5 Removed Contestants From “Produce 101” Forming Task  Staff I.B.I

5 Removed Contestants From “Produce 101” Forming Task Staff I.B.I

5 Removed Contestants From Produce 101 Forming AssignmentWorkforce I.B.Ijun2yng July 21, 2016 0 5 Eliminated Contestants From Produce 101 Forming Project Organization I.B.I After the finish of “Produce 101,” lovers made an imaginary project group consisting of five eliminated contestants, and Loen Entertainment has spoke back to the fan love; the five individuals are lately at paintings on an album, which is slated for free upsomeday mid-August.

The group, consisting of members Han Hyeri (12th place; Big name Empire), Lee Soohyun (13th place; no affiliation), Kim Sohee (15th place; Track Works), Yoon Chaekyung (16th place; DSP), and Lee Haein (17th place; no affiliation), is known as I.B.I, that are the English initials for the Korean notethat means “ordinary person.”

Production investment team manager Hwang Tae Yeon from Loen said, “I.B.I is in realitya collection made by capacity of the public. So as to create this chance for those members, who are having a lookahead to their own debuts, we worked at the aspect of everyone’s agencies to align schedules and opinions, and recently made the general decision.”

Loen’s Choi Jae Woo stated that in position of marketing for the song, they are specializing in introducing every member, and making their music heard yet one more time.

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Watch: 26 Contestants Can be  Removed Next on Produce 101

Watch: 26 Contestants Can be Removed Next on Produce 101

Watch: 26 Contestants May beRemoved adjacent on “Produce 101”boxclub March 10, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: 26 Contestants Will Be Eliminated Next on “Produce 101” Consistent with the previews for the approaching episode of the hit Mnet survival display “Produce 101,” 26 contestants will be eliminated next.

On March 10, Mnet published the preview video for their next show. In this8th episode, the contestants will be judged on concepts, and they'll take five genres, adding EDM, hip-hop, womanweigh down and pop. They're going to also have their 2ndcircular of voting.

On the preview video, you'll see JYP Entertainment trainee Jeon Somi crying and hugging any person and saying, “I in realityneeded the remainingconsumer would be you, unnie,” raising anticipation for who that person may neatly be and who will most probably be the trainee to pop out on best after the moment onearound of vote casting closes.

“Produce 101” will conclude on April 1 and shouldlead to an 11-member girl group. It has already shown to be an out of this worldgood fortune for the channel, with Mnet already revealing that it's going to produce a male edition of the prove next.

Watch the preview below!

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Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For woman  Staff Survival Show

Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For woman Staff Survival Show

Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For womanCrew Survival Display ehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Mnet Exhibits First 2 Contestants For Girl Organization Survival Show Mnet has printedthe primary two contestants on their trainee roster for upcoming girl group survival show Locating Momoland (working title).

The first contestant, Nancy is a trainee at Duble Sidekicks firm Duble Kick Entertainment. She already has a a fan following thru their appearance in a tv program on cable channel Tooniverse. She used to be born Nancy Jewel Mcdonie to a Korean mom and American father.

Duble Kick Entertainment reveals that 2d contestant Yeonwoo could also be an in-house trainee. She is 169 centimeters tall and lives by capacity of the motto Are living like theres no tomorrow.

The agency shares, There are trainees besides Nancy and Yeonwoo that would greet audienceby way of Finding Momoland for a overall of 10 trainees. We ask that you come back alongsidetopexpectancies because each and every trainee has her individual charm.

Mnet is teaming up with manufacturers Rhymer, Shinsadong Tiger, and Duble Sidekick for Finding Momoland. The first episode of the show is scheduled to air on Friday July 22 at 7 p.m. KST.

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Boys24 To Bring Back Removed Contestants

Boys24 To Bring Back Removed Contestants

“Boys24” To Bring Back Removed Contestantsnotclaira July 12, 2016 0 “Boys24” To Bring Back Eliminated Contestants Mnet’s latest survival program “Boys24” can be bringing back one of the vital eliminated contestants in a different round!

According to a source in the song industry, “Boys24” held its 3rd unit of measurementfestival on July 11. In this day, up to now eliminated contestants were given a new opportunity in a plot twist that stunnedeither the trainees and the audience.

It is reported that the production workforce chose the eliminated trainees with relativelyprimefameto cross back in the special round. The primarycircular of unit competitions on July 8 eliminated all six participants of Unit Purple, to the be apologetic about of many viewers. It's far speculated that some members of Unit Pinkmightgo back in this special around after many netizens’ passionate demands on their behalf.

On July 12, a source from “Boys24” stated, “We need to be careful with the content of unaired episodes. To ascertain any news about a special round, please tune in to the broadcast.”

The special round is expected to air on July 23. “Boys24” airs each Saturday at 11:30 p.m. KST.

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7 Contestants Removed From “Boys24”

7 Contestants Removed From “Boys24”

7 Contestants Removed From Boys24jun2yng July 2, 2016 0 7 Contestants Eliminated From Boys24 Seven contestants have been eliminated from Mnet’s “Boys24,” bringing the collection of contestants down from 49 to 42.

On the July 2 broadcast of the show, the devices had to accomplish hit songs from more than a few idol teams in a “sharp choreography” mission. The contestants carried out SHINee’s “Sherlock,” BEAST’s “Shock,” INFINITE’s “Be Mine,” Block B’s “Very Good,” EXO’s “Call Me Baby,” and BTS’s “Dope.”

After every performance, one member from each one unit (listed below) used to be eliminated.

SpoilerSee the list of eliminated contestants below:

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BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

Male Version Of Idol Survival Program Produce 101 Reveals First 14 Contestants(Photo : BOYS24)BOYS24, the latest idol survival program from Mnet, has printedthe primary 14 contestants that might compete to sign in for a male idol group.

