BESTie’s UJi Wins First Position On Contemporary Episode Of “Girl Spirit”

BESTie’s UJi Wins First Position On Contemporary Episode Of “Girl Spirit”

BESTies UJi Wins First Position On Contemporary Episode Of Lady Spiritchoralee August 7, 2016 0 BESTies UJi Wins First Place On Recent Episode Of Girl Spirit BESTies UJi lately made first place on JTBCs idol vocal show, Girl Spirit.

During the episode, the ladystaff member stocks her mind on attainingthe head of the list for neighborhood B.

I didnt be expectingthe reston the topic of the list, but when I were given first place I used to be shocked. Its the primary time Ive ever gotten first place, she says, thanking the viewers.

Members that still compete at thedisplaycome with SPICAs Kim Bohyung, Fiestars Hyemi, Girls Codes Sojung, BESTies UJi, LABOUMs Soyeon, Lovelyz Kei, SONAMOOs Minjae, CLCs Seunghee, Oh My Ladies Seunghee, Aprils Jinsol, Cosmic Girls Dawon, and Pledis Girlz Seongyeon. The 12 members carry out a song every episode, and are put onan inventoryin accordance with votes.

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SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Girl's Day Wins #1 on the February 2, 2014 Episode

SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Girl's Day Wins #1 on the February 2, 2014 Episode

SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Girl's Day Wins #1 on the February 2, 2014 Episode

The stars returned from their relaxing Lunar New Year break as SBS Inkigayo was back for another episode of great performances, fan chants, and screams. Your hosts for the night were Lee Yu Bi, ZE:A"s Kwanghee, and MC Siwan who was the special host.

Spica made their comeback by saying, "You Don"t Love Me." Nominations for last night were Rainbow Blaxx, Ailee, and Girl"s Day. The winner was Girl"s Day for their song, "Something." Congratulations to them!!

So, with all this being said, here are the performance recaps of last night.

Performance Recaps and Videos

Yang Ji Won mixed tradition and modern by singing "Ay Ya Ya." Yang Ji Won is a solo singer and is getting much love with this track. This song is perfect after Korea"s Lunar New Year celebration. So, if you want to mix traditional and modern music together, be a fan of Yang Ji Won.

TVXQ once again had "Something" to show last night. They brought energy, their charm, and awesome rope choreography on Inkigayo. TVXQ always performs with high volume each time they perform. Changmin winking will just make women"s heart flatter; he is just too good looking that women will be out of breath.

Rainbow Blaxx were nominated last night and thought that they might win a trophy. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Hopefully, next week. Rainbow Blaxx did the "Cha Cha" last night by once again showing their sexy legs and covering the upper part of their body. Each week, the crowd seems to get louder and louder as Rainbow Blaxx are showing that they can do sexy as well. Do you think Rainbow Blaxx has a chance of winning a first place trophy next week?

Looks like the guys of B1A4 were tired due to "Idol Athletics" as they performed, "Lonely." Though, they performed well even though Sinwoo did not tie the scarf while the guys were already done. So, he was out of sync on that part. Sign of fatigue from the Lunar New Year and all. Rest up B1A4.

Girl"s Day yet again performs "Something" with sexiness even though they had to modify their choreography. Minah is so amazing with her powerful vocals. She should really try going solo someday; she is so talented. With or without the group, fans will love her. The girls also won last night as they beat the queen of K-Pop Ailee and Rainbow Blaxx. None of the female groups who competed with them on the sexy concept; has yet to win a trophy. Congratulations Girl"s Day for proving that you can do sexy!

Koyote brought back "1999" as they once again had fun on-stage. This year was when the group made their debut onto the K-Pop music industry. So they wanted to show what clothes they wore as well how much fun they had during that year. Were you a fan of Koyote during this year?

