6 Things Other people Do In “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim” That might Be Frowned Upon In Genuine Life

6 Things Other people Do In “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim” That might Be Frowned Upon In Genuine Life

6 Things Other folks Do In Pricey Fair Girl Kong Shim That might exist Frowned Upon In GenuineExistence mayme22 June 21, 2016 0 6 Things Folks Do In Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim That Would Be Frowned Upon In Real Life Dramaland. We all, someday or another, have sought after to reside in it. Satisfied endings for the underdogs and getting swept off your feet by way of swoony leads — yes please! Yet alas, Dramaland isnt as easiest equally IT seems, with its surprisingly high casualty count, evil mothers-in-law, and birth secrets around every corner. Whilstthe ones are excessive cases, Dramaland humans in overall also have a tendency to have quirky tendencies. Here are five things people do in Dramaland that would almost certainlyno longer be socially approved in real life (as told by Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim).


1. Gambling hide-and-seek in rubbishaneare conscious about it sounds like so much fun, but I promise you it isnt

2. Drunkenly mistaking other peoples houses as yoursAnd taking all of the blankets

But without the cuddle the 2nd one time around

3. Making your crushs face out of a rice rollScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.28.48 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.29.02 PM

4. Forged kabedonKabedon (or wall-slamming) on its own is already awkward (and, ok, a little teensy bit swoony, but most commonly awkward). Throw in a cast, and smartly

To Dan Taes credit, I believe he pulls it off type of.

5. Keeping and sticking a used (!) band relief on a reflect

How may just this be so cute but so unhygienic at?

6. The use ofa motorcycle bell to transparent your trailMinus the bike.

The moment I discovered that Kong Shim was once my spirit animal. 

While there are one of these lot of more quirky and funny moments that won't fly in the genuine world, this is, after all, Dramaland. Once in a whilegoverned by K-Drama Good judgment (but no longerrelatively in the manner you expect), other times by a spunky heroine and her two sweetie pie male leads, the sector of Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim is somewhere I wouldnt brain living!

Catch the newest episode on Viki!

mayme22’s favorite Bible verse is 1 Peter 3:3-4.

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Minah And Namgoong Min Cross On Their First Reputable Date On “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

Minah And Namgoong Min Cross On Their First Reputable Date On “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

Minah And Namgoong Min Pass On Their First Reputable Date On Expensive Fair Girl Kong ShimJiwonYu June 30, 2016 0 Minah And Namgoong Min Go On Their First Official Date On Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim love Fair Lady Kong Shim has released new preview stills of women Days Minah and Namgoong Min on a rail-bike date!

For the approaching episode of the drama, Dante (Namgoong Min) and Kong Shim (Minah) can be going on a date together.

The two were bickering so much with every other in outdated episodes, yet Kong Shim and Dante in the endascertain their love for one anotherand may go on their first official date to begin off their relationship.

These preview footage were taken in late-June at a rail-bike park. Namgoong Min and Minah are dressed in matching blue and white striped shirts, which worksneatly with your entire refreshing atmosphere.

According to the staff, the two appeared likeprecise couples as the director called action, and resumed being silly with every one other once he shouted cut. When the cameras began rolling again, however, Minah and Namgoong Min went appropriate back into relationship-mode and showed off their professionalism.

An associate of the drama stated, Dante and Kong Shim have been thru hardships but have at last started their first official date. Please staylooking atto peer if this date will lead them into a street of happiness or anything unknown.

This scene will be seen on the following episode of Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim, airing on July 2 at 9:55 p.m. KST.

Catch up to the newest episode on Viki:

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What Will Take place To The Liked Bromance In Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim

What Will Take place To The Liked Bromance In Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim

What Will Take place To The Loved Bromance In “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim?”notclaira June 24, 2016 0 What Will Happen To The Beloved Bromance In “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim?” A crack has began to appear in the bromance between Namgoong Min and On Joo Wan in the drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim.”

SpoilersIn the June 19 episode of the SBS drama, Kong Shim (Minah) confessed to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgoong Min) whilst rejecting Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan)’s confession. However, Ahn Dan Tae rejected her confession as well, a scene which Suk Joon Soo witnessed.

The two of them are now keeping a secret from one every otheryetshouldremainenthusiastic about their ongoing case. Dan Tae has discovered a badge that he says belongs to the kidnapper, but Joon Soo suspects his uncle is the landlord of the badge. However, he helps to keepthose suspicions to himself.

