Billionaire List Reflects Creating Wealth Gap

Billionaire List Reflects Creating Wealth Gap

Record-low hobby rates have made it more challenging than ever to strike it wealthy amongstmonetary investments, yet some 70,000 Koreans neverthelesscontrolledto check in for the ranks of billionaires in the closing4 years.Investing in genuine estate used to be in a other way to a fortune, but now it's far proving to be less and no more lucrative. The choice of real estate moguls has reducedwhilst more other folks taketurn into richer via inheritance. KB EconomicStaff on Wednesday published an annual wealth file which obviously showed a marked shift in investment patterns brought on by ultra-low interest rates, low economic enlargement and an aging society. Rich Koreans are the ones with financial sourcesvalue more 1 billion won (US$1=W1,165). KB heavilywondered 400 of them for the report.

Polarization of WealthThe variety ofrich Koreans grew from 142,000 in 2012 to 211,000 last year. The worthin their fiscal assets surged from W318 trillion to W476 trillion over the similar period. They account for an insignificant 0.41 % of the population, but own 15.3 percent of personal financial assets. The figures mightappear tame in comparison to the U.S., where the head one percent of the population own 43 percent of assets, but the distance is creatingrapid here. The share of assets owned by the richest four years ago used to be 13.8 percent.The number of super-rich Koreans with assets of more than W20 billion grew 12.7 percent from 500 to 800, while the number of wealthy Koreans with assets of between W1 billion and W5 billion grew 10.2 percent from 135,000 to 199,000. Either the number and quantity of assets grew 10 percent every year. The self-assessment criteria have gotten smallernotablybecause of low interest rates and a slow economy. Koreans now imagine themselves rich if their assets overall W7 billion, down from W10 billion in 2012. "The self-assessment criteria surroundexpectancies of financial gains in the future. The reality that the bar has been lowered manner more individuals feel it is less most likely that they're going to branda load morecash in the future, " stated Ahn Yong-shin at KB Financial Group. Fewer Real Estate Moguls Some 67 percent of the wealthy said it is tricky to make money from real estate investments, while 26 percent don't seem to be sure. Simplest 6.3 percent said it's still imaginable to strike it rich by investing in property. Korea Appraisal Board informationdisplay land costshigher solely 1.5 percent this year after increasing around two percent from 2014 to 2015. Most be expectingthe fashion to continue.Real estate assets are making up a smaller and smaller proportion of rich people's asset portfolios, shedding from 59.5 percent in 2012 to 51.4 percent this year, while financial assets grew from 35.6 percent to 43.6 percent over a similar period.Park Gyu-bae at Kookmin Bank said expanding uncertainties are in the back of the waning preference for real estate. "Uncertainties like low interest rates and coffeedevelopment getbrought about many prosperousfolks to have a difficult time opting for their investments. A growing number of prosperoushumans are promoting their real estate because financial assets will also bechanged intomoney much faster, so they're going to exist more nimble when opportunities emerge in the future". Fewer Self-Made Billionaires Some 58.3 percent of rich people consider that chances are top that low that their youngstersmay be wealthier than them, while only 11.8 percent feel otherwise. They are even more skeptical when it got here to the chanceof having rich by their own efforts. Seven out of 10 said it can be tricky for their toddlers to get rich without their parents' help. The proportion who grew rich by way of inheritance rose from 13.7 percent five years ago to 26.3 percent. In contrast, the proportion who made fortune through real estate investments more than halved from 45.8 percent to 21 percent. For the primary time, those that inherited their wealth outnumbered fortunate real-estate investors.


K-Pop Play List: Super Junior Celebrates 8 Years Of Creating K-Pop Magic

K-Pop Play List: Super Junior Celebrates 8 Years Of Creating K-Pop Magic

Super Junior, Super Junior-M, SM Entertainment

K-Pop Play List: Super Junior Celebrates 8 Years Of Creating K-Pop Magic

Super Junior proves that you can become more fun over time. With the announcements ofa year end SM Town Week, the release of a photo book,a lecture at the world renown Oxford University, and the addition of Super Show 5 appearances, SM Entertainment's Super Junior commemorated eight years in the K-Pop industry.Since the debut of the group, Super Junior has captured the hearts of K-Pop fans worldwide.Super Junior are credited as helping to lead the Hallyu Wave, in part due to the popularity of their Mandopop sub-group Super Junior-M, which has aided SM Entertainment's domination of the Chinese market for K-Pop.