Dal Shabet once again wowed the audience with their hot performance even though they modified it. Dal Shabet performed, "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby") last night. If you noticed, Gaeun"s part when she says, "I need somebody, body. I wanna get your body tonight" for the beginning has been removed; reason is because Korea"s censorship. So, Gaeun will no longer say this part of the lyrics on any of the music shows. Will Dal Shabet ever be nominated? They deserve a trophy.

Tiny Saxophone, dancing tribal man, a Kenny G DJ, and a gorgeous singer; this is House Rulez at its best as they performed, "Final Fantasy." Such an awesome club song to play on Fridays and Saturdays. This will get you up and dancing; great European techno flare House Rulez. Are you into the K-club music?

Can we say retro for Spica"s return? The ladies made their comeback last night by saying, "You Don"t Love Me." All of the girls can sing by having such great talent. Spica came back with this track which was composed by Lee Hyori. Notice Lee"s flare on this? Oldies is back as Spica makes their dress look good. You can bring back the oldies wardrobe by putting some modern flare to it; which Spica has done. Overall, what do you think about their return?

Kim So Jung featuring Won Joon and Rae Won came on-stage last night by saying, "You, Then You." Fan chants are fantastic because Kim"s song tells about worrying about each other during the winter season. Great melody and soft guitar to Kim"s song. If you have not yet seen her music video, please do and maybe, you might become a fan of her songs.

DickPunks said "Goodbye Girlfriend" which is a very sad song. DickPunks is a rock band that performs with a slow tempo such as this one. The members are Hyunwoo, Taehyun, Jaeheung, and Garam. The guys each compose as well write their own songs. So, what do think regarding this performance?

GOT7 still has one member that is sick who is JR. He is recovering from the swine flu. Youngjae did a great job filling in for him. Good thing that Mark did not get sick; their choreography will need to be modified. Though, the guys did fantastic as they performed, "Girls Girls Girls." Also, what do think regarding Mark doing those acrobat moves each time? Are you worried that he might hurt himself?

Honey Finger 6 is not popular yet; though they came out with their cute song, "Different Positions." Honey Finger 6"s latest track is something like what you will hear for a telephone commercial because you can hear the ring tone. The lady at the piano, is not actually playing; it is the audio music that makes you think that she is playing. What do you think about this group?

Airplane is an underrated group that needs more fans. The guys landed on-stage by asking, "How R U?" Please tell the guys how your feeling today and in-return, they will sing a great song. Let the guys of Airplane take off by reaching the skies and be a fan.

AOA wore red which signifies beauty as they performed "Miniskirt." Choreography was modified just like all of the female groups that has a sexy concept. The ladies are getting better and sexier each time they perform. Soon, they will be experts and comfortable with this concept. Ideas and promotion, AOA is doing well on this concept.

Royal Pirates are "Drawing The Line" as they are underdogs for the year. Though, this rock band is definitely great because each time, they bring energy on their performances. Royal Pirates truly needs more love and support. If your a fan of the guys, good. If your not yet a fan, take a listen to their other songs.

Topp Dogg says "Open The Door" by Kidoh rapping like always at the beginning. This guys bring high energy each time they perform. Did you notice that Hojoon was not wearing his glasses? Hopefully, he did not break them. Topp Dogg has been promoting this song for a couple of weeks now. So, will you open the door by being a fan if your not one yet?

Lee Yu Bi, who is the new MC to replace Girl"s Day"s Minah, performed a special stage performance. Lee is not a singer; though she came out to sing "Let It Go" which is from the OST, "Frozen." There is numerous comments being posted regarding her performance. It is believed that Lee is lip-syncing because she missed point on some of the lyrics. Viewers noticed and posted by saying that indeed, she did lip-sync. Though her agency commented by saying that they used a "AR back track" as they were prepared in-case she made a mistake. What do you think regarding her performance? Lip-sync or not?

