6 Celebrities Who Proved They Didn’t Get A Nose Job

6 Celebrities Who Proved They Didn’t Get A Nose Job

6 Celebrities Who Proved They Didnt Get A Nose Activity choralee July 21, 2016 0 6 Celebrities Who Proved They Didnt Get A Nose Job Its never actuallya big secret that many celebrities have revel in amongst plastic surgery. In fact, it will also be refreshing to pay attention a famous personpercentage their story, as many have done. Yet what occurs when celebrities try andend up that their faces are natural? In many cases, it roughly feels much more difficult to do.

Celebrities with prominent noses have especially been the objective of doubt, despite many stating that their noses are natural. Some celebrities deliberately or unintentionally prove it in hilarious ways, but still the suspicions continue.

Here is an inventory of celebrities who have all obviouslysaid and/or proved that they've gotherbal noses.

Actor Jo Jin Woong stated that his nose is natural saying, I'm thankful to my mom for passing on an attractive nose.

Actor Lee Je Hoon said, This isn't a nose thats been touched! And each time any individualdiscussed it, he hopefullyacknowledged there were examples where folksmay just make a comparison. Then he explained that he has the similar nose as his father.

In reaction to suspicions, actor Jang Geun Suk stuck his hands up his nose and also scrunched up his nose to prove it was natural.

The Shinhwa member once broke a couple of chopsticks with his nose, accidentally proving that he did no longer get a nose job.

In response to mentions of plastic surgery, K.Will said, To the ones that asked if I were given a nose job, I would truly like to say, Who gets their nose done like this?'

Actress Min Hyo Rin showed her nose in other angles so asto turn that she did now not get a nose job. She said, I actually didnt get it done. I didnt display ITnicelyprior to because I used to be afraid that my make up would get erased, but lately anedeterminedI'd practise it nicelyeven though it didnt glance good.

What other celebrities do you know clearly proved that they didn't get plastic surgical procedure on their nose?

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Here Are The pinnacle 8 Celebrities Which are Fitness Dreams For Koreans

Here Are The pinnacle 8 Celebrities Which are Fitness Dreams For Koreans

Here Are The pinnacle 8 Celebrities Which are Fitness Desires For Koreansjun2yng July 20, 2016 0 Here Are The Best 8 Celebrities That Are Fitness Aims For Koreans Early July 2016, JobKorea, a Korean task board, took a survey of 800 male and feminine users to determine which Korean celebrities’ physiques are maximum desired among Korean employees.

Male employees’ selections for most-desired male superstar physique:1. Cha Seung Won (34.7 percent)cha seung won

2. Kwon Sang Woo (25.6 percent)kwon sang woo

4. Song Joong Ki (18.1 percent) song joong ki dots

Female employees’ picks for most attractive male physique:

1. Cha Seung Won (41.9 percent)

3. Song Joong Ki (21.9 percent)

Female employees’ picks for most-desired female celebrity physique:1. AOA’s Seolhyun (37.3 percent)aoa seolhyun

4. SISTAR’s Soyou (24.4 percent)sistar soyou

Male employees’ picks for most appealing female physique:

1. AOA’s Seolhyun (45.6 percent)

2. SISTAR’s Soyou (23.8 percent)

Which Korean celebrities are fitness and fitness goals for you?Source (1)

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These 4  feminine celebrities with a little bit of luck admitted to having had plastic surgery

These 4 feminine celebrities with a little bit of luck admitted to having had plastic surgery

34stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Even though theres still a negative stigma around plastic surgical operationregardless of its status in South Korea, there werea couple offeminine idols who have bravely admitted receiving surgery ago to improve their visuals. 

A contemporary article by TV Report highlighted three popular female singers and an actress whove with a little of luckpublishedthey'd some cosmetic procedures done. Focusing on I.O.I/DIAJung ChaeyeonFIESTARCao Lu, former 2NE1 member Minzy, and actress Min Hyorin, explaining that fanaticsimagine them even prettier after their confessions because they proved that they were self-assured about themselves.

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Fans compliment 15&’s Jimin for having a “successful nose surgery”

Fans compliment 15&’s Jimin for having a “successful nose surgery”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Despite the truth that 15s Jimin has been gaining numerouscomplimentlately for her visuals, much of the praise has attributed her advanced looks to a a success nose surgery. 

Comparing Jimins beyondpictures with her latest selfies, netizens claimed that shes surely had some cosmetic paintings done on her nose, whether it be from nose surgical treatment or thru cosmetic injections (also referred to as nose fillers). And thoughthere are rather a lot of netizens claiming that Jimin has had work done on her nose, many of the responses were positive.