Due to the structure of the group and the sheer talent of the members, Super Junior maintains the ability to remain active, even as members cycle into their mandatory military service.While Leeteuk and Yesung are currently absent, Super Junior has maintained their tour cycle for Super Show 5 and activities.This group model, which was replicated by EXO, has enabled the group to maintain constant relevance in the K-Pop market.Super Junior is known as whimsical group, which was demonstrated this week when they celebrated their eight year anniversary with an airport cosplay, prior to traveling to their performance in Mexico City.

With a diverse catalog of music, Super Junior has an outstanding playlist of K-Pop favorites, which can help you celebrate their eight year anniversary:

Sub-group Super Junior-M performingSuper Junior's breakout hit U

The widely successful dance hit Sorry Sorry.

2010's Bonamana marked the beginning of lineup changes for the group.

The group performing Mr. Simple at SM Town NYC

The whimiscal homage to James Bond, SPY

Over the span of eight years, Super Junior has established numerous hits, including the club anthem Sexy, Free,Single, the dance favorite Mr. Simple, and the electro-swing hit SPY.As the group dominated this first week in November with a flood of news, Super Junior proved that they are very relevant in K-Pop and do not intend to leave the scene anytime soon. What are some of your favorite Super Junior songs and how did you celebrate their anniversary?


Simon Dominic Reflects On His “Show Me the money 5” Experience

Simon Dominic Reflects On His “Show Me the money 5” Experience

Simon Dominic Reflects On His Display Me the moneyfiveEnjoy kminjungee July 19, 2016 0 Simon Dominic Reflects On His Show Me the Money 5 Experience As some of the winning manufacturers of Show Me the Money 5, Simon Dominic looks back on his whole experience at the show, and how it affected him his feelings and him as a person.

On July 19, the rapper sat down for an interview where he talks about BewhYs win on the show.

During his winning speech on the general episode, Simon Dominic said, Fourth place Dominic, who was once cursed since his appearance on Show Me the Money 5 became announced, has won in the end. From now on, Sickreside even more enthusiastically. Ive change into more honest afterwardsperformingin this show. Ill change intoany individual whos more active and diligent overall.

The rapper expresses his thank you to rapper BewhY once more, and explains how he feels the time they spent generatingin combination was precious, and a just right experience.

He also candidly discusses how all of the evidence Me the Money 5 experience was a curler coaster of emotions for him. Whilst he says that he felt conflicted after hangingfinal during the producers performances and after wastingby way ofa large margin during the team diss battle, Simon Dominic explains, I felt a combination of emotions each episodesometimes I assumed to myself, What was the point of participating, yet felt higher when I saw that our tracks were doing smartly on the charts.

Simon Dominic and GRAYs efforts as producers undoubtedly paid off, and congratulations to BewhY and team AOMG once more!

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YouTube releases list of most-watched K-Pop song videos to this point this year

YouTube releases list of most-watched K-Pop song videos to this point this year

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMarking the finish of the primarypart of 2016, popular streaming website YouTube released a listing of the 10 most-watched K-Pop song videos up to now this year. 

As expected, worldmegastar soloist Psy took first position amongst his new hit song Daddy, which has already surpassed 150 million views. Even if the list is titled the most-watched videos from 2016 so far, it capabilities songs that were released between November 24th, 2015 and June 30th, 2016.

Although giant names such as Psy, EXOBTS, and 4MINUTE werent too much of a surprise, rookie groups TWICE and G-Friend impressed loversthrougheither making it onto the list, with TWICEs Cheer Up rating2nd overall with over 57 million perspectives since its unencumber in May. Take a glance atthe overall list below:

1. PSY Daddy (feat. 2NE1s) (~170 million views)

2. TWICE Cheer Up (~57 million views)

3. BTS Fireplace (~40 million views)

4. PSY Bell Bottoms (~32 million views)

5. Chen and Punch  Everytime (~31 million views)

6. EXO Monster (~30 million views)

7. Yoon Mirae At all times (~27 million views)

8. G-Friend  Rough (~25 million views)

9. BTS Run (~25 million views)

10. 4MINUTE Hate (~25 million views)

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Ahn Jae-hyeon and Koo Hye-seon, #1  trendy day lovey-dovey couple through 'Name List'

Ahn Jae-hyeon and Koo Hye-seon, #1 trendy day lovey-dovey couple through 'Name List'

The episode of tvN's entertainment communicate show, 'Name List' on July 11 featured a listing of fashionable day lovey-dovey couples.