In the end, Joon Soo comes to a decisionto visit the trap that Dan Tae had installto discover the kidnappers and as an alternative witnesses his mom at the scene. Shocked, he steps on a tree branch and Dan Tae will also beobserved hearing the sound sooner than the scene ends on a cliffhanger.

A representative of the drama stated, “Joon Soo and Dan Tae’s tale is stepping into the nail-biting 2d half. Joon Soo will need tomake a selection between his family, after witnessing his mother when he expected his uncle, and Dan Tae will have to make a decision where his investigation is going to go.”

Watch the newest episode below!

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Namgoong Min’s Personality  To modify  Particularly On “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

Namgoong Min’s Personality To modify Particularly On “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

Namgoong Mins PersonalityTo switchNotably On Pricey Fair Girl Kong ShimJiwonYu June 17, 2016 0 Namgoong Mins Character To TradeSeverely On Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim honey Fair Lady Kong Shim has a largeswitch planned for Namgoong Mins character.

Upcoming episode 11 marks the half-way point of the drama, and the storyline will continue to grow until the very end.

The team of workers hints that there's going to be a big turning point for Namgoong Mins character, An Dante, who is a attorneyvia day and a chauffeur by night. In the former episodes, Namgoong Min finally ends uplearning who he really is by coincidence.

Director Baek Soo Chan states, Dante locating out his true identity is a the maximum important turning point in the drama. Now the talegets even more exciting as Dante uncovers why he has a faux identity and unearths out who killed his father. As Dantes personality starts to change, his dating with Kong Shim (Minah) and Junsu (On Joo Wan) will also change.

Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim airs each Saturday and Sunday at 9:55 p.m. KST.

Watch the newest episode on Viki:

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Can Minah Triumph over Adversity On “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

Can Minah Triumph over Adversity On “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

Can Minah Triumph over Adversity On Pricey Fair Woman Kong Shim?kokoberry June 11, 2016 0 Can Minah Overcome Adversity On Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim? The approaching episode of SBSs Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim will feature Minahs character, Kong Shim, heading to Jeju Island to break out from Seoul and her existence there.

In the former episode Kong Shim cries as she says, Regardless of how demanding I try, my life is like a flower buried by way of dirt that dies not able to bloom.

Although her weigh down Joon Su confesses his emotions for her, Kong Shim replies, I would like time so to like myself.

Following this, Ahn Dan Tae expresses his preference for her not to leave and says, I dont think Sick be okonce you leave. In spite ofthose warm confessions from her romantic interests, Kong Shim comes to a decisionto begin a new life for herself by running at a flower farm in Jeju Island.

Viewers are curious as to how life in Jeju Island will figure out for Kong Shim in addition how the romance will turn out.

You can watch the following episode of Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim on June 11 at 10 p.m. KST.

Catch up on the newest episode below!

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First Impressions: “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

First Impressions: “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

First Impressions: Pricey Fair Woman Kong Shimbinahearts Might 27, 2016 0 First Impressions: Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim is a new SBS weekend drama starring Women Days Minah, Namgoong Min, Suh Hyo Rim, and On Joo Wan. Many of us were in anticipation for this drama since here'seither Namgoong Min and Minah’s first time starring at the small screen. There has especially been a massive number ofdrive on Minah, as her fellow Girl’s Day member Hyeri could also berecently starring in the drama Entertainer. So, how is Minah doing in the drama so far? Stay reading to discover out!

Production Price isbla

The fact is, I had 0expectancies going into this drama and I had no genuinechoiceto observe IT even after seeing the trailers. Nonetheless, I sought after to give it a try, so I watched the primary episode. Oddly… I discovered myself being sucked in. I wasn’t actuallycertain if I beloved it or not, yetsooner than 1 knew it, I used to begazingthe 2nd one episode, and via the finish of it, I was once hooked. You know that feeling, right?

Really, the total lot or so this drama is beautifulundeniable and simple. The setting, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the characters, the tale — not anything actually sticks out as being extraordinary. So, what is it about this drama that has me intrigued? (Spoilers ahead).

Cast and CharactersThe genuine charm of this drama got here alongsidethe improvement of the 2major characters, Kong Shim (Minah) and Ahn Dan Tae (Namgoong Min). Those two meet when Ahn Dan Tae comes to peer the condominium Kong Shim is giving up for rent. Kong Shim is broke and wishes the money, so she moves back in with her parents, who reside in the similar building. This manifestlydemandsquite so much of random run-ins with each and every other at the benefit store, the park, and the street. The two characters expand a love/hate courting with one another and thus starts the romantic a section of this romantic comedy.


