BEAST Puts The Random In Random Play Dance On “Weekly Idol”

BEAST Puts The Random In Random Play Dance On “Weekly Idol”

BEAST Puts The Random In Random Play Dance On Weekly Idolehk38 June 29, 2016 0 BEAST Puts The Random In Random Play Dance On Weekly Idol At the June 29 episode of MBC Every1s Weekly Idol, boy workforce BEAST seems as a guest.

During the Random Play Dance corner, the participants are in a position to get the choreo down for some songs, but if in doubt, they just smash out in freestyle dancing.

Yoseob reverts to the similar hand gestures whilst Yoon Doo Joon is going to the back wall and busts out his infamous butt dance.

When the MCs ask Yoon Doo Joon if he actually shakes his butt like that on stage, Yoseob insists that he does and tells them theyll to finda number ofphotos online.

BEAST dropped pre-release music Butterfly on June 27 (KST) forwardin theirprofessional comeback with their 3rd studio album Highlight, which is slated for free up on July 4.

img class=alignnone size-full wp-image-871235 src= alt=BEAST Spotlight width=140 height=79 / Toughen the artist by way ofpurchasing Highlight from YesAsia

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Watch: Two times Attempts Random Play Dance For The primary Time On Weekly Idol

Watch: Two times Attempts Random Play Dance For The primary Time On Weekly Idol

Watch: Two times Attempts Random Play Dance For The primary fourth dimension On “Weekly Idol”notclaira Would possibly 5, 2016 0 Watch: TWICE Attempts Random Play Dance For The First Time On “Weekly Idol” At theMay justfour broadcast of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” ladyteam TWICE attempted the notorious “Random Play Dance” to their two name tracks “Like OOH-AHH” and “Cheer Up.”

Although the ladiesgave the impressionself-assured at first, member Mina soon grew to become out to be a “black hole” in the group, resulting in the failure of the first round.

In the 2nd one round, Jihyo were givenat a loss for wordson each occasion the portions changed, whilst Chaeyoung and Tzuyu were not ableto discover their proper positions.

Eventually MC Defconn said, “We sought after to be beneficiant amongst you. We needed to provide you withthe prevailing so we attemptedto near our eyes, yetin any case it was once a failure. We can beready tohandiestoffer you bottled water now.” The oppositeitems they had asked for integrated food and bicycles.

Watch the ladies make their try below:

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KARA to appear on upcoming

KARA to appear on upcoming "Weekly Idol" + Gyuri fails at random play dance segment

KARA to appear on upcoming

KARA will be appearing on the next episode of  MBC Every1"s "Weekly Idol"!

The preview below revealed on the September 3rd episode shows Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, and new member Youngi as they compete for a bite of Hanwoo beef. The girls also get the chance to show their individual aegyo.

Also on the upcoming show, Gyuri will fail at the "Random Play Dance" segment. Jung Hyung Don stated, "Today"s "Random Play Dance" will be fun," and made sure to make fun of Gyuri each time she made a mistake. He pointed out that she was making more mistakes than Youngi.

Check out the preview below!


A Pink play the

A Pink play the "Idol King Game" + dance to 4minute, Orange Caramel, and Girl"s Day on "Weekly Idol"

A Pink play the

The lovely girls of A Pink appeared on this week"s episode of "Weekly Idol" as they are currently promoting their newest release, "LUV."

On the episode, the girls participated in the "Random Play Dance" challenge. The "Random Play Dance" is where the staff members play songs from A Pink"s promotions. The song may stop randomly or change to a different song and the A Pink girls have to quickly adjust to the proper choreography. Even with the continuing challenge, the girls maintained their girl-group smiles all throughout.

In addition to completing the "Random Play Dance" challenge, the girls participated in "Idol King Game," where the girls competed to see which member was most flexible, best at idol choreography, and the strongest.

Charismatic beauty Na-Eun won both challenges for the most flexible and strongest member, with her prize being two plates of juicy meat. However, Namjoo was chosen as the best at dancing idol choreography as she danced perfectly to 4minute"s "What"s Your Name," Orange Caramel"s "Catallena, and " Girl"s Day"s "Something."

Lastly, as the episode came to an end, the girls of A Pink were greeted with warm slices of pizza that they had asked for in the beginning of the episode. Chorong said, "Thank you for calling us every time we have a comeback. I think it"s really great that we receive so much energy before our comeback [whenever we come here]. We will work hard on our comeback with the energy that we received here."

Check out the episode of "Weekly Idol" featuring A Pink above!


AOA play the

AOA play the "Idol King Game" on "Weekly Idol" + dance to songs from Girls" Generation, SISTAR, EXO, Super Junior, & Girl"s Day

AOA play the

On the November 19 airing of "Weekly Idol," the cat-like girls of AOA participated in the "Idol King Game," where they compete to become the idol king, or in this case, the queen.

