American YouTubers speak about K-Pop culture

American YouTubers speak about K-Pop culture

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn a new Wong Fu Production video of Comments In Cars, Philip Wang and Wesley Chan invited Jun Sung Ahn (JunCurryAhn) as they discussin shortat the K-Pop culture.

In their video series Comments In Cars, the trio respond to more than a few comments from lovers and audience left on their K-Pop debut and teamassignment BgA tune video, Dong Saya Dae. The music video used to beat the start released back in Would possibly 2016, and has since bought over 6.5 million perspectives on YouTube.

As they spoke back to comments from viewers, the gang jokingly acknowledged that theyre competitors in K-Pop is BTS, even managing to overcome out the community for a excellent3 hours on the iTunes K-Pop chart with their debut track. They also provide an explanation forquite so much of K-Pop terms equivalent to the phenomenon at the back of fan-light sticks, fandom vocab such as stan, bias, trash, bias wrecker and more.

BgA stands for Boys normally Asian, and is made up of individuals who have followed parody degree names after BIGBANGDavid Choi (Daeyang), Jun Sung Ahn (Jeungri), Justin Chon (J-Lite), Phillip Wang (P-Dragon) and Ryan Higa (R.O.P).

Check out the track and music video for Dong Saya Dae below:

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'Make It Pop' Delivers Delightful Snippets Of Korean And Chinese American Culture To Young Audiences

'Make It Pop' Delivers Delightful Snippets Of Korean And Chinese American Culture To Young Audiences

(Photo : Nickelodeon ) The Nickelodeon musical series Make It Pop premiered this week, with Korean-American vocalist Megan Lee at the helm of its youthful cast. Make It Pop received widespread media attention as one of the first attempts by American television to take on K-pop. The show incorporates the captivating aesthetic of the genre, with Korean pop culture posters prominently displayed on the walls of the female protagonists. However, the songs that are performed by Sun Hi (Megan Lee), Jodi (Louriza Tronco) and Corki (Erika Tham) are not delivered in Korean. To call it a K-pop show is reductive as Make It Pop provides a comedic analysis of pop culture beyond the genre, focusing on the selfie-obsessed, electronic dance music (EDM) trends that pervade the 13-25 age demographic.

The first episode titled Rumors and Roommates, introduces viewers to the central characters and the seemingly impossible setting of Mackendrick Prep. Mackendrick Prep is an international boarding school, which immediately explains the self-centered personalities of its student body.

Sun Hi entertains dreams of international stardom and constantly emerges herself in music. She films a performance video with her reluctant roommates which goes viral. One of the best quotes about internet fame and viral videos comes from Sun Hi. Im web famous, thats better than being real life famous, said Sun Hi.

Corki, who interjects Mandarin into the program as she speaks with her parents, may be one of the most stereotypical characters in Make It Pop but she is also one of the most interesting. She is obsessed with studying and plays the violin.

Jodi is a relatable character, who is willing to sacrifice for her friends. The combination of young actresses who are at the helm of the series demonstrates excellent casting. The series is like a sanitized version of Glee as opposed to Hannah Montana, where there was a central focus on one musically talented character.

Caleb (Dale Whibley), who is one of the main male characters depicted in the show, is an aspiring DJ. His desire to collaborate with Sun Hi and her budding girl group is reminiscent of artists like Diplo or Skrillex, who have formed successful working relationships with K-pop stars like 2NE1s CL.

Make It Pop may not feature a K-pop soundtrack but the series is worth watching. Make It Pop premiered on April 6 and will air twenty episodes during its first season.


Amoeba Culture Tour Gives Back With Donation To The Korean American Family Student Center

Amoeba Culture Tour Gives Back With Donation To The Korean American Family Student Center

With a sold out concert of 3,000 present at their New York City performance, the Amoeba Culture 2015 Tour was indeed a success for the artists and fans alike.

But not only was it just for them, but also for the organizers behind the event as well.

As the last tour stop in New York City took place on March 28, 2015 at Terminal 5,concert organizerMusic Enkorcollaborated with MOI"Mto officially donate a five thousand dollar check to the Korean American Family Student Center with a check.

Prior to the concert, all three organizations gatherered for a short meet and greet where MOI"M, Korean student organization reps from Baruch, FIT, SVA, Pratt, Columbia, Rutgers and Parsons, and KAFSC took photos with the artists behind Amoeba Culture.

According to MOI"M, the collaboration in taking part of the first sold out Korean hip-hop concert event marks the beginning of even more events to come!

"We are all about bridging one another, while bringing positive influence to the society and also having fun at the same time,"MOI"MCo-CEO Yeong Limsaid.

