Black Purple Debut Date And Song Video Plans Revealed

Black Purple Debut Date And Song Video Plans Revealed

Black Crimson Debut Date And Track Video Plans Published kokoberry June 29, 2016 0 Black Pink Debut Date And Music Video Plans Revealed After revealing the callin their upcoming woman group, Black Pink, YG Entertainment revealed the teams debut plans to news outlet Celebrity News.

First, the crowd will perhaps debut overdue July. Teddy is the groups exclusive manufacturer for now and the debut album is complete. Furthermore, Black Pink is lately filming 3 separate music videos.

A YG representative said, There is a chance for changes, yet Black Pinks debut has been scheduled for late July.

Are you excited for their debut and music videos?

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YG Finds New Epic Debut Plans For Black Pink

YG Finds New Epic Debut Plans For Black Pink

YG Unearths New Epic Debut Plans For Black Purple kokoberry July 12, 2016 0 YG Exhibits New Epic Debut Plans For Black Pink Black Pinks debut is ready to get even more epic.

According to an exclusive file from news outlet Megastar News, YG Entertainment is making plans on freeing Black Pinks songs oftenfor 5 months. It turns out that they are planning to movie a overall of 8song videos.

A source from YG revealed, Black Pink will unencumber their debut song close to the finish of this month as of now. Following that, they'll continously release new songs till December.

The source continued, The music industry nowadays is considering tracks, so when an album is released it's milescommonplace for best the identify track to get keep of attention. The songs that Black Pink has finishedto this point are all of amazing quality, so they can be split up and released separately.

The source additional explained, Teddy, who is in command ofgenerating Black Pinks debut album, has been operating on songs that suit Black Pink for the beyond two years. Currently, there are eight songs that experience been finalized. Each song in Black Pinks debut album will have a music video, so we are currently planning on filming a minimum of eight music videos.

More main points were printed equally the source said, Black Pink has already filmed music videos for 2 songs. They are currently filming for some other song. We are paying special attention to quality paintings for their songs and music videos as Black Pink have Korean and worldfanatics in brainranging from their debut.

Are you hyped for Black Pinks debut?

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gugudan Make a touch in Their Debut Song Video Wonderland!

gugudan Make a touch in Their Debut Song Video Wonderland!

Jellyfish Entertainment's first lady groupgugudanhave made their debut!

gugudan membersHana,Nayoung,Mimi,Soyee,Sejeong,Haebin,Sally,Mina, andHyeyeonshow their graceful charm in their track video'Wonderland', which used to be released on July 28 at 12 A.M. KST.

Advertisement'Wonderland' is an upbeat track with cheery vocals.The music video remains true to the theatre theme. gugudan were adorable as they ready for their functionality of 'Wonderland', which I agree withturned intoprimarily based off of the storyThe Little Mermaid.

Although cutesy ideas do no longerin particularclutch my attention, I did revel in the song, most commonlyon account of the vocals. gugudan's voices harmonize smartly together, and I felt that their voices are stable. The 3 voices that stood out to me the maximum belong to Soyee, Nayoung, and Sejeong! Soyee and Nayoung's voices have a warm tone, and Sejeong's prime notes were well supported and clear! Overall, gugudan's vocals are adorableand i'm interested to look how the womenexpand musically over time.The video took me back to school when I might see plays wearby way of my classmates! I'mcertain gugudan made a laugh memories whilstrunning on their first act together! What are your mind on gugudan's debut?

gugudan's mini album'Act. 1 The Little Mermaid'is also to be had and has five tracks: 'Wonderland','구름 위로','Good Boy','일기 (Diary)', and'Maybe Tomorrow'. Have you listened to the album yet? If so, what is your favourite song?

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YG Entertainment Finds Plans To Debut 2nd “Sister” K-Pop Girl-Group Along Black Pink

YG Entertainment Finds Plans To Debut 2nd “Sister” K-Pop Girl-Group Along Black Pink

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYG Entertainment is stirring up discussion after a press releasein theirlong term plans relating to neverthelessevery otherwomanteam debuting after Black Pink, their latestcommunity to debut this summer.