Kim Woo-bin and Sin Min-ah couple ranked eighth. The 2 stars met all over shooting a pictorial for a clothing emblem for the primary time. And then their friendship changed into romance later. They reside some 10 mins away. It's miles known that the couple see every other two or 3 times a week for sure.

The 7thwas once Joo Wang-wook and Cha Ye-ryeon couple. They overcame the seven year age hole and stay their love strong.

The couple at the seventh become Kwak Do-won and Jang So-yeon couple. The originalsection about his couple is that Jang So-yeon fell in one-sided love with Kwak Do-won fist. And then Jang So-yeon acted proactively to earn Kwak Do-won's heart. The famous person couple at the 5thposition is In Gyo-jin and So I-hyeon who met in a drama.

The owner of fourth place is Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Hyo-jin couple. They met via a advertisement for a clothing brand in 2003. Since then, Yoo Ji-tae was in one-sided love with Kim Hyo-jin for the following three months. After Kim Hyo-jin left to Long island to find out about abroad, Yoo Ji-tae felt the empty spot of Kim Hyo-jin developing bigger. He inebriated confessed his love to Kim Hyo-jin on the telephone and he flew to New York as Kim Hyo-jin said, "If you return to New York, I will date you".

Song Seung-heon and Liu Yifei couple ranked third. They retain their love across borders strong. Rain and Kim Tae-hee took the 2d one place, whose marriage is maximumexpected by many fans.

The beautiful couple on the 1st home is Ahn Jae-hyeon and Koo Hye-seon. Those two stars were on some courting when they co-starred in KBS 2TV's "Blood". They are having adorablecandy

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GFriend releases tune list and album covers for LOL!

GFriend releases tune list and album covers for LOL!

After pronouncing their comeback with 'LOL',GFriendhave released the music list and album covers for their first album titled, 'LOL'.

The album will have 2 versions. The 'Lots of Love' edition and the 'Laughing out Loud' version, which cleverly plays with the abbreviation of 'LOL'. Either albumswill have a general of 12 tracks, which consist of one intro and one instrumental. The name track for the album is'NAVILLERA'.

Other songs in this album include, 'Fall In Love', 'LOL', 'Distance','Mermaid', 'Sunshine','Click' and 'Gone With The Wind'.

AdvertisementTheir first complete album can be released onJuly 11th. Take a glance at the album covers and track list beneath and remain tuned for more updates onG-Friend's comeback!

Are you excited forGFriend's comeback? Was once there any track that stuck your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dispatch releases list of idols before/after makeup photos

Dispatch releases list of idols before/after makeup photos

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWeve all observedvariousearlier than and after makeuppictures of our favourite male and feminine idols, yet accept you visiblethose seven womanteamparticipants and their sparklingnaked faces?

Dispatch, a Korean media publication, collected earlier and after photos of 7 of the freshestfeminine idol stars known for their original make-up styles adding Girls Generations Tiffany, KARAs Goo Hara, SISTARs Hyorin and Soyou, f(x)s Sulli, EXIDs Hani, and Apinks Son Na Eun.

The publications article reinforced the theoryof ways powerful make-up use can in fact exist for the enhancement of a persons physical appearance. The thing too sprouted the interest of many readers who have now not yet considered the before photos in their favorites artists.

Many netizens who checked out the articles list of idols showed their distaste and fairevaluationsin opposition to the photos—some leaving brutal comments and others leaving compliments of the stars.

Check out some of the before and after photos of the womanneighborhood members below:

KARA's Goo Hara: before and after make-up comparison. KARAs Goo Hara: before and after make-up comparison.

