5 K-Pop-Loving Good looks YouTubers Whom You want  To test Out

5 K-Pop-Loving Good looks YouTubers Whom You want To test Out

5 K-Pop-Loving Attractiveness YouTubers Whom You wantTo have a look at TeamSOOMPI July 12, 2016 0 5 K-Pop-Loving Beauty YouTubers Whom You have to Check Out Soompiers, we have got some exciting news for you! Viki has partnered with DIA TV, the No. 1 position where you'll meet stylish K-culture similar short videos. What does this mean for you? Any other place to catch up on the maximum recent in Korean trends. To celebrate the launch, were doing a round-up of the entire DIA TV creators that you ought to exist watching.

Ready to circular out your YouTube beauty subs? Trying to find a new makeup or skin care routine? DIA TV has a slew of amazing beauty YouTubers for you to test out. They variety from the up-and-coming to the indubitably already made it (hello, Ssin!), yetsomething they all have in commonplace is that each and every one of them are hardcore K-pop fans. So if youre having a look for Korean makeup product reviews, or idol makeup tutorials, youre in just right hands with those five!

Check out our list and remember the truth thatthat you maybe can be able to see them all on Viki appropriate now.

HeyitsfeiiiFei is a self-described K-pop fangirl who specializes in Korean beauty products, makeup tutorials, and K-pop reactions. Check her out at Heyitsfeiii!

Most popular video: Her review and demo of Berrisoms My Lip Tint Pack, a peel-off lip tint that lasts up to twelve hours without any transfer.

While her K-pop reaction videos also aregreat popular, our privatefavourite video: Her simplefour Steps to Sparkling Skin tutorial. Because we all want glowing skin.

Sunny’s ChannelSunny is legendary for her Korean-style makeup videos in which she transforms into noted K-pop idols and uses most commonly Korean products, all while talking Korean – but surprise, she in truth lives in NYC and is fluent in English as well. Check her out at Sunnys Channel!

Popular: Her take on EXID Hani’s Hot Red Makeup Tutorial. How does she glanceprecisely like Hani? Immediately up goals.

Another popular tutorial: goddess Seolhyun-inspired makeup. How does Sunny arrange to change into and then easily? I would liketo do thisappearance tonight.

SSINSsin is a Korean beauty vlogger who is famous for her dead-on K-pop idol transformations. Shes were given a fairly off-color sense of humor that sets her exceptthe common beauty vlogger crowd, and unusually for a beauty vlogger, shes as skilled with male looks as female. Check her out at Ssin!

Awesome: Ssin is understood for doing one-brand makeup tutorials that meanseachunmarried item she uses is from one Korean makeup brand. One of our own favorites is her use of Too Cool for college (mainly because it’s one of our favorite brands, too)!

For the EXO fans: One of Ssin’s past-times is forcing her brother and video manufacturer to be the superstar of his tutorials. This one is Suho’s signature smoky look.

Ivan LamPrimarily based in LA, Ivan Lam delivers beauty, haircare, and styling guidelines and tutorials in a soothing, mellow voice. Check him out at Ivan Lam!

Very informative: Korean Brightening Skincare Routine! In the development you can’t tell, we actuallyrevel in skin brightening routines! Ivan Lam’s editioncontainsotherpieces from Heyitsfeiii so you can check out out products from either videos!

Very basic: Contouring it’s the whole rage and while you haven’t attempted IT yet, here is a really easy video to coach you how. Bonus is that it’s slightly more Korean-style because of this a more dewy endto actually make you glow.

RickyKAZAFRicky is a makeup trainer and artist founded in Hong Kong. His distinctiveness is Korean-style mens makeup and styling. Check him out at RickyKAZAF!

For the VIXX fans: In a position to take at the dark and good-lookingtaste of Leo? Ricky is here to educate you how!

For the BIGBANG fans: Study the thumbnail which one is T.O.P? Ricky enlisted the assistance of his friend to movie this one and the general product is amazing!

Let us know in the comments who your favorite beauty YouTuber is! 

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SNSDs Yoona Needs Suneung Test-Takers Excellent good fortune at Concert Rehearsal

SNSDs Yoona Needs Suneung Test-Takers Excellent good fortune at Concert Rehearsal

--> Girls′ Generation′s Yoona sent test-takers a observe of encouragement.

