Bae Doona Talks About Her Large  Admire For Sense8 Director Lana Wachowski

Bae Doona Talks About Her Large Admire For Sense8 Director Lana Wachowski

Bae Doona Talks About Her LargeAdmire For “Sense8” Director Lana Wachowskiilmare42 July 1, 2016 0 Bae Doona Talks About Her Vast Respect For “Sense8” Director Lana Wachowski Actress Bae Doona, who is lately starring in the hit Netflix series “Sense8,” has not anythingyetgood thingsto mention about the show’s co-creator Lana Wachowski.

Lana Wachowski created the displayat the aspect of her sister Lilly Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski, and the trio worked in combination on writing and directing the primary season. However, Lana Wachowski has taken over the filmmaking facet of the prove on her own for its much-anticipated 2d season.

During an interview on June 30 in Seoul, Bae Doona, who plays the hardcore persona Sun at the show, mentioned her fantastic respect for Lana Wachowski. “She’s doing the impossible,” says Bae Doona.

“Usually an 11 to twelve episode demonstrate would have several writers and administratorsoperating together,” she issues out. “But Lana is doing the writing, making changes, filming it, editing it, and generating it, all on her own. She’ll be next to the camera from morning till night, and then movehouse and write.”

“I wonder how she can do that each and every onevia herself,” Bae Doona says. “She’s any individual who’s managing to do the unimaginable. It makes me respect her even more.”

Have you noticedthe 1st season of Sense8 yet? What did you think?

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Bae Doona Talks About Sense8 Season 2 And Balancing Korea And Hollywood

Bae Doona Talks About Sense8 Season 2 And Balancing Korea And Hollywood

Bae Doona Talks About “Sense8” Season 2 And Balancing Korea And Hollywoodilmare42 July 3, 2016 0 Bae Doona Talks About “Sense8” Season 2 And Balancing Korea And Hollywood Bae Doona is one of South Korea’s A-List actresses, who has also controlled the infrequent feat of setting up a a hitprofession in Hollywood. She made her Hollywood debut in the 2009 Wachowskis movie “Cloud Atlas,” and is now starring in their present gaindisplay “Sense8.”

On June 30, Bae Doona sat down for an interview in Seoul about “Sense8,” in which she also mentioned her role in the approaching film “Tunnel,” which co-stars actor Ha Jung Woo. The actress explains that she’s looking for a balance between foreign works and Korean films. “As soon as I heard we were creating a2d season of ‘Sense8,’ I presumed to myself that I had to makesome other Korean paintings first,” she says. “I searched for a Korean work to discover that balance, and then filmed ‘Tunnel.’”

There are a lot of Korean actors in Hollywood those days, adding talented stars akin to Lee Byung Hun, Kim Yoon Jin, Rain, Claudia Kim, and more. In regards to this, Bae Doona says, “This turns out like self-flattery, yetI believe that Korean actors are in point of fact the best, because we work trulydemanding and get things done. If we make up our minds to do anything in a work, we get it done.”

Bae Doona adds, “I know Lana and Lilly Wachowski’s personnel really well, because we’ve worked in combination for so long. Infrequentlyfolks will compliment me, and the employees will say, ‘We know. She’s Korean.’ It displays that Korean actors are noticed every bit doing a just right job.”

“Sense8” is shot on location in numeroustownsround the world, including Seoul, and lines several noted Korean actors as a phase of Bae Doona’s persona Sun’s storyline, including Cha In Pyo, Ma Dong Seok, Lee Ki Chan, and more. “There are Korean actors in the recent season too, including actors from ultimate season in addition new additions,” says Bae Doona. “Season one used to besomewhat like an introduction. There has beena huge number of explanation wished about my character, and there wasn’t numeroustale development. In season two, there can be more of an in depth story. Sun is thirsting to get her revenge.”

Are you excited for season two of “Sense8”?