① KARAs Goo Hara: is known for being the representative of all naturalblameless female idols. Referred to as Barbie Goo, the KARA member looks totally pure and fascinating when she has no make-up on. Her smooth, flawless skin with out asymptoms of acne or scars makes her no make-up face a lot more baby-like and innocent. However, with all of thepretend lashes and cat-eye eyeliner, she flips a complete 180 degrees into a gorgeous Barbie.

f(x) Sulli's before and after make-up comparison. f(x)s Sulli: before and after make-up comparison.

② f(x)s Sulli: is well known for being the beautiful maknae amongmaximum South Korean girl groups. Even her nickname is Sulvely, a mixture of her call Sulli and the observeadorable put together. However, it's miles seen that the f(x) maknae obviously loses much of her loveliness without a complete makeover and gains cuteness and beauty amongst her bare face despite the reality that the dark circles generally tend to cut down the scale of her once charismatically massive eyes in half. Once the famous person puts on a full face of make-up with the ones rosy red blushes and shiny lip tints, the lovely peach Sulli makes a comeback.

SISTAR's Soyou: before and after make-up comparison. SISTARs Soyou: before and after make-up comparison.

③ SISTARs Soyou: is most commonly known for her resemblance to a cat with her standard dark, smokey, attractive heart make-up. Althoughthe total public run across the SISTAR vocalist as a strong, fearless girl, without the make-up she looks just as soft-hearted, fragile, and harmless equally a cute baby. Seen in the before shot is Soyou as she wakes up in the morning; her moderately swollen eyes and messy hair bun are charismatic. However, when dressed in nighttime pink lip tints and colouredtouch lenses with winged eyes, the intensity of her charm triples.

SISTAR's Hyorin: before and after make-up comparison. SISTARs Hyorin: before and after make-up comparison.

④ SISTARs Hyorin: mightappear to bethe attractive and tough diva of all girl teamsat the market, but if she isnt wearing any make-up, the intimidating unnie that we all think she is disappears into 1000 little pieces. So where does her sexiness move when she takes the make-up off? It doesnt in reality disappear, its simply hidden at the back of her flawless tan skin and more youthfulhaving a look face. Before the make-up is a baby-faced Hyorin who radiates with cuteness, and after the make-up is the robust vocalizerwe like to see.

Apink's Son Na Eun: before and after make-up comparison. Apinks Son Na Eun: before and after make-up comparison.

⑤ Apinks Son Na Eun: is truly known for searchingthe similarwithout reference to the make-up she wears or doesnt wear. However, if theres somethingthat may stimulatereplaced from her before and after photos, its the eyebrows that get lighter and no more noticeable when bare. Though her eyebrows and lips generally tendto hold a bland color, the remainder of her skin looks beautiful flawless and doesnt appear to want any basisto hide up. Because her eyes are already so giant and round, so as to uniquely alternate her style, her way of eyeliner leans more towardthe easy and long pin-up instead of the bolder pussycat or cat-eye style.

Girls' Generation's Tiffany: before and after make-up comparison. Girls Generations Tiffany: before and after make-up comparison.

⑥ Women Generations Tiffany: definitely has a drastic difference in her before and after make-up shots. Before she wears make-up, she presentationsan overly young and sophisticatedherbalgood lookswhilst her after make-up face radiates a luscious and sexy beauty. In her before shot, Tiffany seems likean extraordinarily shy student who has a excellent looking crescent eye-smile. In her after shots, the Ladies Generation member makes you suspectof a pretty doll. The red lipstick, which is in most cases the toughest make-up to tug off, looks atypicalin this Girls Generation vocalist.

EXID's Hani: before and after make-up comparison. EXIDs Hani: before and after make-up comparison.

⑦ EXIDs Hani: is the most neatly liked female idol to take over the new wave of K-pop and could also bethe general female idol to show off her before and after make-up comparisons. The doll-like EXID member who is understood for being pretty, sexy, and sensibletoo can own negative complexions similar toanything else of us. Is that even possible, you say? Well, judging through Hanis before photo, it more or less feels to be fairlytransparent that she is still pretty flawless. Though its undeniable that there'sanythinga bitlacking in her before make-up shot, the idol star is fast to adorn her appearance with the luxe eyeliner and rosy pink lip tint.

Now that youve seen all seven of the idol members photos, have a look at the top-voted netizen responses, translation courtesy of Koreaboo, below:

6212, -216 They claim that these are all before make-up photos, but none of them are of exact bare faces. Kekeke.

