Best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/11  7/17

Best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/11 7/17

20160717_seoulbeats_sixflyingdragonsBest possible of Weekly Tune Shows: 7/11 – 7/17Written via Willis On July 18, 2016Welcome back to Most sensible of Weekly Music Shows, where we recap our favourite performances of the beyond week. Quite so much of artists held their comeback stages this week including, Eric Nam, GFriend, and Snuper. Vromance, Mamamoo’s brother group, made their debut on music shows. Beast and the Wonder Girls split the wins this week. Beast took house trophies from Show Champion and Music Bank – the latter of which featured Dongwoon webhosting for the primary fourth dimensionwhilstthe sweetnessLadies were the massive winners on The Show, M! Countdown, and Inkigayo.

Here are my selections for the week, yet please do come with yours in the comments below!

Vromances She, MBC Show! Music Core, July 16, 2016

Vromance made their long awaited debut this week. The foursome are a vocal powerhouse workforce in the similar vein as their sister group. They started out a bit tentatively on music shows but trulydiscovered close to range, degree confidence, and more potent footing later on in the week. While their personalities dont pop as vivaciously as Mamamoos did all over their debut, they do have this undercurrent of soulfulness and charm, brimming with talented potential.

Lee Eun-mis I Have A Lover, KBS Yoo Hee-yeols Sketchbook, July 15, 2016

This week’s Sketchbook featured an all famous person collective as they hosted their height karaoke songs special. Noel, Davichi, and Buzz were probably the most few some of the list of stars guesting at the episode. My favorite and of route the pick of the week  would need to be Lee Eun-mi. Her songs were covered by many idols including, SNSDTaeyeon and JYJJunsu. Lee Eun-mi sings her most well known song I Have a Lover, and she still kills it a decade after its initial release. It’s no longerdifficult to fail to remember why this song has turn into a standard. She bears her lifestyles in this song. You still feel the pain and grittiness in the back ofeach and every note. It's far a joyous instancewhilst you can hear her sing.

Seventeens Very Nice, Mnet M! Countdown, July 14, 2016

While I can havemost popular the outfit colours of their Inkigayo stage, I found the camera paintingsand effortpoint of this functionality to be stronger. I believe Seventeen are the epitome of what there is to like about K-pop. They have gotsuch much ofamusing moments, like when Jun exclaims whoa at some stage in his phase at the front of the formation. While the pelvis thrusting choreo isnt exciting to me, the crowd makes the most in their formation and circulation to build dynamics on stage. They incorporate lovable follow-along motions and also contain sharper dance cuts to create a polished but lighthearted time on stage. The song itself could also be very catchy, and this period adds onto Seventeens streak of relaxing singles.

Wonder Ladies Why So Lonely, KBS Music Bank, July 15, 2016

I am actually loving Why So Lonely. The song hits all of thecorrect notes for me and the girls are striking the gladheart between sensuality and yearning. They've gotdeterminedto head amongst the dance edition this week, which is a good move since most shows aren't instrument-friendly. The dance flows smartly and makes excellent use of arm movements. I also love the colourful colors of their outfits set to the washed out blues, pinks, and orange of the backdrop at the back of them. One of the only real qualms I have, though, is with Hyerim being the only one no longerdressed in a Powerpuff Girls revealed outfit.

Beasts Ribbon, Dingo Music, July 16, 2016

I love those stripped down renditions of K-pop. I believe “Ribbon” lends itself to fewer accompaniments. When teams can just sit back and sing to an acoustic guitar, it should favorable as the strength of the melody sticks out. For one, Junhyung shocked me with all his adlibs. Yoseob and Dongwoon are eitherfantasticall through their falsettos. Kikwang proves himself steady with his performance, and Doojoon really gets some crowd participation issues after inspiring the other table to register fortogether with waving their arms. All in all, it used to be an incredibly fun  and drunken version of “Ribbon.”

