“Boys24” Announces Sangmins Withdrawal, Will Cling Online Vote To Bring Back five Contestants

“Boys24” Announces Sangmins Withdrawal, Will Cling Online Vote To Bring Back five Contestants

Boys24 Announces Sangmin’s Withdrawal, Will Grasp Online Vote To Bring Back five Contestantsilmare42 August 9, 2016 0 Boys24 Announces Sangmin’s Withdrawal, Will Hold Online Vote To Bring Back 5 Contestants It's been announced that Boys24 finalist Sangmin has had to withdraw from the competition, whilst five contestants will have every otherlikelihood at grabbing a place in the planned new boy group.

On August 6, Mnet aired the final episode of its survival boy crewpageantdisplay entitled Boys24, in which the overall twenty-four contestants were determined. The winners will spend the following year maintaining performances as the contest continues, till six individuals are selected to make their debut as a new boy group.

It has unfortunately now been announced that Sangmin, who was once the leader of Unit Sky at the show, has had to leave the competition. Boys24 states, Sangmin shared his purpose to withdraw because ofproblemsreminiscent of his health, and after much being concerned and discussion, we've gotmade a decision to appreciate his wishes.

They crossdirectly to say, We can bein a position to exist holding a favourite Member Go backFitso asto make a choicesomebody to fill Sangmins spot, in additionto make a decision on4further contestants as a precautionary measure to steer transparent of the more than a fewscenariosthat willhappendue to the the nature in their long length of performances.

Fans will be balloting on which contestants they would loveto look return to the competition. The vote will start on August 10 at 11 a.m. KST and run except the finish of the day on August 14, and should be held by way of the displaysreputable website.

The prove says they are very unhappy to see Sangmin go, yet that they hope fans will continue to beef upand inspire him.

The guys of Boys24 will be beginning their year of performances at the Boys24 x Booto Corridor on September 22.

Who are you making plans to vote for?

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Boys24 To Bring Back Removed Contestants

Boys24 To Bring Back Removed Contestants

“Boys24” To Bring Back Removed Contestantsnotclaira July 12, 2016 0 “Boys24” To Bring Back Eliminated Contestants Mnet’s latest survival program “Boys24” can be bringing back one of the vital eliminated contestants in a different round!

According to a source in the song industry, “Boys24” held its 3rd unit of measurementfestival on July 11. In this day, up to now eliminated contestants were given a new opportunity in a plot twist that stunnedeither the trainees and the audience.

It is reported that the production workforce chose the eliminated trainees with relativelyprimefameto cross back in the special round. The primarycircular of unit competitions on July 8 eliminated all six participants of Unit Purple, to the be apologetic about of many viewers. It's far speculated that some members of Unit Pinkmightgo back in this special around after many netizens’ passionate demands on their behalf.

On July 12, a source from “Boys24” stated, “We need to be careful with the content of unaired episodes. To ascertain any news about a special round, please tune in to the broadcast.”

The special round is expected to air on July 23. “Boys24” airs each Saturday at 11:30 p.m. KST.

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Duet Song Festival To Bring Back Former Winners In King Of Kings Special

Duet Song Festival To Bring Back Former Winners In King Of Kings Special

“Duet Song Festival” To Bring Back Former Winners In “King Of Kings” Specialnotclaira July 21, 2016 0 “Duet Song Festival” To Bring Back Former Winners In “King Of Kings” Special On July 22, MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” announced that they would be maintaininga distinct “King of Kings” episode. Former notable winners could be making their go back to compete opposed to one another.

The list of contestants come with EXID’s Solji, who won the display back when it used to be a holiday special. B1A4’s Sandeul, who won 4 times on “Duet Song Festival” can be competing. VIXX’s Ken could also be slated to make a return after being voted the “duet we would like to see again” a record-breaking collection of times.

Lee Young Hyun and his partner, who inspired audiences with their very best harmonization, and robust vocalist So Chan Hwee also area few of the contestants. Na Yoon Kwon and Hyun Jin Young circular out the list.

MC Sung Si Kyung said, “It’s actuallychallengingto collecta lot of theseabilities together. It’s like a holiday special. It’s an Avengers-style lineup.”

The “King of Kings” special will be broadcast over two weeks. The primaryphase airs on July 22 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

You can watch the newest episode below!

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Watch: Boys24 Covers BTS, TVXQ, GOT7, And More; Removal  Effects  Surprise Contestants

Watch: Boys24 Covers BTS, TVXQ, GOT7, And More; Removal Effects Surprise Contestants

Watch: “Boys24” Covers BTS, TVXQ, GOT7, And More; RemovingEffectsSurprise Contestantsilmare42 July 16, 2016 0 Watch: “Boys24” Covers BTS, TVXQ, GOT7, And More; Elimination Results Shock Contestants The maximum recent episode of “Boys24 incorporates astrangely close result as each and every team battles to stick out of closingposition and steer transparent of elimination.

