Betrayer Becomes Betrayed In Newest Episode Of We Were given Married

Betrayer Becomes Betrayed In Newest Episode Of We Were given Married

Betrayer Becomes Betrayed In Newest Episode Of “We Were given Married”notclaira July 9, 2016 0 Betrayer Becomes Betrayed In Latest Episode Of “We Got Married” At the July nine episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” FIESTAR’s Cao Lu and Yezi persisted their double date with Jo Se Ho and Nam Chang Hee.

In order to assist Yezi and Nam Chang Hee get closer, Cao Lu and Jo Se Ho make a decisionto tug a hidden camera prank on the 2 of them at a restaurant.

As a section of the prank, Cao Lu tries to reservehighly spiced stew. Jo Se Ho then pretends to get pissed off amongst her because he had already ordered anything else, which makes Cao Lu upset.

However, Yezi is noticedscuffling withto conceala grin and she presentations Nam Chang Hee a message on her telephone where she had written, “It’s obtrusive that here's a prank.”

When Nam Chang Hee and Yezi confront Jo Se Ho with the truth, the 3 of them make a decision to prank Cao Lu instead. Nam Chang Hee mocks Jo Se Ho for his awful acting and Jo Se Ho pretends to get angry and the two of them finally finish up storming out, much to Cao Lu’s shock.

When the overallfact comes out, Cao Lu says in an interview, “I felt betrayed.”

Watch the complete episode below:

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Doctors Breaks Outdated  Listing For Most-Watched Scene In Newest Episode

Doctors Breaks Outdated Listing For Most-Watched Scene In Newest Episode

“Doctors” Breaks OutdatedChecklist For Most-Watched Scene In Newest Episodejun2yng July 6, 2016 0 “Doctors” Breaks Preceding Record For Most-Watched Scene In Latest Episode The newest episode of SBS’s popular Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctors” has damaged its previous viewership record for most-watched scene in Episode 6, in addition overall.

The episode, consistent with Nielsen Korea on July 6, recorded 19.7 %national and 21.6 percent in the Seoul metropolitan area, a new prime for “Doctors,” which has been expanding in viewership each and every week.

The most watched scene of the drama (below) recorded a whopping 25.71 percent viewership.

The production workforce said, “Kim Rae Won changing into a form of ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ for Hye Jung is most certainly what many girls see as the ideal man. On best of that, he’s good-looking and has were givena super smile. He doesn’t care what others think and expresses his love freely, and with confidence. Who may justno longer dearest Ji Hong?

“Doctors” airs each Monday and Tuesday on SBS at 10 p.m. KST.

Watch the most recent episode (Episode 6) below!

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“Running Man” newest episode brings the Monday Couple to tears

“Running Man” newest episode brings the Monday Couple to tears

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter The newest episode of Running Man tested the strength and patience in their members, yet what couple be in the back of Gary and Song Ji Hyo’s tears? Spoilers ahead. 

On the Would possibly 29th episode of Running Man, the program endured amongst their 300th special episode where they tested the strength of the program’s favourite couple, Gary and Song Ji Hyo.

During the game, the couple used to beproblem to some of the program’s vintageassignment where the the male player lies on the ground and holds the feminine participant to the air with his feet. For the special episode, however, Gary and Song Ji Hyo need to compete with three hundred students.

As the sport progressed, it showed the battleat the back of the mission as increasingly couples fail to finish the task. As the clocks ticked, however, Gary began to whinge of leg pain whilst Ji Hyo maynot hide the struggle from the task. Regardless of the aches, the couple persisted and continued the challenge with the rest seven teams.

With Yoo Jae Suk signaling to claim the winners after winding up twenty leg push-ups, Song Ji Hyo maynow notforestall but cry when theycarried out the task, developingrather an emotional moment from the remainder of the participants and staff.

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The Go back of Superman Explains Why Ki Tae Young and Daughter Rohee Did Now not  Seem In Newest Episode

The Go back of Superman Explains Why Ki Tae Young and Daughter Rohee Did Now not Seem In Newest Episode

“The Go back of Superman” Explains Why Ki Tae Young and Daughter Rohee Did No longerSeem In Newest Episodeilmare42 Might 9, 2016 0 “The Return of Superman” Explains Why Ki Tae Young and Daughter Rohee Failed to Appear In Latest Episode Some enthusiasts of “The Return of Superman” were disappointed to discoverthat can 8s episode didn'tcome with actor Ki Tae Young and his adorable little one daughter Rohee.

As “The Return of Superman” welcomed Oh Ji Ho and his daughter this week, and Yang Dong Geun and his kids joined remaining week, some audience were involved that Ki Tae Young and Rohee may smartly be leaving. In Gyo Jin may be planned to make his first appearance with his kidat thedisplay next week, and the 3 new fathers will be taking care in theirchildren together.

