Birthrate to Drop to Checklist Low This Year

Birthrate to Drop to Checklist Low This Year

The collection of childbirths in Korea is expected to drop to a listing low this year. The low point up to nowused to be in 2005, when 435,031 young children were born, translating into a birthrate of 1.05 kids per woman, yet this year it's miles expected to fall to beneath 430,000.

Statistics Korea on Thursday acknowledged the variety of childbirths in the primary five months of this year stood at 182,300, down 10,200 from the similardurationclosing year.

The fashion is expected to continue in the 2nd onepart of this year, so childbirths may just spill4to 5%in comparison to 2015, a Statistics Korea spokesman said.

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A Pink drop

A Pink drop "Promise U" in celebration of their 4th year anniversary

A Pink dropped a compilation video for their latest release, "Promise U," a track that was composed and produced by Eunji to celebrate the group"s fourth year anniversary!

The MV is a video montage of the members at their fan meetings, concerts, photoshoots, show performances, practices, and just being their goofy yet adorable selves. Like always, the track is full of lovely, happy emotions and a bright sound.

Check out "Promise U" above.


The 2nd Season of Misaeng Will Drop in March Next Year

The 2nd Season of Misaeng Will Drop in March Next Year

“Misaeng” Season 2 Under Consideration

“Misaeng” ended up the 1st season with a lot of success and the producer of this drama is eager to make plan for the 2nd season.

According to a staff member, 'The 2nd season should be included with the scenes in in Jordan from episode 20. Author Yoon Tae Ho said the second season will feature a lot of scenes in Jordan."

During a celebration before the season finale, many cast and staff members talked about regrouping, and CEO of CJ EM Entertainment requested for another season.

Although the responses to season two have been met with great enthusiasm, the production may take more time than the first season. For starters, the second season of the “Misaeng” webtoon series will release in March next year. The dramatization of a webtoon series is based on the plot of the original webtoon.”

“To be honest, it’s still too early to be discussing production,” said a tvN official. “It may even take two years before the second season is released. All we can say now for sure is that the door is open to the possibility of season two.”


Royal Pirates drop

Royal Pirates drop "Love Toxic" MV + celebrate one year anniversary

Korean band, Royal Pirates, dropped a new MV for "Love Toxic"!

As the members have fun rocking away on their instruments, they express sweet thoughts as they say they "fell in love," "kiss me, baby," and more, with catchy "oh-oh-ohs" added in. The upbeat tune and lighthearted track is sure to get you dancing!

And if the MV wasn"t enough, Royal Pirates celebrated their one year anniversary just the other day! On August 25, they wrote, "Thank you to the amazing fans that sent us so many heartfelt gifts for the 1st year mark since our debut! We are so grateful for the memories and are excited to make so many more~ we love you!" and uploaded pictures of their celebrations.


Kpop Star G-Dragon Duets With Pop Idol Justin Bieber; Song May Drop Next Year (Video)

Kpop Star G-Dragon Duets With Pop Idol Justin Bieber; Song May Drop Next Year (Video)

, kpop star, g-dragon, justin bieber

Kpop Star G-Dragon Duets With Pop Idol Justin Bieber; Song May Drop Next Year (Video) G-Dragon

Kpop star G-Dragon recently hosted pop idol Justin Bieber in the recording studio. G-Dragon told 2013 MAMA that Justin Bieber joined him on at least one track after performing for the first time in Korea. G-Dragon says his duet with Selena Gomez's ex-boyfriend might drop next year.

G-Dragon's real name is Kwon Ji Yong. The Kpop star debuted as the leader of the rap duo Big Bang. G-Dragon's debut solo album came out in 2009. It was called "Heartbreaker." Justin Bieber had a hit this summer called "Heartbreaker." Rumors swirled that it was about Selena Gomez.

At the press conference before the opening of 2013 MAMA in Hong Kong, reporters asked G-Dragon, "When Justin Bieber recently came to Korea, you performed at his concert together and afterwards, we are aware that you spent time together. It was nice to see the two of you spending time together but do you have any thoughts of holding a concert in the States or making a debut there with Justin Bieber?"

G-Dragon answered "I always have plans. Rather than a big project, at this time, I want to just do something in a way where it's more like artists that connect well meet and enjoy things together. That way it'd be more comfortable and allow a fun song to be made. If I were to tell you one thing, it'd be that Justin Bieber has already completed the recording. It's my turn now. You'll probably be able to meet [this song] next year."

Just last month, G-Dragon was a surprise guest in Justin Bieber's first Korean concert. In the middle of the Bieb's stop at the Olympic Park's gymnasium in Seoul, G-Dragon hit the stage for a surprise performance of his song "Crayon."

Earlier this year, G-Dragon collaborated with Grammy Award-winning musician Missy Elliott on the songs "Chugalug" and "NiLiria."


Drunken Tiger Ready To Drop 9th Album 'The Cure' This Friday After 4-Year Hiatus

Drunken Tiger Ready To Drop 9th Album 'The Cure' This Friday After 4-Year Hiatus

Drunken Tiger, Tiger JK

Drunken Tiger Ready To Drop 9th Album 'The Cure' This Friday After 4-Year Hiatus Tiger JKDrunken Tiger Ready To Drop 9th Album 'The Cure' This Friday After 4-Year Hiatus Drunken Tiger The Cure Korean hip-hop fans rejoice!Tiger JK is ready for a comeback after a long four-year hiatus.

On Friday the Korean hip-hip legend will release his ninth album, The Cure, under the name Drunken Tiger, the group he started in 1999 and remains the central figure of.

For the latest project, Tiger JK teamed up with his singer/rapper wife Yoon Mirae and rapper Bizzy.Earlier this year the three came together to form MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours) and gave a sort of preview for the new album with the single "Sweet Dream."

