B.A.P Finds  Information about New Song And Global  Excursion Finale

B.A.P Finds Information about New Song And Global Excursion Finale

B.A.P FindsInformation about New Song And GlobalExcursion Finalekokoberry July 22, 2016 0 B.A.P ExhibitsSmall print About New Song And World Tour Finale On July 22, TS Entertainment printed B.A.Ps set list for B.A.P Live to inform the tale Earth 2016 World Tour Finale True Awake!! concerts on August 6 and 7.

The new set list teases the divulge of B.A.Ps new song at the concert. Furthermore, there can be duets with Bang Yong Guk and a mystery particular personin addition Himchan and Daehyun. Likewise, Jongup will be making a song a new solo song.

TS Entertainment also mentioned how the level has been enhanced for a better concert experience. Such adjustmentscome with 60m LED lightingand ambitious images.

Are you excited for B.A.Ps new song?

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Yong Jun Hyung Finds  Information about BEAST’s Comeback Song

Yong Jun Hyung Finds Information about BEAST’s Comeback Song

Yong Jun Hyung UnearthsInformation about BEASTs Comeback Songkokoberry Would possibly 6, 2016 0 Yong Jun Hyung DisplaysImportant points About BEASTs Comeback Song On Could 6, Yong Jun Hyung held his first mini reside concert in Hongdae. The singer was onceready to spend time with his enthusiasts and keep up a correspondence alongside them.

During his concert, many buddies and labelmates stopped by. His visitorsintegrated fellow BEAST member Dongwoon, his generating team member Kim Tae Joo, rapper Heize, musician Davii, CLC, and individuals of Pentagon.

Yong Jun Hyung expressed his thank you and said, It became a unexpected concert yet Im satisfied that a huge number of yous came. With todays opportunity I'm hoping to stay making some of these events. I am latelyoperatingdemandingmaking ready for BEASTs comeback. Im a little bit shy to mention this about a song I wrote myself but I suspectit'll be a in point of factfantastic song.

BEAST is expected to make a summer comeback for the primary fourth dimension as a five-member team without Jang Hyunseung.

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B.A.P Releases New Global  Excursion Poster and Confirms New Album Name Song

B.A.P Releases New Global Excursion Poster and Confirms New Album Name Song

B.A.P Releases New GlobalExcursion Poster and Confirms New Album Name SongJiwonYu February 14, 2016 0 LINE it!B.A.P Releases New World Tour Poster and Confirms New Album Title Song B.A.P has released their new world tour poster, together withpronouncing some news relating to their new album.

On February 15, B.A.P. uploaded leader Bang Yongguks unmarried poster for their B.A.P Survive EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR. The word Beat N Endure has been selected for Yongguks closing name initial B, that means to endure and win the entire thingthis is to come.

Agency TS Entertainment stated, Even though they are making plans to talk over withsimplest five continents, the 2016 world tour expresses B.A.Ps choiceto overcomethe sector alongside their music.

Also, the title song for their upcoming 5th mini-album Carnival, being released on February 22, has been chosen as Feel So Good. This song has a funky rhythm and rapid rap that BangYongguk for my part participated in the generating and songwriting process.

Meanwhile, B.A.Ps B.A.P Continue to exist EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR SEOUL AWAKE!! concert could behung on February 20 and 21 at Seoul Olympic Park.

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Teen Best  Unearths  Information about 6th Anniversary Fan Song Project

Teen Best Unearths Information about 6th Anniversary Fan Song Project

Teen Most sensibleUnearthsInformation about sixth Anniversary Fan Song Task ehk38 July 10, 2016 0 Teen Top DisplaysSmall print About 6th Anniversary Fan Song Project Teenager summit has printedthe following project they have got in shop for their 6th anniversary!

During their Naver V App broadcast, which came about in the night time of July 10, TEEN TOP happy fan interest surrounding Teen Tops 3rd anniversary project.

We have sung fan songs for our Angels in the past, yet amongst the Angel Song Project, we plan on for my part writing and composing a fan song ourselves to specific our thankful hearts on our sixth anniversary, L.Joe explains.

C.A.P adds, This fan song can be revealed at Teen Tops upcoming 5th fan meeting.