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"SBS Inkigayo" Round-up: Girl's Day Wins #1 on the January 12, 2014 Episode

"SBS Inkigayo" Round-up: Girl's Day Wins #1 on the January 12, 2014 Episode

SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Girls Day Wins #1 on the January 12, 2014 Episode

Hey everyone, another week of "SBS Inkigayo" is here! Featuring some of your favorite K-Pop stars; along with great stage settings, screams, and fan chants!

Last night's episode, featured numerous stars who made their return. They were Rain by singing, "La Song" and "30 Sexy", Dal Shabet performed "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)", male group K-Much performed "Good To Go", Kim Kyung Rok worked with Block B's P.O. by singing, "It's Not a Big Deal", and F.T. Island's Seunghyun and Song Eun Yi performed "Age-Height."

Nominees were, MC the Max, IU, and Girl's Day; who will win? Fabulous Girl's Day won for "Something!" Congratulations ladies!!!

With that, let's get into the recaps.

Performance Recaps And Videos

TVXQ came out to perform "Something." The guys were not lip-syncing and sang live; they are too great and should always perform live. Hopefully next week, TVXQ gets nominated. They deserve to win! Energy, charisma, great choreography, and voices; all these they have. So no reason why they should not win.

TASTY, rather it be "Day 'n Night," they will have energy. The duo performed the remix version which is better than the original. Though the song was cut short, they kept the audience entertained. Will be interesting to see when TASTY will compose a new song? Their fans are probably looking forward toward anther soon.

Ailee proved this week that her "Singing Got Better." Amazing and powerful vocals always from her. 2014 is here, Ailee is forgetting what occurred last year and starting strong. Support queen Ailee.

Dal Shabet performed "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)" by wearing tight clothing to show their sexy figure. The ladies made a great return this week. They have shown their fans that Dal Shabet are all matured this week.

Airplane landed on-stage by performing "How R U?" Audience as well listeners at home, please tell the guys how you are feeling lately. Also, support them so they can soar higher.

K-Much are "Good To Go" by being locked and loaded to entertain the crowd. While they are from the same agency like Crayon Pop, they have great vocals and choreography. Do you prefer Crayon Pop or this guys?

Younha performed "Nothing" last night. Younha writes songs in-which her fans will like. Do you like this one? She worked hard by thinking the lyrics. So please do not say that she wrote this song for nothing.

Girl's Day wore a silky wardrobe for their performance, "Something." This girls really has something going on as they won back to back already this week. Though it is extremely early to say this, but people are wondering what concept they will bring after this one? Any guesses?

Trio Timber performed "3 Days" which makes you wonder, why three days? Does it mean that something will occur? Their voices are great, you can feel that this is a powerful song. Timber deserves more fans; support them.

F.T. Island's Seunghyun and Song Eun Yi came out to sing their cute and fun song, "Age-Height." Seunghyun and comedian Song Eun Yi really do know how to entertain the audience. Seunghyun's smile is all you need to see. He had so much fun performing with Song Eun this week.

HISTORY performed their last stage performance by saying, "What Am I To You." So what do you think regarding their style? What are they to you? Hopefully, great singers with awesome talent that can compose a better song in the coming months.

Sonya performed "I Get It" last night. If you notice her skin color, Sonya is not full Korean; though is a great singer. So do not discriminate as she did face this issue when she debuted.

Rain commanded the stage once again last night by performing "La Song" and "30 Sexy." No matter what wardrobe he wears, it always looks great due to his muscular body. His female back-up dancers, performed great by being in-sync while wearing heels. Ladies screamed each time Rain smiled as it is truly something. He knows how to have fun; which he did. What do you think regarding his performance this week?

Heyne came out seeking for her "Love 007." The life of a K-Pop idol is really tough; notice that she does not have a waistline. She needs to gain a little more weight as fans are starting to worry.

Kim Kyung Rok featuring Block B's P.O. performed, "It's Not a Big Deal." Apparently, it is a deal because it has been years since Kim has performed. He had watery eyes and was emotional last night. Fans of were happy this week to see his return; it was a long awaited comeback.