When asked about future plans for MOI"M and potential collaborations, they"ve already got their eyes and hands on exciting projects.

"MOI"M is already in the talks to collaborate with some of the most respected Korean entertainment, music, film, sports, and even art organizations in the near future, and we are extremely excited to be part of amazing teams and projects."

Check the photos below of Amoeba Culture taking photos with members of MOI"M and their student organizations and KAFSC that made The First Chapter tour possible!

MOI (Photo : Patrick Nance) KAFSC and Amoeba Culture at Music Enkor Presents (Photo : Patrick Nance) (Photo : Patrick Nance)


Block B Zico Showcases The Worst Aspects Of American Hip-Hop Culture In His Teasers For 'Tough Cookie' [Opinion]

Block B Zico Showcases The Worst Aspects Of American Hip-Hop Culture In His Teasers For 'Tough Cookie' [Opinion]

(Photo : Seven Seasons )

Zico brandishes an automatic weapon, with his hair in cornrows, topped off with a bandana. Guns, ski masks, twerking, and cornrows are all aspects of hip-hop iconography which allow for negative stereotypes. Unfortunately, these are all featured in promos for Tough Cookie, the upcoming solo release from Block Bs Zico.

While the imagery can be ignored, it is disturbing to many international fans who are viewing this promotional campaign as another K-Pop misstep.

Cornrows are not new to K-Pop and were probably best worn by Big Bang"s Taeyang. Weapons and militaristic imagery have been used in Korean pop videos for artists including 2NE1 and B.A.P.

Block B previously incorporated guns and bank robbery in their video for Very Good. However, the incorporation of colorful hairstyles helped to make the video more fanciful than hip-hop. Very Good may approach a slightly harder image than many other K-Pop groups, but it is tempered by its subliminal reference of comic imagery that harkens to the Batman franchise.

Tough Cookie is the latest example of the struggle that Korean entertainment faces when it attempts to appeal to domestic audiences in Korea, while also potentially alienating fans who are abroad. Many fans have turned to K-Pop to avoid the images of violence which are prominently displayed in hip-hop subgenres such as gangster rap.

Ski masks, which are used often for armed robbery, are also featured in the video for (Photo : Seven Seasons )

Ski masks, which are used often for armed robbery, are also featured in the video for "Tough Cookie." Gangster rap may evoke the lowrider 90s rhymes of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, but the consequences of the East Coast versus West Coast rap wars were less than pleasant. What began as industry feuds between hip-hop artists led to the untimely death of Tupac Shukar at age 25 in 1996, followed by the Notorious B.I.G whose life was ended at age 24 in 1997. In addition to deaths in the hip-hop community, the glorification of gangster rap often contributes to urban issues such as organized crime and drug abuse.

Beyond the incorporation of violent imagery, the video teaser also features twerking and a girl who appears simulate a lewd act on a banana. In recent years, twerking has been spotlighted by many entertainers ranging from American hip-hop artists to former Disney star, Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus continues to be a hotbed conversation following her twerking stage with Robin Thicke for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

While Zico may not have intended this reaction, some K-Pop fans have taken offense to the promos for Tough Cookie. In a forum for Black Kpop Fans, commenter Jessie Byrd expressed a popular sentiment unfortunately this is how KOREA sees hip hop... american hip hop... we can"t do nothing but blame ourselves. Hopefully, this will change as artists like Zico and Block B continue to reach fans outside of Korea.

What are you thoughts about Zico"s concept for "Tough Cookie?" Could he have chosen a different way to express a hard, hip-hop image?


Hit The Stage Contestants Speak about Members Give a spice up to And Dreams For The Show

Hit The Stage Contestants Speak about Members Give a spice up to And Dreams For The Show

“Hit The Stage” Contestants Discuss Members’ Reinforce And Dreams For The Display notclaira July 22, 2016 0 “Hit The Stage” Contestants Focus on Members’ Support And Aims For The Show On July 22, the approaching dance pageant show “Hit The Stage” held a press convention with its idol contestants.

Block B’s U-Kwon said, “People appreciate Zico and Park Kyung, yet there are a massive number ofthose that don’t know me. I used to be worried that my appearance in this program would possiblydestroythe picture that they’ve built up but Zico gave me quite a few advice.”

SISTAR’s Bora said, “I call to mind IT as a new challenge. Earlier than my debut, I danced a lot, but after I debuted I most effective practiced SISTAR’s choreography. Viathis chanceI am hopingto have a look atso muchof other genres.”

TWICE’s Momo said, “The other members got here to support me all the style through the filming. I was oncefrightenedas itturned into my first time on my own, but they gave me strength.”

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon said, “Of all my members, Yuri cheered me at the most. She told me to revel in the performances and stages I’ve at all timessought after to do.”

