8 Selfie Apps That’s Were given Korea Hooked

8 Selfie Apps That’s Were given Korea Hooked

8 Selfie Apps Thats Were given Korea Hookedkbeautynow June 21, 2016 0 8 Selfie Apps Thats Got Korea Hooked So you've got only snapped that sweet, duck-face, forty fivestage angle, circle lens, pouty aegyo-look selfie, and are about to proportion information technology with your social followers. Well, hang that Instagram post and have a look at our bestfavourite selfie apps that K-stars and loads of others are the usage of for you to get your hands on!

1. SNOWSnow is the Korean similar of Snapchat with a ton of animated selfies to make a choice from. Unlike its western counterpart, Snow doesn’t use a preview timer and delivers you more aegyo content with quite so much of K-pop celebrities in the mix. Once you ever consult with a Korean café, you’re guaranteed to peera collectionof scholars having amusing alongside this app!

Editor’s Choice! ❤❤❤❤ Score 4/5

Pros: Attractive and fun with a wide range of Snow-faces to make a decision on from. Save your Snow snaps and send them for yourpalsto glance at over and over!Cons: Difficultto place down – this method thatit is going to drain your battery the more you operate it.

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2. Camera 360A contender to Snow and Snapchat, Camera 360 is proving to be a well-liked confrontreputation app in Korea. Also unlike Snapchat, this app permits you to take selfie pics with a completevariety of filters to exploit and offers you full keep watch overof changing your snaps; like getting rid of acne and slimming your face.

Editor’s Choice! ❤❤❤❤ Ranking 4/5

Pros: Useful gizmo for making selfies. A number ofpurposes to utilise in growing that absolute best selca. They also have their own Snapchat-like facial recognition camera with a fun number ofdecal animations to select.Cons: Many of the sticker visuals seem cartoonish and overall childish. Simultaneously you're express with the volume of filters to followin this feature. There don't appear to bea massive issue offeatures for photo-smoothing your video and are limited to sure filters and this isa bit of a negative… okay, for myself a minimum of _;;

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3. CymeraCymera lets you retouch your selfie pics, create memes, photo collages, and enhance your face, permitting yourself to procure an exaggerated chiselled jaw line with big anime eyes. This app supplies yous with easy-to-use photo functionalities akin to facial blur, highlights, shadows, and masses of other changes to mess around about with.

Pros: Just right user interface with a spread of filters gear to use, addingthe versatility to contour and blemish your face or warp it entirely viaemploying the liquify tool. Creating collages are a pleasant summation for your snaps with several photo-lens to make a selection frombeing ready toacquire more filters and pieces from their store.Cons: Occasionally having less is more, and if we actuallywould like to falsify our appearance then we’d use Photoshop. It might possiblytake some time to get used to all the functions that this app throws at you and that one of the crucialfunctions such as the fish eye lens is more of a gimmick than a usable feature Yet hey, it’s there!

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4. InstasizeYou need to say here is Instagram’s assisting sidekick, turning into a heavily used hashtag (#instasize) in Korean. This app allows your target market to view your full sized image without it being cropped into a square and has an array of filters and collage frames to choose between #nocrop #fullsize #collages

Pros: Handy gizmo for Instagram users! Allows you to turn a full-size symbol of your pic. There are lots of collage frames that you can purpose and the extra filters come up with that additional minute of class.Cons: Although you have a full-size image, the result is still boxed and that some other peoplein reality like the 1:1 boxed ratio, which defines you are posting anythingthat's intended for Instagram.

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5. Good looks PlusCosmetic Plus has been around for a while and has develop into a popular photo-filter app in Korea. The selfie cam shows the leads togenuine fourth dimension without the wish to take a photo sooner than you apply a filter. Has an idealstove of effects, the facility to upload stickers, touch-up your pics, and list video selfies.

Pros: Delivers wonderful photo effects – no longerjust for selfie use, but it can make daily shots such as food appearance stunning, or make your dog or cat appear ridiculously adorable! This will also be aplain photo clear out app, but its simplicity presents you the proper quantity of alternate options without over complicating the overall product.Cons: The video selfie option would be greater if the recording was oncemuch smoother. We had some problems with the sound which turned into lagging and the frame rate brought to certain times. And with a loss of options, it practically makes you want to haveto applyevery other photo filter app that provides more.

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6. Photo WonderYou may say that this app is like your own makeup artist on a phone. Very same to Cymera, you'll add lip gloss, blush, circle lenses, eyelashes, and eyeliner to your face with one touch of a button. Super when you have to add makeup on your selfie without physically doing so.