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ASTRO Talks About Admire And In want of  To satisfy BEAST

ASTRO Talks About Admire And In want of To satisfy BEAST

ASTRO Talks About Admire And In want ofTo satisfy brute JiwonYu June 30, 2016 0 ASTRO Talks About Respect And Needing To Meet BEAST On June 30, boy workforce ASTRO held a exhibit celebrating their newest comeback with their 2nd mini-album Summer Vibes.

During the event, the individuals are asked who they suspect their rival neighborhood is. In response, the members answer, We adoreall of theteamswhich areselling amongst us. We recommend with the mindset of respecting others instead of thinking of them as a competition. We especially wish to see BEAST, who is making a return around the similar time as us. We truly respect them so much.

The members add, Were excited to look our seniors face to face at the broadcasting studios.

Meanwhile, ASTROs Summer Vibes mini album was released on July 1, along the track video for their identify track, Breathless.

Fortify the artist viapurchasing ASTRO - Summer Vibes from YesAsia Source (1)

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'Familyhood' director talks about Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin:

'Familyhood' director talks about Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin: "An actress with accumulated abilities and knowledge, amazing acting ability"

Movie "Familyhood" director Kim Tae-gon gave an unreserved compliment at the actress Seo Hyeon-jin, who is operating amongst him currently.

On June 20, director Kim Tae-gon met OSEN reporter in a caf in Samcheong-dong, Seoul and printed his mind approximately Seo Hyeon-jin. He said, "Whenever I saw Seo Hyeon-jin, I assumed she is an actress with talents and knowledge".

He also mentioned casting Seo Hyeon-jin for his movie, "When she was once filming with us, it becamesooner than she did "Oh Hae-Young Again". When I heard she was going to do a drama, I stated 'hope it'll turn out well' and it if fact exist toldbecame out to be daebak". The director smiled happily.

He persevered on, "When we had a assembly with Seo Hyeon-jin, what I used to be wondering was if an actress who used to play a leading role in a romance drama would play a role as a mother with two children. It would not be a very easyresolutionyet she permitted the be offering without hesitation. When we were settling onthe thought that for her costumes, we readylovely clothes. But she chose the humble garments and said precisemothers wear those clothes. We were slightly surprised".

The director also said, "When she was gambling mom, there isnot anythingbizarre or awkward about her acting. I thought she was an actress with a in realitywide selection of acting" and "Also, when anything becomes otherwise even a bitright through script reading, actors generally get confused. But Seo Hyeon-jin may justalternate her voice tone acting instantly. It was a excellent surprise. It is onlyconceivable for actors who are prepared. I thought she has accumulated qualificationsand data equally an actress. Kim Hye-soo also complimented Seo Hyeon-jin so much on the filming set".

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'Signal' actor Jo Jin-woong to land a role at the  large screen in 'Sheriff' by skill of director Yoon Jong-bin

'Signal' actor Jo Jin-woong to land a role at the large screen in 'Sheriff' by skill of director Yoon Jong-bin

It turns out that actor Jo Jin-woong will continue his uptrend popularity. In keeping withassets on March 17th, Jo Jin-woong is discussing the be offeringto look in director Yoon Jong-bin's 'Sheriff' (working title) positively.

'Sheriff' through director Yoon Jong-bin ('Nameless Gangster', 'KUNDO : Age of the Rampant') talks about what the protagonist, a police officer living and running on a countryside, is goingthru after one of his early lifepals returned to their native land and he unearths out the actual identity of the friend, who began giving him headaches because the day he returned to the village.

Jo Jin-woong, who showed off the sturdy screen presence for his role, detective Lee Jaehan in the latelycompleted tvN's crime show, "Signal", is now known as a sought-after actor on Chungmuro. Jo Jin-woong also has been showed for tvN's new drama, "Entourage Korea" as neatly to continue the uptrend call for on him.

The depended oncourting between Jo Jin-woong and director Yoon Jong-bin startedvia 'Nameless Gangster'. As the 2 met again, it's far expected the synergy effect could be maximized through this new film.