INFINITE’s Hoya mentionedgetting better from his ankle injury. “I was a little worried on account of the injury, but I needed to benefit from this authentic opportunity. Thank you for being worried about me.”

The generating director (PD) Choi Jung Nam also addressed considerations that the show would transform a struggle of the fandoms. “In order for that no longer to happen, we are operating to input comments from a judges’ panel. We can beready to as well incorporate the judgments of the pro dance teams.”

“Hit the Stage” airs its first episode on July 27 at 11 p.m. KST.

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Netizens speak about  the variation between Sulli and Hyuna’s “sexual” SNS posts

Netizens speak about the variation between Sulli and Hyuna’s “sexual” SNS posts

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterLately, former f(x) member Sulli has gainednumerouscomplaint for her risque and provocative posts on Instagram

And whilst netizens have nearly unanimously deemed Sullis posts crude and inappropriate, some netizens have wondered why reactions relating to her posts are so negative. In fact, some netizens have claimed that fellow feminine idol 4MINUTEHyuna has posted an identicalpictures for years and has best been met with compliment for her attractive posts. With this kind of difference in reaction in spite of the similar posts, many netizens accused antifans of criticizing Sulli for no genuine reason.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Come on seriously Sullis just a sexy attention seeker. Shes just throwing out bait and playing herself when other folksget started arguing over her. There are such so much ofthose whostay praising her that she doesnt realize shes doing anything else wrong. Her fanaticswant to wake up theyre the ones making her like that

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

295, 115 Thats because shes at all times had that image. Even her team is going for the sexy/strong unni idea and shes now not dating ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Plus unlike any individual she works difficultand those criticized her fro being too racy all the manner throughHassle Maker

233, 73 Since when was once Sulli going for the blameless concept? She turned into simply young ㅋㅋㅋㅋ she never pretended to be harmless and candy y'all guys are just making things up. So its ok for Hyuna because she uses the horny concept and Sulli doesnt? Nobodywill have to exist criticized for any post you idiots.

164, 36 I suspect its on account ofthe picture difference in the two. Sulli has a cutesy innocent symbol while Hyuna has continually had a sexy/ racy image.

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Netizens speak about how a woman’s flavor in ideal men adjustments from adolescents to twenties

Netizens speak about how a woman’s flavor in ideal men adjustments from adolescents to twenties

5kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter This discussion subjectused to be trending with over 80,000 views.Originally titled, The difference in ideal kinds when youre for yourchildren and when youre on your twenties. The writer laid out the alternate in womens flavor in men as they age.

They don't like men with large muscles. They prefer lean muscles yet makeno longerusually care if a guy is muscular or not. They often prefer thin guys.

 They like guys with bangs that experience either dandy hairstyles or two block cut.

 They like cutesy guys who have aegyo and are playful

 They like guys that smell like soap

 This varies but they prefer guys with voices that aren't too deep

The ideal form ofladies in their twenties

Women get startedworrying about a guys body. They do now notcommonlybe expecting a guy to be ripped like a frame builder but they like men with giant upper body.

 They like a guy with thick hands and so when they wear a quick sleeve the arms have compatibility tight.

 They dont typically like guys with bowl cuts but prefer styled up blankhaving a look hair.

 Facial hair isnt a will have to simply they dont brain IT if it looks just right on you

 They prefer guys with cushytoddler skin or darker rough looking skin

 They prefer sophisticated coolly scented cologne. It makes them feel so a lot more masculine?

 Most prefer deep low voices.

106, 3 This is in general true. With the exception of Im an adolescent and I appear to have the taste of ladies in their twenties. I dont like tall skinny guys but guys who have huge shoulders big arms and tight hips

79, 3 Im a primecollege student but why am I lovea woman in her twentiesI hate light guys and skinny guys. I am prepared on mature looking out dark skinned men

48, 44 Guys in their teens wear the ones thick rimmed glasses to seem cool but women in their 1920s hate that. They just prefer guys who wear customary glasses like Choi Daniel or Sung Si Kyung

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Upcoming Korean-American-Nepalese-Indian documentary

Upcoming Korean-American-Nepalese-Indian documentary "Bringing Tibet Home"

Added the approaching Korean-American-Nepalese-Indian documentary documentary "Bringing Tibet Home"'s page to HanCinema database"Bringing Tibet Home" (2013)Directed via Tenzin Tsetan ChoklayNarrated by Kim Min-jong,..."Bringing Tibet Home" is a co-production between United States, South Korea, Nepal, and India.SynopsisThis is a 17 month existence risking taskfor other folks that have never been readyto cross back to their motherland before. 50 checkpoints and 2,000 kilometers. A life-long functionality by an artist for the Tibetan refugees starts now.Release date in Korea : 2016/08

