“Choco Bank,” Starring EXO’s Kai, Ranks First Among  Internet Dramas For 1st Part Of 2016

“Choco Bank,” Starring EXO’s Kai, Ranks First Among Internet Dramas For 1st Part Of 2016

Choco Bank, Starring EXOs Kai, Ranks First AmongInternet Dramas For 1st Part Of 2016kminjungee July 19, 2016 0 Choco Bank, Starring EXOs Kai, Ranks First Amongst Web Dramas For 1st Half Of 2016 On July 20, Cons TV, a channel for web dramas, published their list of web dramas with the absolute bestselection ofperspectives for the primary half of 2016.

Starring EXOs Kai and actress Park Eun Bin, Choco Bank with ease takes first position with just about 9.5 million views. Marking 7 million views more than IHQs Nightmare Teacher, Choco Bank is reportedly popular for its relatable issues of folks in their 20s, their dreams, and how the genuineglobal reflects those things.

Second-place Nightmare Instructor is a romantic comedy this is lauded for being well-made and praised for its stellar forgedthat comes with Uhm Ki Joon, Kim So Hyun, and BTOBs Minhyuk.

In 3rd home and fourth place are two returning web dramas, The Cravings Season 2, and Oh Gu Sil Season 2. Meanwhile, OnStyles Beautiology 101 ranks fifth, whilstIn a position For Get started and Day after today Boy take 6th and 7th identify respectively.

Cons Television comments, The 1st half of 2016 used to be a time where the marketplace for web dramas, which churned out many trending productions ultimate year, in any case stabilized and solidified its role with killer content material.

Catch the entire episodes of Choco Bank on Viki, beginning with the first actual episode below!

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PDs Select  The maximum productive Dramas Of The primary  Part Of 2016

PDs Select The maximum productive Dramas Of The primary Part Of 2016

PDs SelectThe maximum productive Dramas Of The primaryPart Of 2016notclaira July 2, 2016 0 PDs Pick The fitting Dramas Of The First Half Of 2016 Lately 10 manufacturersgot herein combinationto make a choice the easiest dramas that aired in the first half of 2016. The PDs come from either cable (tvN) and public broadcasters and are third-party producers, which means that none of them were serious about the dramas that were chosen.

“Descendants of the Sun”Descendants-of-the-Sun_1560x872“Descendants of the Sun” used to be 100% pre-produced, broadcast on KBS, and sparked a Hallyu wave that cemented the big nameprestige of several of its lead actors. The drama changed into Song Joong Ki’s first task following his army enlistment and fittingly told the tale of a soldier and an navyphysician who fall in love.

The tvN drama was also 100% pre-produced and drew in prime viewership ratings and seriouscompliment for its original storyline. “Signal” tells the taleof 2 law enforcement groups who paintings together to solve bloodlesssituationsthe use of a mysterious radio that may transmit signals from the beyond and the future.

Both “Signal” and “Descendants of the Sun” tied for first position alongside 4/10 votes.

Both SBS’s “Remember” and tvN’s “Oh Hae Young Again” won 1/10 votes and tied for No. 2 at the list. “Oh Hae Young Again” is some other tvN drama that took the countrythroughwonder with its exclusive romantic storyline and has been breaking records in viewership ratings with each episode.

The SBS drama was one of Yoo Seung Ho’s many projects released in the couple years following his defense force enlistment and arguably the most popular. Yoo Seung Ho played a legal professional with an intensely high-fidelity reminiscence who seeks justice for his father.

What was your favourite drama of 2016 so far?

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EXO Kai and Park Eun Bin's internet drama 'Choco Bank' achieves record-breaking views

EXO Kai and Park Eun Bin's internet drama 'Choco Bank' achieves record-breaking views

'Choco Bank,' the candy romance internet drama featuring EXO's Kai and Park Eun Bin, placed first for the fourth week of February! 

According to cons tv, a websitethat permits viwers to circulation web dramas, 'Choco Bank' has recorded over 2.5 million--2,519,849 to be exact--views for the week of February 15 to February 21. It isnot anything short of amazing that the drama has recorded such record-breaking perspectives when or not it's been a little over a week because itbegan airing. 