EXOs D.O Talks About His Close Friendship With Large Junior’s Ryeowook and Being in the “Ryeo-Line”

EXOs D.O Talks About His Close Friendship With Large Junior’s Ryeowook and Being in the “Ryeo-Line”

EXO’s D.O Talks About His Close Friendship With Large Juniors Ryeowook and Being in the Ryeo-Lineilmare42 February 6, 2016 0 LINE it!EXO’s D.O Talks About His Close Friendship With Super Juniors Ryeowook and Being in the Ryeo-Line Right througha up to date interview, EXO member D.O mentioned his just right friend Ryeowook of Super Junior.

On the January 27 episode of “Radio Star,” Ryeowook published that he has a “Ryeo-Line” of pals and junior singers that incorporates EXO’s D.O and Chen, VIXX’s N and Ken, and INFINITE’s L.

While sitting down for an interview in a cafe in Seoul to discuss his new movie “Pure Love,” D.O confirms that he's indeed a member of the Ryeo-Line. He is goingdirectly to say, “Ryeowook has taken especially sensible care of me, ever since debut. So I’m at all timesthankful to him.”

“Since we’re eitherspecifically busy presently with our own activities, we can’t see every other a lot,” D.O says. “But when we do meet up, we most often spend time talking. I suspect nosotroscommunicateso much about our worries about our work.”

D.O’s new film “Pure Love,” which also stars Kim So Hyun and more, can be hitting theaters in Korea on February 24.

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Go Ara Talks About The large  Duty Of Gambling A Princess For Her Upcoming Role In 'The Magician'

Go Ara Talks About The large Duty Of Gambling A Princess For Her Upcoming Role In 'The Magician'

Go Ara The Celebrity Magazine February 2016 Photos(Photo : The Celebrity)Go Ara The Celebrity Magazine February 2016 Photos(Photo : The Celebrity)Reply 1994 actress Move Ara starred in "Elegant Magician" for the February factor of The Celebrity.

The star looked mysterious and fascinatingwhilst sitting in a makeup chair and having soaring hands end last-minute touches. The photoshoot basically featured a black-and-white wardrobe, like a UNIQLO python trend coat and Salvatore Ferragamo long skirt. Consistent with the magazine, the theme followed a "retro mood" to turn a more sensual facet of the star.

During the interview, Go discussed her movie The Magician. When asked about the maximumtoughside of filming, Go responded, "I think it was once knowing the recognition of the ebook the film is primarily based on and the obligation of gambling a princess."

She continued, "My personality is in her early 20s so I had to specific profound yetnatural feelings. There has been the contrast of having fashionable ideals in a ancient background, her love and hate for her parents, feeling loved, then betrayed and loneliness. It becamecomplicated to express those complex feelingsto fitother situations."

In other model news, Go Ara these days had a flower-themed pictorial in the January problem of Ceci China. She also channeled the iconic Audrey Hepburn for a glamorous pictorial featured in Harper's Bazaar.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of In her website, she covers K-pop famous person style, Korean actress attractiveness trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.

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Kim Tae Hee In Talks for large Screen Comeback

Kim Tae Hee In Talks for large Screen Comeback

Kim Tae Hee In Talks for large Screen Comebackan0ya December 8, 2015 0 LINE it!Kim Tae Hee In Talks for Big Screen Comeback Kim Tae Hee is having a look into making her acting comeback thru a movie.

Her firmpublished on December 8 that the actress has gained a casting be offering for the movie Royal Throne: The street of Monarchy (literal translation and working title). Contrary to previous reports, she has yet to make the generalresolutionin regards to the casting.

We haven't begun to verify her next project. We are looking out at many various projects appropriate now and plan to decide early next year, an agency rep commented to local news outlet Newsen.

But it looks as if Kim Tae Hee may beobserved on the big screen this time around. It is a lot moremost probably that she will be able toopt for a movie, not a drama.

