Births and Marriages Dwindle to Checklist Low

Births and Marriages Dwindle to Checklist Low

The collection of marriages and births sank to checklist lows in the primary five months of this year, Statistics Korea stated Tuesday. The variety of childbirths stood at 34,400 in May, down 5.8 %in comparison tothe similar month closing year and the lowest for Would possibly since per 30 days statistics began in 2000. Childbirth has been declining since December last year. The cumulative number of childbirths in the 1st five months of this year stood at 182,300, the lowest since 2000 and down throughpracticallya 3rdduring the last 16 years. Marriages also dwindled to a record low of 25,500 in May, down 8.6 percent on-year. And the cumulative number from January tillCould this year sank to a record-low 119,700. At this rate, 2016 will have to mark a record low when it comes toeither childbirths and marriages.The number of deaths higher 1.3 percent in May additionally to 23,200, whilst the number of divorces rose 10.8 percent to 9,200. Lee Ji-yeon at Statistics Korea said, "The population of Koreans between 25 and 34, which is the top age for marriage and childbirth, is declining, so the number of marriages is losing apace".

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Marriages Dwindle to List Low

Marriages Dwindle to List Low

Marriages shrank to an rock bottom in Korea final year as the eligible population dwindled and formative years unemployment reached a new peak. And the reasonable historic periodof ladies marrying for the primary fourth dimension surpassed 30 for the 1st time. Statistics Korea knowledge published Thursday displaysimplest 5.9 marriages for each 1,000 other folks in 2015, the lowest rate since statistics started in 1970. The selection of marriages has been declining regularly since 2011, when it stood at 6.6 per 1,000. It peaked at 10.6 in 1980.

Lee Ji-yeon at Statistics Korea acknowledgedthe majorreason why is that there were 200,000 fewer Koreans elderly 25 to 34 last year, the top marrying age, than the former year. "Plus the economy slowed whilstadolescence unemployment used to be rising, causing individuals to get married later", Lee added. The average age Koreans tie the knot for the first time largerthrough 0.2 year to 32.6 for men and 30 for women. Divorces also dwindled to two per 1,000, the fewest since 1997. Yet more senior electorate are splitting up. Last year, 32,600 couples who have been living in combination for more than two decades split up, up 1.4 times from 10 years ago. Some 10,400 couples who lived together for more than 30 years also divorced, up 2.2 times from a decade ago.


Taeyeon To Checklist OST For IU’s Upcoming Drama “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”

Taeyeon To Checklist OST For IU’s Upcoming Drama “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”

Taeyeon To Listing OST For IUs Upcoming Drama Scarlet Heart: Goryeonotclaira July 27, 2016 0 Taeyeon To Record OST For IUs Upcoming Drama Scarlet Heart: Goryeo The queen of OSTs is back!

A source from the broadcasting industry currentlypublishedthat women Generations Taeyeon is taking day trip from her busy solo/unit/group schedules to record a song for the approaching drama Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.

The source added, Many other famous person singers might betaking part in the OST in conjunction with Taeyeon.

Taeyeon has wonnumerous love for her outdated OSTs akin toI like You, LackingYou favor Crazy, Closer, and If. Her emotional vocals are expected to upload drama to the recentpresentations storyline.

Scarlet Heart: Goryeo stars IU and a complete host of horny male co-stars and is scheduled to air its first episode on August 29.

Who else do you needto look record an OST for the drama?

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"Doctors" sets any other checklist 18.4%

SBS drama "Doctors" widened the cap with its competitors.

According to Nielsen Korea, "Doctors" at the 4th rated 18.4%. Here is 2.8% more than the former episode.

The hole between "Doctors" and MBC "Monster - 2016" is 7.3%. MBC "Monster - 2016" rated 11.1% and KBS 2TV "Beautiful Mind" dropped by capacity of 1.0% and rated 3.5%.

Meanwhile, Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) expressed how he felt for Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye).

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"Doctors" set new checklist of 14.2%

The new SBS drama "Doctors" got here in 1st place.

According to Nielsen Korea, SBS drama "Doctors" rated 14.2%. Here is 1.3% more than the former episode.

It set a new checklist and came in first out of 3 dramas on Monday and Tuesday.

MBC drama "Monster" came in 2d with 11.1% and KBS 2TV 4.5%.

Meanwhile, Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye) was once motivated by capability of Hong Ji-jong (Kim Rae-won) who is a doctor.

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TWICE Sets A New Checklist With “Cheer Up” MV Views

TWICE Sets A New Checklist With “Cheer Up” MV Views

TWICE Sets A New Checklist amongst Cheer Up MV Perspectives leonid June 21, 2016 0 TWICE Sets A New Record With Cheer Up MV Views WomancrewTwo times has damaged yet every other record viaattaining l million views on their tune video in the shortest period.

After TWICE dropped Cheer Up on April 25 as the name song in their2nd mini-album, it surpassed the 50 million mark inside of 58 days by June 21.

This record puts the ladycommunitymomentsimplest to singer PSY overall, and at the head spot among idol groups.

The Cheer Up music video has been grabbing attention from the beginning, having exceeded five million hits only two days after its release.

It is solidifying TWICEs prestige equallya womanorganization whose explosive fame extends beyond Korea and continues to grow overseas.

Previously, TWICEs debut song “Like OOH-AHH broke in the process the 50 million view mark in five months, with the fashioned music video raking in the maximum views a collection of theother versions.

With the long-running luck of their second hit song, TWICE is changing into a familycallslightly a year after their debut. Here's proved by Cheer Up protecting its best spot on weekly music charts such as Genie and Monkey3, in spite of it being already 8 weeks into its release.