Stephanie, Stellars Gayoung, VIXXs N, Lovelyz Yein, Snupers Woosung, WJSNs Cheng Xiao dancing to Lemaitre feat. Jennie As Closer, SBS Inkigayo, July 17, 2016

Anyone else loving these ultra dance festival special stages? It provides idols a chanceto turn their skill out of doors of their normal choreography. This week the trendy and fresh folks, dubbed Six Flying Dragons, were givena possibility to strut their stuff and they delivered. Stephanie become fantastic, really leading the fee first with her duet with N, prior to dancing in tune with the remainder of the ladies. N’s gaze and motion exactly exudes charisma. The extensions and quality of movement from everybody was excellent. They were grounded, there were numerous dynamics, and it was ultimately beautiful to watch.

G.Souls Where Do We Go From Here, Naver On Stage, July 14, 2016

G.Soul’s On Stage performances were all highlights this week. The band versions of all 3 songs were worthy of being in this list. Of specific note, the renditions of “Crazy For You” and “Where Do We Go From Here” felt more dynamic than the recorded versions, with the band backing G.Soul adding some oomph to the minimum production of the original. It is a testomony to the strength of the songs as they translated so fantastically with the band. The electric guitar is more pronounced here, drawing out the wonderfully complex feelings stirring underneath his tunes. G.Soul is a rockstar, and he meritsyour entirecompliment for always staying true to himself and permitting his authenticity to translate over to his music.

(Image by way of SBS, YouTube 123456)


Best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/4 – 7/10

Best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/4 – 7/10

160710_seoubeats_seventeenVery best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/4 7/10Written by way of Elaine On July 11, 2016Welcome back, readers! This week we are entering intothe 2d one week in July, and music shows are heating up with the go back of lots oflargecall idol teamssimilar to Wonder Girls and Beast. To upload to the fun, this week saw debuts and comebacks from one or more rookie and rather rookie groups, adding NCT 127, Seventeen and parody staff C.I.V.A from the God of Music. This week’s winners showed some appealing variety, with EXID beginning off by taking the trophy for The Show, then passing the primarypositionrole to Sistar on Show Champion and M! Countdown, and sooner or laterfinishing amongst Taeyeon, who won awards for either “Starlight” and “Why” on Music Bank and Inkigayo respectively. There were many wonderful performances this week, and it’s not possibleto incorporate them all, so let me know what I’ve ignored in the comments below!

Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely,” MBC Show! Music Core, July 9, 2016

This comeback has in point of fact opened my eyes to how amazing Wonder Women is as a long running womancommunity – since ultimate year, the gang has effectivelycontrolled to reboot their symbol equally a band, and experimented with more than a fewforms of music that experiencegainedexcellent responses from the public. “Why So Lonely,” with its reggae influence, differs from the standard bright girl organization summer releases; instead, it gives a more laid-back jam that is goingneatly with a slow day in the hot weather. The coastline setup indubitablyis helpingto awaken this temper of the song, with both the day and night timelights suiting the music incredibly well. The individuals as wellcarry out the song with an ease very equivalent to the vibe the music conveys, and the tiara on Yoobin is a fascinating touch styling-wise.

Beast’s “Ribbon” KBS Music Bank, July 8, 2016

Beast has selectedan eventhought for this comeback – the sophisticated, classy tastematches the members’ maturity, and this, in turn, permits the group to execute it exceptionally well in the performances of the song. Whilst the choreography looks a lot more restrained in comparison to their outdated releases, the formations and main pointsreason information technology to if reality exist told be quite intricate, and as a result entertaining to watch. In addition, even supposing the emotional vocals of Hyunseung can be missed in this new 5-membered Beast, “Ribbon” makes smart use of the members’ vocal colours, with Yoseob and Dongwoon being allowed to sing their own praises their skillful falsettos, and Junhyung’s flat-sounding “Tie up a ribbon” being one of the vitalmaximum memorable lines of the song.

Sistar’s “I Like That,” SBS Inkigayo, July 10, 2016

Everything about Sistar’s comeback is so well done this year. Not just is the song addictive and other from what the group has been hanging out for the last two releases, the performances also are incredibly well thought-out – the swishing of the curtains and the detachable skirts are eye-catching, and make allowance Sistar to turna polished sexiness this is alluring to watch. On the topic of styling, the members also glancestunning in the black outfits, and blended with Soyou’s coiffure and the set design, the group seemsundoubtedly royal in this performance.