Meanwhile, the actress wrapped up the preferred SBS drama Yong Pal this fall, and has since been taking a smash from acting.

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'Madonna' Director Shin Su Won Talks About The Challenges Of Creating Socially Provoking Films [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

'Madonna' Director Shin Su Won Talks About The Challenges Of Creating Socially Provoking Films [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Shin Su Won is the director and screenwriter of the gritty film, (Photo : ) KDramaStars: "Madonna" is a female-centric film that provides a powerful critique of Korea"s social hierarchy and views about women"s sexuality. What were some of the challenges in making the film?

Shin Su Won: I think one of the hardest things [about Madonna] for me, where the scenes relating to Mina. There were very intense, sexual scenes that she had to film, so it was something that I was pretty nervous and worried about that. I put a lot of thought into making the process as smooth as possible.

I actually had the actress who played Mina meet with the guy who was her partner in those intense scenes. That way, they could at least become more comfortable with one another. I remember that being a hard shoot.

From an investors point of view, because this film deals with the discrepancies within the social system, it was a bit hard to get funding. The relieving aspect was that there were a lot of people who were rooting for the film and wanted it to be made. Despite a small budget, we were able to achieve that.

KDramaStars: How long did it take to create the script and complete filming? What inspired the script of "Madonna?"

Shin Su Won: It took about a year to film. This film originated because I was interested in VIP hospital wings. I guess these are specific to Korea. These are hospital wings who take in patients who are in positions of power. I was interested in how these types of people deal with matters of life or death, specifically someone who needed a heart transplant, in order to survive.

I was thinking of who I would conceive of as the donor, to give this person a heart transplant. Thats when I thought of this brain dead, unconscious, prostitute. When she entered into the story, the focus of the screenplay started to shift towards two women - the nurses aide, Hye Rim and then Madonna.

I was really drawn to the title of Madonna, because as you know, the iconic singer, Madonna, is a sex symbol. But the name originated from Saint Mary. Originally, this name was a religious image. I was drawn to this duality of the images. Thats why I renamed this film from VIP Hospital Wing to Madonna.

KDramaStars: "Madonna" provides a harsh critique of VIP hospital services that have only been touched upon by projects like the drama, "Yong Pal." What are your thoughts on this practice? Did you receive a positive response from domestic audiences, in support of your critique?

Shin Su Won: As you know its not a comfortable film or a comedy, in any sense of the word. Some of the younger audiences that I met and talked to, they said they couldnt get up from their seats, after watching the movie. Its such a harrowing film. There were multiple responses, but most [audience members] said that they were just sitting in a daze. Some people would just keep crying.

Another thing that resonated with Korean audiences was the disparity between the rich and the poor. Its becoming more and more of an issue, in Korea. You see these people of power, who do not respect human life. I feel that also struck a chord and people started thinking about that, as well.

KDramaStars: What was the casting process of the film? How did you select Seo Young Hee, Kwon So Hyun, and Byun Yo Han for their roles?

Shin Su Won: First, I will talk about the casting process of Hye Rim, who was played by the wonderful actress, Seo Young Hee. I first saw her in the films, The Accidental Detective and also, The Chaser. I had kept my eye on her, for some time. As you know, the role of Hye Rim doesnt have a lot of lines. It was crucial for the actress who portrayed her to be able to show emotions through facial expressions. For that role, I knew that I needed an experienced actress.

I gave her the script and I felt that she could have declined because the role of Mi Na was more visible, in the film. So, she could have declined, but she told me that she loved the screenplay, as a whole and agreed to do that. It could have been very difficult, on-set, to maintain the set of emotions and feelings. But I feel that she did a good job.

For the casting of the role of Mi Na, I looking for a chubbier actress, because the character was a bulimic person. I wanted that character to embody a type of innocence, but also danger. Initially, I had an actress in mind. I approached her, but she told me that she was going to lose weight and she didnt want to do the part. Im sure youre aware, but in Korea, you have to be more skinny to be cast. It was very difficult to find an actress who was a bit chubby.

