Average House  Worth in Seoul Surpasses W500 Million

Average House Worth in Seoul Surpasses W500 Million

The moderatehousevalue in Seocho and Gangnam districts of southern Seoul has surpassed W1 billion (US$1=W1,124). Genuine estate portal Budongsan 114 on Sunday acknowledged the average dwelling housecharge in Seocho reached W1.01 billion, the perfect in the capital, and in Gangnam W1 billion to rank second#.In your entire of Seoul the average domestic price surpassed W500 million as of ultimate month to achieve a five-year high. The cost is 4.4 times upper than in South Jeolla Province (W115 million).

Kim Eun-jin at Budongsan 114 said, "Home costshad beenemerging since the 2nd onepart of last year, basically in the Gangnam area, because ofnumerouscondoreworking and new houses that were built lower than five years ago coming at the market". At the leading edge of the spikes were homes in Seocho and Gangnam districts, followed via Yongsan (W952 million), Songpa (W714 million), Jung (W561 million) and Mapo (W531 million). The average home price in Gyeonggi Province surrounding Seoul stood at W275 million to rank at moment in the country, followed by Busan (W239 million), Ulsan (W226 million) and Daegu (W209 million).

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Sooyoung purchases a luxury villa worth 2.6 million USD in Nonhyeondong, Seoul

Sooyoung purchases a luxury villa worth 2.6 million USD in Nonhyeondong, Seoul

It has been revealed that Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung recently purchased a luxury villa (condominium) worth 2.73 billion KRW (~2.6 million USD) in Nonhyeondong, Gangnam in Seoul.

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According to real estate representatives on January 15, Sooyoung purchased a luxury villa known as Nonhyeon La Folium for 2.73 billion KRW (~2.6 million USD) in Nonhyeondong, Gangnam, Seoul back in December.

Nonhyeon La Folium previously ranked in the top 10 in the price list of apartment houses. The apartment complex houses 18 homes constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries. The villa sale price was first listed as 3.8 billion KRW (~3.6 million) but dipped in price later on.

One of the highlights of this villa is its top security system and team with access control, moving sensor, infrared sensor, and CCTV as well as the 24/7 assistance of a security team who can be contacted immediately whenever a problem arises. There is also party, movie, and fitness rooms available for residents.

With its top-notch security system and luxury interior, the villa is becoming a hot spot for celebrities, and it has also been revealed that Lee Min Ho also purchased a villa in the apartment complex for 2,977,000 KRW (~2.8 million USD).

A real estate rep stated, "There is a low chance of encountering other residents, making it possible to protect one"s private life, increasing the demand for luxury villas among celebrities."

Sooyoung purchases a luxury villa worth 2.6 million USD in Nonhyeondong, Seoul

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Seoul's Population Falls Beneath 10 Million

Seoul's Population Falls Beneath 10 Million

The population of Seoul has fallen beneath x million for the primary time in 28 years with registered electorate at 9.99 million final month, Statistics Korea stated Tuesday. The population of the capital surpassed 10 million in 1988 and stayed above till now.As of March, 10 million other folks were registered as living or having a place of abode in Seoul, yet the number falls below that mark if 10,472 who residein every other country are excluded.The primaryreason why for the decline is an exodus to the suburbs in surrounding Gyeonggi Province. Seoul first saw a internet outflow of 2,300 citizens in February 2009, which has persevered ever since. Last year it greater to 8,820, the largest of all metropolitan towns in the nation. Gyeonggi Province by way of contrast saw a net inflow of 9,264 citizens last month, the greatest in the country. Lee Ji-yeon at Statistics Korea blamed soaring house prices.

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Korean War Flick Raises W500 Million from Crowdfunding

Korean War Flick Raises W500 Million from Crowdfunding

A film featuring Liam Neeson about the Incheon Touchdownright through the Korean War has attracted W500 million in crowdfunding (US$1=W1,148).

If all is going well, "Operation Chromite" may be released later this year.

It tells the tale of intelligence officials in a undercover agent operation all through the landing, with Neeson acting as Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

This is the primary time that a Korean movie production has attracted cashvia stock-type crowdfunding which supplies investors a slice of the profit, on the alternative hand small.

The MonetaryServices and products Commission on Wednesday acknowledged the manufacturers attracted 288 investors in precisely seven days and met their target of W500 million.

Investors will acquire a 5.6-percent benefit after the break-even point of five million viewers.

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2 Weeks in Postnatal Care in Seoul Fee W3 Million

2 Weeks in Postnatal Care in Seoul Fee W3 Million

The reasonablepayment of a two-week remain in a usual room at postnatal care centers in Seoul is a whopping W2.99 million, the Seoul Metropolitan Govtacknowledged Wednesday (US$1=W1,216).