SpoilersJuly 16’s episode of “Boys24” functions several wonderfulduvet performances from the units, with they alloperatingbeneath the theme of looking to win women’s hearts. With Unit Pinkremoved concluding week, the remaindergroups in this 2ndfestival are Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Sky, and White.

This week, the guys are all thrown into a bit of of chaos right through rehearsals via a “Song Exchange Mission,” where they abruptly maketo replace the song they’ll be acting alongsideevery other group. Naturally, some teams are happier about this than others, as some had been operating on songs that they were self-assured theyd be in a position to prevail with and are not sure around their new track.

Unit Red is going up first to put their own spin on BTS’s hit “I Want U (including a trick that shocks the audience) and receives 398 points. The ganghave been hold out in line to pick out out their song, yet were fullydelighted when they were capable ofclutch the BTS music during the song change.

Next up is Unit Green’s 180-degree change from last weeks functionality with their cute cover of SEVENTEEN’s “Adore U, which earns them 417 points.

Unit Yellow, who took the most issues last week, plays SHINee’s “Dream Girl” and grabs 430 points!

Unit Blue is up next with their canopy of TVXQ’s “Mirotic,” featuring a vampire concept that is suggested by leader Inho. During rehearsals, the guys struggled a bit with the complex choreography with their capes, and didnt seem rathercertain about the idea. Unit Blue receives 393 points, falling in the back of unit of measurement Red by five points.

Unit Sky had some problemall through their arrangements as smartly because leader Sangmin got here down with a bad bloodless and couldn’t take part. Nevertheless, the members carry out GOT7’s “Just Right” with a “Harry Potter”-inspired intro, and gain an incredible 447 points.

Last up is Unit White, who had to modify their song with Unit Red from BTS’s “I Need U” to 2PM’s “10 Out of 10.” As they had been confident about their talent to do well and are compatible the theme with their “I Need U” performance, they were upset when they found out they had to change. Subjects werent made any more uncomplicated by the reality that the staff had to proportionthe similarpractice sessionarea with Unit Red. The neighborhoodis understood for their cuteness, and so they worry about whether they’ll be able to drag off “10 Out of 10. They finally finish up receiving 394 features for their performance.

This methodthat during the end, Unit Blue is eliminated with just one point not up to Unit White. All the teams individuals are now off the show, adding leader and fan-favorite Inho, who used to be#1 in the presentationspersonscore overall.

The audience, skilled panel, and other contestants all appearedsurprised by the fact that Unit Blue and Inho have been eliminated, with tears flowing either onstage and rancid as the guys say their goodbyes.

Are you unhappyto look Unit Blue go?

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Taeyeon Fights Back Opposed to  Enthusiast Sasaeng Lovers  Via  Liberating Their Telephone Numbers Online

Taeyeon Fights Back Opposed to Enthusiast Sasaeng Lovers Via Liberating Their Telephone Numbers Online

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Women Generation member and workforce leader Taeyeon has made it no secret that she is uninterested in sasaeng enthusiasts calling her in the wee hours of the night, and shes tired of it.

Posted on July 10th, Taeyeon finds the numbers of several of the ignored calls she received, the bulkthat have beenworld calls. The screenshot also adds reality to the idols beyond claims that she was oncenot able to sleep because ofthose calls which came aboutpast due into the night. The calls ranged from middle of the night and past 3am.

While the post has since been deleted, some netizens have reacted with surprise to comments from others who advised Taeyeon just turns off or silences her phone. Many have pointed to the reality that the SM Entertainment singer would possiblywant her telephone on in case of an emergency, and thus, turning off or silencing her phone would in all probability not be an option.

This isnt the primary time Taeyeon has shared phone numbers of her sasaeng as she has also brought attention to the placement back in April, revealing the ones telephone numbers as well.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon currentlyfinished her solo concert Butterfly Kiss with wonderful success.

Image: A screenshot of Taeyeon revealing numbers of a few of her sasaeng fans who were harassing her / @taeyeon_ss Image: A screenshot of Taeyeon revealing numbers of some of her sasaeng fans who have been harassing her / @taeyeon_ss

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Anti-Fans Accuse Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Of Online Vote casting Manipulation

Anti-Fans Accuse Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Of Online Vote casting Manipulation

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter seeing Girls GenerationTaeyeon win first position on a webballot for track program Show Champion, enthusiastshad been crying foul over the results. 

According to fans, it's extremelymost likely that there used to be roughly foul play interested by Taeyeons online balloting victory, with some fans offering evidence to back up their claims.