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The drama was once bound to be a wreck hit, especially thank you the stellar acting of either Park Eun Bin and Kai! Congrats to the team of 'Choco Bank'!


CLC sings for Kai's internet drama 'Choco Bank'

CLC sings for Kai's internet drama 'Choco Bank'

The first OST for EXO Kai's upcoming internet drama, 'Choco Bank,' is now out!

The song to lead the string of candytrack for the series used to be sung by skill of none rather than CLC, which lent their angelic voices to the bright and cheery track.  The song, entitled "Heartbeating Love," is extremely uplifting, the easiest song to accompany youths' budding romance.

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Listen above! It isin point of fact cute!


EXO's Kai talks about filming for internet drama 'Choco Bank'

EXO's Kai talks about filming for internet drama 'Choco Bank'

On February four at 2PM (KST), the solid of 'Choco Bank' held a press convention and discussed the approachinginternet drama.

SEE ALSO: Professional poster unveiled for EXO Kai's web drama 'Choco Bank'!

When asked about his preparation for the role, EXO's Kai stated, "I could not sleep at all of theeveningearlier thanthe primary shoot. First call to fulfill on set was once at 6AM, yetI used to be thenfearfulI stopped up appearing up to the set with no need had a wink of sleep."

In regards to his first revel in acting, he shared, "We shot for a general of 6 days; in the beginning 1 felt awkward and out of place, but now I thinkas though acting changed into a just rightreminiscence and lesson."

Regarding his role as a an worker in the investment banking world, Kai explained, "I've been dancing since I was 8 years old so that is where my hobby lies, but having had an expertise acting as a banker, I suspectI might have enjoyed living any such life. I trust being a banker is a smart occupation."

Kai will take at the office of the nature 'Eunhaeng' (meaning Bank in Korean), a guy with widewisdom of the investment and banking world.

Check out the six-part web drama slated to be released this month!


EXO Kai’s “Choco Bank” Internet Drama Poster Revealed

EXO Kai’s “Choco Bank” Internet Drama Poster Revealed

EXO Kais Choco Bank Internet Drama Poster Printed ehk38 January 29, 2016 0 LINE it!EXO Kais Choco Bank Web Drama Poster Revealed The poster for EXO Kais web drama debut has been released, and of route he looks perfect.

The poster capabilities Kai and female lead Park Eun Bin posing sweetly over a cafe screen case.

While Kai has revel in with web dramas thru EXO Next Door, here is his first time taking on a lead role.

Choco Bank is a new web series created via Cheil International Inc., a marketing corporatebelow Samsung. The six-episode series will address anything that all millennials can relate to — the task search. Kai will play Kim Eun Haeng and Park Eun Bin will play Choco. Yoon Joon Seok has also been showed as part of the major cast.

The web drama is slated for premiere in mid-February.

Are you excited for Choco Bank?

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Official poster unveiled for EXO Kai's internet drama 'Choco Bank'!

Official poster unveiled for EXO Kai's internet drama 'Choco Bank'!

The reputable poster for 'Choco Bank,' a 6-part internet drama series featuring Kai and Park Eun Bin, was once unveiled recently!

As announced previous this month, Kai could begambling the leading role of Eun Haeng (which so comfortably translates into 'bank' in Korean), a persona who possesses broadwisdom on finances. 'Choco Bank' will resolve the tale of the way Eun Haeng, in conjunction with Choco, (played be Park Eun Bin), will paintingsin combinationto begin up a business.

SEE ALSO: Kai gets Park Eun Bin as his leading woman in 'Choco Bank'

This lovable little tale will be to be had online and during your cellulargadgets come February so stay an eye out, and get a look at the entire poster below!


EXO's Kai To Famous person In Upcoming Internet Series 'Choco Bank'

EXO's Kai To Famous person In Upcoming Internet Series 'Choco Bank'

Kai EXO's Kai (Kim Jong In) will make his authentic acting debut.

