6 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Multifandom

6 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Multifandom

6 Things No person Tells You About Being Multifandommayme22 August 11, 2016 0 6 Things No One Tells You About Being Multifandom With heaps of K-pop teams debuting yearly at (alarming) rates, its no wonder folks cant select a favorite!  But as each and every multifandomer knows, there are things that no one tells you about stanning more than one group.  Heres our list of 6 things individualsbe told when they develop into multifandom.

1. How hardit's miles when your favourite groups are pitted opposed toone anotherIn dance battles.

Especially when they either slay.

VIXXs first win!! Yet Hyorin may be a QUEEN!! I CANT HandleThose CONFLICTING Feelings OF HAPPINESS AND SADNESS. 

Four words: Idol. Star. Athletics. Championships.

In between squealing over the lovely interactions between my favorite groups, I used to be crying each time they had to head against each one other.


2. Its frowned upon in Korea kpop-reaction-gifs

I know what youre thinking: But theres Such so much ofjust right groups! How do you select and persist with one? 

Well, most people still revel in the trackof alternative groups (of course!), but in terms of voting, streaming, and buying, its best for that one group. Up toworldenthusiasts are MooMoos, Starlights, and VIPs all at once, fans in Korea are onlyunswerving to one team and one community only. In fact, here is a source of arguments between Korean fans and overseas fans.  But its comprehensible too: As international fans, we dont typically see the struggles of what it takes for a set to make it. The marketplace in Korea is lots smaller than we international fans realize. Sooner than these groups are giantadequate to be known internationally, the domestic fans are in point of fact the ones who keep these idol groups going.

3. The volume of inside of jokesand keeping them all straight.

*deep breath* You were given this.

Was it Leo with the 3buck chains? Suga with the Lesinset? Yoseob with the Kkaebsong?

4. What to do right through fanwarsThere are just3 options at this point.

Terrifying as that can sound.

Though eventually, youll be accused of gambling favorites, and people may activate you.

Because no oneneeds to listen

If all else fails, aegyeo your way through.

But peacekeeping can get tiresome, and itll only movethus fartillanyone accuses you of being biased

Thats right.  Fly yourself outta there!

And my favorite option: now not touching it with a 10 foot pole.

And just stay doing your thing.

5. How to make a decision who gets to be on your phone background, your Twitter avi, your Tumblr theme, your pc backgroundmisstorytory:“ same. ” gillieprincess

Not. Enough. Backgrounds. Too. Many. Choices.

What occurswhilst you run out of monitors to change? D:

6. You will be broke bangtanjm


That group carried out promotions? GOOD! Here are the following cuties coming your way.

But, at the finish of the day, its all value ITto look your bias smile.

Are there other things that you learned as a multifandomer that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

mayme22′s favorite Bible verse is 1 Peter 3:3-4.

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Kwanghee tells Jung Woo Sung: “If you want to look good on screen, you have to fix things.

Kwanghee tells Jung Woo Sung: “If you want to look good on screen, you have to fix things.

Kwanghee tells Jung Woo Sung: If you want to look good on screen, you have to fix things.”

Actor Jung Woo Sung appeared as guest on the latest broadcast of  ‘Knee Drop Guru‘.

During the show, Jung Woo Sung shared, “People tell me I look better in person. I want to look better on screen.

In response, the host ZE:A‘s Kwanghee stated, “I fixed everything. If you want to look good on screen, you have to fix things.

Jung Woo Sung asked him, “Then where should I fix?“. Kwanghee at first hesitated, then he muttered, “I think it’ll be good if you get botox…

Kwanghee added, “I think age is getting to you.

The main host Kang Ho Dong gave an apology on behalf of Kwanghee, however, Jung Woo Sung jokingly said, “Ah, I’m insulted“.

Kwanghee looked like he was going to cry and said, “He’s upset at me! I’ll go and watch his movie! What should I do? It’s not like [I'll be able to make it up to him] since I won’t see him again!“, bringing laughter to everyone on set.


Netizens expose things that make men fall in love with women

Netizens expose things that make men fall in love with women

29kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter On August 28th, Korean men were givenin combination on a noted Korean online forum called Pann and shared their mind on moments that ladies spill in love with women.

