Astro’s “Breathless” Serves Up a Refreshing Twist

Astro’s “Breathless” Serves Up a Refreshing Twist

20160709_seoulbeats_astroAstros Breathless Serves Up a Refreshing TwistWritten via Qing On July 7, 201620160709_seoulbeats_astro1K-pop isn't any stranger to abnormal ideas. From vampires and permutationsat the figure of Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde to zombies and gear Rangers, MVs steadily draw their concepts from a variety of literary classics, tv shows, and films. Sometimes, though, the maximumunexpected concepts are the ones that employ the ordinary: Orange Caramel as sushi, for instance, or Lizzy making an entire song about PMS. Or Astro changing into bottles of soda in their newest MV, Breathless.

Weve had some amusing surprises from AkMus Re-Bye and Baek A Yeons so-so previous this year, yet Breathless trulygot here out of the left box amongst its undeniable yet ridiculously kooky idea. I just couldnt forestall smiling all overthe complete video. It doesnt just ranking in the newness department; it brings out Astros sunny symbol and the vibrance of the song, and adds a playful touch to differentlyconventional lyrics.

Concepts are commonlydecided onso as to shape the picture of the K-pop artist and accomplice them with positive qualities corresponding to innocence, masculinity, or quirkiness. Breathless does the reverse, applying the attributes Astro has as a set to the concept. Astros brightness faucets on their youth, and they providea picturethis isbrand new and lovelywith no need to hotel to cloying aegyo. Astro, the MV suggests, is refreshing like a bottle of bloodless soda in the summer heat.

20160709_seoulbeats_astro2The song is typical in matter matter and rhetoric, with the personality describing how a hornywoman makes him breathless. The MV has familiar parts too: a feminine protagonist (played by I.O.Is Choi Yoo-jung), and a sea coastatmospherenot unusual in K-pop summer releases. But the ordinariness ends when the viewer realises that Astro are not people, but soda bottles, the feminine protagonist isn't Astros love interest, but a mock-evil antagonist, and the beach is no idyllic paradise, but the web page of Astros distress.

Instead of shrinking Astro into miniatures like Got7 in barely Right, the MV made straightforward yet ingenious role of props and editing to determinethe relationship between Astro and the bottles of Astro soda. The lads are dressed in sunglasses of bright orange very equivalent to the soda, and the use of fit on action links Sanha to a bottle that rolls to a cease at Yoo-jungs feet. Eyeline suitsdisplay the boys horror when they are placed in a cooler as Yoo-jung stares down at them, and their worry at being strung up in a web every bit Yoo-jung smirks at them and cackles. Its light-hearted and wonderful fun to watch.

20160709_seoulbeats_astro5My favorite moment in the MV is when Yoo-jung mixes blue and orange soda, and a cut to the following shot displays Astro baffled and amazed by the sudden exchange in the colorin their clothes. A close 2d is the phase Yoo-jung gets in a position to hammer the caps off the bottles, and the boys pop up dressed in the cutest white hats. The MV could also be all fluff and fun, but serious attention has been paid to the little main points that make it so delightful.

The comicality of the MV is heightened by how it playfully translates the cliched lyrics. Its like a dream, Astro sing, and they are dreaming in the MV. The persona describes how a glance from his love hobby makes him feel dizzy, like theres no gravity. The Astro boys are dizzy because Yoo-jung swings them circular and around in the cooler and they tumble back and forth. They are actuallydisadvantaged of oxygen and made breathless when they are carried around in a plastic bag. The literal take on the lyrics is simple, but so artful and enjoyable.

20160709_seoulbeats_astro3Befitting the MV, the song is fun and bright. Its now not as straight away winning as their debut identify track, Hide and Seek, but its natural sunshine and has unquestionably earned a position on my K-pop summer playlist. Whilst there are not any stand-out vocals at the moment, Astro convey the temper the song needs, and the happiness is infectious. Their making a song complements every other, and the line distribution is lovely even.

What I appreciate most about Breathless is the sense that Fantiago Entertainment knows what they are doing with Astro. Astro would most likely notbest other newbies like KNK when it comes to vocal skills, but the charm of their sunny pictureis hard to resist. Judging by the names of their albums so far—Spring Up and Summer Vibes—it turns out like Fantiago is making plansa sequence of season-themed comebacks for them ahead. The speculation of songs to fit the season isnt new, but if Breathless is any indication, we could have more surprises to stay up for in the execution of the seasonal concept.

20160709_seoulbeats_astro4The likening of Astro to a refreshing bottle of soda in summer is a continuation of the message that the Hide and Seek MV offers: Astros music brings happiness to listeners when they want it. Its an easy but candy aim, one whosuits the teams young age, and one that is suitable for enthusiasts young and old. Its a excellent place to start, and an excellent place to stick for a while. Heres hoping that Astro brings us more sunshine instead of hopping instantly on to more mature concepts (or heaven forbid, erroneous notions of masculinity).