Editor’s Choice! ❤❤❤❤ Rating 4/5

Pros: A gracious fluctuate of colorful filters to make your brain up from. Adding makeup, warping your face, converting your eye color, and other facial tweaks are a breeze and slightly fun to explore.Cons: Some of the makeup beneficial properties that you apply on your face may just either offer youa good wait or appear rather tacky, as though a two-year-old kidimplemented the makeup on you. This app would be even better if you had the power of obtaining REAL cosmetic products to apply on your face, but now we’re just being greedy.

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7. B612Advanced by Line, B612 wishes no creation to the Korean selca community. This glorious app allows you to create a couple of video snaps and sew them into a photo booth taste collage. With a huge range of filters and tune to settle on from, this app is superb for taking pics with friends, or sending multiple snaps of yourself (or from your kept photos), and sharing them on multiple social platforms.

Editors Choice! ❤❤❤❤❤ Rating 5/5

Pros: Easy to use interface and video recording is solelya marginally of a button. The filters are previewed in real time, that are nearly “magical. And the skill to add chill-laxing tunes to your videos adds that excess sweetness to your snaps!Cons: It takes a little time to get used to the minimalistic icon controls where you’ll mustwager what each and every icon does. This app is difficultto lay down, so be certain you takea further battery and furtherreminiscenceareawhen you aremeaning to take plenty of shots.

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8. Sweet CameraAkin to B612, this app delivers a superb order of filters to settle on with a wide selection of colorful jazzy stickers to add on your snap it’s almost like having your own sticker photo booth but without the booth.

Editor’s Choice! ❤❤❤❤ Rating 4/5

Pros: You can create tiled collages with a wide array of filters, in conjunction withcolour correction controls and a treasure-trove of stickers at your disposal. Video recording also has one or more filters and a selection of music to select from, plus you find a way to save them as animated gifs. There’s also a censored face mosaic filter … because why not?!Cons: Unlike B612, you can't make a collage on video mode, and up to nosotros adore this app, we could just use B612 instead. But because it has its own set of music and an extensive variety of stickers, there is still a lot of want for this Candy App!

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Bonus: FoodieHere’s an advantage review and a treat for you food bloggers. Foodie isn't entirely an app for taking selfie pics, and as the app call suggests, this one is particularly for taking scrumptious food-porn pics. With a delectable compass of colourful filters, this app delivers a dinner party of indulging snaps prepared to serve on your blog.

Pros: Smart for food fanatics who love to take their time at the dining table to get that perfect shot. You also be capable of take a video and apply an appetizing filter. Simple, but tasty!Cons: With the exception of taking delicious pics, it beautiful much serves that only reason food pics. But even so the generic functions you’d be expecting from a photo filter app with the addition of applying iris blurs, vignettes, photo cropping and lights adjustments, that’s fairly much all you may additionally get from Foodie.

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So which the kind of pocket photo tools has grow to be your favorite selfie app? Give us a remarkunder and share your thoughts. And if you need to read more candy articles, keep on with and stopover at our visitors at kbeautynow.com for the maximum up to date #kbeauty trends, tips, tricks, and interviews!

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Having Those  Cellular Apps In your Smartphone Would possibly Get You Killed In North Korea

Having Those Cellular Apps In your Smartphone Would possibly Get You Killed In North Korea

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter It's milessomething for North Korea to prohibitparticular products. This time, however, it has banned the use of cellularprograms for speedy messaging. 

In a recordvia the Daily NK published on June 7th, North Korean users of foreign instant message applications comparable to Kakao Talk, Line and WeChat could be arrest for suspicion of espionage. The hot rule was once a reaction to the building up of mobile phones originating from China as the software facilitates the substituteof dataout of doors the country.

Those who will be discoveredthe usage of the mobile applications are dubbed as traitors and may exist charged with espionage for “associating with the enemy” and is also sent to a political legal camp as punishment.

Kakao Communicate and Line are services and products that originated in South Korea, whilst WeChat, who also these dayshave become a target of those surveillances, originated from China.

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Park Kyung Snaps Selfie With Presidents of Korea And France

Park Kyung Snaps Selfie With Presidents of Korea And France

Park Kyung Snaps Selfie With Presidents of Korea And Francenotclaira June 3, 2016 0 Park Kyung Snaps Selfie With Presidents of Korea And France Is Block Bs Park Kyung a secret agent?

Well, no (probably not), yet he these days posted to his Instagram an image of himself and fellow Block B member P.O with Park Geun Hye, the president of South Korea, and François Hollande, the president of France.