Originally titled, Moments men fall in love with women the long-established poster mentioned 7 cases that he believes make men fall in love with women.

Men have a undeniabledelusion roughlyladies and they have a tendency to have an excessivelytouchy sense of smell. Despite the reality that y'all werent inquisitive about a positivelady if she offers off a excellent aromayou can'tassistyetrealize her. The trick here's that the smell has to appearherbalno longer overwhelming. (Shampoo or detergent smell for example)

2. When her eyes give off a distinct aura.

Eyes talk louder than any be aware and other folkshave a tendencyto seemeach and every other in the attentionthroughout conversation. If a woman has very authentic eyes guys will have a troublesome time having a look away.

3. When her voice is comfortable and steady

This may neatly be butnon-public preference but if I listen a voice like that I think like hugging the woman to death. Voice plays an extraordinarilymeaningful role in environment your first impression.

4. When she reacts enthusiastically to my words

Every men loves it when a girl laughs so much at their jokes and reacts to each little thing they say. The issue is even if women pretend IT to benefit from men, men tend not to realize.

5. A ladythis ischallengingoperating and optimistic

Men seriously fall for ladies like this. When a girl is difficultoperating and constructive in the entirety she does a guys starts to believe what being married to such an angel would be like.

6. Girls who have graceful approach of speech

Some girls have a truly graceful demeanour of speech and men tend to dislike women who have a completely rough manner of speech.

7. When a girl refuses to smoke

I feel like this is extremely self explanatory.

76, 1 I was once gettin f***ing pissed at individualsannouncing when theyre pretty, when theyre gorgeous and suchthank you for being speific and in truth helpful.

76, -1 This post is so true of path if a girl is lovely you fall for her quicker but this post read my brain completely.

35, 1 Even just reading about this makes me smile.

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Crazy things plastic surgeons acknowledged about having a look like celebrities

Crazy things plastic surgeons acknowledged about having a look like celebrities

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPlastic surgical procedure is very fashionable in Korea and it type of feels as thrumany of us have asked to seem like their favourite celebrities.

Korean celebrities, either men and women, are known to be one of the vitalmost pretty and good-lookingother people in the world, making the usual of attractiveness in the rusticincredibly high. Whilstmany peopleconsider undergoing plastic surgical operation to enhance their looks, turning into like their favorite famous personisn'tat all times possible. In addition, many Korean celebrities are accused of undergoing plastic surgery themselves, akin to EXIDs Hani, G-Friends Eunha, Red Velvets Joy, I.O.Is Chaeyeon, and a few even admit to it themselves.

A contemporary mail serviceat the Korean network board Instiz via the title, Words I heard from plastic surgeons on the dating between individuals and big name photos, demonstrated that undergoing a procedure to appear like your favorite celebrity won't existimaginable in the primary place.

The original poster showed images of actress Han Yeseul, INFINITEs leader Kim Sungkyu, JYJs Kim Jaejoong, and VIXXs Ken to plastic surgeons to peer their response. The resulting comments from the plastic surgeons are moderately hilarious and quite a bit of netizens expressed their need to be reborn with Kim Sungkyus face kindin addition commented that Kens nose is like artwork.

A translation of the original Korean post is below:

It would be quicker to carve a new face at the back of your head.

To get this sort of jawline, you per chance canmust extract all your teeth.

If you're making your eyes so large, your bones would show.

If you're making your nose so high, it would melt off the 2nd one you stepped off of the surgery bed.

Celebrities aren't celebrities for no reason.

Everyone is so beautiful and handsomeㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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EXO’s Baekhyun has invaluable reaction to enthusiasts throwing things at him on stage

EXO’s Baekhyun has invaluable reaction to enthusiasts throwing things at him on stage

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterGIFs of EXOs Baekhyun went viral yet again, this time for his precious reaction to lovers throwing things at him on stage.

A contemporary post at the Korean network board website online Instiz via the name of Baekhyuns reaction to fans throwing things on levelfunctions of series of GIFs that illustrate Baekhyuns lovely reactions when fans throw things at him whilsthe's on stage.

In the clips, Baekhyun can also beobserved being hit by a fan-thrown object, however, his reaction is cutely pretending he is harm and pointing towards the fan who threw the item. In some other one, after being fairly scared by the flying object, Baekhyun provides the fan a sly smile and throws the object back into the crowd.

