7 K-Pop Woman  Teams  Which are Going To Remove darkness from The Summer

7 K-Pop Woman Teams Which are Going To Remove darkness from The Summer

7 K-Pop LadyTeamsWhich are Going To Illuminate The Summerkokoberry June 18, 2016 0 7 K-Pop Girl Groups That Are Going To Faded Up The Summer Yearlythere's a rush of summer comebacks, yet this summer its all about the lady groups.

From veteran idol groups like Wonder Ladies and SISTAR to new groups like gugudan and YG Entertainments upcoming girl group, theres masses to stan.

Check out the woman groups making comebacks this summer (in no specific order)!

1. SISTARWell known for their catchy summer tracks, SISTAR could be back this summer. From the appearancein theirnewest teaser video, it roughly feels like lovers will be in a position to revel insome other hip summer anthem from the group.

2. GFRIENDGFRIEND has enjoyed wonderfulreputation amongst their identify tracks regardless of their rookie status. Many fans are excited to peer whether they are able tostay the ball rolling with their next free up this summer.

3. Red VelvetRed Velvet has shown assorted charms thruquite so much of concepts. Theyre unquestionablycapable of pull off a summer thought equally evinced through their old hit Ice Cream Cake. SM has showed that the gang is making ready for a comeback and it turns out that highly most probablyit'll take position this summer.

4. Wonder LadiesHaving debuted in 2007, Wonder Girls are veterans that experience been ready toclosing in the industry with their cutting edgeideas and transformations. They these dayspublished their vinyl duvet for their new single.

5. I.O.Is Unit GroupAfter debuting as a assignmentstaff following the finish of Mnets Produce 101, I.O.I is getting ready to make a comeback with its first ever unit group. The unit neighborhoodcontributorshad beenproven as Choi Yoojung,  Zhou Jieqiong, Kim Doyeon, Im Nayoung Jeon Somi, Kim Chungha, and Kim Sohye.

6. gugudanJellyfish Entertainments first girl organizationin factcomprises two I.O.I members, Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina. Other members come with Kim Nayoung, Haebin, Sally, Hyeyeon, Soyee, Mimi, and Hana.

7. YGs Upcoming Girl GroupYG is making plans on debuting their new girl group this summer. Up to now the firm has confirmed Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie as members. No be aware on how many members there'll be in overall yet.

Which girl group are you maximumfascinated with this summer? Vote in the ballot below!

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Netizens speak about controversies that harm popular woman  teams in the past

Netizens speak about controversies that harm popular woman teams in the past

184stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Reputationis terriblytough to gain, yetevery now and then just the entirepaintings and effort can also be lost because of a unmarried controversy.

Recently, a post on Instiz about controversies that harmthe recognitionof stylishwomanteams has receivednumerous attention. A translation of the post and your completepicturesshall bediscovered below:

Find out what Netizens had to mention or sothis newsletter below!

1. T-ARA  bullying controversy

This is the representative example of a lady groups collapse. They turned into a vogue after liberating popular songs similar to Bo Peep Bo Peep, I PassLoopyOn account of You, and Why Do You At all times Act Like That. After Roly Poly, each and everyunencumberhave become a hit, and they nearly reached the national girl staff status. However, their new member Hwayoung couldnt sign up for them on degreedue to a leg injury, and the oppositeparticipantsfocused her on Twitter, which brought about the controversy. Even today, the public still reacts coldly to them. 

2. Hyosung  Ilbe commentary controversy

Secret became actually popular with Magic, Madonna, and Shy Boy, with all their later releases also appearing well. All through her promotions for Yoo Hoo, however, Hyosung went on a radio display and used a noterepeatedlyrelated with Ilbe. Other people defendant her of being an Ilbe user, and she gotso much of criticism. Since then, they havent had just right responses to their releases, and the members are currently specializing inparticular person promotions. 

3. Wonder Women  Promotions in America

Wonder Girls reached the national girl communityprestige after releasing hits like Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody. When they were at their peak, they stopped selling in Korea and made their debut in America. However, promotions in The us didnt go well, and they got here back to Korea for domestic promotions. They gave the glance to be equally popular as during their peak, but after Sohee and leader Sunye withdrawing from the group, they stopped promoting. But the gangultimately made a comeback as a 4-member band, and whilst theyre still doing decently, theyre now not as popular as before. 

