Bernard Park Discusses The Sexual Schooling He Gained From JYP Entertainment

Bernard Park Discusses The Sexual Schooling He Gained From JYP Entertainment

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter It's farsomething to get the sex communicate from your parents, yet Bernard Park stocks his mind on receiving sex schoolingwhilst alongside his control agency, JYP Entertainment

Appearing with fellow labelmate Baek Yerin on a contemporary radio broadcast, either singers first of all asked about the only thing they enjoyed close to their agency. To this, Yerin mentioned being ready to do to the things she needs to do and is being encouraged to fulfill people.

Although there are initial prohibitions in dating and assembly other people, Bernard Park used to be then ask why he chose JYP Entertainment over agencies equivalent to YG Entertainment and Antenna Music. In keeping with the singer, YG Entertainment has a music taste which is other to his music, while JYP Entertainment taught him how to take merit of his vocals well.

The query then persisted to the subject about getting sex education even asbelow the firm and Bernard Park printed that, “I gained sex activity education, but it changed intoat all times more on being told to watch out and think ahead of we act on it.” 

The notedsubject under JYP Entertainment’s educationprocedure was also in the past discussed through other artists such as GOT7 and Jo Kwon.

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Director Park Joong Hoon Discusses

Director Park Joong Hoon Discusses "Top Star," A Cinematic Look At K-Entertainment

(Photo : Subway Cinema )

Director and actor Park Joong Hoon provides a candid interview on Korean entertainment and "Top Star." Director Park Joong Hoon was the recipient of The Celebrity award at the 13th New York Asian Film Festival.He is a fascinating person to talk to, with twenty-nine years of film acting under his belt.He made his directorial debut with the film "Top Star,” which recently screened at the New York Asian Film Festival.

When I interviewed Director Park Joong Hoon at the New York Asian Film Festival, the director provided insight into his transition from acting and the aspects which differentiate the Korean entertainment industry from the industry in the United States.

When asked about his motivation to pursue directing career he stated, “I decided to direct the movie four to five years ago.I was satisfied with being an actor and acting out from someone else"s script.However, four or five years ago, I decided that I wanted to say something unique to the world.”

His experiences within the acting world led Park Joong Hoon to co-write and direct the film "Top Star," which is a fictional take on what goes on behind the scenes in Korean entertainment. Park Joong Hoon is credited for writing, directing, and producing the film.

He explained the extensive work that went into the production of “Top Star” and what differentiates directors from actors.His very succinct explanation summarizes the role of the actor verses a director, “The job of actors is to get a reaction or agreement from the audience.The job of a director is to get an agreement from the audience for what they think.”

Park Joong Hoon noted that a director has more control over a film than an actor, even from the selection of the script.He provided a unique perspective with the statement, “As an actor, you are not the first person to choose the story or plot.You can pick a script, but that has already been decided by the producer and director who wish to cast you.”

"Top Star" features actor Uhm Tae Woong as Tae Sik, a conflicted manager who is tasked with doting on a popular film idol. Tae Sik aspires to become an actor and engages in activities such as practicing his award acceptance speeches, during his free time.

Uhm Tae Woong is the sibling of K-Pop vocalist and actress Uhm Jung Hwa.His career struggled in its initial stages, as he attempted to be viewed beyond his role the brother of an idol.

Park Joong Hoon co-starred with Uhm Jung Hwa in the 1994 film “How to Top My Wife.” This was one of her first starring roles in a film, which led to a friendship between Park Joong Hoon and Uhm Jung Hwa.

I asked Park Joong Hoon if Uhm Tae Woong incorporated aspects of this difficult situation for the role of Tae Sik.He remarked, “This is a struggle that is not only in the entertainment world, but often happens with siblings. Uhm Tae Woong is completely out of her shadow, now.They are wonderful people with a very nice family.”

Actor Kim Min Jun portrays Won Joon, a leading actor who opens the film at the height of his career."Top Star" marked the return of Kim Min Jun to acting, following a long hiatus.

Kim Min Jun agreed to participate in “Top Star” after he was approached by Park Joong Hoon.Park Joong Hoon noted that his hiatus from acting was due to the fact that, “He was tired of rumors regarding who he was dating, scandals, and the Internet.I met him and convinced him to play in my film, even if it was the last film he acted in.”

Won Joon appears to be morally bankrupt at the start of the film.The true personality of Won Joon is uncovered as he assists Tae Sik in his pursuit of acting, after an incident that places him within his debt.

