Chan-sung Is A Scorching Summer Boy For ELLE Korea Magazine!

Chan-sung Is A Scorching Summer Boy For ELLE Korea Magazine!

2PM'sHwangChan-sungturns into a hot summer boy for theJuly 2016 issueof ELLE Korea.

In the images, he looks as if a candy and captivating young guy who is unfolding his intense charisma, spellbinding you naturally. The colour of the watermelon and the orange backdrop looks so just right together. It isobtrusivethat duringeach angle,Chan-sung's handsomeness is being displayed.

Besides the photo shoot,Chan-sungalso sat down with the mag for an interview and he has replied some beautifulappealing questions.

When he was once asked what makes paintingsa laugh for him, he mentioned that the interest he has in opposition tomany stuff makes it have a feeling of fun toward his work. His skillto glance at and working outan individual is his outstandingfeature which makes him an inventive and an expressive artist. He believes he'soriginalno longerhandiest alongside his character, yet too with his looks; in order that if anyone else is to play the similar roles as he does as an actor, it can not exist copied. Therefore, his work is more fun for him.

Also, he admitted that he gets jealous if he hears of anyone who becomes a hit and earns much money. What makes him special is that regardless of his such feelings, he would never wish to be that person. He does notwish to insure happiness and he does now not accept the want to make the total lot that he needs to happen. In his point of view, the keenness that he has for his luck disappears. He must berich without wasting his interest towards his work.

He stated that assemblyother folks and having conversations are the forms of things that he enjoys. "As I grow interested towards other, I have a tendency to expandbehaviorin line with that person's movements and their naturalbehavior,"he added. Hence,he enjoys finding his own habits.

The challengingstreet he took since his debut became mentioned, too. As a individual that debuted at the very young age, he is been traveling his way cautiously and steadily. He has advanced himself to be what he is now and is filled witharea for more improvements. He reveals himself short of more staying power and flexibility. However, to this point he is chuffed with his own work.

He remembered about how he's being praised for work. He has at all times been that person that accepts all that comes his way in either hands.

He also remembered how he sought after to be popular when he was younger. In time he has discovered how repute disappears in seconds. As he have becomethankful for the affection and the appreciation that he gains in provide time, he states the words ofPark Jin-youngthat encouraged him: "All that remain are skills. While you're skilled, you're going to convey a long road like me."

"We muststay ourselves entertained always. If the prerequisitesaren't complex deciding is easy," he stated. "This looks fun! Let's do It!" and this is how he gets into action.

He was puzzled or so his trackexistence equally a lyricist and he acknowledged that he still writes lyrics. As for the maximum recent ballads in which he wrote for2PM's newest album, they were rejected.

When he was questioned about what form ofpersonality he thinks he most commonly fits, he said that he is to be had for any kind of a character. A romantic comedy turns out to be in his best possible interest. Indeed he has shown his colours in such experiencesat the screen before. He thinks he can painting a character of a boy who is cool and sassy, but also naive and dopey with his girlfriend.

As he opens up about his life on his own, he stated that he had to be living independently since he was young. Even though IT is his first time living alone, it be been just a year and he doesn't appear to feel lonely. He said he likes being independent, to take selections on his own and do sure things without anyone's interference.

As he pulled during the interview effectively answering the curious interviewer diplomatically, he controlled to bring out himself adorable and loveable.

The interviewer asked, "Are you a man that can also bewithout problems approach?". He answers, "I attempt tofitalong sidethe oppositeuser without letting that person feel uncomfortable on account of me."

Hwang Chan-sungcan be named as some of the most humble, remarkableand beautiful persons in the Korean entertainment scene. He is an impeccable introduction of many of amazing qualities a person must always have.

To know more about whatChan-sungspeaks of, be certain youpreserve an eye out whenthis edition ofELLE Koreagetsreleased.

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Jessica Talks Summer Good looks  Guidelines And Solo Album In Elle Magazine

Jessica Talks Summer Good looks Guidelines And Solo Album In Elle Magazine

Jessica Talks Summer AttractivenessGuidelines And Solo Album In Elle Mag soojji Might 16, 2016 0 Jessica Talks Summer Beauty Tips And Solo Album In Elle Magazine At theMay just 16 edition of favor magazine Elle, Jessica stocks her present activities and style tips for the summer.

In the beauty pictorial entitled “Summer Breeze, she models otherkinds of makeup for more than a few times of the day in the summer.

Jessica, who has lately been busy filming a film in China and recording her solo debut album, shares the secrets at the back of her healthy complexion, advising readers to constantlycope with their skin by potential of drinking a huge number of water and regularlythe use of sheet masks.

Known for her large appetite, Jessica also shares her weight loss program tips, pronouncing she maintains her narrow figure by trading off dining her favourite foods by controlling the quantity of food intake. “Even when I’m dieting, if I would like toconsumefowlI can have a piece. All the food I love are prime calorie foods, so it can’t be helped.”