Seventeen’s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness Ice Cream Cake Overwhelm Patbingsu,” KBS Yoo Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook, July 6, 2016

If there is an idol group name along the lines of “best at medleys,” Seventeen would indeed be one of the front runners. After impressing with their girl group medley on Show! Music Core last year, the group continues to drag off a compilation of summer songs in this functionality on Sketchbook. The herbal transitions are one of the specialties of the group, as is their skillto exploit their massive numbers to their advantage, viatwiddling with formations and splitting into groups in acting the choreography. Finally, what is most probablythe most productivea phase of their performances is that the members easily exude playfulness, making their stages entertaining to watch.

Five Ws’ “Ultra Dance Festival,” SBS Inkigayo, July 10, 2016

For enthusiasts of the ones dance collaborations that take place at year-end music festivals, Inkigayo has readya distinctlevel consisting of six girl group members – Seulgi from Red Velvet, Mijoo from Lovelyz, Euijin from Sonamoo, Yooa from Oh My Girl, Eunjin from Dia, and Mina from Twice. The choice of performers is one of the standards of good fortune for this stage – major dancers aside, lots of the members also have that robust and attractivepictureinside of their groups, making them in a position to pulling off this concept. When it got here to the solo stages, they every owned their parts, yet the girls also showed consistency as a team. Now if only Inkigayo had captured the performance with greater camerawork…

(YouTube 123, Image by way of KBS)


Best of Weekly Song Shows: 4/4 – 4/10

Best of Weekly Song Shows: 4/4 – 4/10

20160411_seoulbeats_laboumBest possible of Weekly Track Shows: 4/4 4/10Written via Cjontai On April 11, 2016Top of Weekly Music Presentations is back for some othercircular of entertaining performances! Spring is in complete swing as more teamstools up for comebacks. Laboum and CNBlue are just more than one names who returned to the scene. At the other hand, Mamamoo is wrapping up their promotions with good-bye stages after a a hit run.

Got7 took house their 5th win for Fly on SBS MTV The Show whilst BtoB scored 3 trophies for Take under consideration that on Mnet M!Countdown, MBC Show Champion, and KBS Music Bank. The SBS Inkigayo victory went to Block B for their song, A Few Years Later. Congratulations to all!

Readers, you know the way this goes. I proportionsome of my favourite performances of the week, and you're welcomed to enjoy/disagree with my selection. Thosealternatives makenow notconstitute the musical tastes of the opposite writers, nor does it mean I hate your bias groups. Actually, its nice when our readers link their favorites in the comments, so please let us know what you enjoyed this week!

CNBlues Youre So Fine, KBS Music Bank, April 8, 2016

I love the setup for the start of the song. It starts off with the band gambling under strategically placed spotlights till the refrain hits. Thats when all of thedegreelighting fixtures up at the aspect of the contributors faces. The stage design isnt the maximum original, yet the compact spacing lends itself to a feeling of intimacy. The most efficienta phase of this functionality has to be the members expressions. They are actuallyplaying themselves on stage, which is at all timesanythingenthusiasts beloved to see. In a week where it felt like other groups were plowing via fatigue, it was oncefantastic to be injected with power by CNBlues smiles.

Laboums Adventure to Atlantis, SBS Inkigayo, April 10, 2016

Cheers to any team that isnt doing some othercollege uniform concept! Listen, its not that I hate the ones concepts, but it becomes so monotonous after a while. The blameless tropes dont want to involve a college theme, as noticed here with Laboum rocking a nautical one. The stage is as bright and colorful as the women themselves who are giving delightful expressions. I know its element of the choreography, but it becomeaccomplished without me cringing over exaggerated aegyo. Talking of the choreography, it looks as if more woman groups are popping out amongst intricate routines that make full use of the groups size. Thank goodness for this trend!

Oh My Girls Liar Liar, MBC Show! Music Core, April 9, 2016

Although I prefer the nostalgic whimsy of Closer over this, there is still an exquisite charm about Liar Liar. The choreography is stillwithout difficultya laugh equally the girls have interaction playfully with each and every other. Now, if something looks just a littlepeculiar in their attire, it may smartly be their shoes. In the beginning glance, one may mistake them for curler skates, but theyre just normal shoes painted to appear that way. Its a artfulconcept that adds to the youthfulness of this performance by growing an phantasm of them dancing with skates. It really matches their cheerful image.