Actress So E Hyun, who most recently starred in the SBS drama "Three Days," plays Mi Na. Tae Sik initially idealizes Mi Na but is leery of her secret relationship with Won Joon.

According to Park Joong Hoon, Mi Na is a symbol of success for Tae Sik.If he achieves his goal, he will gain popularity, money, and her.In his eyes, she is a trophy.It was a trophy love.”

Eventually, Tae Sik grows to resent the fact that Mi Na remains beside Won Joon, making him the second lead in her life.

So E Hyun was an interesting casting choice, as she is an actress who generally portrays the heroine.

When asked about his decision to cast So E Hyun in a role which she normally would not portray, Park Joong Hoon explained, “I directed her towards being able to portray this role, more than what she normally does. So Yi Hyun is really nice, she is not a narcissist.”

"Top Star" utilizes the very real tensions of the leading actors to generate a stirring on-screen account of life within the Korean entertainment complex.

During the course of the interview, the differences between the Korean film industry and Hollywood were discussed at length.Park Joong Hoon explained, “The Korean film industry is different from the American film industry.In the American film industry, there are a lot of actors. I have heard that choosing a good script and casting a nice star is not really that hard in America.”

This creates a situation which many K-Drama fans are very familiar with.It is looks like the same actors and actresses are constantly in the role of the grandfather or the grandmother; it is due to the fact that there are a limited number of seasoned Korean actors.

He went on to state, “In Korea, we have less than one hundred feature films.If you remove independent films, the number is closer to seventy or sixty.There are not a lot of popular Korean actors or top stars to choose from.”

In the Korean film industry, “Directors and producers end up having to kiss up to these top actors.The agencies for the actors know the situation.”

“Top Star” is a film which frankly approaches the trials and tribulations of stardom.As an actor, Park Joong Hoon has experienced a similar push and pull from the industry.He reflected upon his career wistfully, “I am now in my forties. I was nineteen when I first started in the industry, with people screaming my name.That can make you narcissistic. It is a basic human instinct.People can"t be humble when they are really popular.”

This sense of nostalgia is incorporated within the film through the usage of the American song “Always On My Mind.”I asked about him about the meaning behind the song, which is used during various points of the film.His response was, “When I was a teenager, "Always On My Mind" was one of my favorite songs.Whenever I listen to the song the feeling of the song helps me to regress back to that time.I am nostalgic for this song."Always on My Mind" helps to explain Tae Sik and his regret of the past.”

We concluded the interview with questions regarding the Hallyu Wave and whether Park Joong Hoon believed that the phenomenon exists.

He responded very enthusiastically, “I think the Hallyu Wave is a really amazing thing for Korea.In my country, we think that we have really beautiful culture.”

Park Joong Hoon noted the positive aspects of the spread of Korean entertainment throughout the world. “For a long time, no foreign countries were exposed to my culture. We have an idiom that Korea is like "a typhoon in the cup."Now, this is not the case.Foreign people are interested in Korean culture and the first time I saw this, I couldn"t believe it.”

The New York Asian Film Festival will continue to highlight the best in Korean and Asian film through July 14.

Thank you to The Celebrity magazine, Subway Cinema and the Film Society of Lincoln Center for the opportunity to interview Director Park Joong Hoon.


'K-Pop Star 3's Lee Chae Yeon and Lee Chae Ryung join Bernard Park as trainees under JYP Entertainment

'K-Pop Star 3's Lee Chae Yeon and Lee Chae Ryung join Bernard Park as trainees under JYP Entertainment

Get ready for the possible debut of another "K-Pop Star" sibling duo because "K-Pop Star 3"s Lee Chae Yeon and Lee Chae Ryung have joined JYP Entertainment!

SEE ALSO: Amanda Seyfried shares her favorite Korean items and beauty tips on "Entertainment Relay"

Multiple music insiders told Joy News 24 in an exclusive, ""K-Pop Star 3" sisters Lee Chae Yeon-Lee Chae Ryung will prepare for their debut with J.Y. Park."

A JYPE rep confirmed the new recruitment to several media outlets, saying, "Lee Chae Yeon-Lee Chae Ryung signed on as JYP trainees late May. They will prepare for their debut with J.Y. Park."