Check out Jimins solo tune video Hopeless Love below:

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Big Bang Among World's Highest-Paid Celebrities

Big Bang Among World's Highest-Paid Celebrities

Boy band Giant Bang ranked 54th on Forbes' list of the world's highest-paid celebrities released on Monday.According to the yearly list, Enormous Bang pulled in US$44 million during the last year beating out Hollywood actor Ben Affleck at 58th with $43 million, British singer Elton John at 61st with $42 million and dadcelebrity Katy Perry at 63rd with $41 million.

The magacknowledged that the band's contemporaryinternationalexcursion contributed to their explosive earnings.American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift ranked first at the list, followed via British boy band One Direction.


6 Feminine K-Pop Idols Who Were given Asked Out Via Male Celebrities

6 Feminine K-Pop Idols Who Were given Asked Out Via Male Celebrities

6 Feminine K-Pop Idols Who Were given Asked Out Via Male Celebritieskokoberry July 13, 2016 0 6 Female K-Pop Idols Who Got Asked Out By Male Celebrities Many K-pop idols don't appear to bemost effective popular among fans, theyre also highly sought after by fellow celebrities. Most stars dont would like toexposeknowledgereferring to who has asked them out, yeton occasion they are carewornto showmain points on more than a few broadcasts.

Here are some female K-pop idols who have opened up about requests so far from male celebrities!

Girls Generation member and solo artist Taeyeon is without equalwoman crush. In a 2009 episode of robust Heart, the singer was asked how many dating gives she had won thus far. She confessed, Talking honestly, its more than 10. Taking into consideration that its 2016 now and Taeyeon has only gotten more popular, one can suppose that the number has larger significantly.

SISTAR member Soyou is widely known for her gorgeousbody and melodic voice. In 2014, she printed on tvNs Taxi that she has indeed been asked out by male celebrities. Soyou said, Following the unencumber of Some I did obtain requests. I also got a couple of more after my appearance on MBCs I Reside Alone.'

With her appearance on Mnets Produce 101, Jung Chaeyeon enjoyed a surge in popularity. The I.O.I and DIA member recently seemed as a guest on KBS2s GladIn combination and talked about how celebrities showed they were interested by her thru her firm and her acquaintances. Furthermore, she disclosed they'dquite so much of professions in the entertainment industry and that she have beena gigantic fan of one of them.

The statuesque 9MUSES attractivenessprior to now revealed on a radio display that many of us necessitate for her telephone number. She explained, There are those that ask by way of ZE:A and other folks from the similar agency. However, she added that she rejects such requests when acquaintances ask her.

Last year, all through an episode of JTBCs Please Deal with My Refrigerator, the EXID member used to be asked if male celebrities have shown hobby in dating her. She showed this and revealed that singers, actors, and comedians have asked her out. Seems like her boyfriend, JYJs Junsu, become the fortunatesome of the bunch!

In 2011, Jaekyungs close friend NS Yoon-G spoke about the Rainbow leaders fame alongside male celebrities. NS Yoon-G disclosed that many noted Hallyu actors have asked Jaekyung out. However, she added that Jaekyung unfortunately rejected them. On a other instance, Jaekyung revealed that 3individuals from a similar idol team asked her out when she was a trainee.

Are there any other K-pop stars who have revealed that they got asked out by celebrities? Let us know in the comments below!

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The “perfect” nose shape on a man, that Korean ladies  in finding irresistable

The “perfect” nose shape on a man, that Korean ladies in finding irresistable

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter There are so much ofotherframecharacteristicsthat girlsto find desirable on men, akin to height and proportions. 

But as neatly asprimary body traits, the form of surefunctionswill also bevery important as well. In fact, loverslately discussed actor Lee Je Hoons directly nose, which many ladiesimagine to be the maximum attractive, and desired shape so some distance as male noses go.

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15 Korean Celebrities Who Do just  Now not Age

15 Korean Celebrities Who Do just Now not Age

15 Korean Celebrities Who Do justNo longer Agemayme22 July 8, 2016 0 15 Korean Celebrities Who Just Don't Age There turns out to be anything in the water in Korea — those celebrities (as neatly equally many others) just dont appear to age!

All ages are world (read: not Korean) ages.