Yoona posted a photo on Instagram on November 12, writing "Good Luck. Suneung over. Soshi is rehearsing for the concert."

SNSD′s Yoona desires Suneung Test-Takers Excellent good fortune at Concert Rehearsal

In the photo, Yoona is observed with a thumbs up and adorable expression on her face. Netizens had been responding to the photo with comments like ′See you at the Girls′ Generation concert,′ ′Take breaks as you rehearse′ and ′Pretty face and pretty heart."

Meanwhile Girls′ Generation is decided to headline its fourth concert, Girls′ Generation 4th excursion Phantasia in Seoul at the Olympic Park Gymnastics gym in Seoul from November 21 to 22, where the 8 contributors will provide quite so much of level ideas that spotlight their respective charms.

Photo credit: Yoona′s Instagram


T-Ara Reveals Loving Messages To Fans in Waiting Room

T-Ara Reveals Loving Messages To Fans in Waiting Room "Good Bye Number Nine"


t-ara goodbye number nine message T-Ara revealed a picture at the waiting room before going on the stage.

Today, T-Ara took a picture holding up posters with messages to their fans in the waiting room of Mnet "M! Countdown."

In the pictures, the posters read, "Good Bye Number Nine, we are leaving with much love. We'll be back on December 2 with a song that beats 'Roly Poly.' Please be excited" along with cute drawings on the sides.

T-Ara will be back with the song 'What Should I Do?' on December 2.

Photo Credit: T-ara


Wonder Women  Stocks What Idea They Sought after  To test out (But Werent Allowed)

Wonder Women Stocks What Idea They Sought after To test out (But Werent Allowed)

Wonder WomenStocks What Thought They Sought afterTo take a glance at out (But Weren’t Allowed)notclaira July 18, 2016 0 Wonder Girls Shares What Concept They Wanted To Check out (But Weren’t Allowed) On July 18, Wonder Girls held a Naver V app broadcast for their appearance at the SBS LoveFM program “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Guy Show.”

The ladyworkforcethese days made a comeback with the identifymusic “Why So Lonely,” a band song with reggae infusions. However, the girls shared that they to get started with wanted to are trying a hip-hop concept.

“We pitched the speculation to our agency, but Park Jin Young told us firmly that hip-hop used to besimplest for cool people,” they acknowledged jokingly.

Wonder Girls is a veteran woman group, having been around for nearly ten years, but they shared that they haven’t made many palsout of doors the agency.

“There weren’t many opportunities for other folks to manner us,” they explained. Yubin added, “We have guests at our agency, but in relation to age I’m nearlyappropriate afterwards Park Jin Young. It’s been some time since our debut.”

Would you need to haveto peer Wonder Girls strive a hip-hop concept?

Wonder Girls - Why So LonelyBeef up the artist by way ofpurchasing “Why from YesAsia Source (1)

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K-Pop Idol And Actress Suzy Impresses Fanatics With Goddess-Level Good looks In “Grazia China”

K-Pop Idol And Actress Suzy Impresses Fanatics With Goddess-Level Good looks In “Grazia China”

Share on FacebookShare on Twittermiss A’s Suzy is the “Soul of Seoul” as she graced the canopyof stylemag Grazia China. 

Gracing the duvet of the July factor of the magazine, Suzy turns out to have won her fanatics even more with her newest drama, Uncontrollably Fond. The pictorial which used to be shot in collaboration with jewelleryemblem Didier Dubot, Suzy used her charms amidst the warm, dazzling thought of the shoot.

Matched with luxury jewelry, Suzy also matched her good looks amongst grace and elegance, warming the hearts of her fans worldwide.

Meanwhile, in the similar issue, Suzy also mentioned her existing drama Uncontrollably Fond which she stars along actor Kim Woo Bin, and her symbol in Korea as the “Nation’s First Love.”

Source: Korea CelebrityDay-to-day

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Kwak Si Yang Says Good-bye To “Mirror of the Witch” Audience

Kwak Si Yang Says Good-bye To “Mirror of the Witch” Audience

Kwak Si Yang Says Good-bye To Replicate of the Witch Target market JiwonYu July 15, 2016 0 Kwak Si Yang Says Goodbye To Mirror of the Witch Audience Actor Kwak Si Yang mentioned how he feels as his drama Mirror of the Witch is now coming to an end.