A senior respectable from the firmpublished on June 29th that also they are aiming to debut some other girl organization side-by-side to their new 4-member group Black Purple (Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé). Black Pink was oncein the beginning set to be a 9-member group. However, since first of all revealing the plan and one of the crucialindividuals two years ago, the plans have replaced significantly. The theorybecome to debut the remainder five trainees as their own group, growing a sister-like feeling, very identical to that of WINNER and iKON.

Unfortunately, the initial reports of yet one more girl group debuting was no longerwonsmartlyvia fans. They believed this would create pointlessfestival between the enthusiasts of either groups, the use of YGs two fresh boy teams every bit an example.

With the overly negative reaction to the news, YG Entertainment has retracted their fashionedremarkthe subsequent day, saying, Like maximumhuge agencies, we've got more than 50 trainees who were spilling their sweat for years, It has yet to be determined whether the last trainees who were now notincorporated in Black Pink will debut in combination or with other trainees. 

Meanwhile, Black Pink is reported to be making ready3othertune videos for their debut with Teddy backing them up as their manufacturer for their debut. In addition, they have got recruited popular foreign choreographers. They are slated for a debut close to the finish of July.

Source: OSEN and TelevisionDocument

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SHINyan Makes Their Debut With Short Song Video For “Because Of You For Cat”

SHINyan Makes Their Debut With Short Song Video For “Because Of You For Cat”

SHINyan Makes Their Debut With Short Tune Video For As a result of you lot For Catkminjungee April 28, 2016 0 SHINyan Makes Their Debut With Short Music Video For Because Of You For Cat The five participants of SHINyan, ONEWNyan, JONGNyan, TAEMINyan, MINONyan, and KEYNyan are able to capture the hearts of fanaticsinternational in their first reliable music video.

On April 28, a quick music video for their first single, Because of You For Cat, used to be released thru Universal Music Japans official YouTube account. Created to stand-in for the incredibly busy SHINee, SHINyans unmarriedcould also be a spin on SHINees 13th Jap single, Because of You (also referred to as Kimi no Sei de).

According to a post on Oricons homepage on April 21, SHINyan, SHINees somewhat literal copy-cat group, will be making their official debut beneath SM Japan, and plan on having vast promotions.

Although its most effective been a week since theyve been printed to the public, the five cats already are receiving tons of love. Additional information about each and every of the members will also bediscovered on their official web page here.

While the music video itself would possibly only be a short 15-second clip, it presentations all five cats in all in their fluffy glory. Take a glance at the pawsome music video below!

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Cosmic Ladies Debut With Song “Mo Mo Mo” and Tune Video Featuring Lee Kwang Soo

Cosmic Ladies Debut With Song “Mo Mo Mo” and Tune Video Featuring Lee Kwang Soo

Cosmic Ladies Debut With Song Mo Mo Mo and Track Video Featuring Lee Kwang Soocrystalcove February 24, 2016 0 LINE it!Cosmic Girls Debut With Song Mo Mo Mo and Music Video Featuring Lee Kwang Soo Lady group Cosmic Girls (WJSN) officially debuts!

Cosmic Girls is a Korean-Chinese group, co-produced by Starship Entertainment and Yue Hua Entertainment. They debut with the track Mo Mo Mo and its music video, which features “Asia’s Prince” Lee Kwang Soo. The music video used to be directed by way of leading K-pop music video producers Zanybros.

Mo Mo Mo is a bright and healthy song, highlighting the mysterious and cutesymbol of the group. The song is expounded to be a dance track with a antique rhythm and detailed melody. It's miles composed by hit-maker Kim Do Hoon and Search engine optimization Yong Bae.

Cosmic Girls will have their first music displaydegreethis nightvia Mnets M!Countdown.

WJSN (Cosmic Girls) Mini Album Vol. 1 - Do you want yesasiaToughen the artist by purchasing Would You Like? from YesAsia

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Video of Park Bo Gum Making a song That Were given Him Into Several Huge Agencies Revealed

Video of Park Bo Gum Making a song That Were given Him Into Several Huge Agencies Revealed

Video of Park Bo Gum Making a song That Were given Him Into Several Huge Agencies Published ck525 November 30, 2015 0 LINE it!Video of Park Bo Gum Singing That Got Him Into Several Tremendous Agencies Revealed As Park Bo Gum claims the guts throb of many enthusiastsbecause of his role in “Reply 1988,” his beyond is turning intothe middle of attention as well.