Readers, what do you recall to mind Astros concepts and songs so far? What do you wantto look from them in future?

(Fantiago Entertainment by the use of YouTube, Lyrics through pop!gasa)


Restaurateur serves up authenticity with a twist

Restaurateur serves up authenticity with a twist

Restaurateur serves up authenticity with a twist

Left : A signature dish at Dalsiktak is chadolbagi. Right : Pork belly is marinated with gochujang, or spicy red pepper paste .

One would be hard-pressed to deny that Garosugil, a tree-lined promenade, is one of the trendiest areas in Seoul. From sipping a latte at a cafe to going on a shopping spree at a designer shop to gorging on picture-perfect foods, it is a heaven for daylong fun.

But the southern district of Seoul is far from a heavenly place for Yoo Ji-young, who owns two restaurants in the area: the modern Korean Dalsiktak, which roughly translates to "Table Made by Moon", and "Modern Girl's Living Room", which serves comfort food for those older than thirtysomething who grew up eating gyeongyangsik, or simple Western foods with an Asian twist.

Yoo is also president of JangLuHa, a food consulting company.

"Every day is survival", says Yoo. "You have to pay between 10 million won ($8,695) and 20 million won in rent each month if you have a restaurant on the first floor here. So I opened two of my restaurants on the basement level as a way to reduce costs".

Most restaurant owners are unwilling to open restaurants on basement floors because it can be difficult to attract attention of passersby and many people prefer a dining room with a view.

But Yoo's two subterranean restaurants, especially Dalsiktak, have become iconic eateries in Garosugil, where it is not uncommon for aspiring restaurateurs to last no longer than a couple of months.

Dalsiktak celebrated its second anniversary last month.

Much of Yoo's success comes from her natural creativity, which can turn a dying restaurant into a hot spot.

"If you can think of a story, you can save a lot of money in marketing", she says.

For example, the marketing strategy for "Modern Girls' Living Room" is to be kitschy; many of the other Western restaurants in the area promote themselves as "authentic". "Modern Girls" serves inexpensive Western fare, such as cream soups using ready-made powder and salad with mayonnaise dressing.

Restaurateur serves up authenticity with a twist

Yoo Ji-young By Park Sang-moon

Her previous restaurants - "Witch's Table", "Between Kitchen and Library", "Cat That's Called Pig", "Food on Air" and "A Favorite Hanok of Smith" - also has their own identities, and their success made Yoo a well-known figure on the Seoul dining scene.

From naming a restaurant to menu creation to selection of dishware to analyzing the locations, Yoo says, "I think I make decisions about 1,000 things when opening a restaurant".

Dalsiktak is the culmination of her 13 years of experience.

A larger-than-life horse in the middle of the hall and hundreds of bulbs hanging from the ceiling are reminiscent of downy clouds.

Unlike its unpredictable atmosphere, Dalsiktak's food is based on jang, or traditional sauces such as doenjang (soybean paste) and gochujang (spicy red pepper paste), like those made by her mother in Sunchang, North Jeolla.

Starting with simple homemade stews such as doenjang jjigae and gochujang jiigae, Dalsiktak stays true to original Korean flavors, but the presentation is anything but traditional.

For instance, chadolbagi, or sliced marbled beef, is widely beloved by Koreans and non-Koreans alike for its fatty, juicy flavor, but it is a hassle to grill them at barbecue restaurants because fat splatters everywhere.

Dalsiktak, however, grills the meat in advance and serves it around a large dish with sauces and vegetables. It can be a bit greasy when eating the grilled beef alone, but the salty and sweet soy-based sauce takes care of that.

Desserts also have their own Dalsiktak style. Patbingsu, or shaved ice flakes with boiled adzuki beans, comes with coarse ice flakes with a touch of yuzu and cinnamon, a combination that is hard to find at other patbingsu places.

"My great asset is my tongue, which remembers my mothers' foods", says Yoo.

Looking at her career, Yoo seems like a person who has experienced nothing but success, but she says its is a string of failures that has make her what she is today.

"I majored in contemporary dance. It's hard to land a job with a degree in dance", she says. "I also did a musical once, but I knew I couldn't sing well so I quit".

To make matters worse, she became the breadwinner for her family when she was 26. She operated a bagel cafe that was on the verge of shutting down, little knowing that food would become her lifelong career.

Yoo says she is writing a book about how difficult it is to run a restaurant. "Many Koreans often say they wish to open a restaurant or cafe after quitting their jobs. I hate seeing such people who look down on the restaurant business", she says.

