5 Reasons You Will have to Be Gazing “Task Force 38” Appropriate Now

5 Reasons You Will have to Be Gazing “Task Force 38” Appropriate Now

5 Reasons You Will have to Be Looking atAssignment pull 38 At this time t0ky0nights July 22, 2016 0 5 Reasons It's crucial to Be Watching Task Force 38 Right Now Its been awhile since weve observed a excellent police/detective drama, yetworry not, the wait is in spite of everything over! Even if chore push 38 isn't technically a police drama, its still a perfect option for somebody who enjoys the preferred crime genre. Sadly, it remains an underrated gem thus far, but that doesnt trade how a laugh IT is!

Here are five reasons you must give Task Force 38 a chance!

A easiest star-studded forgedCast

Rich and uncivil those who think they are entitled to the entirety are the objective of the special Task Force 38. This motley special task force (composed of 2 ex-criminals, a conman, a civil servant, and a tax collector) will forestall at not anything to discover the shoddy tricks used via the rich to steer transparent of paying their taxes. Glaringly this extraordinaryteam of other folks do no longerat all times become along, and appear to continuouslyto find themselves in uncommon dilemmas that make this series even more entertaining. This series has 3 talented major leads that never fail to convey convincing performances!

The first is Ma Dong Seok, who plays the role of the made up our minds and upright tax collector, Baek Sung Il.

Second, we have got the very stunning Choi Sooyoung (yes, from Girls Generation). She plays the role of the full of life and observant civil servant Chun Sung Hee.

Third, Search engine marketing In Guk! Many peoplewerelooking ahead to his next drama; relaxationconfident that hes just as good-looking and captivating every bit ever in his latest role. As a slick conman named Yang Jung Do, he even cons Baek Sung Il earlier thanhe's recruited into the special task force. However, each person is highly suspicious of him or even the audiencewonder whether he is making plansanything in secret!

The cast has perfect chemistry in combinationThere are a lot of adorable moments the cast have shared in the back of the scenes, and they always look like having fun!

Here we can beready to see some cute bromance, where Seo In Guk is being squishy and cuddly against Ma Dong Seok!

Thankfully their chemistry may also bevisibleat the screen as well, and we get to look Sooyoung being a badass in this clip.

Our major characters all have a sturdyjudgment of right and wrong Even if he is facing a monetary crisis, after he used to be scammed, Baek Sung Il refuses to get maintain of a bribe from the corrupt. Thoughthe cash would have helped him beef up his family, he adamantly refuses, and proves himself to be an upright govt official!

While the gang of scammers seem to persistently run into issues, they are known to justmaintain their own. This makes it a wholewonder when they community together to lend a hand Baek Sung Il when he is targeted. Proving that even individuals who reside off of scamming others, normally the corrupt, have a powerful conscience.

Beautifully complex scamsThe quantity of networks the con artists can get access tois really ridiculous, and they is also able to pull of the maximumtough scams. They practically always have an go out plan, and being installed cuffs doesnt faze them. They set up to get out of problem and continue their clever and dastardly techniqueslots of the time!

Even though the sheer lengthin theirhuge scams is impressive there is something enthralling about nabbing a vehicle while the landlord is status right by it.

Of routethey'll likewisein my view deliver pretend mail they've produced, to nab the filthy rich who are heading off paying their taxes.

The plot is straightforward to practiceregardless of the confusingideas There's aendless list of corrupt industry men, who will move to any periodto bypass paying their taxes; but there also area widechoice of government officials, who are corrupt. Despite the interwoven tale line and continuous connections between the corrupted officials and the wealthy, this drama never slows down! Its also very clean and instantly forward in a method that captures the viewers as an alternative of leaving us confused, like some complicated dramas do.

What are your mind on Task Force 38? Take a glance at the first episode below! t0ky0nights is a K-pop enthusiast, whose interests come with many varieties of Korean, Chinese, and Eastern entertainment. She will most likely bediscovered dancing or writing articles, and lyrics, most of the time. You'lllocate her on Instagram here.

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SHINee’s Key And NCT’s Doyoung To Unlock Duet OST For “Task Force 38”

SHINee’s Key And NCT’s Doyoung To Unlock Duet OST For “Task Force 38”

SHINees Key And NCTs Doyoung To Unlock distich OST For Assignment pull 38JiwonYu July 7, 2016 0 SHINees Key And NCTs Doyoung To Release Duet OST For Task Force 38 SHINees Key and NCTs Doyoung can beliberating a duet OST for OCNs Friday-Saturday drama Task Force 38.