Male group Beat Win came out last night to perform, "She's My Girl." Beat Win has potential to be like U-KISS. Hopefully, they can come up with a better song. What do you think regarding this guys? Also, should they change their group name?

VIXX said, "Thank You For My Love" last night. They did not bake a cake this time; instead, they brought out a fake one. Though, it did still have candles and the groups name on it. VIXX, your fans thanks your love also. So, keep loving them on 2014 as they will in-return, compose awesome songs.

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"Music Core" Showreel: Girl's Day Wins on the January 11, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

"Music Core" Showreel: Girl's Day Wins on the January 11, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

Music Core Showreel: Girls Day Wins on the January 11, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

"Music Core" is back this week featuring your favorite K-Pop stars. Fan chants, screams, and great performances were all seen yesterday. Last night's episode, featured numerous singers that made their return.

Your stars were Rain by performing two of his songs, "La Song" and "30 Sexy", Ailee proved that her "Singing Got Better", Dal Shabet came back by performing, "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)", male group K-Much debut and are "Good To Go", Kim Kyung Rok teamed up with Block B's P.O. by singing, "It's Not a Big Deal." Finally, F.T. Island's Seunghyun as well Song Eun Yi formed as Two Song Place by singing, "Age-Height."

Nominees for the night were IU, Girl's Day, and MC the Max; though it was the ladies of Girl's Day who won for their song, "Something!" Woohoo ladies!!

Comebacks next week are GOT7 and B1A4!

So with all this being said, let's get into the performance recaps!

Performance Recaps And Videos

Girl's Day performed "Something" last night. Sojin's hair is brown again as yesterday's performance on "Music Bank," her hair was black. So what color is her hair? Brown or black? Overall, fan chants were amazing by the guys which makes you wonder what they are screaming; maybe that little slit on their dress.

Dal Shabet wore red as their chosen wardrobe for the night as they sang, "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)." Something about this song is that it is like an eighties or nineties type. Do you agree? Will this ladies be nominated next week? Maybe by going against TVXQ.

The king of K-Pop Rain made his comeback last night by performing, "30 Sexy" and "La Song." Wow, his smile, choreography, and looks; is there nothing perfect about him? So smooth by audience screaming by just his smile. Ladies will definitely hyperventilate due to his sexiness. The back-up ladies were impressive as they did not miss a step; even with heels on. They were in-sync with Rain; truly great. For "La Song," Rain was having so much fun with this performance. There is a Latin flare to this song and audience got into it by screaming as Rain's smile is really something. When Rain does a world tour probably this year, definitely ticket's will be sold out quickly.

TVXQ Yunho and Changmin came out by saying, "Something." The guys really has something going on as this was another great performance. You see the rope used as a instrument; as well boxing ring. Hopefully, the guys will be nominated and win a trophy next week. It is all about being synchronized, which they do at the beginning until end which audience truly like; especially the ladies, by fan chanting and screaming.

You know Crayon Pop right? Well, K-Much is the male counter-part of the girls. Notice the same similarity on the opening? The guys made their debut last night by singing, "Good To Go." If South Korea had a Power Rangers show, this song will definitely be the theme song. What do you think about this group so far? Catchy is it?

Amid all the terrible scandals last year, Ailee comes out wearing white, which signifies purity. Her "Singing Got Better" and Ailee's voice is always fantastic. Let's forget what happened last year; show love for Ailee this year!

For this YouTube video, you will have to fast forward to watch Kim Kyung Rok's performance, "It's Not a Big Deal." While it is not a big deal for Kim, his fans are loving his return with his great voice. Truly a huge deal. Block B's P.O. was also great as well. What do you think of Kim and P.O. working together so far?

Forty-one Song Eun Yi and F.T. Island's Seunghyun performed a cute song titled, "Age-Height." As you age, you will get shorter and at forty-one, Song is still smiling and having fun. Just look at her and Seunghyun, both definitely had fun performing last night.