In terms of style, Tiger JK (and Drunken Tiger as a soloist or as a group) have often been praised hard-driven rhymes, reggae sounds, and West Coast hip-hop flair.

There have been reports, however, that teaming up with MFBTY has pointed Tiger JK in a new direction for his music.The Cure is said to tone things down a bit with humble sounds featuring acoustic guitar and jembe accompaniment.

The ninth album will feature a total of nine tracks all written and composed by Tiger JK and inspired by his late father.The title track, "The Cure," and its music video will also be released on Friday.

The Cure marks the first album release for Tiger JK since the formation of his new music company FeelGhood Music.


T-ARA Management to Drop Charges Against 17-year-old Hacker

T-ARA Management to Drop Charges Against 17-year-old Hacker


T-ARA Management to Drop Charges Against 17-year-old Hacker T-ARA Management to Drop Charges Against 17-year-old HackerCore Contents Media, the management company for T-ARA, announced that it will drop all charges against the high school student who hacked its home page.

On May 16, the company stated, "We have requested the cyber police department to drop further charges against the 17-year-old hacker. It is evident there was no malicious intent behind his wrongdoing and was mainly out of curiosity and competition with his peers. He has apologized and asked for forgiveness."

According to Core Contents Media, the hacker turned himself in to the cyber police department and came in for an investigation. He visited the company with his mother and offered his apology.

"Although the company suffered a grave damage due to one person's dangerous curiosity, the high school student's genuine apology and promise to never let it happen again were adequate to wrap up this unfortunate incident," Core Contents Media added.

Just a day after the company's announcement that it will formally investigate the hacking event with the help of cyber police department, the incident has come to a close.


Births and Marriages Dwindle to Checklist Low

Births and Marriages Dwindle to Checklist Low

The collection of marriages and births sank to checklist lows in the primary five months of this year, Statistics Korea stated Tuesday. The variety of childbirths stood at 34,400 in May, down 5.8 %in comparison tothe similar month closing year and the lowest for Would possibly since per 30 days statistics began in 2000. Childbirth has been declining since December last year. The cumulative number of childbirths in the 1st five months of this year stood at 182,300, the lowest since 2000 and down throughpracticallya 3rdduring the last 16 years. Marriages also dwindled to a record low of 25,500 in May, down 8.6 percent on-year. And the cumulative number from January tillCould this year sank to a record-low 119,700. At this rate, 2016 will have to mark a record low when it comes toeither childbirths and marriages.The number of deaths higher 1.3 percent in May additionally to 23,200, whilst the number of divorces rose 10.8 percent to 9,200. Lee Ji-yeon at Statistics Korea said, "The population of Koreans between 25 and 34, which is the top age for marriage and childbirth, is declining, so the number of marriages is losing apace".

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Rain Is Aiming For A Song Comeback Through  Finish Of This Year

Rain Is Aiming For A Song Comeback Through Finish Of This Year

Rain Is Aiming For A Song Comeback ThroughFinish Of This Yearehk38 July 28, 2016 0 Rain Is Aiming For A Music Comeback By End Of This Year Rain is making plans for a comeback as a singer ahead of the end of this year!

On July 28, Rains controlfirm R.A.I.N Corporate revealed, He is making an attempt to make a comeback this year, yetas a result of his existing Chinese drama schedule, we are planning on getting ready for the comeback once thats over.

The function is to make a comeback in the 2d onepart of this year. the agency continues.

Rain currently represented K-Pop together with WINNER and Psy at the MTV Asia Music Gala 2016, which was once broadcasted on July 28 at 7 p.m. CST.

He may be currently starring in Chinese drama Never-ending August with f(x) member Victoria.

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Koreans Talk about How To Make Buddies  Firstly Of A New College Year

Koreans Talk about How To Make Buddies Firstly Of A New College Year

5stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter With wintry weatherdestroy over in South Korea, the time for Korean scholarsto pass back to their reports and go back to school.

Anyone would be fearful returning to the faculty roomfull of new faces, are there more straightforwardtechniques to make friends? In a contemporary postal service on Pann, netizens discussed ways of creating new friends. Titled Tip of Making New Friends In New Semester, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below:

Do you guys have such tips?? I know there are students going into new heartfaculties and prime schools. 

Anyways, it's milesthe recentget started of the semester. Do you guys have any simpletips about making friends?

In a school roomfilled with new faces, Im the sort to just commencespeaking to the spouse who sits next to me at the table haha. I first get friendly with my partner first and then begin making other pals to make a group!! 

Do you guys have any other tips? Are you the kindto begin a verbal exchange start or stay up for mortalto damage the ice?

If you press like youll make numerouschums in 2016!

Translation: Nobody realizes when they are if reality exist told in their satisfied moments

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

115 / 0 It is greater when this is a classroom crammed with unfamiliar faces. Then it is better for me to beginning a conversation first yet if there are other folks that know every other, it is tricky to manner them.

90 / -2 I dont know why but I will start speakingmost effective when someone starts talking to me first hahahahahah I am getting nervous but if someone approaches and breaks the ice, I get warmed up but at ease hahahaha Then I start going on and on with my talking skills

83 / -5 I actually set aboutself-assured if there is a minimum of one friend I already know hahahahaah Then I start talking to every person haha and get company amongsteverybody hahah But in 6th grade, I didnt know anyone so I just stayed quiet I suspectit's sovery important to have at the least one friend in the lecture room And of path that one user thinks of you as a pal much as you bring to mind him/her

25 / 0 I only know that althoughyou'reslightly or nervous, you'll need be outgoing because no person volition play with you if you remain quiet. It is advisabletechnique everyone with confidence

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