4. KARA  Radio Famous person controversy

After adding Hara and Jiyoung, and advancing promotinos to Japan, it used to betransparent that KARA had grow to bemoderatelya well-liked daughter group. However, when they went on Radio Star to advertise their fourth album, Hara threw a water bottle, and Jiyoung cried because she didnt would like to do aegyo. As a result of controversy, they received lots ofgrievance and their 4th album didnt do well. Eventually, Nicole and Jiyoung left the group, and now KARA isnt as popular as they once were. 

5. 2NE1  Boms drug controversy

2NE1 was a popular organization sine their debut. They became fashionablein no time and held onto their popularity for years. However, Park Bom was stuck smuggling drugs, but endured to sell without rationalization or reflection. But the public eventually became their backs to the group and 2NE1 hasnt promoted for over a year. There have even been rumors of the group disbanding. 

6. Girls Day  attitude controversy

After a member change, and releasing hits such as Expectation, Feminine President, and Something, Girls Day became a very popular girl group. They recently released their 2dcomplete album, and their namemusic Ring My Bell was praised for being an even song. However, they were accused of having bad attitudes while on an AfreecaTV flow and received much of criticism. They ended up finishing their promotions early.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

This is so trueSo true if simplest they have beena bit of more careful ㅠㅠFriggin sending WG to the states was one of these bad movePlease dont send someone else out like that please Sir JYPT-ARA would have been still so giant if it werent for that scandal Source: Instiz

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BTS finds which woman  teams they would like to get close with

BTS finds which woman teams they would like to get close with

26kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter At the episode of YaMan Television aired on Mnet, BTS who currently released their comeback teaser thru Naver V App, publishedwomanteams that they wanted to get close to.

During the show, BTS discussedthat they've no contacts with feminine idols and said, We dont have a unmarried daughtercrewparticipants number. 

Rapmonster added, I think its because out of the 7 peoplenow not a single one of us ever stayed in every other agency. I believe they feel uncomfortable drawing near us.

When MC Haha asked them, Tell us which girl community members you need to get close to, the members obliged.

Jimin and Jin sought after to get with regards to Red Velvet, Suga and V with SNSD and Jungkook spoke back IU.

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7 Woman  Teams That Would possibly Never Have Some other Comeback (But We are hoping Do)

7 Woman Teams That Would possibly Never Have Some other Comeback (But We are hoping Do)

7 WomanTeams That Would possibly Never Have Any other Comeback (But We are hoping Do)kafox June 30, 2016 0 7 Girl Groups That Could Never Have Yet another Comeback (But We Hope Do) The face of K-pop is convertingabruptly every bit fourth dimensionis going on. With probably the most oldest groups of this generation wasting members, some fanaticsmay justwonder whether their favouriteteam volition ever grasp a comeback at all. Optimistically they do, but let’s have a look at some groups that can be nearing their unlucky end.

The prospect of a 2NE1 comeback is getting increasingly dismal. After Park Bom’s drug scandal in the summer of 2014, the gang hasn’t released a unmarried album, in partbecause of the publics belief of Park Bom and YG’s abnormally long time frames between comebacks. Minzy leaving the neighborhoodprevious this year will have been the overall nail in the coffin, especially since YG is making plans to debut an alternative girl organization this summer. Plus, 2NE1’s contracts expire someday in 2016. YG at one point mentioned 2NE1 making a return this summer, but we know YG says numerous things.

With TS Entertainment that specialize in pushing solo Hyosung releases and the opposite group individuals having separate interests, a long run Secret comeback turns out unlikely. The group’s closing comeback used to bejust about two years ago and there were talks of discord in the group as recent as twelve months ago.

On best of losing two members earlier this year, Rainbow’s maximumcontemporary few comebacks have no longer been well-received through listeners, injecting doubt into possibilitiesin their comeback. They justconducted their newest release, “Whoo,” in music presentations for about a month prior tofinishing promotions.

After Jia left pass over A in May earlier this year, the group changed into left with 3 members. In line withoutdated reports by JYP, the remainder of the contracts for miss A members expire in March 2017. Even supposing Suzy is targeting acting and Fei on an upcoming solo release, there’s still time for the trio to get in combinationand feature a comeback.

4MinuteStar Daily News Star Daily News

This is beautiful much a done deal already, but with 4Minute’s recent disbandment, the group is terriblynot likely to have a comeback. However, we may additionally however get HyunA solo releases in the future.