Yang Ji Won mixed traditional and modern last night by singing, "Ayaya" which sounds great by it being catchy. What do you think about traditional songs being mixed with modern? Yang keeps it great by having an upbeat to this song. The people of this generation might like it.

VIXX said, "Thank You for my Love" to their fans last night. Without fans, the guys will not be where they are today; popular. So to thank they love, VIXX baked another cake. Do you ever wonder if the guys share the cake after their performance? Spread the love guys and great job!

Veteran rock musician Kim Jong Seo performed "Painful." Kim is an icon to the K-Pop industry because he truly cares about the environment. You think maybe he wrote this song due to what he sees about the environment? Please take of the environment where you live by keeping it clean.

Wassup are proving the other female groups that they are different with their song, "Nom Nom Nom." This hip hop group could really gain some more fans. They are not that bad and crowd seems to enjoy their performance. Give Jinju, Sujin, Nada, Nari, Jiae, Woojoo, and Dain some love by being a fan of them.

Diatree came out last night to sing, "Please Find Her." The names of this four are Juktoma, Daewanma, Heukyeol, and Julyeong. Each of these guys has a unique voice which calmed the audience. Though the song, is about finding someone that they truly love; help the guys find her by supporting them.

Rookie female group Aila performed "Pretty Pretty Pretty Girl's." While the song is upbeat and all, definitely this group needs more support to be up there with the rest; what do you think? Do you like this girls?

Male group AlphaBAT came out for "AB City." Why is Beta wearing a mask? Fans would definitely like to see his whole face. Do you think that Beta will ever perform without the mask? You can see B's face on the music video though. Though their performance was cut short, the guys did great even though. Children, continue learning the first seven letters of the alphabet by listening AlphaBAT. Finally, if you did not know yet, Teen Top's Ricky's brother Epsilon is with this group.

Flashe performed last night as well by entertaining the audience with their song, "Oh Ye Yo." Sonya also sang as well.

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It’s Good enough To Be Derpy: K-Pop Girl-Group 1st Position Celebrations Display Their Dorky Nature

It’s Good enough To Be Derpy: K-Pop Girl-Group 1st Position Celebrations Display Their Dorky Nature

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWinning first position on tracksystems is at all times a excitingenjoy for any artists, rookie or veteran. However, some ladycrewparticipantsscreena totally unique array of reactions each time they win a trophy in this post. 

In a post compiled via Dispatch, Girls’ Day’s Hyeri was onceobserved accepting their trophy onstage and celebrated barefoot, even sharing a trophy kiss with fellow member Minah. Taeyeon, at the other hand, has a tendency to kiss her trophy when selling her solo album, yet acts cutely whenever she’s with assignment group, TaeTiSeo.

Other members who appear to celebrate their wins otherwise is Red Velvet’s Yeri with a trophy to her head, Joy, f(x)’s Amber, G-Friend’s Yerin, SISTAR’s Dasom and more.

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Which Underrated Woman  Workforce Member Took The Crown In this Weeks Girl Spirit

Which Underrated Woman Workforce Member Took The Crown In this Weeks Girl Spirit

Which Underrated LadyStaff Member Took The Crown In this Week’s “Girl Spirit?”notclaira July 26, 2016 0 Which Underrated Girl Organization Member Took The Crown On This Week’s “Girl Spirit?” The July 26 episode of JTBC’s “Girl Spirit” featured performances from Cosmic Girls’ Dawon, Lovelyz’ Kei, CLC’s Seunghee, Sonamoo’s Minjae, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, and Pledis Girlz’s Seongyeon. .

Cosmic Girls’ Dawon covered Girls’ Generation’s “Way to Go” and showed off her robust vocals and a memorable flag performance. “There were loads of things that came about to us when we ready to debut,” she said. “I consideredthe ones things and practiced this performance” Dawon were given 83 points.