However, a representative of “The Return of Superman” clarified to news outlet TelevisionFile on May 9, “Ki Tae Young and Rohee did not appear in yesterday’s episode because we didn't haveample footage.”

They provide an explanation for that they haven’t been in a positionfinda fantastic time for either the group and Ki Tae Young to film. “There was once no special reason,” they add. “They are undoubtedly not leaving the show. The major stars in ‘The Return of Superman’ are the children, and there are widespreadadjustments in the time tablein accordance with the children’s condition. This become true in this example as well.”

It’s reported that Ki Tae Young and Rohee will be acting once back in May 15’s episode for their same old slot. The episode will also feature Yang Dong Geun, Oh Ji Ho, and In Gyo Jin taking care of their kids together.

Watch the maximum recent episode of The Return of Superman below!

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Joy cries whilst  announcing farewell to Sunjae on ultimate episode of “We Were given Married”

Joy cries whilst announcing farewell to Sunjae on ultimate episode of “We Were given Married”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Audience are bidding farewell to yet any other couple on We Were given Married, one who has brieflyturn intoa favourite among fans: Joy and Sungjae.

Aired on Might 7th, the 2 reminisced over the days they had spent in combination equally a virtual couple the beyond few months.

Image: Joy and Sungjae We Got Married / MBC Image: Joy and Sungjae We Got Married / MBC

Holding a concert for each and every other at the Bbyu Song Center, Joy sang BoAs My Sweetie, dropping tears as she did so prompting Sungjae to stroll on level to convenience her. In return, Sungjae sang Jung Joon Ils Hug Me. By skill of the finish of the song, Joy burst into tears.

Currently, We Got Married functions the couple Cao Lu of FIESTAR Jo Se Ho and new couple Eric Nam Solar of MAMAMOO.

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“We Were given Married” Yook Sungjae and Joy’s Remaining Episode Date and Layout Confirmed

“We Were given Married” Yook Sungjae and Joy’s Remaining Episode Date and Layout Confirmed

We Were given Married Yook Sungjae and Joys Final Episode Date and LayoutShowed ehk38 Would possibly 5, 2016 0 We Got Married Yook Sungjae and Joys Last Episode Date and Format Confirmed We Got Married has confirmed the respectable date of idol couple Yook Sungjae and Joys departure from the show.

On the Could 7 broadcast of MBC virtual marriage display We Got Married, Yook Sungjae and Joy will host a unique concert in combination for their ultimate episode.

Fans can sit up for a Byu Couple Song Core special throughout the prove where Yook Sungjae and Joy each and every chooses and plays a song that expresses their emotions for one another. During the filming, Yook Sungjae reportedly shed tears during Joys song.

The couple sees never-before-seen picturesof every others interviews ahead of their virtual marriage and they even have alikelihoodto invite direct and truthful questions to every other like How would you rating me?

Will you be tuning in to Yook Sungjae and Joys special concert?

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“Youth Over Flowers” Apologizes for Members’ Habit at Hotel in Newest Episode

“Youth Over Flowers” Apologizes for Members’ Habit at Hotel in Newest Episode

Youth Over Plant life Apologizes for ContributorsHabit at Hotel in Newest Episodeck525 March 13, 2016 0 LINE it!Youth Over Flowers Apologizes for Members Behavior at Hotel in Latest Episode The production team at the back of tvNs “Youth Over Flowers” has apologized for the members’ arguable behavior at a hotel in Namibia.

“In an effort to painting the youths’ journey without any editing, we did now not pay ample attention to cutting out scenes that canappear inappropriate, and we ask for forgiveness for that. From now on, we could bein a position topaintingsmore difficult to screenmost effective their most presentable sides,” a member of the presentations product team told Daily Sports on March 13.

In the episode of “Youth Over Flowers” that aired on March 11, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ahn Jae Hong, Ko Kyung Pyo, and Park Bo Gum head to the hotel eating place without converting out in their gowns and continue to have breakfast in them. The subtitles under them call them “Gown Angel 2” and “Gown Angel 3.” Soon afterwards, a hotel employee approaches them and issues out their wrongdoings.

“The hotel worker needs us to change,” Ahn Jae Hong says, and the cast members go to exchange their outfits.

The 2nd controversial scene functions the members at the hotel pool. Whilst swimming with the group, Ko Kyung Pyo suggests, “Do you needto hang up your boxers and wave them?” They all take off their boxers and shake them in the air, which shows they are completely naked. Here is problematic when the hotel pool is for communal use, not only for the members.

After the display aired, some netizens were fastto indicate the members’ bad manners.