Jessica also talks about her upcoming solo mini-album, “With Love, J,” which is determined for a May additionally 17 release. “Even although it’s been nine years since I’ve debuted, I’m very fearful for my comeback. I’ve been readyto turnalternative styles of song as a singer over the years, yet this album is different. It's farthe primary album I’ve produced, composed, and written.” The album is expected to express colors, sounds, and feelingsoriginal to Jessica.

Meanwhile, Jessica has been receiving the highlight in Korea and out of the country as a way icon on KBSs Beauty Bible, on which she shares her own beauty tips and fairreviews about makeup and fashion.

Who is excited for Jessicas comeback?

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Seo Eon and Search engine marketing Jun Are In a position for Summer in Elle Korea Pictorial

Seo Eon and Search engine marketing Jun Are In a position for Summer in Elle Korea Pictorial

Seo Eon and SEO Jun Are In a position for Summer in Elle Korea Pictorialnotclaira April 25, 2016 0 LINE it!Seo Eon and Seo Jun Are Waiting for Summer in Elle Korea Pictorial The adorable twins that first won hearts on “The Go back of Superman” these days shot a pictorial on April 21 with modelmag Elle.

They gave the impression in the photo shoot with their mother, Moon Jung Won. So as to staythe children interested, the photo shoot happened alongsidea laugh toys, bubbles, and paint.

The boys are dressed in brightly coloured activewear, from complementary tank tops and shorts to footwear and baseball caps. The garmentsare ideal for the twins, who are known for running around 24/7 and causing mischief.

In one adorable picture, Seo Jun puts on a Batman mask and a Superman cape, channeling his inside superhero.

You can see more of the pictorial in the Mightfactor of Elle. You'll catch the twins in the newest episode of The Return of Superman below:

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Actor Ji Sung featured in Elle magazine, talks about acting and becoming a father

Actor Ji Sung featured in Elle magazine, talks about acting and becoming a father

Good-looking actor Ji Sung has been featured in the latest issue of "Elle" magazine for a charismatic black-and-white photoshoot as well as a interview about his past and future!

Ji Sung talked about how he wanted to become a professional baseball player when he was young, but his parents held him back and he gave up that dream. However, when he sees top players like Ryu Hyun Jin, he said that he thinks, "If I went into baseball, I think I would be at around that level."

However, we"re glad he ended up choosing acting or else we wouldn"t have been able to see him in great dramas like "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "Secret"!Speaking of acting, Ji Sung talked about career goals he had in the past.He said, "I didn"t think that I could become the best even when I entered my 40s. So I decided I would really start working on it when I become 40, and see who goes further. That"s the thought process I had. I thought I would be able to properly start when that time came."

He had those thoughts 10 years ago, and now that he"s wrapped up his drama "Kill Me, Heal Me" with his split-personality role, Ji Sung is now just starting the path he wants to take as an actor.

As for his personal life, Ji Sung and his wife Lee Bo Young are expecting a child later this year, and he talked about becoming a dad.He said, "I want to become a good father, but I don"t think this is easy," and also revealed that he is reading books to prepare for becoming a father.He added that when his wife first became pregnant, "Lee Bo Young"s stomach and my stomach came out the same amount."

Ji Sung was also asked where he would go if he could travel back in time, and he wisely replied, "I would take all of the acting skills I have developed until now, untouched, and then debut again."

To read more about his thoughts on entering his 40s and what he means by "just starting acting now," you can catch the May issue of "Elle" magazine.


Lee Soo Hyuk suits up for Elle Korea magazine

Lee Soo Hyuk suits up for Elle Korea magazine

Korean model-actor Lee Soo Hyuk exudes a classy gentleman aura in a photoshoot for Elle Koreas March 2015 issue. Known for his chic nature, the exotic-looking model-actor looked serious and

6 years since his debut and Lee Soo Hyuk has achieved much success in the modelling arena as well as venturing confidently into the acting scene. On whether he is fit to be called an actor, he modestly commented that he is almost there but doesnt think he is fully ready to assess himself and be known as a full-fledged actor. Enjoying his new-found career, the humble heart-throb has learnt plenty and gained precious experiences through acting. He is ambitiously moving forward and ready for new challenges. As I experienced good results, I have confidence and enjoy my work. I want to keep doing it.

He has recently wrapped up his lead role in tvn drama Valid Love, alongside experienced actors Uhm Tae-woong and Lee Si-young. His booming popularity is seen not just within South Korea but internationally as well. Lee Soo Hyuk has been receiving love calls from companies abroad to organize his solo events. He will be heading to Hong Kongs AFA Special Awards as the winner of Rising Star of Asia as well as having fan-meets in Shanghai and Thailand.

More of his interview can be seen on the official website of Elle Korea magazine. Meanwhile, check out Lee Soo Hyuks gorgeous photo spread in the March 2015 issue below!

Source: Elle Korea


2PMs Junho Suits Up For Elle Korea Magazine

2PMs Junho Suits Up For Elle Korea Magazine

2PM’s Junho Suits Up For Elle Korea Magazine 2PM’s Junho was recently featured in the latest issue of Elle Korea magazine. The 2PM member is busy with his solo promotional activities and displayed his multiple charms for the shoot.