The Angel Song Project is slated to consist of 2 fan songs. All through the broadcast, the participants played a game to divide themselves up into two teams. The primary team, composed of C.A.P, Ricky, and L.Joe will be writing a hip hop song, and the 2nd one team, composed of Changjo, Niel, and Chunji, will do a ballad.

Teen Top debuted in July nine of 2010 and is celebrating their sixth anniversary with a chain of projects. They kicked off the celebrations via sharing the previously unreleased song video for romance Comes, a track they practically debuted with.

Are you taking a lookahead to the Angel Song Project?

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TEENTOP finds the song they were really  intended to debut with

TEENTOP finds the song they were really intended to debut with

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTo celebrate their 6th anniversary, popular male idol group TEENTOP released the song and tune video Love Comes for fans. 

Upon seeing the photos from the behind-the-scenes taste music video, fanaticsright awaydiscovered that the clips were from all of theas some distance back as the teams debut days, which meansthe gang has been saving the unencumber of the song for over part a decade. The staff also published that Love Comes used to bein fact a song intended for their debut, yetbecameas a substitute replaced by way of their debut song Clap. After observing the video, fans thanked TEENTOP for after allliberating it and wanted them a satisfied sixth anniversary.

Check out the music video for TEENTOPs 6th anniversary song Love Comes below:

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Song Joong Ki Finds Acting Aspirations And Running With Song Hye Kyo In The Future

Song Joong Ki Finds Acting Aspirations And Running With Song Hye Kyo In The Future

Song Joong Ki Unearths Acting Aspirations And Operating amongst Song Hye Kyo Sooner or later kminjungee June 25, 2016 0 Song Joong Ki Exhibits Acting Aspirations And Working With Song Hye Kyo In The Future On June 25, Song Joong Ki held his newest fanmeeting in Taipei, Taiwan, where he honestlypublished his mind on more than a few topics.

He talks about how prior to he sought after to turn into an actor, he dreamt of being a member of the Korean national speed skating team yet gave it up because his abilities werent up to par.

Song Joong Ki is then asked when he thinks that he made correctoccupation choice, to which he replies, Right now. He explains how hes learned so much from the final nine fanmeetings hes had whilst greeting the enthusiasts confront to face. Of path every bit an actor, he gets thrilling sense of excitement being in front of the camera. However, its when he experiences the fans love in person who he believes hes made the properselectionchanging into an actor.

He continues to turn his affection for acting, and says, Even 30 years later, I would like to act in a age-appropriate role. I might bein a position to exist less popular, and there will perhaps be less roles to be had to me, but I believe that I'm going to be capable of act smartlyin keeping with my age. I are having a look to continue to act in the future.

Song Joong Ki also reveals, If shes ok with it, I mightwish to act with Song Hye Kyo 30 years from now as well. The 2 actors were much enjoyed for their roles and chemistry in KBS2s Descendants of the Sun.

Meanwhile, the actor also sang one of the most OST tracks from the preferred drama, and singer Gummy gave the impression as a unique guest as well.

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Watch: Song Triplets Experience A Summertime Excursion

Watch: Song Triplets Experience A Summertime Excursion

Watch: Song Triplets Revel in A Summertime Excursionkminjungee June 21, 2016 0 Watch: Song Triplets Enjoy A Summertime Excursion The Song triplets are as full of life equally ever!

On June 21, Song Il Gook shared a quick video he edited of an afternoon he spent with his sons Daehan, Minguk, and Manse.

It starts off with a familiar sight of the mendining dessert. The actor up to now uploaded a photo from the day of this trip on June 18. The video displays close up of each and every of the triplets, earlier than cutting away to every other scene.

The boys then play with some other childrenin addition a doggy at a playground, with smiles on their faces.

Song Il Gook also features a caption that explains how they spent the day exercising, and admits it used to be a little trickylooking tomovie and watch over the youngsters at the similar time. He says that whilst information technology isnt the largest quality because he edited it right through breaks from his musical rehearsals, he hopes that everybody will enjoy the quick video.

His efforts are without a doubt appreciated, and its wonderfulto peer the triplets taking section in themselves!

A video posted through 1958 (@songilkook) on Jun 21, 2016 at 5:23am PDT

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ASTRO Finds  second Mini Album Name  Song Details, Schedule, and Teaser

ASTRO Finds second Mini Album Name Song Details, Schedule, and Teaser

ASTRO Findssecond Mini Album NameMusic Details, Schedule, and Teasercrystalcove June 16, 2016 0 ASTRO Exhibits 2nd Mini Album Title Track Details, Schedule, and Teaser Rookie boy team ASTRO reveals new teasers and details for their upcoming moment mini album comeback.