Although Lee Chae Yeon and Lee Chae Ryung didn"t make it to the live broadcast finals, J.Y. Park didn"t forget about them and reportedly sent out a love call for them to join the agency as trainees. They are currently training to possibly be the agency"s next female duo following their "K-Pop Star" alumni Park Ji Min"s group 15&.

Lee Chae Yeon and Lee Chae Ryung now join "K-Pop Star 3" winner Bernard Park, who also previously decided to join the JYP Entertainment family.


Talk Display Discusses Park Yoochun’s Alleged Toilet Fetish

Talk Display Discusses Park Yoochun’s Alleged Toilet Fetish

Talk Display Discusses Park Yoochuns Alleged Toilet Fetishkokoberry June 27, 2016 0 Talk Show Discusses Park Yoochuns Alleged Loo Fetish The June 27 episode of Channel As Heard It Throughout the Grapevine discussed Park Yoochun and the sexual attack allegations surrounding him.

Writer Park Young Jin who has written about male-female psychology discusses Park Yoochuns conceivablelavatory fetish all over the episode.

Park Young Jin says, On June 17, a post titled A psychoanalysts research of Park Yoochun was once posted on a network site. Park Yoochun gave the impression as a guest on an in a foreign country radio program in 2008 and picked bathroom among 3 things that he mates with the notice beautiful. He published a drawing and a loo is drawn along himself.

He continues, Its appealing that he thought of the words conversation, sigh, and toilet when hearing the word beautiful. Thats why I believehe'san individual who has at all times been very enthusiastic about bathrooms.

Then Park Young Jin adds, The explanation why this shapedas an examplemight be because when we are young we are still getting potty-trained. However, receiving sturdyforce from folkswhilst potty-training can create trauma and an bizarre attachment can be formed that calls forhaving a look at or touching a relaxation room to have mental stability.

Previously, Park Yoochun changed into accused of sexual assault in bathroom by capacity of4 individuals. The case is ongoing.

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Park Yoo-chun's scandal rear blast, the entertainment global prohibited from going to 'bars'

Park Yoo-chun's scandal rear blast, the entertainment global prohibited from going to 'bars'

The shockwave of Park Yoo-chun's scandal will now not be going anyplace anytime soon. The non-stop lawsuit is the controversy of the town. Without reference to being responsible or not, the ladies who claim they were raped by way of Park Yoo-chun are tainting his image. Whilstthe locationdoes notappear to wish to die down, all varieties of tabloids are rampant and comparable reports are being produced.

The police investigation on Park Yoo-chun's fees for rape has begun. Park claims he isn't guilty yetit is too soon to make any judgments. However, media has made its own judgment and is having a box day. The individualwithout delayconcerned and the public looking at all this are suffering. It is justcommonplace that attention is involved ina world star's hidden side. Rumors have it that other celebrities are fearful because it mighttake place to them as well.

Those who are conversant in the entertainment global tell the time has come at last, in isolation with the fact some Park. It sounds as if Park isn't the just one who will have to exist worried. Many celebrities in truthrevel in going to bars despite the reality that the more noted stars are very careful about it. At the other hand, the more famous any individual is, the more tension he gets and he doesn't have some way out so he turns to nightlife.

It's strictly common for a grown famous person paying his own cash to drink at a superblyfelony bar. As a public figure, one can not beverage out in open puts alongside normal people. So, if he can come up with the money for it, a celebrity would drink pricey alcohol in a personal room. The a very powerful bespeak is how he 'enjoys' his time there.

The symbol of a celebrity from a fan or public point of view may also be very other from genuine life. A just righttaking a look and great natured megastarmayin point of fact be scandalous. A 'goodie smart shoes' star who donates heapsof cash to lend a handdeficientother peopleyearly dismissreally be dotted with every kind of corruption. In addition, even bars shall beutterlyalternative from what they say it's farvia tabloids. It is a hugger-mugger rumor that some stars spend millions in an evening at locations like this.

So they are anxious. The maximumsmartly liked stars in this country are nervous that their secret nightlife may come to surface. Several entertainment resources accept told News N that, "So and so is being very careful", "So and so can't sleep at eveningbeing concerned that his habitcould be up on the table next" and a few entertainment corporations own banned their 'kings of the night' from going out to drink at night.

A source said, "Of direction the scenariois extremely serious but we are worried that Park's scandal could inflict a negative influence on the entertainment industry itself. It isn't a lie but it is notcorrect for other celebrities to have their secret lives printed and misunderstood".