The figure is according to a survey of 159 centers in the capital final month.

The costliestmiddle is unsurprisingly in the glitzy Gangnam spaceand fees an eye-watering W8 million for 2 weeks or W590,000 per day.

Some thirteen centers price over W5 million, nine of them in Gangnam. Some also introduced a luxury kit with rubdown and spa products and services for W25 million.

Five centers have top rateprograms costing over W10 million.

The cheapest center is in Gangseo District in western Seoul and prices just W1.4 million. Most effective 15 centers charge lower than W2 million.

The city's first public postnatal care center was once Songpa maternity care center in 2014, which feescitizens of the district W1.9 million and others W2.09 million.


Gasoline worth  hole  large  inside  unmarried districts in Seoul

Gasoline worth hole large inside unmarried districts in Seoul

Gasoline value gaps are as wide as 653 won (56 cents) per liter inside ofunmarried districts in Seoul.

Consumers Korea, an incorporated association, announced Monday the consequences afterwards surveying sales costs of oil products (gasoline and diesel) at 562 gas stations in Seoul, which was once released on Office.net, an oil knowledgeweb site operated via Korea Oil Corporation, between August and October.

In October, the gasoline sales rate at Guro district showed the widest charge gap, 2,068 won (1.77 dollars) per liter at GS Caltex, and lowest price turned into 1,415 won (1.21 dollars) also at GS Caltex, an opening of 653 won (56 cents).

Premium gasoline and diesel had the widest price hole in Gangnam district, either from SK Power stations. The easiest price in the district sold in September was 2,278 won (1.95 dollars) per liter, and the distance alongside lowest price was 1,495 won (1.28 dollars) per liter. Diesel price in the district in October had a gap of 726 won (62 cents), with highest price at 1,950 won (1.67 dollars) and lowest at 1,224 won (1.05 dollars) per liter.

By oil firm, SK Calories had the top price with regards toreasonable gasoline price, followed by GS Caltex and S-oil. Hyundai Oilbank had the lowest price. When comparing average gasoline price with self-service gas stations, commonplace stations were pricey by 108-116 won (0.9-1 cent).

According to Patrons Korea, global oil prices have endured to fall currentlyyet premium gasoline prices in Seoul rose to August degrees in October after falling in September. Routine and premium gasoline`s lowest prices rose in October from August. Meanwhile, lowest diesel prices have continued to upward push for 3immediately months. A source at Buyers Korea said, "With prices emerging when world rock oil prices are falling, the related fee decline pointsaren'teffectively reflected in domestic oil markets".

Image source : http://travel-korea.net/living-in-korea/korean-gas-stations/


2PM wrap up their 2-day

2PM wrap up their 2-day "House Party" concert in Seoul

2PM held a 2-day house party for 16,000 fans in Seoul!

The boys had their "2015 2PM CONCERT HOUSE PARTY" at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on the 27th and 28th. The boys performed 23 songs, starting off with "Go Crazy!", and continuing onto their hits such as "I Hate You", "Hands Up", "Come Back When You Hear This Song", and of course their latest "My House".

Check out pictures from their concert below!