After a few approaches fell through, I realized that I needed to cast a newcomer. For this, I thought that we might have to hold auditions for chubbier actresses. Then, I started watching a lot of short films that were released at the time. Thats when I saw Kwon So Hyun, in a 20-minute short film. She fit the body type, so I thought she might work. She came to the audition, with no makeup on and I immediately sensed a sort of innocence about her.

In the beginning, when I first met her, I had my screenplay in my bag and I thought that if I didnt like her, I would not give her one of my scripts. But I took a liking to her and she said she would accept the role. I still had concerns about her acting ability because she came from a musical theater background. In order to insure that she would do a good job, on-set, we took her through a month of rehearsals with all of the other actors. As that month passed by, I could see her embodying more of the character of Mi Na. I was very grateful for that.

KDramaStars: From an outsider"s perspective, Korean cinema appears to be male dominated. What are some of the difficulties faced by female filmmakers in Korea?

Shin Su Won: Korea is still very much a patriarchal society. With male directors, a lot of their projects are male-centric. These films actually get more funding. I recently spoke with an actress who expressed concerns because there really arent that many films that feature leading women as the main characters, they are always the wives or girlfriends of the male [protagonist]. In my film, Madonna, the two leading characters are women. I would say that is not commonplace in Korean cinema today. As I already said, it is very hard to get funding, unless it is a genre like action or a thriller.

KDramaStars: What influenced your decision to pursue directing, after working as a teacher?

Shin Su Won: In the beginning, I didnt have thoughts of going into filmmaking. When I was teaching, I was writing my own novel. I thought that I didnt have time to write my only works. So, I decided to go to grad school, to focus on the writing process. At the time, there was the Han-Guk Yesul Jonghap or Korea National University of the Arts, they had open spots for screenwriting. I thought screenwriting isnt too different from writing a novel, so I applied. The teacher at that school say my work and were gracious enough to accept me to the school.

I think that if my teachers knew that I went into this [screenwriting] with the intentions of becoming a novelist, they wouldnt have accepted me. They werent aware of that, at first. The transition came when I needed to take a screenplay I wrote and make it into a short film. It was a 10-minute short, but the process of making the film was so much fun. We had a small screening, in one of our classrooms, it wasnt great, but it was so much fun to see the response of the audience.

It was a great experience. When you are writing, it can be a very solitary thing, with filmmaking, you are creating a living and breathing thing. That for me was almost like a drug. After that, I decided to go into filmmaking.

KDramaStars: Can you please share about your future projects? Will you continue to direct films that provide social commentary?

Shin Su Won: When I am making my films, I am not consciously working on delivering a social message. In an ideal world, I wouldnt actually have to think about making a film that was a social commentary. But I those things do interest me. I know that films cant change the world, but I feel that they do provide the opportunity to get a look at people who are on the outskirts of society. If you are critical of issues like that or the social systems, your films cant be funded. Thats not a conscious thing. In the future, I would like to weave a very personal story, into a film. My next film, that I am currently working on, is about a forest. We are going to start filming, next summer.


Go So Young in Talks for New movie After Eight-Year Hiatus from the large Screen

Go So Young in Talks for New movie After Eight-Year Hiatus from the large Screen

Go So Young in Talks for New Film After Eight-Year Hiatus from the large Screen Actress Go So Young is these days in talks for upcoming film “Madame Freedom.”

Movie industry insiders reported on September 15 that Move So Young is currently making an allowance for an be offering for the leading role in “Madame Freedom.”

The movie is in line with the 1954 novel of the similar title, which has been made into a film in 1956. “The Scarlet Letter” director Byuk Hyuk may be directing the film.

If Go So Young accepts the role, it is going to be her first big screen comeback in eight years. Her remaining movie was once in 2007 when she starred in “Project Makeover.”

After marrying actor Jang Dong Gun in 2010, Go So Young has been on a hiatus from acting.

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