This article dates back to June, 17

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C-JeS Entertainment Plan To Document Blackmail And False Accusation Fees In Park Yoochun’s Sexual Attack Cases

C-JeS Entertainment Plan To Document Blackmail And False Accusation Fees In Park Yoochun’s Sexual Attack Cases

C-JeS Entertainment Plan To Record Blackmail And False Accusation Fees In Park Yoochuns Sexual AttackInstances crystalcove June 17, 2016 0 C-JeS Entertainment Plan To File Blackmail And False Accusation Charges In Park Yoochuns Sexual Assault Cases C-JeS Entertainment has printedthru an legitimateobservation that it's going to exist taking sturdyprison action opposed to the folks accusing Park Yoochun of sexual assault.

We sincerely make an apology for becoming curious about a incident this isvery much affecting society.

C-JeS Entertainment has attempted to chorus from responding to all of themore than a few reports relating to Park Yoochun.

It is because we idea information technologywas oncethe correct order to respond legally simplest after police investigation effectsgot here out, in position of to respond to the media when the truth has yet to be determined.

But we've got come to look that it is incomprehensible to look forward to the police results as we'venoticed the various indiscriminate allegations being lodged against Park Yoochun.

First, we plan to file a complaint on Monday of blackmail and false accusations concerning the first sexual assault allegation, of which the facts have been determined, to the Gangnam Police.

As soon as the facts have been determined for the 2d one case, we plan to also strongly respond.

We plan to actively cooperate with the police investigation to end up Park Yoochuns innocence and for the rehabilitation of his image.

Earlier this week, Park Yoochun become accused of 2 cases of sexual assault by skill of two other individuals. The primaryperson has since dropped charges. C-JeS Entertainment previously stated that Park Yoochun is blamelessand may retire from the entertainment industry if discovered guilty. Meanwhile, the police have created a different taskforce to analyzethose cases. Additionally, a third sexual assault allegation has emerged today.

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C-JeS Entertainment Says Sexual Attack Allegations Are False; Park Yoochun Will Retire If Discovered Guilty

C-JeS Entertainment Says Sexual Attack Allegations Are False; Park Yoochun Will Retire If Discovered Guilty

C-JeS Entertainment Says Sexual Attack Allegations Are False; Park Yoochun Will Retire If DiscoveredAccountable kokoberry June 16, 2016 0 C-JeS Entertainment Says Sexual Assault Allegations Are False; Park Yoochun Will Retire If Found Guilty Following the 2nd one allegation of sexual assault filed opposed to Park Yoochun, his firm C-JeS Entertainment has released an legit statement.

Below is their official statement:

Hello. Here is C-JeS Entertainment.

We make an apology for being worriedmany of us with our involvement in non-stop scandalous cases.

The contemporary reports of the moment case against Park Yoochun aren't true and we can take felony action for defamation and false accusation.

We consider that he'll be cleared of suspicion as the police are lately investigating the primary lawsuit.

We feel unhappy and regrettable to listen of news of another ridiculous lawsuit that has been filed thru reports when Park Yoochun hasnt even been asked for his testimony in regards to the first case yet.

Currently, Park Yoochun is in a state of serious emotional shock. We ask for refrainment from reporting invalid and sensational news and hope that folks will wait for the effects from the investigation.

In the case that Park Yoochun is located guilty of committing any crime, he will retire from the entertainment industry.

Previously, Park Yoochun was once accused of sexual assault by 24-year-old Ms. Lee. The alleged sexual assault turned into reported to have came about in a leisure room of an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar. The fees accept since been dropped. However, a separate allegation from a otherparticular person has been made. The second allegation states that Park Yoochun sexually assaulted A in the toilet of an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar remaining December.

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C-JeS Entertainment Releases Professional  Commentary  Relating to Dropped Sexual Attack  Fees  Opposed to Park Yoochun

C-JeS Entertainment Releases Professional Commentary Relating to Dropped Sexual Attack Fees Opposed to Park Yoochun

C-JeS Entertainment Releases ProfessionalCommentaryReferring to Dropped Sexual AttackFeesOpposed to Park Yoochuncrystalcove June 14, 2016 0 C-JeS Entertainment Releases Official Statement Regarding Dropped Sexual Assault Charges Against Park Yoochun C-JeS Entertainment has released an official statement in regards to the news that got here out previous today, June 15 KST, that the sexual assault charges against Park Yoochun had been dropped by way of the alleged victim, Ms. Lee.