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Mapping Seoul

Mapping Seoul"s top art-house, indie theaters

"The first thing we needed to do to solve the problem is to inform people about where the theaters are located", he said, "because although the interest in indie and art-house movies has increased, many viewers still don"t know where they can see the films". Here"s a guide to a selection of the theaters introduced on the map. 1. CGV ArthouseCGV Arthouse, a chain of indie cinemas, presents a program in which viewers can participate in setting the theater"s schedule. "Theatrical on Demand" began operating in June 2013. When a list of films is posted on the cinema"s website, more than 200 viewers can sign up to vote on the date and time when they will screen. The chosen film is shown two weeks later. Isshin Inudou"s "Josee, The Tiger And The Fish" (2003) and Francis Ford Coppola"s "The Godfather" (1972) were both picked in the first half of this year and were screened at the cinema through the program. For more information, call 1544-1122.2. KTG SangsangMadang CinemaFilm screenings under various themes are being shown through SangsangMadang Cinema"s "Short Films Sangsang Theater" every Tuesday, "Film Live: Music Film Festival" during the summer and "Cine Icon: ActorActress Exhibition" in winter. For more information, call (02) 330-6200.3. KU Cinema ThequeKU Cinema Trap Viewers can watch a film free of charge with a coupon, which is given after watching seven films. Every other month, on the final Wednesday, "Cinema Therapy", which combines film and psychology, is offered by Professor Ha Ji-hyeon of Konkuk University. KU Cinema Theque is located in Korea University, while KU Cinema Trap is at Konkuk University. For more information, call (02) 446-6579 (Cinema Theque), (02) 924-6579.4. Sponge House GwanghwamunJapanese films and documentaries are the main films shown at Sponge House. Visitors can also enjoy its cafe and galleries. DVDs are on sale here at cheap prices - 5,000 won ($4.52) for three. For more information, call (02) 2285-2102.5. Cinecode Sonje"Salon de Cinema", a program for communicating with audiences, is held at Cinecode Sonje in cooperation with publishing company Minumsa. It centers on films adapted from novels published by the business, which is led by famous writers in Korea. "Gemma Bovery" (released on April 2 and directed by Anne Fontaine) is scheduled as part of the program in the latter half of this year. Every September, the "Bukchon Movie Walk" is held in the yard in front of the building in which Cinecode Sonje is located. For more information, call (02) 730-3200.6. Cinecube"Cinecube Art Cinema Premier Festival", which was launched to commemorate the theater"s opening, is held on the last week of every September. It shows films screened at international film festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival, that haven"t debuted in Korea yet. A flea market is also held in the festival period, where people can buy DVDs and posters. For more information, call (02) 2002-7770.7. Art NineThe theater runs "Cine France", which focuses on a certain filmmaker or screens films related to a certain theme every Tuesday. It is led by Daniel Kapelian, the audiovisual attache at the French Embassy. On the last Friday of every month, in "Art Nine All Night HelloGoodbye", three films are shown, starting at 10 p.m. For more information, call (070) 7017-4526.8. Cinespace JuanEvery third Saturday of the month, "Psycho Cinema", in which a group of film critics and professors share their views on the aesthetics of certain films, is held. The cinematic space also has a great book cafe with an excellent selection. For more information, call (032) 427-6777.9. Indie Space Indie Space runs "Chaekssi", which screens art films and introduces books related to them in cooperation with publishing company Dolbagae. The theater has been dubbed as a "paradise of independent films" as it screens indie art movies all year round. For more information, call (02) 738-0366.10. Arthouse Momo The Arthouse is considered to be the heart of European films in Seoul as it holds a festival that screens Italian and Swedish films, which are difficult to find in Korea. For more information, call (02) 363-5333.11. Film Forum Film Forum holds the Seoul International Agape Film Festival (SIAFF) every April, which screens various kinds of love-themed art films. It also holds fund-raising events to pay for a screenings for the unprivileged. For more information, call (02) 363-2537.12. Arirang Cine Center Every Wednesday, the center holds "Moms" Day" for mothers to watch films with their children. Arirang mostly screens movies about families and is fully equipped with filming equipment to offer people a chance to make their own features. For more information, call (02) 3291-5540.13. Seoul Art Cinema It is notable that the theater screens 35 mm and 16 mm film cinemas amidst the digital releases that are dominating the film industry. Seoul Art Cinema hosts "Venice in Seoul" in winter, which screens films that were shown at the Venice International Film Festival. For more information, call (02) 741-9782.14. Lotte Cinema Arte World TowerAt "Arte Ani", one of Lotte Cinema"s indie film franchises located in Lotte Cinema World Tower, viewers can enjoy animations and family films. An exhibition of art films is scheduled to be held there in September. "Arte" means "art" in Italian. For more information, call 1544-8855.BY JI YONG-JIN [[email protected]]


2PM prove their popularity by topping iTunes charts +

2PM prove their popularity by topping iTunes charts + "My House" MV surpasses 2 million views

2PM prove their popularity by topping iTunes charts +

2PM are making waves on the music scene with their newest album "No.5" and title track "My House"!

Their music video for "My House" on YouTube has well surpassed the 2 million milestone after just a few days. If you remember, the MV had passed the million view mark just 24 hours after its release, and the album also ranked in at #1 on music charts as soon as it was released.

But not just that! Within a day of the album"s release, 2PM was at the top of the iTunes main albums charts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand! As of today, 2PM is still ranked very high on iTunes charts.

Also don"t forget that 2PM will meet HOTTESTs at their "2015 2PM Concert "House Party" on June 27 and 28 at the Seoul Olympics Stadium!

Congratulations to 2PM and HOTTESTs!

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2PM"s "My House" MV reaches 1 million views within 24 hours

Everyone just can"t get enough of 2PM"s princely charm in their latest MV.

2PM released "My House" MV on June 15th and just within one day, the MV has already surpassed the 1 million mark. With a unique fairy tale concept, captivating choreography and not to mention the dazzling beauty of all the members, it"s no surprise that fans will flood in and stuck in front of the MV screen.

If you haven"t watched the MV, check out for it below