"There were times when restaurants thrived without a great deal of effort because the dining industry wasn't that big. But now it different.

"These days the restaurant business is a business of professionals just like fashion and art".

By Sung So-young


Ma Boy serves up gender-bender school romance… with a twist

Ma Boy serves up gender-bender school romance… with a twist

Theres another gender-bending youth romance on its way but before you write this one off, theres one big difference from all the others: This time the boys dressed as a girl. Hee. Its about time!The short mini-drama is called Ma Boy and the main character is played by Kim So-hyun, a child actress you probably recognize from playing villainous characters in Rooftop Prince (as young Jung Yumi) and The Moon That Embraces the Sun (young Kim Min-seo) Ma Boy serves up gender-bender school romance with a twist Ma Boy serves up gender-bender school romance with a twist Ma Boy serves up gender-bender school romance with a twist


Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Awes Fanatics With Her Refreshing Taste And Flawless Beauty

Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Awes Fanatics With Her Refreshing Taste And Flawless Beauty

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith Wonder Girls receiving praises for their impressive return, Sunmi could also be getting recognised for her refreshing attractiveness and type style. 

A post on Instiz featured lots of candid shots taken as Sunmi made her way to her a huge number of activities with the beauty Girls. She used to be praised for her flawless style, dressed inquite so much of outfits reminiscent of a bandana get dressed and boots, red cropped best and ripped denims and an animal print blouse among many others. The number of her styles and her self beliefto drageach and every of them optimistically were also noticed.

As the pictures were uploaded, netizens can'tlend a handyetcompliment the singer for her refreshing tasteand easy beauty.

Currently, Sunmi continues to advertise “Why So Lonely” with the Wonder Girls.

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Stellar Rushed To Medical institution After Vehicle  Twist of fate  Whilst Filming New Track Video

Stellar Rushed To Medical institution After Vehicle Twist of fate Whilst Filming New Track Video

Stellar Rushed To Hospital After Car Accident While Filming New Music Video(Photo : The Entertainment Pascal) Ladycrew Stellar have suffered an unlucky accident on set.

According to a music industry insider on July 8, Stellar suffered a car accident while filming their music video for their upcoming song. The accident occured while member Minhee used to beriding a Humvee, by accident crashing into a mounted structure.

The car turned into towed, filming was halted, and the individuals were rushed to the medical institution for treatment. Thankfully, none of the members suffered any main injuries.

AdvertisementTheir firm has said that the incident will no longermotive any extend in their upcoming plans.

A few hours after the incident, member Gayoung posted on her Instagram, assuring lovers that they were alright. The message reads, "You will have tohad been worried reading the news. Do not worry. We are all fine. Althougha huge number of things have came about while getting ready the album, we're still pushing through. I'm hoping there will most effective existexcellent things in the future..."

Stellar is making plans on retaining a comeback someday in mid-July.

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Stellar Reported To Had been  Focused on  Automobile  Twist of fate  Whilst Filming New MV

Stellar Reported To Had been Focused on Automobile Twist of fate Whilst Filming New MV

Stellar Reported To WereEnthusiastic aboutVehicleCoincidenceWhilst Filming New MVkminjungee July 8, 2016 0 Stellar Reported To Have Been In touch In Car Accident While Filming New MV Womanstaff Stellar was once involved in a car accident while filming for their newesttune video.

According to a source, the accident reportedly came about around 11 a.m. on July 8, at Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province. Member Min Hee becameriding a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon when she unknowingly hit an unidentified format on the road.

The car was towed away, and the individuals were sent to the clinic for treatment. Their firm states that there were no primary injuries, and is hopeful this accident will no longerimpact Stellars long term promotions negatively.

Meanwhile, Stellar is making plans to make a comeback someday this month.

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Spoiler 'Lucky Romance' Ryu Jun-yeol gets into a vehicle  twist of fate  prior to proposing to Hwang Jeong-eum

Spoiler 'Lucky Romance' Ryu Jun-yeol gets into a vehicle twist of fate prior to proposing to Hwang Jeong-eum

On the episode 14 of MBC's Wednesday Thursday drama, "Lucky Romance", Je Soo-ho (Ryu Jun-yeol) stepped down from the CEO function of the ZeZe Factory, taking the entireobligation for the server breakdown.

Goo-sin (Kim Jong-goo) predicted told him "It you can lose repute and resources and are left with your frame only, then the ultimate one left would be taken away".. Bonnie sighed feeling responsible because she ideathat each and every one of thosetook placeused to beon account of her misfortune.

Soo-ho had no concept what Bonnie changed into thinking. He told her, "No worries, no doubt". Soo-ho packed his property and got here to Bonnie's areapronouncing he would are living there for a while. He said, "I'm your boyfriend. I sold my house. I should no longer have a house. I'm going to live here for the time being". Bonnie first kicked him out of her condominium because she was worried that he would be suffering from her misfortune.