3611, -131 They also borrowed the strength of further procedures as well asthe usage of make-up.

3307, -216 Tiffany kekekekekekeke.

2582, -334 What are we going to do about Hyorin and Son Na Eun? Keke.

2090, -104 Man, employing bare-face selcas for this article is a foul. How can these photos be considered as bare faces when they used telephone apps and other editing instrumentto mend their flaws~~?

447, -52 Hani shouldnt disclose her forehead, it makes her face glance really long.

350, -17 The mentality of this fool journalist who claims that these bare faces used for make-up advertisements are their genuine bare faces kya~ Its manifestly edited to make their products appearance good.

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Domestic Auto Sales Set New List in 1st Half

Domestic Auto Sales Set New List in 1st Half

Domestic auto sales reached a new prime in the primarypart of this year.

The Korea AutomotiveBrandsArrangementacknowledged Sunday that domestic sales totaled 812,265 automobiles in the 1st six months, up 10.9 % on-year. Here's the first time domestic sales have exceeded 800,000 in the period.

Total sales adding exports, however, dwindled to 4.36 million cars, a drop of 1.7 percent from the similarlengthultimate year.

Hyundai posted sales of 351,124 cars here and 2.04 million overseas, up 4.5 percent and down 1.8 percent, respectively. Overall, the automaker's total sales fell 0.9 percent.

Kia's total sales fell 4.6 percent to 1.46 million cars, with domestic sales up 14.1 percent and in every other country sales down 8.2 percent.

GM Korea accomplished its best-ever first-half result thank you to the release of the recent Malibu and Spark models, which boosted domestic sales via 21.6 percent on-year. Overall sales declined 0.1 percent to 307,512 cars because of a drop in exports.

Renault Samsung saw domestic sales upward push 25.9 percent at the back of brisk sales of its new SM6 sedan, which was once released in March. Ssangyong's sales rose 7.1 percent, helped by the recognition of the Tivoli small SUV.


BIGBANG makes history as the primary Korean musician to cross into ‘FORBES Famous person 100’ list

BIGBANG makes history as the primary Korean musician to cross into ‘FORBES Famous person 100’ list

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPopular male crew BIGBANG has been printed to be the first actual Korean act to move into in this years FORBES Superstarone hundred list, yet any other milestone to upload in their career.

On July 6th, FORBES published a piece of writing titled Bigbang Theory: How K-Pops Most sensible Act Earned $44 Million In A Year.

The article continues to spotlight how much the gang made remaining year with a pre-tax source of revenue of $44 million dollars, or approximately 50.8 billion won. It additionalunearths that BIGBANG had made more than the pinnacle American all-male pop neighborhood Maroon 5, who earned $33.5 million bucks last year, or 38.7 billion won.

In an interview with FORBES, G-Dragon used to be quoted saying, We made more than Maroon 5? Did no longer know that. My mother is in command of my earnings.

The preciseratings of either BIGBANG and Maroon fivemight be revealed in complete in the approaching FORBES Celebrity a hundred to be published on July 12th.

Read more about what Forbes had to mention here.

Source: Sports Donga and Forbes

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EXO’s Suho Reflects On Living In A Cramped Area With Individuals And Managers

EXO’s Suho Reflects On Living In A Cramped Area With Individuals And Managers

EXOs Suho Reflects On Living In A Cramped Space With ContributorsAnd executives leonid July 2, 2016 0 EXOs Suho Reflects On Living In A Cramped Residence With Members And Managers Leader Suho looked back at some tricky times he spent with his fellow EXO members.

On July 2, EXOs Funniest Member, Suhos Left Brain Vs. Correct Brain, aired via V Live.

During the live broadcast, Suho reminisced and revealed, There was once a time when the EXO members and managers lived in a 90 square meter house with all 15 to 16 of us. Back then I trulysought after to be alone.

The singer added, The toilet door become locked 24 hours a day. All throughthe ones times, Baekhyun would play shooting games inside, so the room was occupied even more often.

He explained, I wished to relish the time I had alone, so I put numerousidea into how I must spend it. Thats how Ive turn out to bea professional at having amusing by myself.

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