“Eating in gowns or swimming bare in a hotel pool don't seem to bepictures of Korea we wish engrave in the minds of foreigners. The members and crew need to be more cautious,” a netizen said. “If the members were too young to gain their mistakes, the crew should have either stopped them or cut out all the scene.”

Do you think the members of teenybopper Over Flowers were out of line with their actions?

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SISTAR and Hyuna pass global with newest “Family Guy” episode

SISTAR and Hyuna pass global with newest “Family Guy” episode

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn a newly broadcast episode of the preferred U.S. animated show Family Guy aired on January 3rd (PST), K-Drama and K-Pop went global as the episode poked amusing at the genre.

The episode Candy, Quahog Marshmallow follows Peter, Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire as they get addicted to an old K-Drama Winter Summer which featured Quagmire as the lead. Not ableto discover the VHS tape of the overall episode, the gangmade up our minds to talk over with South Korea to look for it, encountering Quagmires former co-star, Sujin, along the way.

Encountering K-pop whilst in the country, clips of SISTARs Touch My Framesong video were played, the ladyteamunquestionably receiving global exposure via this.

Using K-Pop to get by way of Quagmire, Peter, Joe, and Cleveland covers Hyunas hit track Bubble Pop with their own lyrics as to why he mustgo back to the U.S. To the skilled eyes of K-Pop fans, dances and ideas from several hit K-Pop songs equivalent to Crayon Pops Bar Bar Bar, PSYs Gangnam Style, and more! Are you ready to spot the references?

The episode captures the real moments any K-drama and/or K-pop loversgo through amongstthe seriouswant to lookout manthe following drama episode or even commenting on how beautiful Korean male celebrities can be.

You can watch the episode back at Hulu!

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iKON's B.I Impresses With His Dance Abilities On Newest Episode Of 'Running Man' VIDEO

iKON's B.I Impresses With His Dance Abilities On Newest Episode Of 'Running Man' VIDEO

B.I iKON Korean kinddisplays are slightlyinfamous for revealing otheraspects of the more than a few K-pop idols that finally end up making guest appearances on them. In particularly, "Running Man" has a tendency to bring out primary competitiveness, as the objective is at all times to do whatever it takes to win.

That is to say, if your favourite idol seems on "Running Man," likelihood is thatyou can exist pleasantly surprised.

On the maximum recent episode of "Running Man," lovers were pleasantly shocked amongst iKON's B.I, who showed off his amazing dance abilities every bita section of the difficulty to win Song Ji Hyo's affection. Fans can take a glance at a video of B.I's dancing below.

Similar to "Running Man" majorsolid member Song Ji Hyo, fans are reacting to B.I's dance with a bit of shy embarrassment.

"I'm blushing just from looking at how he danced against Ji Hyo. I cannotstay up forthe overall episode! I admire how he put his hand round her shoulder," acknowledged Sandra Tina Yap on YouTube.

According to Soompi, B.I's dance used to befirstly choreographed by way ofnoted YouTube dance choreographer Bryan Puspos. Puspos created the choreography to Travis Garland's quilt of "Rocket," which turned into originally a song by Beyonce.

B.I is joined in this week's "Running Man" by fellow workforce member and rap duo spouse Bobby. Bobby attempted to win the affection of a team member with a rap that he composed himself. Ultimately, it turns out that that either boys are doing smartly on their first rangedisplay appearance since debuting as iKON.

iKON will unencumber their complete debut album "Welcome Back" on Dec. 24. The crowd has announced plans to release two new track videos with the release, with one song titled "I Omit You So Bad," written and composed by YG Entertainment label mate G-Dragon. The 2 other songs that experience been teased are titled "What's Wrong" and "Dumb Dumber."

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Netizens spot scripted scene on “We Were given Married” episode featuring Red Velvet and BTOB

Netizens spot scripted scene on “We Were given Married” episode featuring Red Velvet and BTOB

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens have pointed out an incident proving that hit virtual fact programme We Were given Married is scripted. 

On November 28th, We Got Married airedd an episode of couple Sungjae and Joy taking the horror rollercoaster concernalong side their Red Velvet and BTOB members. However, as the episode progressed, fanaticsspotted that the explicit scene used to be filmed twice.

In the primary screen capture, member Peniel changed into spotted sitting in front of Yeri and Changsub. However, in the succeeding photos, he was noticed sitting at the back of them at the same rollercoaster ride, which sparked speculations of the display being scripted.

This left to netizens to indicate that now nothandiest the individuals were made to take the ride twice, most likely more, but also highlighting the problem that the fault was spotted because of their deficient editing.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented on the usual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

The only way to solve this trouble is to close down the programI used to be wondering why the ride looked as though it wouldcross on for goodbyeChangseobI'm hoping Sungjae gets out soon..why would you force any person whos scared to move on two timesPlease close the program down Source: Instiz

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