C-JeS Entertainment reiterates that it has no longergained any official notification from the police regarding either the filing of charges, nor the withdrawal, and it discovered out about those out thru news outlets.

C-JeS Entertainment states that as a control agency, it understands that a superstar receives love from the public and it has to cooperate with the scoop media and that the celebritys privateexistencecould be at stake. It also understands that it's going toneed totake care of the threats and hypothesis that stem from the malicious use of such sides of a celebritys fame.  However, an investigation of a big crime is different, and one news outlet (referring to JTBC which first reported the story) just reported the initial submission of charges, the use ofgenuine names, without learning someall of thetale through police investigation. From then on, the famewas once marked as a crook and careless media judgement began, without any official reports from the police. C-JeS issues out that it has ceaselessly asked for focal pointat the police investigation into the factas an alternative of just complaining about its frustration about the charges since the charges had been filed by the alleged victim and the case had to be investigated in order that the realitymay also be revealed.

It asks the media to filein line with police findings as a case like this willtrade a persons complete life. When the primary report came out of June thirteen (KST), the investigation had no longer even began nonetheless and the contents of the filed charges had not been officially released yet. However, false and speculative reports came pouring in and out one day, break beyond fixchanged into done on Park Yoochuns call and image. It blames the report, not the particular person that filed the charges.

The firm concludes with the reiteration that it has not boughtthe rest official from the police and that it maylook ahead tothe overall judgement of innocence from the police investigation. It promises to post diligently to the investigation. It also states that it might not speak about the merits of the case during the media and should wait for the effects from the police investigation ahead of IT speaks.

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Video Lotte Entertainment sets unlock date for 'The Closing Princess' starring Son Ye-jin and Park Hae-il

Video Lotte Entertainment sets unlock date for 'The Closing Princess' starring Son Ye-jin and Park Hae-il

The unencumber date for the tale of the final princess of Korean Empire, "The Last Princess" has been set to be someday in August.

On June 13, the distribution company, Lotte Entertainment has unveiled the teaser trailer and the poster of "The Last Princess" whilstturning inthe within track on their premiere date.

"The Last Princess" depicts the forgotten tale more or less the last princess who used to be taken to Japan as a hostage and later kept wantingto move back to her country. This will also be afilm about the princess whom the history has forgotten and the rusticattempted to hide.

In the printed poster, Son Ye-jin as Princess Deokhye capture your attention with the deep eyes, so deep as though they are telling you her odd life.

This photo shoot for the poster become done in Deoksugung where Gojong, the emperor of Gwangmu, and Princess Deokhye in truth stayed. The poster is decorated alongside the plum blossoms representing the Korean Empire to upload the historicprice to the story.

The teaser trailer starts with the helpless glance of a lady from the back. The weighty wordat the screen, 'Do you know Princess Deokhye' grabs the viewers' attention quickly. In the subsequent scene, you listen her outcrying, 'I'm a Korean' as her access to Korea is denied.

Lotte Entertainment said, "Although Princess Deokhye was born as an simplest daughter to Gojong and grew up in such a lot special love, she was sent to learn about in Japan forcefully and had to marry a Easternguy in a political marriage. And then she loses her mom tragically and her daughter is long past missing. The turbulent existence of the princess is portrayed in the fast preview trailer leaving sturdyaffect to the viewers".

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“Radio Star” To Host A JYP Entertainment Special With Park Jin Young, Jo Kwon, Min Hyo Rin, And G.Soul

“Radio Star” To Host A JYP Entertainment Special With Park Jin Young, Jo Kwon, Min Hyo Rin, And G.Soul

Radio Megastar To Host A JYP Entertainment Special With Park Jin Young, Jo Kwon, Min Hyo Rin, And G.SoulJiwonYu April 30, 2016 0 Radio Star To Host A JYP Entertainment Special With Park Jin Young, Jo Kwon, Min Hyo Rin, And G.Soul On an upcoming episode of Radio Star, JYP Entertainments Park Jin Young, Min Hyo Rin, Jo Kwon, and G.Soul could be a guest at the show.

The displays affiliates announced the within trackvia its SNS on April 30 and printed that the workforce has been collecting accounts of the stars being witnessed outdoor of work. The employees say this will likely double the thrill of the program.

Plus, since they are all housed beneath JYP Entertainment, audience are taking a lookahead to studying some a laugh secrets that is going on in the firm with Park Jin Young.

Are you guys serious about this JYP special?

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