.

This year, the group attempted to turn a corner in the shape of debuting the A.KOR Black subunit, pretty much a car for Kemy’s rapping ability.

Akor Black

However, even though the song featured some decent rapping and a pleasing unfashionable theme, a pretty mediocre hook really let it down.

A.KOR has never really released a track that has made me individually take a seat up and take note, but if Kemy’s rap verses come on, you may sense a genuine talent at work.

I in reality think she would be better off on her own, with more difficult rap backing tracks. This was pretty enjoyable:

And the rap phase on this unexpected Cameo duvet is numerous fun.

If you're a Blackjack, you're going to hate the theory of an A.KOR member on a rap truth show, but rap wants a couple of giant bad wolf sorts — maybe Kemy can pull that off.

EvoL’s Jucy Jucy_2

It would be super if a rap conflict exhibit were to unearth some more matured but recently inactive girl group rappers faculty types, such as Jewelry’s Baby J (aka Jooyeon) or Bekah, formerly of After School (“Bad Guy” anyone?).

Baby J_Bekah

And yet one more name in this category would need to be EvoL’s Jucy, aka Juni.J.

Jucy predebut

EvoL officially announced its dissolution in August this year, but for the overall public the scoop was met with not anything but a shrug of the shoulders. Just like A.KOR, EvoL had lots of talent, but suffered when it got here to material. Too much of it was just generic.

This cod-Ibiza space track from 2012 was underwhelming, yet was arguably the group’s biggest hit.

At the 2:48 mark, despite the fact that (if you're making it that some distance in), there's a tasty wee rap section that demonstrates what Jucy is capable of. She also made a few “Show Me the Money” appearances all through Seasons 2 and 4, but exhibited just a few flashes of talent on either occasions.

Her mixtape, “Universe,” however, supplies additional evidence of her big ability.

She arguably makes better use of hip hop superproducer araabMUZIK’s “I Got ‘Em Hands Down” beat track than American rapper Vado did on the original.

araabMUZIK + EvoL’s Jucy = music nerdgasm.


And if you thought that was fun, here’s an entire compilation of stuff you will adore (especially “Open Mic” at 1:07 ). It’ll make you wish to send out a seek birthday party for this girl.

Secret’s Hana Hana

Secret’s rap verses are in most cases pretty short, with the exception of this lone solo track from long ago in 2011 when Hana was still going by the name Zinger.

In many ways, Hana is in the similar roughly quandary as Rainbow’s Woori, who also presentations signs of being a strong emcee, yet only ever gets a few scant seconds value of rapping time on her group’s tracks.


It is pretty hard to pass judgement on just how talented either could be on the mic if they were only allowed to let rip each and every now and then. Just take a pay attention to Hana doing this.

What Hana obviously has is an awfully nice, tough tone and an ability to stick on beat. While many of the other rappers on this list have higher-pitched, slightly shrill tones, Hana brings a little more bass to proceedings.

One thing is for sure, there were glimpses here and there of real rapping potential.


The (albeit very short) rap breakdown in “Poison” is show off A in the case for Hana.

Yoon Mi Rae (aka Tasha) Tasha

This one just is going without announcing really. The elder stateswoman of Korean rap, Yoon Mi Rae pretty much wrote the e-book on female K-pop rap.

Here she is appearing the more youthful generation how it’s done:

Active in K-pop because the turn of the century, if she were to seem on a talent show with more youthful stars, preferably it would be in the role of pass judgement on or mentor — most couldn't (or dare not) move toe-to-toe with someone as executed as this.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Moonbyeul

A member of arguably the most talented of the “newer” girl groups out there, Moonbyul might still be a little missing in self assurance and stage presence, but she more than makes up for that with her rapping skills.


A very pleasant, deeper tone, a stable drift and real rapping consistency at a spread of alternative speeds, Moonbyul would indeed be no pushover in a rap struggle contest.

MAMAMOO has only been active for a comparatively short length of time, but Moonbyul has already displayed her not inconsiderable talents on the mic:

hi Venus’s Lime Lime

Another dark horse, Lime really would not get much of probability to polish as a rapper as element of Hello Venus.

The group is (nowadays) more about a dance sound and a horny concept, and longer rap sections do exactly not are compatible into that. Earlier than that, a very cutesy theory appeared to limit her rapping even more.

But give her the danger and she can really tear it up on the mic. Take a appearance at this out from some time back:

How just right would a Lime-Alice Hello Venus subunit be, by the way?


The “Wiggle Wiggle” rap breakdown may need been short, but if was surely very candy and left K-pop fanatics thirsting for more.

Lime also has some impressive speed-rap talents. Thing like this make fans in each unmarried place wish to hear a little more of what she has to offer.

Now you’ve read our list, it’s time to let us know what you think, Soompiers! Who is your favorite female rapper? Who do you observed would carry out the correct on a rap battle show? talk up in the comments below.

timmydee is a music geek with a penchant for pop, an enthusiasm for electronica and a hankering for hip-hop. When he isn’t writing for Soompi, he's remixing your favorite K-Pop tracks — with occasionally astounding (but incessantly catastrophic) results.

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