Astros Hide Seek, MBC Show! Music Core, April 9, 2016

What more am i ready to say about this group? They are surely one of my favorite learners of 2016 so far. We dont frequently come across male groups going for the harmless concept, and when they do, its typically saturated in aegyo that reasons slight nausea. The usage of their formative years to their advantage, they come off spunky and approachable on stage. Im not uninterested inlooking at them because they never glance tired of performing. This neighborhood understands the significance of playing to the audience, which turns out to be gaining them more young fans and perhaps a few older ones as well.

Boys Republics Get Down, MBC Show! Music Core, April 9, 2016

Once in a while, a collection comes along to slap you off the bed for snoozing on their talents. For me, Boys Republic is any such group. Dont question me how I lost sight of them all this time; it occurs to everyone, so dont act additional hipster once you were a fan since their debut. Point is, I really like what Im seeing here now. Their dance is actually ambitious and dynamic, but more importantly, Im feeling this song. When I pressed play initially, I dont even recall taking a look at the screen, but the instant the video started, I used to be hooked. Obviously, theres just one thing left to do now select a bias.

What performances stuck your eye this beyond week? Did you find any gems? Please share them in the comments!

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Best of Weekly Song Shows: 2/29 – 3/6

Best of Weekly Song Shows: 2/29 – 3/6

20160306_seoulbeats_TaeminPerfect of Weekly Track Shows: 2/29 3/6Written by capacity of Lo On March 7, 2016Welcome back to the maximum productive of Weekly Music Shows! There used to be a slowing in the onslaught of new acts, despite the reality that we did see the debut of new boy band KNK and the comeback of Lee Jung-hee. Relating to the winners, Taemin nearly made a blank sweep with victories on Show Champion, The Show, M!Countdown, and Music Bank, but Mamamoo gained their first music show win on Inkigayo. Those are some of my favorites of the week, although information technologybecomeno longera very simple selection.

4Tens Severely,  MBC Show Champion, March 2, 2016

4Ten is one of the onesteamsthis isrepeatedly forgotten, which is a true tragedy as these ladieswere given game. Significantly is, genre-ly speaking, an 80s demanding rock song disguised as pop music. Those synths, that guitar, and how it resonates with vitality would without difficultyare compatible between Barracuda and Heartbreaker the Pat Benatar one on a playlist. More impressively, the instrumentals are overpowered by the vocals of 4Ten, drawing at the emotional birth and serious belting skills of each and every member.

Mamamoos Youre The Best, SBS MTV The Show, March 1, 2016

This functionality of Youre The most effectivewill havein spite of everything nailed down what makes Mamamoo so impossible to resist to for the Top of Weekly Music Display writers. Many groups are either talented technicians or talented performers, the usage oftalents in one to hide for weaknesses in the other. Mamamoo are both. They have got killer vocal technique, sliding up and down the treble clef and now notemploying aobvious effort, anything alone made more impressive when coupled with their power and sass on-stage. There is not anything these ladies cant do without making it glance easy. The French hipster styling was just the cherry on top.

B.A.Ps Feel So Good, Mnet M!Countdown, March 3, 2016

Feel So Just right isnt the primary bright, poppy song that B.A.Ps released, yetit's farthe 1st Ive liked. It hits the candy spot of being mellow and laid-back without fading into the background or changing into overly sugary. It'sthe very best low-key song for driving, playing spring, or simply feeling good. This degree stuck out from the remainder by forsaking the loopy sets in want of just letting B.A.P sing, mirroring the relax vibe of Feel So Smart amongst a stage as mellow as the song.

Nuests Overcome, KBS Music Bank, March 4, 2016

Overcome is most probably the best track that Nuest has released, but it is without query the smoothest. The RB influences are a biglend a hand in that department, but its in point of fact Nuests vocal expertise that carry it from a guy wantingto be offeringcoverage toa woman into a musical pick-up line in the way in which possible. The choreography is similarly smooth, stuffed with pops that meld into the following moves and a few very classy frame rolls. To describe this performance of Triumph over with one word: silken.

