BLACKPINK’s Debut And Liberate  Agenda Revealed

BLACKPINK’s Debut And Liberate Agenda Revealed

BLACKPINKs Debut And UnlockTime tablePrinted kokoberry August 4, 2016 0 BLACKPINKs Debut And Release Schedule Revealed On August 4, an inside of rootage spoke with news outlet Ilgan Sports and revealed information about BLACKPINKs debut plan and release schedule.

The source said, BLACKPINK who is YGs new ladystaff in seven years after 2NE1 might befreeing two tracks in August.

Although the teams debut album has been finishedby way of YGs majormanufacturer Teddy and 3song videos have already been filmed, the firm has determined to release two tracks on August 8 in line with the report.

A source from YG commented, The verdict to release two tracks was oncerelatively expected as they've been trainees for 6 years and the album took two years to end which led to the aspiration to movie music videos for all in their songs and release the songs at other times instead of all at once.

It seems equallyalthough BLACKPINK will continue selling from their debut till the finish of the year with the remainder of their songs being released at various times.

Domestic and worldfanatics accept shown fantasticpassion in the teaser pictures and dance prepare video released thus far. Many are expecting BLACKPINKs debut.

Following the release of their debut tracks on August 8, BLACKPINK will grasp their debut exhibit at 3 p.m. KST that maycirculatelive to inform the tale Navers V App.

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Black Purple Debut Date And Song Video Plans Revealed

Black Purple Debut Date And Song Video Plans Revealed

Black Crimson Debut Date And Track Video Plans Published kokoberry June 29, 2016 0 Black Pink Debut Date And Music Video Plans Revealed After revealing the callin their upcoming woman group, Black Pink, YG Entertainment revealed the teams debut plans to news outlet Celebrity News.

First, the crowd will perhaps debut overdue July. Teddy is the groups exclusive manufacturer for now and the debut album is complete. Furthermore, Black Pink is lately filming 3 separate music videos.

A YG representative said, There is a chance for changes, yet Black Pinks debut has been scheduled for late July.

Are you excited for their debut and music videos?

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I.O.I Announces Liberate Date of Debut Mini Album

I.O.I Announces Liberate Date of Debut Mini Album

I.O.I Announces Unencumber Date of Debut Mini Albuman0ya April 10, 2016 0 LINE it!I.O.I Announces Release Date of Debut Mini Album More main pointswereprinted about the expectedreliable debut of I.O.I.

The Produce 101 ladyteams first mini album is decided to be released on Would possibly 4. This can be followed viatrackdisplay promotions and other performances.

The 11 ladiesin my opinion chose the tracks incorporated in their debut album, and they'relately recording the songs. Ultimate weekend, they held their album jacket photo shoot.

After losing their album, I.O.I is scheduled to hold a debut showcase and fan meeting on Couldfive at Jangcheung Gymnastics Stadium, marking the official releasein theirstaff promotions.

To specific their appreciation for all of the love and beef up from the public, I.O.I is expected to actively hook up withlovers on a more intimate level, as an example by retainingare livingmove sessions by the use of Navers V app.

Remain tuned for more updates on I.O.Is debut!

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GOT7 liberate their agenda for a comeback!

GOT7 liberate their agenda for a comeback!

Whoo, numerous talented artists are making comebacks now, and joining this fashion is GOT7!

They might belosing 'FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE,' and they have got announced the agenda for the release. Lovers are going to be large excited - will they get to peerthe men in captain uniforms or as flight attendants? Somebodyfearful of flying will be k if the team is composed of GOT7. Well, like, more qualified versions of them anyway.

SEE ALSO: GOT7's 'Just Right' is maximumnoticed MV of respectable JYP YouTube channel with 45million views!

Check out the schedule beneath and mark your calendars!


Kangta to Liberate a Album for the 20 th Anniversary of His Debut

Kangta to Liberate a Album for the 20 th Anniversary of His Debut

Kangta to Free up a Album for the 20 th Anniversary of His Debutck525 January 10, 2016 0 LINE it!Kangta to Release a Album for the 20th Anniversary of His Debut Kangta can beliberatinga unique album for his 20th anniversary. Several singers from more youthful generations will join in in this massive scheme assignment to celebrate the singer’s meaningful event.

During a New Years interview, Kangta said, “I’ve been regretting now notappearing my aspect every bit a singer during the last few years. That’s why I would like to release a special album this year in birthday celebration of my 20th anniversary.”

“It’s recently in preparation, and there are rather a lot of songs,” he said. “I’m thinking of a older and young generation collaboration with the decided on songs.”

Meanwhile, Kangta debuted in 1996 as a member of H.O.T when he was oncemost effective 17. The crowd soon went viral and have becomethe largest deal since Seo Taiji and The Boys. After the staff fell aside in 2001, he endured his tuneprofession as a sing-a-song writer. However, he has not released a song since his unmarried “Eternity” in 2008.

“Though I’ve been making excuses for myself as a result of my activities in China, this year will be full of music similar events, reminiscent of a concert,” he promised.

On H.O.T’s reunion for their 20th anniversary, he said, “We’re still in the procedureof havingin combination and collecting ideas.”