These two characters are incredibly quirky and it took me a complete episode or two to comprehend their weirdness. I assumedthe nature Kong Shim especially took somewhat to warm up to because she’s really depressing from the get-go and I couldnt see what become likable about her.

This is her face for lots of the drama so far.

But then, there came a scene where she was inebriated and insisted on gambling hide and move seek on the streets of Seoul with Ahn Dan Tae. It was right through this scene that I saw a glimpse of her charm.


Shes in factfairly adorable.

Theres just anything about Kong Shim that has you coming back for more! I also beganto gain that there are qualities about her that everyone might be in a position to relate to. And her interplay with Dan Tae becomes reasonablyfunny and lovable to watch. I likeall of the constant insults, yelling, and hair-pulling.

Namgoong Min’s character, Ahn Dan Tae, also is quite unique. Hes a human rights attorney who dresses in capri jogging pants and saggy shirts to work. Its taking me a pieceof having used to his personality since Im no longer used to seeing him in such an uncommon role, but hes surelydeveloping on me. After seeing him in such uptight and psychopathic roles, I wasnt yes if he would suit such a light-hearted one, but its been a nice surprise. And every other quirk — nearlyeach scene hes in, hes dining something.


Really. Hes eating All. The. Time.


He also has a history of fighting; he even spent a while in prison when he was younger for something he didnt do, which is why he have become a human rights lawyer. In spite of having fought much in the past, he still continues to do so, but best when he’s saving people. He has this odd talent to dodge other folks hitting him because his vision slows everything down.

StorylineSo, the back tale of Dan Tae is important. Principally because this is where On Joo Wan’s character (yay!), Suk Joon Soo, comes in. This is most probablythe soleexplanation why this familys story is valueciting because I found myself a little tired of it. Long story short: Joon Soo is the youngest son of a wealthy family and his grandmother is looking for her first grandson named Joon Pyo, who went lacking when he was a kid.

This missing kid is perhaps Dan Tae, who cant bear in mindanything else from when he was younger. This also manner that hes part brothers with Joon Soo. The grandmother is so fixated on the hunt of Joon Pyo that she utterly mistreats and neglects deficient Joon Soo.

But seriously, how may you lot be mean to a face like this?

Another thing worth pointing out is that Dan Tae and Joon Soo have already met and are pretty well BFFs. I am hoping nothing gets in the style of this because Im a sucker for bromance. Anyway, Kong Shim gets a taskoperating equally a secretary for Joon Soo’s dad, who is the CEO of a large corporation. This is lousy because by the appearance of it, Joon Soo is falling for Kong Shim. Cue second-lead syndrome.

Does he mean this hairstyle? (Its a wig, by the way.)

Anyway, it’s now not that Namgoong Min’s character isn’t captivating and everything, but if a wealthy, smart, endearing guy starts to take an hobby in a woman who is weird, poor, has low self-esteem, and a strange haircut, we can’t lend a hand but swoon!

Nothing. You don’t have to mention anything.

Now here comes the maximum efficient part, the juicy part, and the most important reason why I believe this drama is already so addictive. Kong Shim is falling for Joon Soo, Ahn Dan Tae is falling for Kong Shim, and Joon Soo is falling for Kong Shim. And there you've got it, the very best — vintage — Korean drama love triangle. The affection triangle that wouldruin the hearts of many as itsuggests that one man won't become the girl. Tragic, right? …But it doesn’t end there.

Kong Shim has an older sister, Kong Min, who is a lawyer. When compared to Kong Shim, she has at all times been the prettier, more a hit sister, but shes also manipulative, conniving, and mistreats her little sister, so we dont like her. She also finally ends up falling in love with Joon Soo, which is fantastic because Joon Soo is already falling for Kong Shim. Are you following? Because now, this love triangle has became into a love square.


Final MindAll in all, everything about this drama is simple, but really enjoyable to watch. I know some individuals were interested in the age difference between the two major actors, but I didnt to find myself getting distracted by it up to I did for Entertainer. Im having a lookahead to seeing how intense this love square gets and how a long way the characters are willing to move for love. Yay for the unpopular girl getting some love! Thank you for the unforeseen surprise, Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim! Cant wait to watch episode fiveand six this weekend!

One more of On Joo Wan just cause.