Taemins Press You Number, MBC Show! Music Core, March 5, 2016

Taemin has long been my favourite dancer in all of K-pop, and Press Your Number is here primarily basedbasically on his dance performance. Thats not to mention his vocals are bad; theyre sweet with somewhat of bite and full of longing. But his dancing is on a complete nother level. The choreography is a lot more liquid than Taemin normally does, flowing from one cross to another, never actually stopping. Yet even then, Taemin still refines his signature crisp style, squarely hitting eachstream for a fragment of a 2nd with a precision that most dancers can only dream of.

Those are my favorite performances of the week. Any you observed I missed? Leave them in the comments!

(Image by way of MBC, YouTube 12345)


Best of Weekly Song Shows: 2/8 – 2/14

Best of Weekly Song Shows: 2/8 – 2/14

20160214_seoulbeats_yooseungwooEasiest of Weekly Track Shows: 2/8 2/14Written through Cjontai On February 15, 2016Its time to celebrate love for the maximum efficient of Weekly Music Shows! Irrespective of your dating status, let us no longerdisregardthe mainside of Valentines Day the chocolate. I suppose watching idols carry out is some other bonus, but if is it not? Either way, the week was oncestuffed withjust right stages that welcomed the advent of AOAs sub-unit, AOA Cream. Gfriend endured their winning streak with Rough on many of the shows whilst Taeyeon nabbed a victory for Rain on SBS Inkigayo.

The week played out like any long-term relationship with some highs and lows in the performances. Of course, Im going to mention the ones that stuck my eye in a favorable light, yet feel looseto incorporate your favorites in the comments.

IMFACTs Lollipop, MBC Show! Music Core, February 13, 2016

The thing I admire most about rookie teams is their overwhelming power on stage. Theyre so excited to accomplish that I believepressured to cheer along as thoughI used to be there in person. The primary year is typically the busiest for any teamdecided to make a call for themselves, so if this point of functionality is any indication, then IMFACT would possiblymove a long way.

Stellars Sting, Arirang Simply K-pop, February 12, 2016

This community has gotten some flack for their brazenly sexual ideas in the past, but if one can forget about the cheesy marketing gimmicks, you'll be able tonotice how naturally charismatic they are. The women are playful and coy as they tease the target market amongst a peek-a-boo performance. The risque butt-grab in their dancers truly caught me by surprise, but it worked higher than the awkward butt-rub dance from their Marionette stages. Nobodyappeared like they wanted hemorrhoid cream here.

Yoo Seung-woos Whatever, feat. Crucial Star, KBS Music Bank, February 12, 2016

I vaguely recall staring at his debut stages a couple of years ago, and hes progressed a lot. His self belief shines as brightly as his smile, which offers me slight J-hope vibes. Not too serious aboutA very powerful Stars rap break, but I notice that its an unfortunate staple few are willing to forgo in thoseforms of songs. In spite of the gratuitous inclusion of mediocre hip hop, the remainder of the song itself is relativelyan exquisite melody.

Gfriends Rough, KBS Music Bank, February 12, 2016

The collegewoman concepts had been done to death, so its simple to fail to see decent choreography when it looks as if most of them handiest twirl and wink at the camera. As a skeptic of groups like Gfriend, I didnt think much of their dancing talenttill 1 watched this performance. Finally, I may meetall the intricate main points in their footwork and hand movements. It is helping that the cameras are in factconcentrated on them all the manner throughthe proper parts.

Winners Toddler Baby, SBS Inkigayo, February 14, 2016

Yes, the frame rolls did me in, but its body rolls by Winner on Valentines Day. Here's my provide from them. No, there wasnt a card confirming it, but I know they did this for me fans. It also supports that the song is almost certainly conducive to a few baby-making as smartly no pun intended. It's going to existwonderfulto peer them on more programs, but at this rate, In deficient health take whatever bone YG throws me.

Readers, who did you like this beyond week? Percentage your favorites!

(YouTube 1234, Symbolby way of KBS)


Best of Weekly Song Shows: 1/11 – 1/17

Best of Weekly Song Shows: 1/11 – 1/17

20160118_seoulbeats_turboEasiest of Weekly Track Shows: 1/11 1/17Written by way of Cjontai On January 18, 2016Its still beautiful cold, yet things are warming up in 2016 for the maximum productive of Weekly Music Shows. January is like a funky month for music shows basically because things generally tend to slow down post-holiday season. Since teams are dedicating themselves to attending each and every award display possible, there isnt much time to devote to liberating new material. For the ones who are making their packed schedules work, I be offering my honest admiration and condolences because they will have to exist exhausted beyond trust by now.