Although After College was on excursion in Japan in 2015, the group hasn’t released an album in two years, which calls into doubt whether or now not the group will have another comeback. Pledis Entertainment appears to be more serious aboutselling their soon-to-debut girl group, Pledis Girlz.

With six members remaining after two left earlier this year, 9Muses clients for a destiny comeback glance dim. They haven’t had much advertisementluck recently, but some reports state that the group is making ready for a comeback soon. The group debuted in 2010 and has had quite so much of members leave over the years.

Hopefully all of the groups indexed above will keepno less thanyet one more comeback sometime in the future.

Which group do you hope has a comeback first?kafox is a K-pop addict and avid viewer and subtitler of Korean dramas on Viki.

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Which 2014-2015 Rookie Woman  Teams Has The maximum productive  Sexy Charms

Which 2014-2015 Rookie Woman Teams Has The maximum productive Sexy Charms

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThere were many womanteams who debuted between 2014 and 2015 and just a handful controlled to grasp the publics attention because of their authentic and person charms.

Instead of going from blameless to horny concepts, those daughter groups instead wonlovers tending amongst their exclusiveideas with every comebacks that matched neatly with the groups overall charms.

On a webnetwork forum, a fan compiled a couple of of these girl groups who have stuck attention with their debuts and comebacks. They come with Red Velvet, G-Friend, April, DIA, Lovelyz, CLC and TWICE. Which of these groups have caught your attention because of the the groups charms?

In other news, many of these girl groups could beassembly one some other this summer all through promotions as they tools up for a comeback. Currently, Two times is hitting it giant with Cheer Up, Lovelyz is sellingFate and April is advertising Tinkerbell. Red Velvet, G-Friend and DIA are acknowledged to be getting ready a summer comeback whilst CLC is nearing their albums unlock date with their new members.

Youthful and bouncy symbol mature picture

42c212f422181835f266927d5dd96f04 Image: Red Velvets idea ikon for their debut music Happiness / SM Entertainment

a246a8a797f81a278cf10fb9d5151183 Image: Red Velvet in their music video Automatic / SM Entertainment

9e4789f364896a809160e8bea251a304 Image: Lovelyz for their album Women Invasion / Woollim Entertainment

School girls with a sunny disposition who will cheer you on

274f27450e1557c4bc18eea1279c13c0 Image: G-Friend / Source Music

Lively girls who needs to be lovely

Cit7nruWkAAL15D Image: CLC / Dice Entertainment

Girls with imbued eyes who are overflowing with a dreamlike charisma

c7e71fc70c36713d6eba8cf36b238cb7 Image: Oh My Girl posing for their album jacket Closer / WM Entertainment

Cute fairies with a fairy-like image

749293c2a743480563a436ad0bc48471 Image: Girl team April develop into into the fairy Tinkerbell for the album of the similarcall / DSP Media

The fashionableand classy girls

0c657ae5f639f40a3f1e244f1582d190 Image: DIA / MBK Entertainment

The cheerleading girls

b3f7021b530ac74e6eeacc3cab6aa03e Image: TWICE posing at the stadium for their album PAGE TWO / JYP Entertainment

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Red Velvet to check in for summer woman  workforce comeback battle

Red Velvet to check in for summer woman workforce comeback battle

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Probably the mosthottestladyteams in K-pop have scheduled their comebacks for this summer, making it one of the maximum competitive seasons in contemporary history. 

In fact, Wonder Girls2NE1SISTAR, and EXID are just a few of the large names that might be competing in the ladycrewcombat this summer, with several others hoping for the danger to make the following summer hit as well. And while SM Entertainment seemed to be staying clear ofthis kind oftricky competition, it was oncethese daysprinted that they would be entering the struggle with popular group Red Velvet.

According to a couple of entertainment staff Red Velvet has begun running on their album, with July in brain for a comeback date. This will likelyfinish their four month hiatus since their newest mini-album The Velvet. Even if the girls had been incredibly a hit since their debut in 2014, they are going toindubitably exist facing some troublesomefestivalall over this next promotion cycle.

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YG Entertainment Confirms New Woman  Workforce Will Debut This Summer

YG Entertainment Confirms New Woman Workforce Will Debut This Summer

YG Entertainment Confirms New WomanWorkforce Will Debut This Summernotclaira Would possibly 17, 2016 0 YG Entertainment Confirms New Girl Organization Will Debut This Summer YG Entertainment has officially showed the debut in their new girl group!