#Kim Min-jong #Tenzin Tsetan Choklay #Bringing Tibet Home #news

Video   Photos Added new primary trailer and stills for the Korean-American animated film 'Bling'

Video Photos Added new primary trailer and stills for the Korean-American animated film 'Bling'

Added new primary trailer and stills for the approaching Korean-American animated film "Bling"

"Bling" (2016)Directed via Lee Kyeong-ho, Lee Won-jae-IIWith Hong Jin-wook,..."Bling" is a co-production between Korea and the United States.SynopsisThe fate of a completetown is left in the hands of those sketchy other folksyou will have never observed or heard before.The best possible robot someday City, Genius Sam, and his eccentric robot creations, Son Oh-gong, Sa Oh-joeong, and Jeo Pal-gye. The robots who motiveinjuries and mistakes here and there on a day by day basis are stuck up into a conspiracy plotted by the great villain Oscar, who tries to wreck their entire city. The robots take place to jump into their righteous challenge to save the city in the spur of the moment. The nice and unpredictable adventure by the strange robot buddies begins.Release date in Korea : 2016/08/11

#Hong Jin-wook #Lee Kyeong-ho #Lee Won-jae-II #Bling #news

Netizens speak about controversies that harm popular woman  teams in the past

Netizens speak about controversies that harm popular woman teams in the past

184stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Reputationis terriblytough to gain, yetevery now and then just the entirepaintings and effort can also be lost because of a unmarried controversy.

Recently, a post on Instiz about controversies that harmthe recognitionof stylishwomanteams has receivednumerous attention. A translation of the post and your completepicturesshall bediscovered below:

Find out what Netizens had to mention or sothis newsletter below!

1. T-ARA  bullying controversy

This is the representative example of a lady groups collapse. They turned into a vogue after liberating popular songs similar to Bo Peep Bo Peep, I PassLoopyOn account of You, and Why Do You At all times Act Like That. After Roly Poly, each and everyunencumberhave become a hit, and they nearly reached the national girl staff status. However, their new member Hwayoung couldnt sign up for them on degreedue to a leg injury, and the oppositeparticipantsfocused her on Twitter, which brought about the controversy. Even today, the public still reacts coldly to them. 

2. Hyosung  Ilbe commentary controversy

Secret became actually popular with Magic, Madonna, and Shy Boy, with all their later releases also appearing well. All through her promotions for Yoo Hoo, however, Hyosung went on a radio display and used a noterepeatedlyrelated with Ilbe. Other people defendant her of being an Ilbe user, and she gotso much of criticism. Since then, they havent had just right responses to their releases, and the members are currently specializing inparticular person promotions. 

3. Wonder Women  Promotions in America

Wonder Girls reached the national girl communityprestige after releasing hits like Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody. When they were at their peak, they stopped selling in Korea and made their debut in America. However, promotions in The us didnt go well, and they got here back to Korea for domestic promotions. They gave the glance to be equally popular as during their peak, but after Sohee and leader Sunye withdrawing from the group, they stopped promoting. But the gangultimately made a comeback as a 4-member band, and whilst theyre still doing decently, theyre now not as popular as before. 

4. KARA  Radio Famous person controversy

After adding Hara and Jiyoung, and advancing promotinos to Japan, it used to betransparent that KARA had grow to bemoderatelya well-liked daughter group. However, when they went on Radio Star to advertise their fourth album, Hara threw a water bottle, and Jiyoung cried because she didnt would like to do aegyo. As a result of controversy, they received lots ofgrievance and their 4th album didnt do well. Eventually, Nicole and Jiyoung left the group, and now KARA isnt as popular as they once were. 

5. 2NE1  Boms drug controversy

2NE1 was a popular organization sine their debut. They became fashionablein no time and held onto their popularity for years. However, Park Bom was stuck smuggling drugs, but endured to sell without rationalization or reflection. But the public eventually became their backs to the group and 2NE1 hasnt promoted for over a year. There have even been rumors of the group disbanding. 

6. Girls Day  attitude controversy

After a member change, and releasing hits such as Expectation, Feminine President, and Something, Girls Day became a very popular girl group. They recently released their 2dcomplete album, and their namemusic Ring My Bell was praised for being an even song. However, they were accused of having bad attitudes while on an AfreecaTV flow and received much of criticism. They ended up finishing their promotions early.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

This is so trueSo true if simplest they have beena bit of more careful ㅠㅠFriggin sending WG to the states was one of these bad movePlease dont send someone else out like that please Sir JYPT-ARA would have been still so giant if it werent for that scandal Source: Instiz

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