The complete list of revealed contestants will also bediscoveredat the BOYS24 reliable Facebook page, which has particular person profiles for every member, introducing them and highlighting their authenticcharacteristics and skills.

The contestants diversity in age from 15 to 23, with one of the vital contestants being born as past due equally 2001.

Similar to Mnet's oldfact program Produce 101, in BOYS24, 49 trainees will compete for a place on a 24-member male idol group, that willadvertise for one year, retaining a concert each day. After a year, a choose few individualscould beselected to debut as an idol group.

The 1st episode of BOYS24 is scheduled to get started out airing on June 18 on Mnet and tvN.

The 3rdcircular of trainee was once revaled on Might 23, where seven new contestants will be unveiled.

Unlike Produce 101, the contestants on BOYS24 aren'tthese days trainees beneath any firmand mayfinally finish up being signed under one of CJ EM's industry arms. The program will also emphasize the significance of the crowd over individuals.

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CLC’s Eunbin On How She Feels About Joining Staff After “Produce 101″

CLC’s Eunbin On How She Feels About Joining Staff After “Produce 101″

CLCs Eunbin On How She Feels About Joining Crew After Produce 101an0ya Might 30, 2016 0 CLCs Eunbin On How She Feels About Joining Organization After Produce 101 CLCs Eunbin says shes excited to start selling every bit a new member of the group.

On May just 30, the woman group held the exhibit for their fourth mini album NU.CLEAR which brought to midnight, together with the tune video for the brand newidentify track No Oh Oh. This marks CLCs first professionalliberate as a seven-member group, following the addition of Elkie Chong and Eunbin.

Eunbin, who gained popularity whilstacting on Mnets woman group survival display Produce 101, opened up about her eventful past few months during the showcase.

I used to be still filming Produce 101 when it changed into reported that Identification exist joining CLC. I worked even tougher while thinking of myself as a trainee, and looking back at it while getting ready for my every other debut, it was a excellent experience.

Before my actual debut, I were givento be told about locating the cameras, wearing microphones, and more while appearing on Produce 101. Even though I joined the gang late, Ive been ready to adjust rather quickly. Im no longer struggling. Im having fun, she described her adventure so far, and explained how she has benefitted from the truthprove experience.

Meanwhile, CLC will be kicking off their promotions for No Oh Oh this week.

CLCEnhance the artist by capability ofpurchasing NU.CLEAR from YesAsia Source (1)

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New Lady  Workforce A.DE To Debut With 3 Produce 101 Contestants

New Lady Workforce A.DE To Debut With 3 Produce 101 Contestants

New LadyCrew A.DE To Debut With 3 “Produce 101” Contestantsnotclaira Might 27, 2016 0 New Girl Organization A.DE To Debut With Three “Produce 101” Contestants Three contestants of Mnet’s large survival program “Produce 101” are making their debut in the hot girl group A.DE!

A.DE is scheduled to debut on June 23 with “Strawberry.” The contributors are Haeyoung, Suyeon, Choyoon, Yeorin, Rachel, Jiseo, and Miso.

Haeyoung gave the impression on Produce 101 below 2able Corporatewhilst Suyeon (her genuinecall is Heo Saem) and Miso were under MJ Entertainment. All three were removed in the primarypart of the display and Suyeon and Miso left their friendsin a while thereafter.

“There are still a massive number of things we don’t know,” Suyeon said. “Except for Haeyoung, all people were eliminated in the 1stcircular so we didn’t get much broadcast exposure. Other people are interested by us on account of ‘Produce 101’ yet nosotros don’t need Haeyoung to feel like she has to take all of the responsibility.”

“It would be a lie to mention we’re no longer nervous,” Haeyoung acknowledged in an interview. “I had was hoping that because we’d seemed on Televisionsooner than we wouldn’t be as nervous. But I agree with my fellow members.”

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April’s Chaewon And “Produce 101″ Trainee Chaekyung To Unencumber  Task Single

April’s Chaewon And “Produce 101″ Trainee Chaekyung To Unencumber Task Single

Aprils Chaewon And convey 101 Trainee Chaekyung To UnencumberAssignmentUnmarried an0ya Might 25, 2016 0 Aprils Chaewon And Produce 101 Trainee Chaekyung To Release Project Single Ladyteam Aprils Chaewon and Produce 101 contestant Chaekyung can be teaming up for a duet!

Following the release of a mysterious teaser, more information about DSP Medias wonder project release were shared on May just 26. The firm shared every other teaser photo via its social media, revealing who will be collaborating in the project single entitled Clock.

The imagepresentations Chaewon and Chaekyung looking beautiful in a lush green forest, hinting at the release of a cushyand female pop number. The lyrics of Clock are stated to describe the feeling of longing after giving up on love.

Meanwhile, Chaekyung gained famewhilstactingat the survival display Produce 101 yet ended up no longer making it to the pinnacle 11. Chaewon is the foremost vocalist of April and has been busy selling their newestidentifymusic Tinker Bell.

Stay tuned for more updates on their single!

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“Boys24” The Male Edition Of “Produce 101” Unearths Their First 7 Contestants

“Boys24” The Male Edition Of “Produce 101” Unearths Their First 7 Contestants

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the overpoweringgood fortune of survival show Produce 101Mnet revealed that they would be growing a male edition of the display as well. And whilst some fanatics expressed their disinterest in the show, many were undoubtedlyexpecting its release. With the prove set to begin its broadcast soon, Mnet in the endpublished seven of the primary contestants at the show, with 42 more to be unveiled soon. With 49 boys competing to be a section ofthe impending male idol group, festivalwill certainly exist tough.

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