However, she in a while invited him back to her dwellingannouncing "Just one day". Soo-ho made Bonnie wear a couple pajama and told her. "You seem like an angel". When she told him to sleep on a couch, he said, "Need to listen a logical reason anemust sleep on the couch".

Thanks to Soo-ho's thoughtful act, Bonnie's middlebegan melting. Bonnie thought, "I have anything that I wish toagree with now. His words, his eyes. And that point I spend with him may be fine".

However, at the finish of the episode, Soo-ho was looking ahead to Bonnie so he might propose to her. At the moment, Bonnie sat down in the street after she came out of the police station. Bonnie called Soo-ho and said, "I omit you so much. Please tell me the entirety will be ok". And then she burst into tears.

This episode ended with the scene where Soo-ho who jumped into a automobile to save Bonnie's life.

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Watch: ASTRO Is Bubbly And “Breathless” In New MV Co-Starring I.O.I’s Choi Yoojung

Watch: ASTRO Is Bubbly And “Breathless” In New MV Co-Starring I.O.I’s Choi Yoojung

Watch: ASTRO Is Bubbly And Breathless In New MV Co-Starring I.O.Is Choi Yoojungkminjungee June 30, 2016 0 Watch: ASTRO Is Bubbly And Breathless In New MV Co-Starring I.O.Is Choi Yoojung Just in time for summer, ASTRO is back with a bright new track!

On July 1, the rookie crew released their name track, Breathless, from their 2d mini album, Summer Vibes.

Perfect for the hotter season, the music video presentationsthe men being bubbly, fairly literally. In a slightlyoriginalthought and storyline, the video depicts the individuals every bit soda bottles, going puts and being moved around via I.O.Is Choi Yoojung.

ASTRO are dressed in a equivalentcolour scheme from head to toe as the brightly coloured orange and blue sodas, whilst dancing and making a song to the upbeat and glad melody.

Watch the sunny video beneath and let us know what you think!

Toughen the artist by purchasing ASTRO - Summer Vibes from YesAsia Related Tags AstroPost NavigationOldTaleWatch: Great Juniors Leeteuk, EXOs Suho, Kassy, And More Pay Tribute To National Athletes In My Hero

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Watch: ASTRO Feels The Relax In New Teaser For Breathless MV, Co-Starring I.O.Is Choi Yoojung

Watch: ASTRO Feels The Relax In New Teaser For Breathless MV, Co-Starring I.O.Is Choi Yoojung

Watch: ASTRO Feels The Sit back In New Teaser For “Breathless” MV, Co-Starring I.O.I’s Choi Yoojungilmare42 June 26, 2016 0 Watch: ASTRO Feels The Chill In New Teaser For “Breathless” MV, Co-Starring I.O.I’s Choi Yoojung ASTRO has shared any other teaser for their upcoming comeback!

ASTRO can be making their comeback on July 1 with their new mini album entitled “Summer Vibes,” which functions the nametune “Breathless.” The six-member staff dropped their first teaser for “Breathless” on June 20, which showed most effective their MV co-star, Choi Yoojung of I.O.I (and their other co-star, a duck!) at the beach.

Through a new teaser released on June 27 in the dark KST, we now get to peer the guys of ASTRO as they are trying to stand the bloodlesswithin a freezer stuffed with drink bottles. We’re then shown some other glimpse of Choi Yoojung, as she hopefully crawls during the freezer, ahead of we see the ASTRO participants jump back in surprise.

Are you excited for ASTROs comeback?

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ASTRO Stocks First Thought  Pictures And Making-Of Video For Upcoming Go back With Breathless

ASTRO Stocks First Thought Pictures And Making-Of Video For Upcoming Go back With Breathless

ASTRO Stocks startThoughtPictures And Making-Of Video For Upcoming Go back amongst “Breathless”ilmare42 June 20, 2016 0 ASTRO Shares First Concept Photos And Making-Of Video For Upcoming Return With “Breathless” Rookie boy crew ASTRO has shared some new teaser images for their comeback with their 2d mini album!

The six-member groups new mini album is entitled “Summer Vibes,” and those new photos have compatibilitythe concept that perfectly as the guys experience the warm weather as they sit back and hang out outdoors.

In addition, the gang also released a making-of video for the track video teaser for their identify track Breathless, which co-stars Choi Yoojung of I.O.I. In the video ,the guys finally finish upstudying the choreography for Pick out Me from Choi Yoojung! Watch it below.

ASTRO’s new mini album might be released on July 1. We’ll be proficient with two more sets of concept photos on June 22 and 23, so make certain youtake a glance at back here for more!

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