The catch to the "King Game" is that whoever is chosen as the queen for that particular segment can make their fellow members perform any task of the queen"s liking.

During the airing, Hyejeong transformed into a seductive cat woman with white socks on her hands, granting herself the title of a fashion queen.As fashion queen, Hyejeong got the chance to taste her sweet victory as she was awarded a crown and a plate full of delicious meat. In addition to devouring a plate full of meat, she had her members dance for ten seconds with their shoes off.

For the second challenge, the girls were asked to peel boiled quail eggs and whoever peeled the most would be chosen as the egg-pealing queen. In the end, Jimin won the challenge for peeling the most and the cleanest eggs and was awarded with a plate of meat.Jimin then requested that Hyejeong, ChoA, and Seolhyun to stand in front of the camera with their shoes off, to accentuate Choa"s short stature.

For the dance king category, the ladies performed their best rendition of various idol choreography of songs from Girls" Generation,EXO,SISTAR,Super Junior, and Girl"s Day, bringing tons of laughs.

Check out the full episode above!


ASTRO, KNK, And 4TEN Carry out Dance Covers Of EXO, BTS, And More On Weekly Idol

ASTRO, KNK, And 4TEN Carry out Dance Covers Of EXO, BTS, And More On Weekly Idol

ASTRO, KNK, And 4TEN Carry out Dance Covers Of EXO, BTS, And More On “Weekly Idol”notclaira June 22, 2016 0 ASTRO, KNK, And 4TEN Perform Dance Covers Of EXO, BTS, And More On “Weekly Idol” The June 22 episode of ‘Weekly Idol” featured the 3teams 4TEN, KNK, and ASTRO!

In one segment, the groups are asked to pop out and dance along to iconic dance songs through their seniors in the industry.

The first song is TWICE’s “Cheer Up,” which 4TEN and ASTRO have down pat, yetmost effective Seungjoon in KNK comes out to dance. He finally ends uptaking a look awkward and the MCs scold him jokingly.

The very next song is EXO’s “Call Me Baby,” and it’s KNK who come out to dance this time excluding for Seungjoon, much to the MCs’ exasperation.

The groups also give some very credible performances of EXID’s “Up And Down” and Great Junior’s “Sorry Sorry.” As Hani and Heechul are MCs at the show, they are fastto indicate any hilarious mistakes the newbieswould possibly make in their own dances.

Watch the performances below, adding covers of BTS, GFRIEND, and BEAST!

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MONSTA X’s Jooheon Exceeds Heechul’s Expectancies With Lady  Workforce Dance Quilt On “Weekly Idol”

MONSTA X’s Jooheon Exceeds Heechul’s Expectancies With Lady Workforce Dance Quilt On “Weekly Idol”

MONSTA Xs Jooheon Exceeds Heechuls Expectancies amongstWomanStaff Dance Quilt On Weekly Idolorionight June 15, 2016 0 MONSTA Xs Jooheon Exceeds Heechuls Expectations With Girl Organization Dance Disguise On Weekly Idol On a recent episode of “Weekly Idol,” MONSTA X’s Jooheon will have to dance on my own as a section of a challenge.

Super Junior’s Heechul raises the hype for Jooheon sooner than he begins, announcing that Jooheon readyan excellent dance functionality for them all. Much to Jooheon’s embarrassment, he utterly fails the primary time around by way ofmaking an attempt to dance with swag.

Determined to redeem himself, Jooheon then dances to GFRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tu.” Heechul, a well known girl group fan, is super delightedto look Jooheon’s dance or even joins in at the fun.

Watch the hilarious clip below!

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Lee Hi Perfectly Imitates BIGBANG’s Iconic Dance Moves For “Weekly Idol”

Lee Hi Perfectly Imitates BIGBANG’s Iconic Dance Moves For “Weekly Idol”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter It more or less feels like BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang” is a large attain even with fellow YG Entertainment artists as Lee Hi impresses her lovers amongst her own edition on Weekly Idol. 

Lee Hi used to be the guest of the Might 25th episode of the program and impressed Defconn, Heechul and Hani with her up to par dancing. Collaborating in the “Random Play” game with a treat of goodies equally her prize, Lee Hi becomein a position to catch up dancing along to her own hit tracks “Rose,” “My Star,” “1,2,3,4” and other medleys.

Despite the selection of times the production attempted to confuse her with the instanttrade in tracks and choreography, Lee Hi controlledto maintainor even improvised with her own renditions. As a ultimate trick, however, Weekly Idol played a medley of BIGBANG’s tracks beginning with “Fantastic Baby” and “Bang Bang,” which earned an enthusiastic reaction from the singer.

Defconn, Heechul and Hani were additionalthrilledthrough her incredibly mastery of the songs and earned all the treats in the end.

Just recently, Lee Hi joined Akdong Musician for the karaoke version of the track.

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