Every time he is nearly gain alongside something, the idol turns out to fake to be mad, yet in the end, flashes his fans a gigantic smile.

Check out the fashioned posts gifs of Baekhyuns reactions below!

Meanwhile, EXO made their summer comeback in June with their 3rd album, EXACT, and double title tracks Monster and Fortunate One. Their comeback was once highly successful, as EXO demonstrated their reputation with fantastic physical album sales numbers.

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Starlet Tells About Excitement of Being an Actress

Starlet Tells About Excitement of Being an Actress

Starlet Han Ye-ri starred in an action mystery which may neatly bemost commonlyattractive to male audiencebecause of the jam-packed masculine scenes."The Hunt", which hit local theaters early this month, is decided deep in the woods and follows hunters who arrive to mine gold."I think the sound of gunshots is one of the vitalmaximum impressive portions of this film", Han said. She added that she practiced shooting at an indoor shooting diversity in preparation for the film.

In the film, Han took the role of a mentally slow teenage woman who lost her father when a mine collapsed. "Playing a retarded yetblameless girl wasn't that hard. But I had to act as thoughI used to bemore youthful than my precise age which was once the most trickysection for me", Han said.Han majored in basic dance at the Korea National University of Arts. She were given a element as a dancer in a quickmovie in 2007 and has been acting ever since."Previously, I had a dream of converting into a choreographer", she said. "After I stepped into the film industry, however, I havecompletely been fascinated. I think captivated when actors give existence to the script. The entire filming proceduresupplies me every otherexcitementother from dancing".

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Watch: MAMAMOO Hype Things Up At Karaoke Whilst  Making a song SISTAR, BIGBANG, And More

Watch: MAMAMOO Hype Things Up At Karaoke Whilst Making a song SISTAR, BIGBANG, And More

Watch: MAMAMOO Hype Things Up At Karaoke WhilstMaking a song SISTAR, BIGBANG, And Morekminjungee July 7, 2016 0 Watch: MAMAMOO Hype Things Up At Karaoke While Singing SISTAR, BIGBANG, And More When fun-loving MAMAMOO is going to karaoke, you'll bet itll be an ideal party.

During the July 7 episode of Showtime, the ladiesblow their own horns their singing abilities and how they prefer to have fun.

They begin with a song highest for the summer season, SISTARs Shake It. While things get started off lightly, it temporarily snowballs into chaotic amusing as they grow to be excited.

Wheein presentations off her fierce rap talents as they birthday celebration to BIGBANGs Bang Bang Bang next.

They then crossoldschool with Sech Kiess Couple, singing their hearts out to the nostalgic melody.

Watch their impressive yet crazy karaoke session below!

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Recap: Six Things We Enjoyed About Manila’s MTV Song Evolution 2016!

Recap: Six Things We Enjoyed About Manila’s MTV Song Evolution 2016!

Recap: Six Things We Enjoyed close to Manilas MTV Tune development 2016!small_smiley June 28, 2016 0 Recap: Six Things We Loved About Manilas MTV Music Evolution 2016! June 24 used to beindisputablyan eveningto endure in mind for Manila thank you to the MTV Music Evolution 2016! With a mixture of local and foreign artists who graced the event, the displaybecome one for the books. Soompi favorite, APink was there, in conjunction with OneRepublic, Bebe Rexha, A long way East Stream and local acts – Gary V and his son, Gab, James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

The Soompi team was at the development and it was a wild one! Here are the things we certainly loved about the show!

1. Gary V and Gab’s exact dance moves.Gary V Feat. Gab Valenciano carry out at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on 24 Jun P.c 3(Credit- MTV AsiaKristian Dowling)

Father and son pair, Gary V and Gab, showed off some great dance abilities and they were so on point.  We kid you not. They even danced in the rain which made it even better!

2. James Reid and Nadine Lustre offeredeach and every other as “partners in crime.”James Reid and Nadine Lustre function at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on 24 Jun Pic 2 (Credit-MTV Asia Kris Rocha)

How adorable is that? On screen and rancid screen couple, James Reid and Nadine Lustre (also popularly known in the Philippines in combination equally “Jadine”) made the crowd swoon when they acknowledged they were partners in crime. Oh, and James also referred to as Nadine the “love of his life.” More swooning and screaming ensued after.