What do you Soompiers take into consideration this drama so far? Let me know in the comments below!Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim airs every Saturday and Sunday on SBS.

binahearts is a Soompi author who loves to spend her loose fourth dimension immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and attractiveness products! Her favorite actors are Won Bin, Lee Min Ho, and more recently, Song Joong Ki. She also loves watching most kindpresentations and has claimed to have watched every unmarried episode of Running Man. Some of her favourite K-pop artists come withplenty of old-school teams like, Sech Skies, g.o.d, and Jinusean. As for more contemporary groups, she likes Dean, BIG BANG, Akdong Musician, and GOT7.  When she isn’t watching the most recent drama series, she can also beobserved indulging in her favourite leisure pursuitswhich come withmaking a song her center out at karaoke, photography, twiddling with her dog, and eating dessert!

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Girl’s Day’s Minah Transforms Into A pretty Bride For “Dear Fair Woman Gong Shim”

Girl’s Day’s Minah Transforms Into A pretty Bride For “Dear Fair Woman Gong Shim”

Girls Days Minah Transforms Into A horny Bride For Pricey Fair Woman Gong ShimJiwonYu Might 21, 2016 0 Girls Days Minah Transforms Into A stunning Bride For Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim dearest Fair Lady Gong Shim has released stills of ladies Days Minah in a marriage dress!

In the photos, Minah has a bright smile whilst actor On Joo Wan is through her side. The 2appear to bea just right looking newlywed couple, yethere'sif fact exist told all Gong Shims imagination.

In the drama, Gong Shim (Minah) is touched my Suk Joon Soos (On Joo Wans) well mannered manners. First, he catches the elevator for her and greets her warmly. He even compliments her hairstyle. So, Gong Shim falls for him and finally ends up imagining that she gets married to him.

An associate of the drama explains, Gong Shim has fallen for Joon Soos polite manners and compliments. Her center flutters for the primary time and makes her considerlovablesuch things as this. Even though this is all in her head, the elementsall through the filming used to befantastic and the ambiencebecamenatural and filled with love like a real wedding. We were in a position to moviesmartlythank you to Minah and On Joo Wans amazing chemistry.

Catch up to the maximum recent episode on Viki:

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Namgoong Min Makes Fanatics Curious With Behind-the-Scenes Photo of “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim”

Namgoong Min Makes Fanatics Curious With Behind-the-Scenes Photo of “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim”

Namgoong Min Makes Lovers Curious With Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Expensive Fair Girl Kong ShimJiwonYu Might 19, 2016 0 Namgoong Min Makes Fans Curious With Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim Actor Namgoong Min loves to tease his fans with behind-the-scenes photos!

On Could 19, Namgoong Min posted a photo on Instagram of himself and ladies Days Minah shooting their newest drama Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim.

He wrote, Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim. Are you in a position tobet what scene this is? So shy. Try and guess.

In the photo, Namgoong Min is crossing his legs in a timid fashion while Minah looks reasonably worn out.

Can you guess what scene this is?

Meanwhile, Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim aired its first two episodes on May also 14 and 15 and is off to a excellentget started with sure viewer response. What the newest episode below!

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Fans stunned at how thin woman  workforce members’ legs are in genuine life

Fans stunned at how thin woman workforce members’ legs are in genuine life

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Lovers and netizens incessantlypass judgement onwomanteamcontributorsthrough how thin their legs are, with many getting criticized for gaining weight if their legs appear thicker. 

But after seeing pictures taken of several otherfeminine idol groups, fans discovered just how thin the womenin point of fact are. In fact, after seeing fresh photos of miss ASuzyGirls GenerationYoona, all of the members of MAMAMOO, and more, fans were stunnedto look what they gave the glance of in genuinelifestyles and instructed the girls to consume more and gain more weight to be healthy.

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Rain Names The 3 Most vital Things In His Life

Rain Names The 3 Most vital Things In His Life

Rain Names The 3 Most vital Things In His Lifestyles leonid June 7, 2016 0 Rain Names The 3 MaximumVital Things In His Life Singer and actor Rain has declared that his most prized ownership is his family.

Hong Kong media retailersrecord that the singer kicked off his Asia Excursion amongst a a success concert in Macao.

During the event, he stated, “The most essential things in my life are first, my family, and second, my girlfriend,” regarding actress Kim Tae Hee with whom he showed his courting in 2013. He continues, “Third is my agency’s president.”

Furthermore, Rain disclosed his plans for 2016. He announced onstage that his new album is these days in the works and might be released at the finish of the year. Meanwhile, he is decided to movie new dramas and videos after having starred in “Please Come Back, Mister.”

With global action celebrity Donnie Yen making an appearance, the Macao concert is being mentionedin all places China.

Rain remainingseemed in the SBS drama “Please Come Back, Mister” as a guy in his 40s who possesses the frame of a hip, rich, and good-lookingbranchshop manager named Lee Hae Joon.

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