A photo posted via KYUNG PARK (@qkrrud78) on Jun 3, 2016 at 1:17pm PDT

Park Geun Hye is dressed in a standard hanbok in the image and eitherglobal leaders smile amiably into the camera, whilst Park Kyung looks glad and P.O looks a little nervous.

The photowas once taken at the official dinner held to commemorate 130 years of Korea-France diplomatic members of the family at the Élysée Palace on June 3, local time.

Block B become also reported to have met the French president overduefinal year when he was in South Korea.

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Big Bang Top takes selfie with Juri Ueno on the set of the Korea and Japan joint drama

Big Bang Top takes selfie with Juri Ueno on the set of the Korea and Japan joint drama

Big Bang Top (Choi Seung-hyeon) has shared a selfie he took with Juri Ueno.

On July 8th, he wrote on his Instagram, "Now in Toyo, It"s Ms. Ueno" along with the uploaded photo that he took with Juri Ueno.

In the photo, Top and Juri Ueno are smiling into the camera while they are sharing an umbrella. Juri Uneo shows her cute V sign with her fingers.

Top and Juri Ueno are filming a Korea and Japan joint drama project. Top plays Woo-heyon, who wants to believe true love exists, and Juri Ueno plays Haruka, who has many answers about love.

CJ EM and Japan"s largest entertainment company AMUSE INC. have planned the production of this drama for all fans across Asia and further. The drama will be released sometime in the second half of this year through various platforms.

They filming in Korea has been done and is currently going on in Japan.


Some Highly Creative Camera Apps, Straight out of Korea

Some Highly Creative Camera Apps, Straight out of Korea

Some Highly Creative Camera Apps, Straight out of Korea

Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/TOkU0p

Move over, Instagram. Korean app makers, Jellybus and KTH, are impressing smartphone owner with high-quality, creative camera apps. Jellybus is a mobile app startup that has created very successful camera apps by bucking tradition. KTH is a smart mobile company whose pudding series of camera apps is one of the most popular in Korea.

By refusing to use the standard app programming interface, Jellybus cut image processing speed to less than 0.5 seconds. For its MiniDSLR app, Jellybus also made the choice to support all types of Korean android phones. According to its CEO and founder, Sejoong Kim, this was a challenge because new smartphones are always coming out. It's tough to optimize camera apps to support each new device.

Has this strategy worked? Just look at the over 1.2 million users in 16 countries who use Jellybus's iPhone camera app qbro. MiniDSLR also enjoyed a record 12 weeks as the #1 app on SK Telecom's app store. qbro was recognized as one of Asia's top 50 apps in 2011.

With qbro, you can create great effects with photos you take with your phone's camera. Features include 72 different film effects, separate touch exposure and focus and the ability to add stacks for filters. It's supported in Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese. You can share your photos on seven SNS platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Cyworld, Me2day and RenRen.

For tips on using qbro 2.0 from Jellybus, check out this video they made.


KTH's pudding series camera apps passed the 30 million download mark this July. Pudding Camera has 14 million downloads, Pudding Face Match has 13.5 million, and Pudding.to has 2.5 million. Mashable called Pudding Camera one of the top 10 camera apps in 2011.

According to KTH's Pudding Project Manager, Yun Se-jeong, "User-friendly interface and fun factors are key popular elements" that make the pudding series a success. KTH has ambitions to expand globally by making its apps available in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Some Highly Creative Camera Apps, Straight out of Korea

Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/TTCnGs

Pudding Camera offers nine cameras and eight film effects with different aspect ratios, multi-frame shots, fish-eye and toy camera effects. It's available in English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and German. You can share your photos by email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Pudding.to.

About the authorby Anna Sohn

I'm a New Jersey girl with a lifelong fascination with Korea, my motherland. In 2011, I moved to Seoul and I've enjoyed living in this wired and fast-paced city ever since. I'm excited to share the latest tech and design developments I encounter in Korea and hope you enjoy the ATD blog as much I enjoy writing for it!

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Cheese In The Trap Movie  To hang Auditions In Korea And China For Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jin

Cheese In The Trap Movie To hang Auditions In Korea And China For Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jin

“Cheese In The Trap” MovieTo hang Auditions In Korea And China For Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jinilmare42 July 22, 2016 0 “Cheese In The Trap” Film To Dangle Auditions In Korea And China For Female Lead Opposite Park Hae Jin The production companies behind the approaching joint Korean-Chinese film adaptation of “Cheese in the Trap” are on the search for the very bestend incelebrity opposite Park Hae Jin!

Representatives from the Korean-Chinese production groups announced on July 22 that they're going to existretaining public auditions for the role of Hong Seol in the “Cheese in the Trap” film. They'll be starting the first circular of the application procedure in early August, in both Korea and China.