Their duet OST song titled Cool will first be shown on July nineall over the episode 8 broadcast of the drama, and may officially be released on July 11 by the use of Melon, Naver Music, Genie, and other music sites.

This song stands out as the theme song for Task Force 38 and is authentic for its funky guitar sounds and rhythmical drums. It also delivers the message, Shall wenow not get beaten down viathe sector and are livingeach and every moment with confidence.

Meanwhile, Task Force 38 is set a team of swindlers seeking to take in the bad guys from tax evasions. It stars Search engine marketing In Guk, Women Generations Sooyoung, Ma Dong Seok, and more.

You can catch up to the newest episode below:

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Seo In Guk Presentations Off His Acting Chops Over again For Task Force 38

Seo In Guk Presentations Off His Acting Chops Over again For Task Force 38

Seo In Guk Displays Off His Acting Chops Once more For “Task Force 38”notclaira July 2, 2016 0 Seo In Guk Shows Off His Acting Chops Yet Again For “Task Force 38” Singer-turned-actor SEO In Guk is these daysacting in the OCN drama “Task Force 38.”

In the drama, Seo In Guk plays a con guy named Yang Jung Do who uses his prime intelligence and modern manners to charm people.

As befitting a con man, the hot stills display Seo In Guk in more than a few outfits, from an blameless university student to a conservative executive.

Hwang Joon Hyuk, a manufacturer alongside CJ EM, said, “Seo In Guk isn't afraid to totallytrade his symbol and become into a other person. He has shapedthe nature of Yang Jung Do perfectly with his not easypaintings and talented acting.”

“Task Force 38” is ready a tax collector who becomes frustrated at the wealthyand strong evading tax laws, especially Article 38, and comes to a decisionto collect a crack team of law enforcement and criminals to solve the problem.

The drama airs Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST. Watch the newest episode below!

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Jo Bo-ah Lands Female Lead in

Jo Bo-ah Lands Female Lead in "Missing Persons Task Force," alongside Kim Kang-woo, Park Hee-soon

Jo Bo-ah Lands Female Lead in Missing Persons Task Force, alongside Kim Kang-woo, Park Hee-soon

Actress Jo Bo-ah has confirmed to join the cast of "Missing Persons Task Force."

OCN mystery crime drama focuses on not just simple missing victims but disappearances involved with serious crimes and or the mystery world. Two special unit detectives and criminals never heard of before battle against each other in this 10-episode drama.

Producer Lee Seung-yeong is leading the drama.

Jo Bo-ah takes on a role which helps detectives Gil Soo-hyeon (Kim Kang-woo) and Oh Dae-yeong (Park Hee-soon). The drama is coming at the end of March.

Source : www.newsen.com/news_v...


Kim Kang Woo & Park Hee Soon Under Consideration For FBI Role In Detective Drama

Kim Kang Woo & Park Hee Soon Under Consideration For FBI Role In Detective Drama "Special Missing Persons Task-force M"

Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon Are Strong Candidates for Leads in New Detective Drama

The OCN will present audiences new detective drama, “Special Missing Persons Task-force M.” The news outlet revealed that actors Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon are in talks for the lead cast of the drama.

According to a source from the show, Kim Kang Woo is the top candidate for the role of FBI agent Kil Su Hyun while Park Hee Soon is under consideration for the role of Oh Dae Young.

park hee soon

The story will revolve around a unique case investigated by Kil Su Hyun, a highly-gifted forensic investigator who graduated from Harvard and has FBI experience, and Oh Dae Young, a veteran detective with 20 years of experience who uses intuition and his personal connections to solve cases.

The series will be directed by Lee Seung Young, who is known for dramas such as “Special Affairs Team TEN” and “Chosun Police.” The drama is set to begin airing at the end of January.


Yedang Entertainment assigns overseas task force for C-Clowns overseas activities

Yedang Entertainment assigns overseas task force for C-Clowns overseas activities

Yedang Entertainment assigns overseas task force for C-Clown’s overseas activities

C-Clown is currently growing more in international popularity upon coming back with their newest release, “Let’s Love”.

According to their agency, Yedang Entertainment, C-Clown have been receiving love calls from several different countries all over the world, and thus have already booked in schedules in Japan, China and South America this year.

C-Clown’s international popularity started in Japan, where they have already held their first individual concert there on the 21st of June this year, in which all two thousand tickets had been completely sold out.

Due to their growing popularity overseas, Yedang Entertainment revealed that they have hired an overseas task force fluent in 4 different languages, who are in charge of C-Clown’s promotional activities in countries abroad, and are communicating C-Clown’s schedules and interviews to overseas fans via various SNS platforms.

