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Bomi of Apink Considered by Co-Member's Their 'Eating Goddess' on Recent V-Live Broadcast
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Bomi of Apink Considered by Co-Member's Their 'Eating Goddess' on Recent V-Live Broadcast

Apink recently held their V Live broadcast on Wednesday, April 19 to celebrate their 6th year in the music industry since their debut. The group then revealed how Bomi loves food so much.

As reported by Soompi, the girls were deliberating who among them could be considered as an "eating goddess". Bomi then commented how she can't relate to the rest of them when they lose their appetite when they're feeling sick.

"The only time I containmyself is when I'm dieting," said Bomi. Apink's Namjoo then joined the conversation and hailed Bomi as the group's "eating goddess".

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"The King Loves" Si Wan, Yoona and Hong Jong-hyeon

"The King Loves" adds visual to itself. The drama is based in Kanghwado Koryeo Mountains and stars Si Wan, Yoona and Hong Jong-hyun.

MBC drama "The King Loves" is a fiction medieval drama based in the Koryeo times. It's a pre-production and the cast is made up of Si Wan, Yoona, Hong Jong-hyun, Oh Min-suk, Jung Bo-suk, Jang Young-nam, Kim Ho-jin and more.

The first take of "The King Loves" took place in the Koryeo Mountains on the 16th. The take was of Si Wan (King Won), Yoona (Eun-san) and Hong Jong-hyun (Qinglin). The visual was outstanding along with the fully blossomed azaleas.

[Photos] Jeon Ji-hyeon's flawless close-up
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[Photos] Jeon Ji-hyeon's flawless close-up

Actress Jeon Ji-hyeon was at the Loose and Lounge SS Season Launching event at Lotte Department Store in Seoul on the 20th.

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[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Fantastic"

If there is one thing to say about "Fantastic" is that the drama has bold ideas. Combining the promise of a happy, light series with the premise of its lead dying of cancer is a very daring move, although one Dramaland has not succeeded very well in yet. Still, this drama tries to juggle the illness, romance and a hefty dose of family drama to go with.

Lee So-hye (Kim Hyun-joo) is about to write her most ambitious drama when she is told that she is terminally ill with cancer. So-hye struggles with her illness and a budding romance with Ryoo Hae-seong (Joo Sang-wook), an old acquaintance and terrible star actor who becomes the lead in her drama. As you can tell by the premise, this is a romantic drama at heart, although its desired romantic comedy label is at odds with its premise.

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[Spoiler] "The Perfect Wife" Yoon Sang-hyeon hides truth about Jo Yeo-jung murdering Lim Se-mi

Yoon Sang-hyeon knew about Lim Se-mi's death but didn't say anything.

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "The Perfect Wife", Koo Jeong-hee (Yoon Sang-hyeon) was visited by Lee Eun-hee (Jo Yeo-jung).

Lee Eun-hee got a call by the police and told Koo Jeong-hee that Jeong Na-mi (Lim Se-mi) was dead. Koo Jeong-hee asked if she did it and she told him it was an accident.

Koo Jeong-hee tried to call the police but Eun-hee said, "Do you think you'll be alright if you turn me in? If something happens to me, that's the end for you too. Do you want to be broken again?"