Lovelyz’s Kei conducted “Atlantis Princess” via BoA and published that the song encouraged her to turn out to be a singer. Her tough choreography and function won her 88 points.

CLC’s Seunghee sang Ivy’s “I Will have to Be a Fool” and said, “When I practice, even now, every so oftenI think bad about myself. All through my trainee days, each personmost effectiveserious about my susceptible points. I continuously felt that I will have done smartly if any person only cheered me on.” She also expressed her gratitude at the audiences’ reaction to her functionality and won 65 points.

Sonamoo’s Minjae sang Maya’s “Shout of Myself” and mentioned the hardship of leaving her local Busan for Seoul to changed into a trainee. “The toughestsectionwas once feeling people’s passion in us wax and wane. I would like to sing a song that truly comforted me during those times.” Minjae won 90 issues and was crowned the winner of this week’s episode.

Last’s week’s winner, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, covered “A Goose’s Dream.” Her performance was a otheridea from last week’s “Dream Girl,” yet her emotional rendition won her 87 points.

The ultimate functioning of the evening was Pledis Girlz’s Seongyeon. She covered S.E.S’s “Just A Feeling” and gave a groovy and brand new RB-style performance, winning 81 facets with her impressive “3-level note.”

After the performances, the 111 target audienceindividuals voted back in a 2nd round. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee and Lovelyz’s Kei joined Minjae in the head 3.

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5 Reasons “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Will Have A unique  Position In Our Hearts

5 Reasons “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Will Have A unique Position In Our Hearts

5 Reasons Expensive Fair Girl Kong Shim Will Have A differentPosition In Our Heartsmayme22 June 21, 2016 0 5 Reasons Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim Will Have A Special Place In Our Hearts Warning: There are spoilers!

Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim has ended, and were certain were no longerthe sole ones having withdrawal symptoms! With its warmth, humor, and middle (all 3 which never failed in the face of the later, tenser episodes), this drama had us swooning one moment and laughing the next. To lend a hand ease that drama hangover, here are five reasons why Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim, regardless of its flaws, will at all times have a special place in all of our hearts.

1. Dantes (Namgoong Mins) giggly laughs (AKA facial expressions of a former psychopath)one mean

2. The Bromance and the Squad

Not simplest is the bromance between Junsu (On Joo Wan) and Dante so so cute, yet but the friendship of all three of the leads makes my heart warm. They are seriously so adorable and dorky.

And despite the reality that the later episodes lose the bromance, it does come again (after like two-three episodes?), and the loss just made us crave it more. But even when the episodes get somewhat darker, the drama never loses its cute. (In fact, theres even a new bromance in the air.)


3. Mild every bit a balloon and fluffier than Dantes wig darlingisaeng

This drama isnt actuallyanythingyou will want remember as well as deeply about. You'll be in a position to (and I dont mean this in a negative way at all) more or less turn off your brain and just watch it for the feels and squeals.

4. Twist on cliche drama plots

While the drama does have a couple of cliché plot lines (like the birth secret that dragged out a wee bit too long), there are any other plot gadgets that they take and activate the heels. For example, one of my favourite scenes is when Dante faked getting harm and then he mayobtain sympathy from Kong Shim (Minah). When Kong Shim stepped out for a bit, as a substitute of setting outthe solid and getting stuck when Kong Shim comes back in.

We get this struggling-but-oddly-cute Dante.

Another one is a take at theunsightly girl receiving a makeover. There was no makeover (until the tremendous duper end) — and I truly loved how they did that. Ive constantlycherished her wig from the beginningas ithave compatibility her personality hence well, and she looked adorable in it. Without the wig, Kong Shim the character wouldnt have felt the same.

But I believethe largestkind of breaking of K-drama cliches is that either leads are so nice. I dont think there are too many dramas in the market where that you may say you've got first and second lead syndrome, because both male leads are so so sweet and adorkable. Now not only that, but they also both respect her and inspire her to grow as a person.