Early this year, C-Clown were reported to be the first Korean idol group to have developed a fanbase in Rwanda, showing that they are slowly but surely reaching out to all the corners of the world.

Yedang Entertainment thanked the fans of C-Clown for the constant support of the group and promised that they will be reaching out to the overseas fans through their hard work and consistency.

Meanwhile, C-Clown recently released their 4th mini-album, “Let’s Love” on the 8th of July.

Source: Sports DongA, E News 24


5 Reasons “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Will Have A unique  Position In Our Hearts

5 Reasons “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Will Have A unique Position In Our Hearts

5 Reasons Expensive Fair Girl Kong Shim Will Have A differentPosition In Our Heartsmayme22 June 21, 2016 0 5 Reasons Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim Will Have A Special Place In Our Hearts Warning: There are spoilers!

Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim has ended, and were certain were no longerthe sole ones having withdrawal symptoms! With its warmth, humor, and middle (all 3 which never failed in the face of the later, tenser episodes), this drama had us swooning one moment and laughing the next. To lend a hand ease that drama hangover, here are five reasons why Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim, regardless of its flaws, will at all times have a special place in all of our hearts.

1. Dantes (Namgoong Mins) giggly laughs (AKA facial expressions of a former psychopath)one mean

2. The Bromance and the Squad

Not simplest is the bromance between Junsu (On Joo Wan) and Dante so so cute, yet but the friendship of all three of the leads makes my heart warm. They are seriously so adorable and dorky.

And despite the reality that the later episodes lose the bromance, it does come again (after like two-three episodes?), and the loss just made us crave it more. But even when the episodes get somewhat darker, the drama never loses its cute. (In fact, theres even a new bromance in the air.)


3. Mild every bit a balloon and fluffier than Dantes wig darlingisaeng

This drama isnt actuallyanythingyou will want remember as well as deeply about. You'll be in a position to (and I dont mean this in a negative way at all) more or less turn off your brain and just watch it for the feels and squeals.

4. Twist on cliche drama plots

While the drama does have a couple of cliché plot lines (like the birth secret that dragged out a wee bit too long), there are any other plot gadgets that they take and activate the heels. For example, one of my favourite scenes is when Dante faked getting harm and then he mayobtain sympathy from Kong Shim (Minah). When Kong Shim stepped out for a bit, as a substitute of setting outthe solid and getting stuck when Kong Shim comes back in.

We get this struggling-but-oddly-cute Dante.

Another one is a take at theunsightly girl receiving a makeover. There was no makeover (until the tremendous duper end) — and I truly loved how they did that. Ive constantlycherished her wig from the beginningas ithave compatibility her personality hence well, and she looked adorable in it. Without the wig, Kong Shim the character wouldnt have felt the same.

But I believethe largestkind of breaking of K-drama cliches is that either leads are so nice. I dont think there are too many dramas in the market where that you may say you've got first and second lead syndrome, because both male leads are so so sweet and adorkable. Now not only that, but they also both respect her and inspire her to grow as a person.

And this leads me to my final point

5. The actors are rather well castNot just the 2 male actors (with their smiley smiley faces)

But Minah is actually wonderful as Kong Shim. She plays the nature with just the right kind amount of quirks and loads of heart, and I in truthcan't wait to look her act in other dramas as well!

You can watch Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim on Viki below:

What did you bring to mind the drama? Did it make you squeal (and face palm) up to we did? Let us know in the comments below!

mayme22’s favorite Bible verse is 1 Peter 3:3-4.

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5 Removed Contestants From “Produce 101” Forming Task  Staff I.B.I

5 Removed Contestants From “Produce 101” Forming Task Staff I.B.I

5 Removed Contestants From Produce 101 Forming AssignmentWorkforce I.B.Ijun2yng July 21, 2016 0 5 Eliminated Contestants From Produce 101 Forming Project Organization I.B.I After the finish of “Produce 101,” lovers made an imaginary project group consisting of five eliminated contestants, and Loen Entertainment has spoke back to the fan love; the five individuals are lately at paintings on an album, which is slated for free upsomeday mid-August.

The group, consisting of members Han Hyeri (12th place; Big name Empire), Lee Soohyun (13th place; no affiliation), Kim Sohee (15th place; Track Works), Yoon Chaekyung (16th place; DSP), and Lee Haein (17th place; no affiliation), is known as I.B.I, that are the English initials for the Korean notethat means “ordinary person.”