SM Entertainment showedthe scoop on Jan. 11 that the EXO dancer would make his solo acting debut in the process theinternet drama Choco Bank.

Kai made his first acting appearance ultimate year in EXO's very own web drama EXO Next Door.

Choco Bankfollows Kai's character, Kim Eun Haeng, whose call coincidentally also way "bank" in Korean, who is a brand new out of faculty boy on the lookout for a career. Except Kim Eun Haeng, the internet drama will also practice other fresh graduates as the attempt toturn out to be entrepreneurs. The net drama will stick to the combat of thosefaculty graduates as they try to take at the workforce.

Many of the EXO individuals take ventured into the acting scenes having secured reasonably the selection offilm deals and musical castings. EXO member Chanyeol is lately filming for the Chinese movie So I Married an Anti-Fan, whilst D.O will film two videos this year. Fellow member Xiumin wrapped up his own web drama Falling for Challengein past due 2015 as well.

Choco Bankis slated to have six episodes with a duration on 10-minutes each. The web-drama will start airing this February.

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EXO's Kai casted as the lead role in upcoming internet drama 'Choco Bank'

EXO's Kai casted as the lead role in upcoming internet drama 'Choco Bank'

EXO's Kai casted as the lead role in upcoming internet drama 'Choco Bank' Jan 11, 2016 04:40

EXO's Kai will make his acting debut via upcoming web drama 'Choco Bank'(working title).

On January 11th, SM Entertainment announced that Kai has been casted as the lead role in 'Choco Bank' and shouldstart filming this January.

Kai will take the role of Kim Eun Haeng, as 'Eun Haeng' method 'bank' in Korea. His father gave him the call every bit he sought after his son to reside a lifestylesstuffed withcash like a bank. Kai will painting the procedure and issues of a 20-something years old in the search for for a task afterward graduating from the university.

'Choco Bank' will have 6 episode with each and every is 10 minute long. It is scheduled to air by the use ofnet and cellular next month.

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Billboard Choices Their Most sensible 8 K-Pop Debuts From First Part Of 2016

Billboard Choices Their Most sensible 8 K-Pop Debuts From First Part Of 2016

Billboard Alternatives Their Most sensible eight K-Pop Debuts From First Part Of 2016kokoberry July 8, 2016 0 Billboard Picks Their Top 8 K-Pop Debuts From First Half Of 2016 Billboard these dayspublished their top 8 most promising K-pop debuts from the primary half of 2016. Their list comprisesteams who debuted this year in addition solo debuts from participants who are/were in idol groups.

Check out their picks below!

Jung Eun JiThe A red member and actress went off on her own for the 1st time in earnest with Confidently Sky, which wolfed the springtime pageantthank you to its uplifting meaning.

KNKBetween their robust debut with the pounding Knock and liberating some extraordinary covers of TVXQ songs, KNK has lived up to their name, which more or less translates as to be fantastic in Korean.

JessicaThe saccharine vocalist rose above the contest amongst Fly feat. Fabolous in May, the first unmarried since she exited Korea’s top womanworkforce in 2014.

TiffanyTiffany explained her own interest pop taste with the single I Just Wanna Dance and the sultry follow-up Heartbreak Hotel.'

I.O.II.O.I is wildly popular in South Korea and feature released a huge number of chart-topping singles, adding Crush, the psychotically addictive Select Me and Dream Girls.'

YeziThis rapper has been around for a couple of years as a member of the womancommunity FIESTAR, yetbest after appearing off her attractive intensity at thefactdisplay Unpretty Rapstar 2 remaining year did Yezi make her true debut on the K-pop scene.

Sam KimA little less mainstream than many of those acts is Sam Kim, the Seattle-raised crooner who used to be the runner-up on the star-search program K-pop Star 3 two years ago. His debut EP, I'm Sam, got here out in April and officiallysupplied Kim a position to explore his soulful style.

NCTNCT is a assignmentorganization but one devoted to globally conquering the world, K-pop style. Every subunit can beconcerned with a other region of the globe.

Do you consider their picks?

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