Recently, a video of him titled “Park Bo Gum Gambling the Piano and Singing” is posted on line.

In the clip, he may also beobserved singing 2AM’s “This Song” whilst playing the piano. Being the vocal trainee he is, he is completely absorbed in the song as he seriously sings the notes.

Park Bo Gum had in the past commented at the video all over an interview with GRAZIA, saying, “I had always enjoyed singing and dancing in front of people, and I had never thought about acting as a profession option. I had at all timessought after to be a singer, so I sent a video of myself singing and playing the piano to several large managing agencies.”

After sending out the clip, Park Bo Gum gained several provides from large companies, although he picked SidusHQ, which contacted him first.

He replaced his trail to acting after receiving one of the vital company’s body of workersparticipants said, “I think you may do smartly acting.”

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum also played the piano in the teaser for new singer D.ear’s name song “Forget You” back in February.

Watch the teaser in the video below!

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New woman crew Diagirls unencumber their debut song video

New woman crew Diagirls unencumber their debut song video

New woman team Diagirls free up their debut track video

There"s a new girl organization getting into town, DIAMOND One Entertainment"s Diagirls! No longer to be at a loss for words with MBK Entertainment"s rookie girl group Dia, the four membered girl group Diagirls has just released their MV, "Gently".

Despite being from a smaller company, the MV looks pro and well-made. It"s a lovely and candy concept, very best for a debuting girl group.

The company"s facet stated, "Diagirls is a 4 member girl group consisting of members, YeonahShiyooSuah and Hyejin, with an reasonable height of 172 cm (almost five foot 8) and slender bodies. "Gently" is a medium pace track with a groovy and fashionable sound, with sexiness as the major point."

Check it out above!



unearths teaser video for debut song

WANNA.B unearths teaser video for debut song "Attention"

On July 17th, upcoming woman WANNA.B with a new line up dropped the teaser video in their debut song.

WANNA.B can be launching with "Attention" on July 20. WANNA.B is now composed of old contributors Jiwoo, Sejin, Siyoung, and new ones Ami,Eunsom, and Seoyoon.

Watch underneath:

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Girl Group “The Ark” Releases Debut Song and Music Video Titled “The Light”

Girl Group “The Ark” Releases Debut Song and Music Video Titled “The Light”

The upcoming girl group The Ark has released the debut song and music video for their digital single, The Light.

Their agency K Entertainment stated, The Light will be released via music sites at noon on April 10, as well as the music video via official YouTube channel.

On April 8, The Ark revealed the teaser video first, hinting an uplifting melody coupled with emotional lyrics, and built up the anticipation among fans.

The Light was written by songwriter Kim Tae Sung, who also wrote Girls Generations The Boys. Together with the help of producer group Iconic Sounds, this song is labeled Contemporary RB for its mix of lyrical guitar riffs and hip-hop style.

This song is about a person who used to only care about herself and no one else, but suddenly discovers happiness when she starts living for someone else and learns to be selfless. The portrayed emotions can be felt in relationships between lovers, friends, or family, making it very easy for the general public to relate to.

The music video tells the story of an immature high school student and her caring mother. The mom lives only for the happiness of her daughter, but when her daughter suddenly dies in a car crash, the mom is then left all by herself.

The talented actress Jo Min Soo starred as the mom and The Ark member Halla took the role of the daughter.

The actress supported the group saying, I liked the song right from the first time I heard it because it was different than the typical sounds of idols these days. And I decided to take the role because [the music video] compels the audience to figure out the story in a short time frame.

I wish only the best for The Ark as they take their first step into society, and hopefully they are recognized as talented singers of the nation and not just as an idol, she said, leaving the group with a supporting message.

The Ark will perform their debut song The Light on SBSs Inkigayo on April 12.

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