3.Bebe Rexha sang Eminem’s “Monster.”Bebe Rexha plays at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on 24 Jun Pic 1 (Credit-MTV Asia Kris Rocha)

Quick story: Bebe Rexha co-wrote Eminem and Rihanna’s “Monster” which was released in 2013. Right through the show, Bebe Rexha shared that she loves to sing songs that she wrote which is why she sang this track. Whilst the commonedition is great, we completely loved this version by way of the original songwriter.

4. OneRepublic had a reside cellist fiddling with them while they conducted “Secrets.”OneRepublic

It’s now noteachprovethat you've a cellist play with a live band. A cellist was provide on levelat some stage in “Secrets” and, honestly, it doesnt get any cooler than that.  Ample said.

5. Far East Movement’s Prohgress crowd surfed!Far East Movement

Far East Motion was lit! They had one ill prepare that riled up the target market amongst some in their popular hits like “Like a G6” and “Bang It To the Curb!” What made it even better? Member Prohgress did a conveniente-book a rough crowd surf in the midst of the show. Definitely anything you lot don’t see at Kpop concerts!

6. APink’s Bomi was spotted picking up fan gifts.APink

The ladies of APink are herbal darlings. They were absolutely cute and fascinating as they done some of their popular hits adding “NoNoNo,” “Remember,” “LUV” and “Mr.Chu.” Against the finish of their set, enthusiastsbegan throwing gifts at the stage. Bomi stopped to seize some of them to save after the show. How endearing.

There you go! A rundown of what we loved at the MTV Music Evolution 2016. Many thanks to our buddies from MTV Asia for inviting us to hide the show and for the mosh pit passes we gave away! The Soompiers who were there had as much amusing as we did.To other people who were there, what was your favourite moment at some point of the show? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Of The Coolest Things Dara Did In Thailand

5 Of The Coolest Things Dara Did In Thailand

2NE1 Dara(Photo : Dara Instagram)2NE1's Dara flew to Thailand lately equallya section of her promotions stint as the latest nous Shoulders girl, yet she also took time to wait high-profile events, excursion the capital of Bangkok and also meet many of its beautiful people.

1. Dara as Head Shoulders girl

Dara spent her first days pleasurable her tasks as the latest ambassador for Head Shoulders, and she gave the impression in a public tournamentdressed in the brand's signature blue colour as a dress. She was once likewise interviewed for a nativetvdisplay called "3 Zap".

2. Dara meets and beverages alongside Jung Il Woo

The 2NE1 idol and actress sipped drinks on an evening about the town with the actor and her longtime friend Jung Il Woo.

3. Dara wows the red carpet

Dara walked the red carpet wearing a horny black robe and surprisingjewellery at the Judith Leiber Coutoure event. And a lot of thelovable boys sought after to take an image with her.

4. Dara takes a tourist break

Dara has a aggravating schedule, so it turned intogreatto peer her relaxing and being a laidback tourist in the lodge haven of Pattaya, Thailand. She lounged around in her informalsublime clothes, ate scrumptious food and went parasailing.

5. Dara gets a gold telephone case

Oh, the perks of a K-pop star! Dara was pampered via GoldElite with a golden phone case with a tradition inscription of her call at the back. It even got here with a matching crimson goldenvitality bank.

© Copyright 2016 KpopStarz.com. All Rights Reserved.

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19 Things Most effective “Running Man” Enthusiasts Understand

19 Things Most effective “Running Man” Enthusiasts Understand

19 Things Best Running GuyFanaticsNotice binahearts June 27, 2016 0 19 Things Only Running Man Lovers Understand The individuals of the SBS typedisplay Running Man have graced audience amongst six years of fun, laughter, and ridiculous games. What would we do on Sunday evening without them? There are an unendingselection of things that only Running Man lovers can understand, and even if ITwas oncechallenging to narrow the list down, I picked some of my favorites!

1. SpartaceThe Monday Couple is notorious and I used to beactuallyenthusiastic about them at one point. Yetdid you know the couple that many Running Man fans are not-so-secretly rooting for? Sparta and Ace.