There have beenprevious reports of the group’s imaginable debut after Yang Hyun Suk met with tune video administrators for an unspecified project.

On Could 18, a YG representative told OSEN, “We checked with Yang Hyun Suk. The hot girl group is scheduled to debut in July and are lately in the general preparations.”

They added, “The member lineup used to bemade up our mindsdecades ago. The reality that Yang Hyun Suk is getting ready the music video manner that their debut song has already been recorded. Yetthe explicit date in July has no longer been published yet.”

The member lineup becomenow not revealed in the statement, despite the fact thatapplicants have prior to now been discussedthrough the company.

In an interview with OSEN final year, Yang Hyun Suk said, “I’m making plans to make a lady group inquisitive aboutindividuals whose attractiveness will exceed the public’s expectations.” Many of us were inquisitive about the remark as YG Entertainment has a name for favoring ability and original looks over basiccriteria of beauty.

Although YG debuted the new boy teams WINNER and iKON in 2014 and 2015, this could be their first girl group after debuting 2NE1 seven years ago.

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Preview Of Drawing near Summer Comeback War Between Woman K-Pop Idol Groups

Preview Of Drawing near Summer Comeback War Between Woman K-Pop Idol Groups

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Every other hot summer full oftrack from one of the crucialperfectfeminine idol teams is coming this year with quite so much of groups already prepping for a comeback.

Leading the hot summer comeback is AOA who is returning with the album Good Luck set to be released on Would possibly 16th. The ladyteam has already became heads with their Coast Guard thought for it, making anticipation for their comeback hit an all time high.

Though several other groups haven't begun to verify their comebacks for the summer, the rumors in theirgo back have already begun.

This contains EXID, who is allegedly going to be liberating a new album instead of a single. This may make it the primaryunlock in seven months since Hot Pink.

Additionally, SISTAR can be making their basic summer comeback, printed Starship Entertainment, though a particular date has now not all the same been confirmed. SISTAR has led the beyond few summers with several hits adding Loving You, Touch My Frame and Shake It. And so, there is a huge number of anticipation for their return as well. Their comeback will mark it a year since Shake It in June 2015.

Celebrating their nine years since their debut this summer is Wonder Girls. In step with JYP Entertainment, the participants are operating on their album and are aiming for a summer release. And for the 1st time,, they are going to existselling a name track this is self-produced.

Earlier this year, it used to be reported that following Jung Eunjis solo debut, Apink would be creating a comeback. Unfortunately, practice up reports in regards to the groups return has yet to be published as of yet, though there is still an opportunity of it happening.

But it isnt just woman groups K-pop lovers can sit up for but boy groups in addition EXO and BEAST are rumored to be coming circular again this summer as well.

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Korean Enthusiasts CAN’T Stay up for  Those Two K-Pop Woman  Teams To COLLABORATE

Korean Enthusiasts CAN’T Stay up for Those Two K-Pop Woman Teams To COLLABORATE

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens talk about two feminineteams that they would wish to run across collaborate

There are many groups in the K-pop industry that fanatics would wish to visit collaborate together. Yet which two female groups do fans needto peer together?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens speak two female groups that they would like to see collaborate on level together.

Titled BTOB and Red Velvet, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

I wish to see them collaborate in combination T_T

I followed Red Velvet after gazing We Were given married and I in reality think they are lovable T_T hahahaha

I also saw BTOB parody of Red Velvet.

It was once and so funny that I actually think folks will love them carry out together.

I actually wish that they do thatahead of one die T_T

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this text being published.

29 / -2 The reactions were so sure of BTOB doing parody of Red Velvet haha I'm hopingthey is alsoin a position to make it together on stage

25 / -2 I love either groups T_T

22 / -1 I actually need to see this as smartly T_T_T_T_T

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Seoul to Remove darkness from More Bridges Over the Han River

Seoul to Remove darkness from More Bridges Over the Han River

The Seoul Metropolitan Executive will remove darkness from more bridges around the Han River overnight to draw tourists.The town government on Tuesday acknowledgedit is going to gradually build up the lights on some six bridges viaoverdue next year.

Some 27 out of 29 bridges are already supplied with mild facilities, yetso that you could save energy, just a dozen of them were in operation.