The mini album is titled “Summer Vibes” with the title track Short of Breath (direct translation). The title track is the second one in the soom (숨) series; their debut track, translated to conceal try (숨바꼭질), also began amongst the Korean soom, similar to this upcoming title track (written as 숨가빠 in Korean).

Short of Breath may be a refreshing song with a transparent melody and addictive lyrics. The song is produced via Lee Ki Yong Bae, who also worked on Hide Seek.

The new teaser symbol is of the crowdindividuals walking together, set opposed to a lush and green background.

ASTRO also published their comeback promotion schedule. Lovers can sit up for a music video teaser on June 20, more photographs and teasers the subsequent days, with the neighborhood promising a distinctprovide on June 29. “Summer Vibes” will be released on July 1, at 12 a.m. KST.

Meanwhile, ASTRO will be performing at KCON Los angeles on July 31, where they're going to meet with their US fans for the primary time.

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EXO Dominates Domestic And Global  Song Charts With “EX’ACT”

EXO Dominates Domestic And Global Song Charts With “EX’ACT”

EXO Dominates Domestic And GlobalTrack Charts With Precise JiwonYu June 8, 2016 0 EXO Dominates Domestic And International Music Charts With EXACT EXO is dominating the music charts with their comeback album!

After freeing their comeback album EXACT on June 9, Monster rose to no 1 in more than a few music charts adding MelOn, Genie, Soribada, Olleh Music, Mnet, Naver Music, Insects Music, and Monkey3.

Not simplest that, yet their song Fortunate One has rose to 2ndposition and their other songs in the album are topping the charts as well.

EXOs fame is being shownnot just domestically, but also worldwide. The EXACT album has claimed the #1 spot in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnams iTunes charts. It rose to the pinnacle 10 in the Philippines, Japan, Russia, Finland, Turkey, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, and Canada, and is in 15th place in the United States.

EXOs pre-order sales for the comeback album have surpassed 660,000 orders already and is anticipated to be every other one of EXOs million sellers. Seeing how wonderful EXO is doing at the music charts already, their comeback is certain to continue breaking records.

EXO Vol. 3 - Ex'act yesasiaBeef up the artist throughpurchasing EX'ACT from YesAsia Source (1)

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EXO’s Chanyeol Finds Snippet Of Self-Produced Song With Lyrics Written Through Fans

EXO’s Chanyeol Finds Snippet Of Self-Produced Song With Lyrics Written Through Fans

EXOs Chanyeol Finds Snippet Of Self-Produced Song With Lyrics Written By way ofEnthusiasts kminjungee June 6, 2016 0 EXOs Chanyeol Exhibits Snippet Of Self-Produced Song With Lyrics Written By Fans EXOs Chanyeol gifts fans with one of the most sweetest acts of fanservice yet.

During his own person broadcast he held thru V Reside on June 7, the singer gave a excursion of his own non-public studio, a position that has ceaselessly been featured in many of his social media posts. He also let fans concentrateto a few of the songs hes composed, yet never printed to the public.

However, Chanyeol had a distinctwonder for the key event. Titled, Producer: That Guy Chanyeol, Lyricist: That Woman EXO-L, the singer says he's going to produce a song at the spot, along side Beatburgers MQ, who was once as well in the studio during the broadcast. Now nothandiest would fans get to peer how Chanyeol in truth composes, but he also explains that he will use lyrics made by the fans themselves.

To watch a singer produce in real-time is an extraordinary occurrence, and it turned into made further special by involving the fans. Using the quite so much of lines that fans suggest in the remark section, the 2temporarily produce a short, rough track.

As promised, Chanyeol later on uploaded a brief clip of the song he produced, and adds a comment that he had masses of amusing during the broadcast.

Simply titled Moon, the lyrics discussyearning forsomebody and wishing the distance between them may just disappear.

Listen to the tuneunder and let us know what you think!

song by MQ,CY lyrics by EXO-L 그남자 작곡 그여자 작사 재밌었어요✌ #V앱 #떼창기대함

A video posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on Jun 6, 2016 at 10:59am PDT

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