Screenshots from the primary few days of voting showed that male groups BEAST and EXO were the head two in the polls, with over 75% of the mixed votes. Yetby way of the finish of the ultimate day of voting, only one day after the screenshot appearing BEAST and EXO leading the polls, however, Taeyeon narrowly won first place with 32.9% of the vote.

Stunned by this sudden victory, some fans protested Taeyeons win, claiming that with the presentations voting system, it wouldve been not possible for her fans to have accomplishedany suchprime cumulative voting ranking in such a quick time. And now notemploying a logical way for the outcome to have been achieved, some fans claimed that the best real mannerthe consequences couldve ended up as they did turned intovia vote manipulation.

Check out the music video for Taeyeons new solo comeback Why below:

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7 Contestants Removed From “Boys24”

7 Contestants Removed From “Boys24”

7 Contestants Removed From Boys24jun2yng July 2, 2016 0 7 Contestants Eliminated From Boys24 Seven contestants have been eliminated from Mnet’s “Boys24,” bringing the collection of contestants down from 49 to 42.

On the July 2 broadcast of the show, the devices had to accomplish hit songs from more than a few idol teams in a “sharp choreography” mission. The contestants carried out SHINee’s “Sherlock,” BEAST’s “Shock,” INFINITE’s “Be Mine,” Block B’s “Very Good,” EXO’s “Call Me Baby,” and BTS’s “Dope.”

After every performance, one member from each one unit (listed below) used to be eliminated.

SpoilerSee the list of eliminated contestants below:

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Mnet’s “BOYS24” Selections  Best 7 Contestants In First Episode

Mnet’s “BOYS24” Selections Best 7 Contestants In First Episode

Mnets BOYS24 SelectionsMost sensible seven Contestants In First Episodejun2yng June 18, 2016 0 Mnets BOYS24 Picks Top 7 Contestants In First Episode Mnet’s “BOYS24” put its first foot ahead on June 18, with an intense first episode where the 49 contestants were evaluated individually.

In addition to giving audience a flavor of the talents of the contestants, who showed quite so much of performances starting fromadorable to professional, the judges set the tone for their evaluations. Whilst Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung were in massive part encouraging against the contestants, Vasco was once blunt and didn’t grasp back in his evaluations.

Already, the primary episode has put numbers in front of the men names; the pass judgement onreviewsdecidedthe head seven contestants, who were awarded immunity and given the positions of unit leaders. Note that being in the head seven does no longer mean those contestants wereshowed every bitprobably the mostultimate 24.

The top seven are as follows:

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Boys24 Contestants Blow their own horns Their Talents In Rising Star MV

Boys24 Contestants Blow their own horns Their Talents In Rising Star MV

“Boys24” Contestants Blow their own horns Their Abilities In “Rising Star” MVnotclaira June 7, 2016 0 “Boys24” Contestants Prove Off Their Qualifications In “Rising Star” MV Mnet’s upcoming survival program “Boys24” has released a song and tune video titled “Rising Star!”

In the music video, the 49 boys hand around inmore than a fewplacescorresponding to a classroom, a subway station, and a fuel station. At the end all 49 contributorscarry out an intense dance regimen in sharp white suits.

Like in the show, the men in the MV are divided into quite so much ofgadgets that operate together. Meanwhile, the song is fast paced amongst a heavy beat this is adapted smartly for the varied dance breaks.

The first episode of “Boys24” will air on June 18. Each episode, the sets volition compete with one any other to be some of theultimate 24 contestants. The general 24 will perform a sequence of reside concerts for a year in combinationprior toa last unit is decided on to debut as an idol group.

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BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

Male Version Of Idol Survival Program Produce 101 Reveals First 14 Contestants(Photo : BOYS24)BOYS24, the latest idol survival program from Mnet, has printedthe primary 14 contestants that might compete to sign in for a male idol group.

The complete list of revealed contestants will also bediscoveredat the BOYS24 reliable Facebook page, which has particular person profiles for every member, introducing them and highlighting their authenticcharacteristics and skills.

The contestants diversity in age from 15 to 23, with one of the vital contestants being born as past due equally 2001.

Similar to Mnet's oldfact program Produce 101, in BOYS24, 49 trainees will compete for a place on a 24-member male idol group, that willadvertise for one year, retaining a concert each day. After a year, a choose few individualscould beselected to debut as an idol group.

The 1st episode of BOYS24 is scheduled to get started out airing on June 18 on Mnet and tvN.

The 3rdcircular of trainee was once revaled on Might 23, where seven new contestants will be unveiled.

Unlike Produce 101, the contestants on BOYS24 aren'tthese days trainees beneath any firmand mayfinally finish up being signed under one of CJ EM's industry arms. The program will also emphasize the significance of the crowd over individuals.

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