Furthermore, Page Two is doing exceptionally smartly in physical album sales, with just about 130 thousand copies sold. In conjunction with the sales of their debut album The taleStarts released on October 2015, the ladies have sold two hundred thousand albums in exactly eight months.

TWICE is proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with in online and physical music markets. Whilst their list of achievements continues to grow, their local and world following is looking forthe following record the ladies will set.

Watch the music video for Cheer Up below!

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SHINee’s Minho To look In Romeo’s New MV, Sets New Checklist For SM Artists

SHINee’s Minho To look In Romeo’s New MV, Sets New Checklist For SM Artists

SHINees Minho To seem In Romeos New MV, Sets New Listing For SM Artistsorionight June 19, 2016 0 SHINees Minho To Appear In Romeos New MV, Sets New Record For SM Artists SHINee’s Minho is making history as the primary artist out of SM Entertainment to appear in a song video via a boy team from any other company!

On June 20, Famous person News printed that Minho these days wrapped up filming with rookie neighborhood Romeo, whose 3rd mini album “MIRO” is because of drop on June 23. Whilst SM artists have up to nowgave the impression in music videos by solo artists or ladyteams from other corporations (EXO’s Suho seemed in Jo Kwon’s maximumcontemporary music video, and Great Junior’s Heechul made a cameo in a SISTAR music video), Minho’s appearance in Romeo’s video marks the 1st time an SM artist has appeared in boy organization video outdoor of SM.

The appearance used to be made imaginablesince the Hwang Sung Wook, the CEO of Romeo’s firm CT Entertainment, worked as a manager for SM for more than 10 years, spending a phase ofthat point equally a manager for SHINee. Minho and senior SM representatives sought afterto turn their fortify for the budding group, and thus it turned intomade up our minds that Minho would seem in the recent video.

Romeo debuted in Might 2015 with “Love Sick.” More recently, the gang released the virtualunmarried “Nightmare” ultimate month as a pre-release to their upcoming comeback.

Are you excited to look Minho in Romeo’s new video?

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Provincial Populations Dwindle as Few Young children Are Born

Provincial Populations Dwindle as Few Young children Are Born

Provincial populations are dwindling as deaths just outnumber births, even as nobody moves away to the massive city. Consistent with Statistics Korea, South Jeolla Province's population first shrank naturally in 2013, and Gangwon Province's in 2014. In North Jeolla Province, web population expansion hovers around a trifling 400 up to now this year, so it is going tomost likelyturn out to beany otherspaceto look a herbal population decline next year. North Gyeongsang Province could also be expected to see more deaths than births in 2017.In South Jeolla Province, the organic population reduce is getting worse, from 931 in 2013 to 1,400 in 2015. Gangwon Province had a natural population lower of 342 in 2014 and over 400 remaining year. In 2014, most effective 10,662 young children were born in Gangwon Province, a list low for the province since population statistics began in 1925. As the rage spreads, the population of the rustic every bita complete volitionget started shrinking naturally in 2030, acknowledged Statistics Korea. A population decline results in weakening intake and economic strength, which in turn ends in fewer marriages and births, developing a vicious cycle of decline. The elderly population over 65 is estimated to surpass 10 million through 2025 whilst the collection of newborns will succeed in only 430,000. As the economically active population aged 15 to 64 will doubtless dwindle beginning side by side year, the country may just besides face a exertionsscarcity and a fall in economic growth.


BTS Is the 2nd one K-Pop Idol Workforce Ever To Checklist Over 300,000 Contributors In Professional Fancafe

BTS Is the 2nd one K-Pop Idol Workforce Ever To Checklist Over 300,000 Contributors In Professional Fancafe

BTS Is the 2nd one K-Pop Idol Team Ever To List Over 300,000 Contributors In Respectable Fancafecrystalcove Would possibly 25, 2016 0 BTS Is the Second K-Pop Idol Organization Ever To Record Over 300,000 Members In Official Fancafe Group BTS hits any other milestone, recording over 300,000 members in their official fancafe today.

BTS is the second K-pop idol group to record over 300,000 members, TVXQ the simplest real other group to do so. BTS now ranks second in fancafe members, following TVXQ which has around 540,000 members. Other best fancafes included BEAST, BIGBANG, Ladies Generation, INFINITE, B1A4, A Pink, Block B, Great Junior, VIXX, EXO, and BTOB.

Around the similar time ultimate year, BTS had around 110,000 members, which approach that the choice of members largerpractically 200,000 in year.

BTS shared the within track on their official Twitter, exclaiming Oh oh oh, whilst adding a capture in their fan cafe number.


Thanks to anni for the tip!

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'Jo Deul-ho' refreshes absolute best  checklist with 15.3%

'Jo Deul-ho' refreshes absolute best checklist with 15.3%

KBS 2TV's Mon-Tue drama, 'Neighborhood Attorney Jo Deul-ho' refreshed its privateabsolute best again.

According to the viewership score survey through Nielsen Korea on Would possibly 18th, the episode on May just 17 of 'Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho' recorded 15.3% nationwide. 'Jo Deul-ho' is followed by SBS "Jackpot", 9.6% and MBC "Monster - 2016", 9.5%.

Prior to this, the episodes 14 and 15 of 'Jo Deul-ho' recorded its ownmost sensible with 14.1% at the time and has refreshed its personal most productive this time again. 'Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho' supplies delightful amusing to drama lovers with the storyline of the just lawyer statusat thefacet of petit bourgeois. 'Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho' has only 4 more episodes to movewhilstit's been keeping the primaryposition in viewership rating.