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Speculations of SR15B debut continue with liberate of staff Christmas photos

Speculations of SR15B debut continue with liberate of staff Christmas photos

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEver since the largedisclose of SMROOKIES, it form of feels equallydespite the truth thatenthusiastswere eagerly expectingthe following big thing from SM Entertainment either as a boy staff or woman group.

With EXOs debut already more than 3 years into the past, fans have been at the edge in their seats to look what the firm will bring in the hot Year.

Thus, the unencumber of Christmas pictures featuring the grouping that has been dubbed SR15B (SMROOKIES 2015 Boys) turns out to be constructive news for other folks that accept been waiting.

Fans have been commenting on the cheerful, bright thought of the photos in additioninquiring for more main points alongsideadmire to the long run debut dates of the boys. The crowdis related to be made up of Taeyong, Jaehyun, Do Young, Hansol, Johnny and Eastern member, Yuta. Some are taking the release of those images to be an indicationthrough the agency yetapparently there aren't any confirmations of this rumor as of yet.

SMROOKIES has observedslow additions to the crew with the creation of Kun only some days ago.

Take a glance at the photos here:

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iKON Liberate Tracklist For Complete Debut Album 'Welcome Back' PHOTO

iKON Liberate Tracklist For Complete Debut Album 'Welcome Back' PHOTO

iKON(Photo : iKON Reputable Facebook)iKON Welcome Back track list(Photo : YG-Life)YG Entertainment is a label this iswell known for generatingprobably the mostbest K-pop teams of all time, addingpresentgreaterincome makers Giant Bang and 2NE1.

Unfortunately, YG Entertainment could also be known for consistent delays and unexpected retractions in regards to the debut and releases in their artists.

For iKON lovers however, the wait seems to be over for now. In step with reports, iKON will in the endunlock their completeduration debut album "Welcome Back" on Dec. 24 after initial delay. Today, the gang as publishedthe total track list for the album, including 4 new songs, two of that will get music videos.

If you felt like iKON's debut has been of a in particularmassive scale, YG Entertainment President Yang Hyun Suk would agree. Moreover, Yang prior to now explained that he felt the crew deserved the opportunity to advertise for a longer period.

"It's because they haveinstalled all their effort into developing music this beyond while. Especially in relation to iKON, they've got the revel in of wasting in a survival show, so they area collection who has experienced pain. The corporate put numerous care into their official debut," acknowledged Yang (via Allkpop).

Yang then went on to mention that the community had planned no less than five music videos in advance for their debut. At the present rate, the organization has revealed videos for their warm-up unmarried "My Type," "Rhythm Ta," "Airplane," "Apology," and "Anthem." Thankfully for fans, the group has planned two more music videos, that have been announced on Dec. 12.

The new songs that might beintegrated amongst the full album are titled "Dumb Dumber," "What's Wrong," 'I Omit You So Bad," and a rock remix edition of "Rhythm Ta."

Given their outdated success, iKON fans are certain to have masses to enjoy over the Vacations when the group ultimately releases their debut album "Welcome Back."

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FIESTAR's Yezi to liberate 'Crazy Dog' ft. San E as pre-release earlier than  reliable solo debut

FIESTAR's Yezi to liberate 'Crazy Dog' ft. San E as pre-release earlier than reliable solo debut

FIESTAR Yezi's solo debut has been confirmed, yet to get the hype up even higher, she'll have a pre-release track!Get in a position for "Crazy Dog" ft. San E!

LOEN Tree's representative confirmed, "Yezi was oncethese daysshowedto begin her solo activities. But prior to that, she'll have a pre-release titled "Crazy Dog". This track's featured artist is rapper San E."

If that sounds familiar, this is because she carried out "Crazy Dog" all the manner through a fight in 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'. When you were inspired then, you canmost likely exist awed with the professional studio edition featuring San E.

SEE ALSO: 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' offers a preview of Yezi and Truedy's semi-final conflict also featuring Girls' Generation's Tiffany

Her virtualunmarried "Crazy Dog" can be out December 11, and her official debut will be in January.

Just to refresh your memory:



Kara"s Hara revealed to make her solo debut in July

Kara has officially ended their "Cupid" promotions, but fans be ready cause Hara will grant July with her solo debut.

According to DSP Media on June 23rd, Hara will be making her solo debut in the third week of July. Even though the date hasn"t been decided yet but she"s currently gearing up with all the preparations.

July has become more worth wating since many girl groups are making their return including Girls" Generation, Sistar, A Pink, AOA, Girl"s Day and many more, so whether Hara will survive among this battle, we will have to wait and see.

Are you also looking forward to Hara"s solo debut? READ MORE


Rookie group MONSTA X revealed to have filmed

Rookie group MONSTA X revealed to have filmed "Weekly Idol" before their debut

Rookie group MONSTA X revealed to have filmed

MONSTA Xhas already filmed their first ever variety show!

The boys debuted on the 14th, but they filmed the show on the 5th, way before their debut. It"s the first time a rookie idol filmed a variety show even before their debut. And although they hadn"t debuted, the boys were perfectly comfortable on the set of "Weekly Idol".

What are you most looking forward to on MONSTA X"s first variety appearance?


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