VIXXs NOur fabulous leader became 26 closing calendar month — yet he looks preciselythe similar as his Superhero (right) days. His superpower will have to exist immortality.vixxn

Kim Jong Kook The Commander turned 40 this year – are you in a position totrust it?

Song Hye Kyo Best known as of late as the big name of hit dramas like Autumn in My Heart, That Winter, The Wind Blows, and Descendants of the Sun, this good looks is turning 35 this year! (The imageat theappropriate is from 2005!)

2NE1s DaraOur adorable and dorky Dara is turning 32 this year! The photo on the proper is her epic vertical ponytail from her Hearth days back in 2009.

Han Ga InKnown for her hit drama Moon Embracing the Sun and picture Architecture 101, this 34-year-old actress just welcomed her first kid this year. The picture on the right is from 2007.

Known for hit dramas like Empress Ki and Secret Garden, this in-demand actress is turning 38 years old this month!

Seo TaijiThrowback! This mythical musician, who used to bevery popular in the 90s, is 44 years old this year. His band, Search engine marketing Tai Ji and Boys, released hit songs like I Know and Come again Home. (Fun fact! Sooner than Yang Hyun Suk became Papa YG, he was rocking it out in this band. You'll be able totype of see him there on the a ways left.)

Chun Jung MyungYou maykeep in mind him from Cinderellas Sister (right), and maximum recently, Master: God of Noodles. Hes turning 36 this year!chun jung myung

Song Joong Ki  When I first saw Song Joong Ki in the film The Werewolf Boy, I presumed he was 17 years old.  Turns out hes an 85 liner, and was about 27 years old then. *mind blown*

Lee Seung GiWe omit you, Lee Seung Gi! Known for his hilarious diversity skills, candy ballads, and dramas, this jack-of-all-trades is 29 years old.

Lee Mi YeonShe too has not elderlyan afternoon since I first saw her in The good Merchant. She was most currently in the nostalgia-inducing Answer 1988 as the older Deok Sun. This actress turns forty five this year! (The picture on the right is from 2010!)

Kim Hee AeKnown for starring in hit dramas reminiscent of My Husbands Lady and Perfect Love, this all the timeyounger actress turned 49 this year.  The picture on the right is from 2009!kim hee ae 4

Girls Days SojinCan you believe that Sojin is 30 years old?!

Jang NaraIn what world is this woman 35?! Were guessing she still gets carded in all places

Lee Young AeShes 32 on the left, when she did Jewel in the Palace in 2003. 13 years later, shes at a gorgeous 45, pictured on the right. HOW.

Can you call other celebrities that seem to be immortal?  Tell us in the comments below!

mayme22s favorite Bible verse is 1 Peter 3:3-4.

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Korean Celebs Try and  End up They Never Had Nose Surgical procedure  By ability of Doing Bizarre Tricks

Korean Celebs Try and End up They Never Had Nose Surgical procedure By ability of Doing Bizarre Tricks

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs one of the most plastic surgical treatment hot-spots in the world, it doesnt come off as unexpected when a South Korean superstarfindsthey have gotgone through an operation to modify their looks one way or another.

Thus, it will make a herbal face in the fameinternational shocking. Fanatics accept compiled several Korean celebrities who have in the long run proved that they've got got never undergone a nose activityby skill of pinching and pushing up their nose each and every and so which way, anythinganyone who has long pastbeneath the knife would now not be ready to do.

The hilarious techniques that those celebrities have done so will definitely put a grinto your face as they after all put the rumors to relaxation once and for all.

Squishing and placing his palms up his nose to end up its real

Smushing his nose to prove its real

Revealing the call of the game to his nose shape on V App interview

lee je hoon-10 Image: Past photo of Lee Je Hoon

lee je hoon-11 Image: How he looks all the manner through one of his motion pictures

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These 7 Korean Celebrities Front With Their Original And Herbal Eye Colors

These 7 Korean Celebrities Front With Their Original And Herbal Eye Colors

35stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter There are several tactics to catch the eyes of the public adding your visuals and talents. Those seven celebrities have attracted eyes in a totally unique way, their ordinaryyetherbal eye-color.

While dark brown is the colourmaximum dominantly discovered in Asians, a light-to-medium pigmented brown may be common. On most sensiblein their honey eyes, these seven Korean celebrities have attracted fanatics alongside their top-rated visuals that maysurely bewitch you.

They come with Go Ara, Gong Seung Yeon, Han Ji Min, Kim Sung Oh, Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Young Ae and Seo Kang Joon.

Are there any further Korean celebrities you know who have authentic eye-colors?

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