Just get married, already!

2. The boredom of waiting in jail.Being the primary one to have your call tag ripped off isn'tactually fun. The members/guests also hate it because that suggests theres less air time for them.

On the infrequent occasion, they'llin findinganything to occupy their time.

3. Dining is a luxury.Each fourth dimension the members are given the opportunity to eat freely, the members get suspicious. They are ready toinfrequentlyrevel in their scrumptious meal, in its place spending all the time looking to figure out what the manufacturers volitionlead them to makeafter they are accomplished eating.

You told me to consume and I chose happily, so dont do stuff like this. (No wonder thoseother people wouldnt just give this to us.)

4. Moving boxes.In the sooner episodes, the producers used to put random boxes in the races in order that the members and visitors would have more puts to hide. This become amusing to observe especially when the cameraman would catch them trying to move!

5. The fashioned Song-Song couple.Im just going to leave this here.

6. The egg and Kwang Soos perpetual bad successThat egg game where they get a host of eggs- some boiled, some not- and the members/guests must crack them over their head. Deficient Kwang-Soo lost lovely much each time.

7. Lee Kwang Soos muliple identities and nicknames.Lee Kwang Soo as the giraffe? Kwangvatar? Prince of Asia?

Or how about Song Joong Kis feet?

8. 7012 and the number 7.At the Consensus episode of Running Man (episode 267), the members played a game where six of them had to select a random number and Yoo Jae Suk had to jump rope the number that he concept they picked. The members picked the number seven and crazily enough, Yoo Jae Suk jumped 7 times. It was a simple, but emotional a section of the episode since it displayed their implausible teamwork. Since that episode, the number seven has turn into symbolic of this family.

In a later episode, 7012 was the password for Gary to escape. The numbers 012 mean all the time in Korean. Cheesy, but adorable!

9. The pain this is acupuncture mats.Noted as having many health benefits, the members poured their blood, sweat, and tears when having to compete on these painful mats. From time to time if the producers were being nice, they would let them wear socks.

10. Hahas uncanny resemblance to a cool animated film character.Haha Pororo = Haroro.

11. Betrayal Trio!You'll never believe these 3 to be loyal. If it method winning, these three will betray their team in a heartbeat. Their iconic trio arm cross has became a staple in the provefor lots of years!

12. Patiently waiting for Song Joong Kis return.Its been forever since Song Joong Ki was a member of Running Man. He did get backin shorta couple of months after he left, but I believe its about time he comes back and this time perhaps forever. Please?

13. MongJi is a woman?!Its now notsimple being the only realgirl on the Running Man team. The man members incessantlyfail to remember that shes a fantasticgirltill the days she displays up taking a look like this:

14. Biases and Running Man all in one!When Running Man announces that they're having a guest or guests that I actually truly heart, I might be able to hardly involve myself. I am getting and so excited because its like my two giant loves coming in combination and forming a large love party.

15. THE BELLS.The eerie sound of these bells coming from afar. When youre hiding from the chasers, its a legitimate you lot dread hearing as itskill they are close to and are going to take a glance at out and rip your name tag off.

This worry and terror cant be expressed through a gif or pic. It must be heard.

16. Block Gary.The ever so accurate drawing of Kang Gary.

17. Lee Kwang Soo Lee Sung Kyung FOREVER.They. Are. The. Cutest.

Look at how genuinely glad they are to peer each other.

18. Epic brow slaps.These brow slaps are given as punishment when anyone loses a game. It's milesstated to reason dizziness and blurry vision.

19. HOT PANTS!Back in the previous episodes, as punishment, the wasting team would have to wear hot pants out in public. These hot pants were generally super short and super tight shorts. I feelthey want to bring this punishment back. What do you think?

Did we omitanything else else, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!binahearts is a Soompi author who loves to spend her unfastened time immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and good looks products! Her existing obsessions are Song Joong Ki, Akdong Musician, SMTM5, and Fortunate Romance. When she isn’t gazingthe newest Running Man episode, she may also benoticed indulging in her favouriteleisure pursuitswhich come withmaking a song her center out at karaoke, photography, fidgeting with her dog, and eating dessert!

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