And this leads me to my final point

5. The actors are rather well castNot just the 2 male actors (with their smiley smiley faces)

But Minah is actually wonderful as Kong Shim. She plays the nature with just the right kind amount of quirks and loads of heart, and I in truthcan't wait to look her act in other dramas as well!

You can watch Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim on Viki below:

What did you bring to mind the drama? Did it make you squeal (and face palm) up to we did? Let us know in the comments below!

mayme22’s favorite Bible verse is 1 Peter 3:3-4.

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Underrated Lady  Workforce  Festival Girl Spirit Crowns First Winner

Underrated Lady Workforce Festival Girl Spirit Crowns First Winner

Underrated WomanStaffFestival “Girl Spirit” Crowns First Winnernotclaira July 20, 2016 0 Underrated Girl Organization Competition “Girl Spirit” Crowns First Winner JTBC’s new type program “Girl Spirit” has after all made its debut! The show, which targets to exhibitthe skills of girl group participants who have no longer yet hit it big, aired its first episode on July 19.

SpoilersEmceed by way of Jo Se Ho and INFINITE’s Sunggyu, the twelve contestants first gave a functionality with their group sooner thanbeginning their solo stage. They also mentioned the hardships of an idol career.

“We debuted around the similar time as EXID and AOA, yet our public popularity is low,” FIESTAR’s Hyemi said. “In fact, it’s practically non-existent. We haven’t had a unmarried make song in 4 years. We would like todisplayfolks more of us, but it’s frustrating.”

Sojung of Ladies’ Code said, “There are such so much ofthose who cheer us on. Individualslet us know that they would like the States to succeed. But that truly creates more power on us to do well.”

After all twelve contestants gave their performance, they were judged via votes. After the primary and 2dcircular votes were added together, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee took first position and SPICA’s Bohyung took second.

You can watch the remainder of the performances below!

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Quiz: Are you in a position to  Wager  Those K-Pop Girl-Group Songs Based totally  Simplest On Their Instrumentals

Quiz: Are you in a position to Wager Those K-Pop Girl-Group Songs Based totally Simplest On Their Instrumentals

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSome songs are so memorable that enthusiasts can appreciate them just from a couple of seconds of the instrumental. 

With such so much ofwomanteamsliberating hit songs lately, fans have created a video quiz to peer but how many they know by way of heart. With lower than 15 seconds of every to wagerevery one song, fans are given the dangerto test out and guess all ten fresh daughterteam hits. Featuring songs by popular girl groups similar to ApinkEXID, and TWICE, the video quiz is certain to difficulty any K-pop fan. Give the quiz a attempt to see how smartly you know recent girl neighborhood songs:

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JTBC’s New Making a song  Display “Girl Spirit” To Update “Sugar Man”

JTBC’s New Making a song Display “Girl Spirit” To Update “Sugar Man”

JTBCs New Making a songDisplayLady Spirit To Update carbohydrateGuy soojji June 28, 2016 0 JTBCs New Singing Show Girl Spirit To Replace Sugar Man On June 28 a JTBC representative published to OSEN news, Girl Spirit plans to air its first episode on July 19. This implies daughter Spirit will replace presentkind program, Sugar Man.

The show will give the opportunity to underrated feminine idols, who haven't begun to gain recognition, to end up their vocal abilities to viewers.

Girl Spirit might be led through PD Ma Gun Young, who was once the production assistant for MBCs Limitless Challenge. This may just occasionally exist Mas first task as a primary PD after moving to JTBC.

The show will be hosted by comic Jo Se Ho and INFINITEs Sunggyu. Tak Jae Hoon, Jang Woo Hyuk, Chun Myung Hoon, Lee Ji Hye, and SEO In Young will seem as the contestants mentors.

Learn more about the showed contestants here.

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