On July 16, he relayed his mindthru his agency, saying, I used to bemore than pleased to have met wonderfulother folksby way of Mirror of the Witch. I was once very worried and went through some hardships because this became my first historic drama, yet I was in a positionto end it neatlythank you to the folk around me. He also thanked the audience for the entire love they've given.

He continued, This was a meaningful time for me. Despite the reality that its going to be unhappyto mention goodbye to everyone, I was capable ofenjoyanything new and it's going toassist me move one step extra equally an actor. I could be able toget back alongsideevery otherpaintings so please stay watching.

Kwak Si Yang played Poong Yeon, a guy with good-looking looks, a sort personality, and large martial arts abilities who loves the witch (Kim Sae Ron).

The ultimate episode of Mirror of the Witch will air on July 16 at 10 p.m. KST.

Catch up to the newest episode of the drama below!

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Kim Sook Talks About How Difficult Min Hyo Rin Worked For The Good fortune Of Unnies

Kim Sook Talks About How Difficult Min Hyo Rin Worked For The Good fortune Of Unnies

Kim Sook Talks About How Demanding minute Hyo Rin Worked For The Good fortune Of Unnieskminjungee July 14, 2016 0 Kim Sook Talks About How Hard Min Hyo Rin Worked For The Success Of Unnies Kim Sook praises fellow Sisters Slam Dunk forged member Min Hyo Rin for her hard paintings and tenacity throughout the formation of Unnies.

During the July 14 broadcast of SBS LoveFMs Unnis Radio, the actress appeared as a guest at the request of Kim Sook, whos also some of the DJs of the radio show.

When asked about the call of the gamein the back of the success of taskwomanworkforce Unnies, Kim Sook readily answers, Every person worked in point of fact hard, yet Min Hyo Rins efforts had the largest impact. She explains how the actress would at all timesmake an apology on her knees to the members, and how she even thoughtfully ready broth fabricated from steeping pork and cow bones over a long amount of time for everyone.

However, Min Hyo Rin argues that the success of Unnies was oncein huge part affected by the efforts of Hong Jin Kyung, not hers.

Meanwhile, Unnies currently made a wonderful debut on Music Bank with their song Close Up, thus pleasurable the actress beyond dream of turning intoa womanneighborhood member.

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Fans blown away by capacity of Oh My Lady YooA’s good-looking brother

Fans blown away by capacity of Oh My Lady YooA’s good-looking brother

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOh My GirlYooA has been praised for being one of the vitalbest young visuals in the industry. 

However, enthusiastscurrentlycame upon that YooA isnt the just one in her circle of relatives whos inherited the nice looks genes. As it turns out, YooAs older brother Yoo Joon Sun, a dancer from 1MILLION Dance Studiohas relativelya wide following himself and has also been praised for his shocking visuals. Take a glance at some pictures of Yoo Joon Sung below:

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Netizens claim Vernon’s good fortune proves K-Pop will turn into more diverse with foreign talent

Netizens claim Vernon’s good fortune proves K-Pop will turn into more diverse with foreign talent

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFollowing the debut of one of the crucial starting timea success half-korean, half-caucasian rookies, netizens speculate K-Pop is starting to change.

Vernon wasnt the first ethnically-mixed idol to debut in K-Pop, alternatively its been acknowledged that no other combined idol has reached the sam point of luck he has in spite of still being a rookie. Vernons repute continues to grow, which experts claim will additional open the doors of K-Pop to foreign talent, and its expected that its just atopic of time ahead of K-Pop becomes even more diversified, and entertainment firms volition welcome ethnicities from everywhere in theinternational into their trainee programs.

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Park Seul-gi's wedding photographs with good-looking groom

Park Seul-gi's wedding photographs with good-looking groom

Entertainer Park Seul-gi is getting married an afternoon later.

Happy Merit Corporate released images of Park Seul-gi and her good-looking groom dressed up for the large event.

They glance excited for their big day. Park Seul-gi's groom is a year older than her and he is a manufacturing director at an advertisement company.

The wedding might be hosted via Jeong Seong-ho and Kim Goo-ra will be creating a congratulatory speech. No Eul, Lena Park and GilMe will be functioning at her wedding.

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