Choi Sungmin To Star In School 2017 As Pacifist

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Choi Sungmin to star in
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Choi Sungmin to star in "School 2017" as pacifist

Actor "Choi Sungmin" is starring in "School 2017".

He's got the role of Han Deok-soo, an 18-year-old teen who wants to be a 'doctor in a sports car' but his grades are way below average. He doesn't understand why he needs to study and is a clumsy pacifist.

"Choi Sungmin" has starred in KBS drama "Drama Special - The Legendary Shuttle", SBS "Here Comes Love" and more.

"School 2017" is a drama about teenagers who struggle to grow up to be grown-ups in society.

Kim Yoo Jung to star as the female lead in 'School 2017'?
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Kim Yoo Jung to star as the female lead in 'School 2017'?

Will Kim Yoo Jung be starring as the female lead in the latest 'School' drama series, 'School 2017'?

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On May 19, the actress's label Sidus HQ addressed reports which claimed Kim Yoo Jung would be taking on 'School 2017' as her next project. The label simply stated, "She is not confirmed. She is currently looking over the script."

Meanwhile, 'School 2017' is currently in its casting stages, aiming for a July broadcasting date. The series is one of the most representative youth drama series in the K-drama scenes, with the first of the series having aired back in 1999.

Kim Sejeong to star in
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Kim Sejeong to star in "School 2017"

Rising star Kim Sejeong is starring in "School 2017".

The new KBS 2TV drama "School 2017" will be featuring Kim Sejeong as Ra Eun-ho.

The main role for the latest "School" series has been the talk of the town and at last, Kim Sejeong has earned the role.

Ra Eun-ho is the icon of cheerfulness and positivity and she has a dream of becoming her crush's campus girlfriend. She ranks 280 out of the whole school but she struggles to make it to a prestigious university with her talents in web-toons. She goes around every nook and cranny of the school looking for ideas but is framed as a delinquent and her life gets tangled up like that.

Jang Se-hyun to star in
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Jang Se-hyun to star in "School 2017"

Actor Jang Se-hyun is starring in the new KBS 2TV drama "School 2017".

He takes on the role of Ra Tae-sik, Ra Eun-ho's (Kim Sejeong) brother.

Tae-sik takes a break from school to get a job but he's unemployed. He wears sweat pants at home but when his sister brings friends home, he gets dressed and likes to boast.

Jang Se-hyun starred in "Blow Breeze" as an unemployed Lee Jang-soo as well.

"School 2017" will begin in July.

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[Hot Takes from the Noonas] Sin Seong-rok, Choi Min-soo, and Kang Ye-won to star in
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[Hot Takes from the Noonas] Sin Seong-rok, Choi Min-soo, and Kang Ye-won to star in "Man Who Dies to Live"

MBC rounds out the cast of family comedy drama, "Man Who Dies to Live", as it confirms Sin Seong-rok, Choi Min-soo, and Kang Ye-won as the leads.

If you're excited about that cast, then brace yourself for the plot: Choi Min-soo will play Jang Dal-goo, a man who leaves Korea in the 1970s and becomes a count in a fictional Middle Eastern country named Bodantia. He comes home to reconcile with his daughter and son-in-law, played respectively by Kang Ye-won and Sin Seong-rok.

if I had to pick someone to play an eccentric count dad, Choi Min-soo would probably have been my second choice. Strangely enough, my first choice might have been Sin Seong-rok; he's played villain often enough to prove he can pull off gravitas (see "Liar Game" and "My Love from the Star"), and he's equally good at playing absurd (see "Trot Romance"). Here's hoping he's not wasted in a role that's described as handsome but boring.