Suzy and Baekhyun took house wins as a duo for their song Dream on KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo whilst iKON scored a trophy for Dumb and Dumber on Mnet M!Countdown. They werent the simplest realgiant winners of the week as the Seoul Music Awards also happened recently. Congrats to all!

Ive assembled a modest list of my favourite performances from the beyond week of music shows, but everybody is welcome to incorporate their own in the comments.

Monsta Xs Amen, Mnet M!Countdown, January 14, 2016

Im slowly entering this group. Their name tracks havent wowed me, but I enjoyed this laid-back tune from the normally hype group. When groups take a possibilityand turn up their sound, it will pay off smartly alongsidethe proper song. It also doesnt harm to come withmodern and sultry moves that support the attraction of this RB delight.

Lucky Js No Love, MBC Show! Music Core, January 16, 2016

Its been just about a year since we remaining heard from Fortunate J, but thankfully, things bogged down for Jessi long enough for this comeback. Its no secret that a huge number of K-pop borrows its sound from foreign countries, so when the muse is abode grown, that increases its appeal. Tapping into their cultural roots for the songs backing track, this workforce proves you'll show pride for your heritage as a substitute of piggybacking off any individual elses to sound cool.

Shin Hye-sungs Roco Drama, MBC Show! Music Core, January 16, 2016

It used to betricky narrowing down performances, but ultimately, I chose the only given by the Shinhwa member on Show! Music Core. For starters, I may justpay attention him making a song into his mic, in order thatchanged intoa big plus. I also enjoyed the intricate choreography for this song, but the Inkigayo staging did it larger service. I went with sound over visuals, and I dont remorseful about it. He sounds so horny here that it may be a crime to pick out outanything with bad lip-syncing instead.

iKONs Dumb Dumber, SBS Inkigayo, January 17, 2016

Some had been tearing into this neighborhood for their perceived degree arrogance, yet I respect their way tomarketplace themselves as the self-assuredorganization who conquers more than a few music charts. Although they would possiblyseem cocky on stage, their attitude works for this stage. Im no longerpartial to YGs overwhelming tactic of pushing them as the following Big Bang, but I think like iKON is gaining some point of self-identity now. The crowd manages to seem like a cohesive unit here, which is what Ive been short of all along.

Turbos Reminiscence, SBS Inkigayo, January 17, 2016

This song trulyfaucets into the nostalgia lovers take for this first generation group. Admittedly, its troublesome to take Kim Jong-kook seriously as the cuddly teddy enduresortwhilst you know him as the Tiger on Running Man. His personalityutterlyadjustments when he sings, so it can also be jarring for fans now not used to seeing this facet of him. However, that fascinating smile says it all, and his group buddiesglancesimilarlyglad to be acting again.

In case anybody is wondering why I didnt comprise any Seoul Music Award performances, its for the explanation that audio was horrible, and the spider cam made an unlucky reappearance. The artists deserve to be praised at their best, so I didnt think it fair to screen stages that didnt fit their abilities. Whenever you did in finding some that you loved anyway, please feel unfastened to mention them!

(YouTube 123, Symbolby way of SBS)


Netizens Humorously And As it must be Summarize Each and every Of The massive  four Korean Song Shows

Netizens Humorously And As it must be Summarize Each and every Of The massive four Korean Song Shows

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterK-pop fanatics are taking a shot at the 4 leading trackpresentations in Korea as they describe the personalities of every broadcasters.

Posted at the online network board Instiz, netizens wrote the characteristics for every music shows, M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo.

M! Countdown We have got MPD. The broadcast will be choppy.

Music Bank  Because we dont have numerous money, here'sbest what we will do. But the sound is good?

Music Core  The degree and camera is fine? So MBC entertainment could also be fine?

Inkigayo  We have so much of money. So, were going to experiment.

Netizens who commented also added other lines, pointing out Inkigayos shoddy camera paintingscorresponding tothe bathing machine spinning.