Last year, Junho released his first solo mini album, “Kimi No Koe” and stated in his interview, “I produced, wrote the lyrics for and composed the songs on my second upcoming solo Japanese album, ‘Feel.’”

In related news, Junho revealed that he will be touring five cities for a countrywide concert tour for his solo promotions. Not to mention, Junho has also gained recognition as an idol-actor through different roles. He played the role of Squirrel in “Cold Eyes” and was recently cast in “Memories of the Sword” and “Twenty.

2PM’s Junho Suits Up For Elle Korea Magazine2PM’s Junho Suits Up For Elle Korea Magazine


HyunAs First Solo Interview and Pictorial for Elle Korea Magazine

HyunAs First Solo Interview and Pictorial for Elle Korea Magazine

HyunA’s First Solo Interview and Pictorial for Elle Korea Magazine 4Minute member HyunA was recently given a solo interview and pictorial feature in the May issue of Elle Korea magazine!

On May 30, Elle Korea released a teaser photo from HyunA’s magazine photo shoot. They also introduced her as the “May Beauty Icon” in her interview and photo shoot spread. In the photo, HyunA is seen wearing a trendy lip color while looking over her shoulder to cast a seductive look. While exposing her midriff and feminine curves, HyunA indeed takes on the form of this spring’s muse for all things fashionable and sexy.

According to reports, HyunA was also praised by staff for her professional attitude and poses, despite it being her first solo interview and pictorial. HyunA has been recognized for her continual effort in showing new sides to herself, since making her debut approximately eight years ago. As part of 4Minute, Trouble Maker, and a solo artist, HyunA’s schedule has been packed with activities that keep her extremely busy.

Her recent collaboration with Rita Ora for a “Funny or Die” skit has also raised her profile as a global star.

In her interview with Elle Korea magazine, HyunA revealed her beauty tips and secrets, such as placing the focus on her lips. She also stated that her unique sexiness lay with her confidence.

You can view more photos from HyunA’s pictorial and read up on her interview at the official website of Elle Korea.

HyunA’s First Solo Interview and Pictorial for Elle Korea Magazine


Kim Hee-aes and Yoo Ah-in have photo shoot for Elle Magazine Korea

Kim Hee-aes and Yoo Ah-in have photo shoot for Elle Magazine Korea

Kim Hee-ae’s and Yoo Ah-in have photo shoot for Elle Magazine Korea Kim Hee-ae’s and Yoo Ah-in have photo shoot for Elle Magazine Korea

With Kim Hee-ae’s and Yoo Ah-in’s newest JTBC drama “Secret Love Affair” approaching its first air date on the 17th of March, the two protagonists shot a sexy photo shoot for Elle Magazine’s April edition on the 14th of March.

"Secret Love Affair" is said to be about a young genius pianist in his 20’s falling in love with a career woman in her 40’s, and is expected to contain quite a lot of intimate scenes between the two actors. Thus, the photo shoot for Elle Magazine accentuated the sexy tension between the two and contained many images of them in romantic embraces.

Despite the age gap of 19 years, the two conveyed the passion and pain that lovers share when in a forbidden or socially unacceptable relationship.

You can see their full photo shoot in the April edition of Elle Magazine Korea.

Source: Osen


JYJ Summer Special Magazine to be Released in Both Korea and Japan

JYJ Summer Special Magazine to be Released in Both Korea and Japan

JYJ, Korea, Japan

JYJ Summer Special Magazine to be Released in Both Korea and Japan

JYJ's magazine, 'The JYJ' will be released in both Korea and Japan. This magazine was created to celebrate their 1000 days since the formation of their group.

Their agency stated, "For the second issue of this magazine, we will be focusing on the theme of 'friends'. This magazine will be filled with photo shoots and stories that express and showcase the members close friendship. They will also talk about their personal experiences as well."

They continued, "It will also contain behind the scene and practice room pictures from their Tokyo Dome performance this past April. Many other never before seen pictures will also be revealed."

This summer special magazine will be a total of 120 pages with 30 pages of photo shoots. They wil also reveal their preparation process for their 2013 JYJ Membership Week.

JYJ stated, "We are thankful to have all our fans be our friends as well. We hope that this present will be a way for us to show our appreciation to our fans."


These 8 Feminine K-Pop Idols Display Some Skin In Korea’s Newest Hot Summer Model Trend

These 8 Feminine K-Pop Idols Display Some Skin In Korea’s Newest Hot Summer Model Trend

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith summer rapidcoming near and the elements already changing intosomewhat hot in Korea, many celebrities have shifted to their summer wardrobe. 

And whilstat ease clothing are surelyvery important for Koreas hot and humid summers, a clothing fashion thats eithercosy and fashionable. Because the warm weather began in Korea, a lot of the industrys bestfeminine idols weredressed in tops that reveal their shoulders, permitting their skin to breath while also appearing off their horny bodies.

Girls GenerationTiffany

Girls GenerationSooyoung

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