Production investment team manager Hwang Tae Yeon from Loen said, “I.B.I is in realitya collection made by capacity of the public. So as to create this chance for those members, who are having a lookahead to their own debuts, we worked at the aspect of everyone’s agencies to align schedules and opinions, and recently made the general decision.”

Loen’s Choi Jae Woo stated that in position of marketing for the song, they are specializing in introducing every member, and making their music heard yet one more time.

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7 Reasons GOT7 Brought The home Down At FLY IN USA

7 Reasons GOT7 Brought The home Down At FLY IN USA

7 Reasons GOT7 Brought The home Down At FLY IN U.s. knims July 19, 2016 0 7 Reasons GOT7 Brought The Residence Down At FLY IN USA GOT7 is understood for their performances and, fortunate for us, they have a tendency to in point of factmovechallenging when they’re on level in the U.S. Possibly because Mark is from the States, or because BamBam loves the use of his English with lovers (and making Youngjae do the same). We’re undecidedthe genuine reason, yet GOT7 actually brought their A game for their first ever completeduration concert excursion in the U.S.

We attended the primaryeveningin their 2016 GOT7 1st Concert Tour “FLY IN USA” concert in Los Angeles and sought after to percentageone of the most brightest moments.

1. JB Being Really, Truly Smiley

Actually, I’ve at all timesidea that the more youthfulindividuals were the tricksters in the gang but I used to beshown very wrong in LA. From blowing on other member’s necks right through choreography to grinning continuously at fans in the crowd, JB was oncein order that darn lovable.

2. Youngjae Hitting The ones Notes

Youngjae is a vitality vocal proven for the duration of the night but especially when his vocals may just really shine in his duet with JB. The song, 1:31AM, is now not just heart-wrenching but also fantasticallyundeniable in some way that puts emphasis at the vocals.

Sure, most people is somewhat over your complete dabbing phenomenon in the U.S., but BamBam just really, really enjoys the move. And he adorably works it into any and all GOT7 choreo. His entire finishing speech was about just doing what makes you glad and, if dabbing makes him pleasedI suspect we will have to all recognize that. We all have our quirks, his just occurs to be dabbing.

I know this isnt about Mark but Mark’s circle of relativesbecome adorable. His grandfather (I assume) was there with his oldsters and kept filming Mark’s parts. How adorable is that? My grandparents can’t even use a cellular phone but his was taking fan-videos out of natural pride. Also, Jackson kept trolling Mark because he was in his hometown. Always enjoyable, Jackson’s trolling.

I didn’t realize how fantastic Junior’s English was till this show. He glaringly worked really hard to find out about up on it and flawlessly explained the definition of his and Mark’s duet “Higher.” And talking of “Higher,” it’s this sort of cute song!

Jackson is a spotlight himself, with his playful personality and intense charisma. And his trolling. Never-ending trolling. I feel he made Mark dance about 7 times all through the process the show’s quite so much of speeches.

Yugyeom was offered as “nasty” by capability of marking and Jackson. Really, for anyone who started out as a cute maknae to transform one of the “nastiest” members? Just wow. What is with these sorts of maknaes on top? But, honestly, Yugyeom had such a lota laugh on stage and were given down with his bad self on more than one occasions. During his ending speech, he mentioned that “LA sounds like my 2d hometown,” and I think that joy at being “home” really translated into the show.

So, let us know! Were you at any of the “FLY in USA” stops? What was your favourite moment from the show?

As always, special thank you to SubKulture Entertainment for having us duvet the show.

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EXO Lay’s newest Instagram post reasons backlash of rage from Koreans

EXO Lay’s newest Instagram post reasons backlash of rage from Koreans

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOne of EXO member Lays maximum recent Instagram updates has infuriated many Korean EXO-Ls.

In reaction to a up to date court ruling in prefer of the Philippines over Chinas claims to the majority of the South China Sea, many Chinese celebrities adding set receive taken to social media to protest the ruling, the use of the hashtag that kind of translates to #ChinaCannotBecomeAnySmaller.

And whilst some enthusiasts takeobserved the social media posts as an act of patriotism, others have criticized Lay and other Chinese celebrities for supporting China in the ruling. As smartly as many bearing in mind Chinas stance at thefactor to be grasping and oppressive, some have also pointed out that during Chinas case, they also laid claim to the Korean island Ieodo which is situated in the South China Sea.

Suggesting that Chinas claim to Ieodo is a blatant attack on Korea, many Korean fans have criticized Lay for his fortify of China. Other Chinese idols who have posted equivalent updates in aid of China include miss AFeif(x)Victoria, and FiestarCao Lu.

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