Watch one of the vital performances from the last Inkigayo episode from July 10th:

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Best of Weekly Tune Shows: 6/20 – 6/26

Best of Weekly Tune Shows: 6/20 – 6/26

20160626_seoulbeats_sistarHighest of Weekly Song Shows: 6/20 6/26Written through Lo On June 27, 2016Welcome back to the maximum productive of Weekly Music Shows! The relative slowness of remaining week persevered this week, with debuts from O21 and Lee Jin Ah, whilst Sistar made their necessary comeback. Exo once back swept the music display wins, yet thats rather less impressive this week, as The Show did no longer air, and Music Bank held their mid-year special. Those are some of my favourite stages of the week.

CLCs No Oh Oh, MBC Show Champion, June 22, 2016

No Oh Oh is a wonderful summer jam, the mix of jazzy soul at therefrain with 90s RB giving it a little bit more bite than the common seasonal bop. CLC nail eachside of this functionality the vocals are flawless, the start is fun, the choreography is quirky without being odd. Yet what won me over is simply how 90s this degree is. The styling, the dance, the song itself; No Oh Oh practically out-90s the 90s itself. This has surpassed homage and long pastimmediately to nostalgia bomb, in the most effective style possible.

U-KISS Stalker, Mnet M!Countdown, June 23, 2016

If I had to describe this stage of Stalker in one word, it can be clean. The vocals are perfectly clean, no stumbling, no warbling, just finely tuned harmonies killing each note. The choreography is similarly clean, every one step and circulate is exact and purposeful. The formation adjustments and moves in rounds are crisp and sharp, precisely on beat. Even the all black styling provides a blank look, marking U-KISS as cohesive while now not dressing them identically.

Soyou x Shownus My Ears Candy, KBS Music Bank Half-Year Special, June 24, 2016

This list can havewithout difficulty been constituted ofnot anything but the special stages from Music Banks mid-year special episode, and I dont think somebody would have blamed me. Still, this cap of Baek Ji-youngs My Ears Sweet is amazing. Soyou gets the risk to in reality utilize and flaunt her breathy, authentic vocals, with Shownu offering the contrasting male edge. Yet its the little touches that give this performance such power, equivalent to Soyou loaning Shownu her microphone 44 seconds in. Your complete phase has this natural, effortless charm that lesser performers would kill for.

Hani x Jihuns Hassle Maker, KBS Music Bank Half-Year Special, June 24, 2016

My other variety from Music Bank is EXIDs Hani and KNKs Jihuns quilt of Trouble Maker. Its not as excellent every bit Soyou and Shownu the camerawork is questionable, and Hanis more than a little stiff and stilted but its on here for one reason: Jihun. That kid is on hearth here. His incredibly flirtatious performance more than covers for Hanis stiffness as he charms the target audience with his suave, self-assured aura. Its as though Jihun is making an attempt to woo all the audience, and he succeeds.

Lunas Loose Somebody, SBS Inkigayo, June 26, 2016

Luna is an phenomenally talented performer, and this performance of Free Somebody perfectly captures why: nothing ever turns outdemanding for her. A dance regimen that puts emphasis on quick, actual movements appears as herbal to her as walking, the annoying vocals of Free Somebody as effortless as breathing. She is owning this stage, having the time of her life, blowing her festival out of the water, and Luna looks as calm and untroubled as if she was oncemendacity on a beach. Making appearingglancesimple is impressive, but what Lunas doing is making it appearance natural, which seems impossible. . . tillyou notice her sing.

Those are my favorite stages of the week! Think I ignored any? Link them in the comments!

(Image by way of Mnet, YouTube 1234)


Best of Weekly Track Shows: 5/23 — 5/29

Best of Weekly Track Shows: 5/23 — 5/29

20160530_seoulbeats_OhMyGirlPerfect of Weekly Tune Shows: 5/23 5/29Written via Lo On Might 31, 2016Welcome back, readers, to the maximum efficient of Weekly Music Shows! Whilst things were slow at the debut front,  the summer comebacks are proceedingcomplete speed ahead. We saw comebacks from Map6, Giant Brain, Tahiti, Oh My Girl, and Jonghyun, plus even more. The awards this week were women choice, or rather a number of ladies, with AOA and Twice as our frontrunners. AOA took Show Champion, The Show, and Music Bank, while Two timeswere given M!Countdown and Inkigayo. Yet with Twice winning a triple crown on M!Countdown and Jonghyun on the horizon, who knows how next week will turn out.