Applicants are recently limited to the ones that are currently operating every bit actors, or have acting revel in in the past.

Park Hae Jin, the star of the arguable tvN drama adaptation of the webtoon from previous this year, has already been showed to be taking at the office of the male lead Yoo Jung in the film as well. Kim Cross Eun played the role of Hong Seol in the drama, yet does no longerseem to bebearing in mind reprising the role.

It has been reported that the production team is currently finalizing a freelance with the as-of-yet unnamed actor gambling Baek In Ho, who used to be played throughSearch engine optimization Kang Joon in the 2016 drama adaptation.

Who would be your dream actress to take the role of Hong Seol in the film?

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Korean drama beginning  lately 2016/07/22 in Korea

Korean drama beginning lately 2016/07/22 in Korea

Korean drama beginningnowadays 2016/07/22 in Korea "Age of Youth" (2016)Directed by skill of Lee Tae-gon-IWritten by Park Yeon-seonNetwork : jTBCWith Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young, Park Hye-soo, Yoon Park,...12 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30SynopsisThe drama is a tale about five sexyfeminineschool students, who reside in a shared place of abode called Belle Epoque.

#Han Seung-yeon #Han Ye-ri #Lee Tae-gon-I #Park Eun-bin #Park Hye-soo #Park Yeon-seon #Ryu Hwa-young #Yoon Park #Age of Youth #news

Seung Jae to cameo in

Seung Jae to cameo in "Entourage Korea" as Ahn So-hee's control director

Seung Jae is joining the "Entourage Korea" gang.

Urban Works ENT announced that Seung Jae is creating amarvelperforming in the tvN drama "Entourage Korea".

He lately filmed his section with Jo Jin-woong and Park Jeong-min.

Seung Jae has been covering his base as an actor in dramas like "Golden Time", "Miss Korea" and more. He also seemed in "Jackpot" as Sang-gil.

"Entourage Korea" is a remade edition of the yank drama "Entourage" starring Jo Jin-woong, Seo Kang-joon, Lee Gwang-soo, Park Jeong-min-I, Lee Dong-hwi and more. There may also be cameo appearances by way of Ha Jeong-woo, Kang Ha-neul, Song Ji-hyo, Mamamoo and more.

Meanwhile, Seung Jae replaced his call from Heo Tae-hee early this year.

#Ha Jeong-woo #Jo Jin-woong #Kang Ha-neul #Lee Dong-hwi #Lee Gwang-soo #Park Jeong-min #Park Jeong-min-I #Seo Kang-joon #Seung Jae #Song Ji-hyo #Entourage Korea #Golden Time #Jackpot #Miss Korea #news

Suzy Demonstrates Another time Why She’s Referred to as Korea’s “First Love” In Contemporary Press Photos

Suzy Demonstrates Another time Why She’s Referred to as Korea’s “First Love” In Contemporary Press Photos

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSuzy’s symbol every bit the “Nation’s First Love” displays no symptoms of slowing down as netizens continue to rave about her day by way of day activities. 

Attending the film premiere of Train To Busan final July 16th, Suzy graced the red carpet dressed in a rose purpleget dressed from Fendi’s 2017 collection. The glancewas once complimented by rosy make-up, minimumcoiffure and red strappy sandals.

Suzy’s appearance and visuals were licensed by her fanatics as they continue to rave on her simplistic good looks and sparkling aura. Others have in comparison her public appearance to anything that she would do on a photoshoot.

Aside from selling her drama Uncontrollably Fond, the singer and actress also remains busy with other activities across Asia. Recently, she have becomethe primaryfeminine Korean famous person to have her wax figure done by Madame Tussauds.

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Oh My Woman Seunghee’s Amazing Vocal Quilt Of “Dream Girl” Is Going Viral In Korea

Oh My Woman Seunghee’s Amazing Vocal Quilt Of “Dream Girl” Is Going Viral In Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOh My Girl’s Seunghee is receiving numerous love for her contemporaryfunctionality on Girl Spirit and it were given her lovers rejoicing! 

Girl Spirit is a program produced via jTBC that goals to introduce vocalists of alternative girl teams to get their skills known via a competition.

In a contemporary episode, Seunghee from girl workforce Oh My Girl, receivedso much of attention for her appealingquilt of SHINee’s “Dream Girl.” The song was once already dubbed by fans as a difficult song to hideyet Seunghee controlled to make it her own and got the approval from the audiences.

The performance also took over online as the singer’s genuinecall Hyun Seunghee have becomeprobably the most offsetsubjects in real time searches.

On this Girl Spirit episode, Seunghee acquired 86 out of one hundred and turned into crowned first place.

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