Journey To Atlantis, Laboum, Show Champion, MBC, May just 25, 2016

Journey To Atlantis is the easiest song for the turn to summer. Its bright, its catchy, its lighthearted. What makes this degree stand out is the camera work, which is going for the whole lot from long shots to close-ups to overhead shots. No longersimplest does this assistthe easy choreography glance fresh, yet ITsupplies a lightheartedness that fits the song.

Tinkerbell, April, The Show, SBS MTV, Might also 24, 2016

No, youre now not miscounting the members; there are just4 girls on stage. Hyunjoo has had to head on hiatus for fitness reasons, and I wish her a fast recovery. However, the four lastparticipantsduvet for her without lacking a step or skipping a beat. Seriously, having to transform choreography thats already been committed to reminiscence is hard, and I admire April for buying their new choreography correctimmediately out of the gate.

White T-Shirt , Jonghyun,  M!Countdown, Mnet, May also 26, 2016

No disrespect to She Is, but this stage of White T-Shirt is glorious. The playful song is matched by Jonghyuns playful functionality for a wonderful summer jam. What in reality makes White T-shirt, though, are the back-up dancers. The flirty interaction between Jonghyun and the dancers elevates them from living props to performers whose role in White T-Shirt is simply equallyessential in making the performance click.

Windy Day, Oh My Girl,  Show! Music Core, Might 28, 2016

The song could be derivative, the MV can be an airy mess, but the choreography for Windy Day is banging. Its fast-paced and intense, stuffed with unison flailing and rubber legs. Yet, Windy Day never loses the grace and gentleness of the song, developing a hypnotic performance. The styling wishes a mention too: the ruffled dresses, shorts and cuts sleeves are stunning, matching the song and flattering each girls body. Whoever their stylists are, they deserve a raise.

How Other people Move, AkMu, Inkigayo, SBS, May 29, 2016

How People Cross is silly, childish, and amusing to wait forexactlythe ones reasons. We do take things way to seriously as we get older, and AkMu serve as a 3-minute reminder that increasing old is also required, but growing up is optional. The straightforward steps and buoyant music assistance emphasize that AkMu are having the time in their lives on that stage, and it just makes me smile.

Those were my favourite performances of the week. Any you trust you studied ane missed? Leave a comment!

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Akdong Musician Tops Song Charts With New Album and Confirms “Weekly Idol” Appearance

Akdong Musician Tops Song Charts With New Album and Confirms “Weekly Idol” Appearance

Akdong Musician Tops Track Charts With New Album and Confirms Weekly Idol Appearancecrystalcove Might 4, 2016 0 Akdong Musician Tops Music Charts With New Album and Confirms Weekly Idol Appearance Brother-sister duo Akdong Musician released their long-awaited album – Spring Vol. 1 – remainingevening (May 4, 0:00 a.m. KST) and crowned8 music charts soon after its release. It topped Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Genie, Naver Music, Bugs, Soribad, and Monkey3 Music with the recent album identify track Re-bye. The five other tracks at the album also charted in themost sensible 10.

Lee Chan Hyuk left a message on his Instagram account to thank enthusiasts and each person who helped on the album after he saw that the album used to be doing really well on the charts. Regardless of his call being the only credited for the musical and lyrical composition for the entire songs, Lee Chan Hyuk sought after to be certain tospecific his love and thank you to the body of workers who worked so difficult on the album.

A photo posted by skill of Chanhyuk (@akmuchanhk) on May just 3, 2016 at 10:10am PDT

In addition to the great news, it has also been showed that Akdong Musician can beperforming on the MBC Every1 kinddisplay Weekly Idol. Whilstthey have gotnow not filmed the episode yet, their guest appearance is expected to air this month.

Akdong Musician Spring Vol 1 yesasiaMake stronger the artist by purchasing Akdong Musician Album - Spring Vol. 1 from YesAsia Source (1) (2)

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