Clara To Make Television Comeback 365 days After Controversy

Clara To Make Television Comeback 365 days After Controversy

Clara To Make Television Comeback Twelve months later Controversychoralee July 18, 2016 0 Clara To Make TV Comeback One Year After Controversy Model/ Actress Clara is coming circular again alongside a new TV program.

On July 18, Clara was provide at a press convention for the production of a new trendy program, Unnies Who Know Some Taste (tentative title).  I feel actuallysatisfied because its been some time since Ive greeted everyone, she said.

Clara had some old controversy on a dispute surrounding her exclusive contract with her agency, leading to a halt in her activities. Right through the conference, she spoke nervously saying, Ive been looking ahead to this.

She reveals her reasoning for opting for the program Unnies Who Know Some Style, explaining, Because here is my comeback after a year-long break, I would like togrow to be more approachable to the overall public. And Ive at all times been interested by beauty, which is why I chose this program.

Ive been clear of the industry for a while, so I felt missingat some point ofthe primary recording. As I make my comeback, I wish tofocal point and remain alert from now on. Through this opportunity, I am hoping to have many more activities in Korea. Through dramas, I wish to act more, Clara acknowledged as she mentioned her long run plans.

Unnies Who Know Some Style is a program that containscomponents of beauty, fashion, leisure, and internal design with the keypoint of interest of communicating the interests of young women. Kim Sae Rom, Clara, dressmaker Hwang Jae Geun, and makeup artist Search engine optimization Su Jin are solid for the show, with its first episode airing on July 29.

Are you excited for Claras comeback?

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Yewon To Make First Television Comeback Since Closing Year’s Giant Controversy

Yewon To Make First Television Comeback Since Closing Year’s Giant Controversy

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYewon of the now defunct womancrew Jewelry can be making her broadcast comeback since leaving We Were given Married remaining year.

According to firm officials on February 15th, Yewon will go back to tv every bit an MC for an upcoming Mnet program. Whilst the program is in itself still in the making plans stages, it's milesacknowledged that Yewon is being careful in her return and other display appearances will be made up our mindsin reaction to her comeback as an MC.

She was once embroiled in a controversy with actress Lee Tae Im in March of last year while they were recording for an episode for an MBC show, Tutoring Across Generations. Regardless ofproceeding her normal appearances for We Got Married, which best lasted 3 and a part months. Additionally, she sent her respectable apologies in regards to the controversy soon after leaving the show.

Yewon has no longer been observed on broadcast since then.

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at the original article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

57, -9 8 months?.you must have taken a minimum of 3 years off..even drinking and ridingfolks take 1 year leave..and she purposely attemptedto begin a witch hunt and she nearly succeeded..

35, -2 PDnim you dont like me right?

33, -5 Thought long and hard??

23, -3 CEO you dont like me right?

11, -1 Is it actually that toughto discover an MC. An MC have to be well spoken and featurea feeling of morality. While you use an MC on account of an agencys impactmust always the audience just watch the show? Although Yoo Jaesuk co MCs with her Im now notlooking at this.

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Watch: AOA’s Seolhyun and Jimin Shed Tears At Comeback Exhibit As They Make an apology For Contemporary Controversy

Watch: AOA’s Seolhyun and Jimin Shed Tears At Comeback Exhibit As They Make an apology For Contemporary Controversy

Watch: AOAs Seolhyun and Jimin Shed Tears At Comeback Exhibit every bit They Express regret For Fresh Controversycrystalcove Would possibly 16, 2016 0 Watch: AOAs Seolhyun and Jimin Shed Tears At Comeback Showcase As They Apologize For Recent Controversy Womanteam AOA held their ExcellentGood fortune comeback showcase today, and individuals Jimin and Seolhyun shed tears as they apologized for their recent historicwisdom controversy.

AOAs Jimins voice was once shaking as she started to talk, saying, Since its our first comeback in a year I used to be very nervous, yet I apologize for disappointing many of us alongside this issue prior to our comeback. I can beready topaintingsdemandingto turn you the maximum productivefacet of myself. Jimins voice turned into heavy with tears as she thanked the clicking for coming.

Seolhyun was thanking the press for attending the comeback, when she paused, not able to speak. Seolhyun then struggled via tears to mention that she will be able todisplay a prudent side of herself from now on. She apologized once again, bowing her head, and acknowledged she will work hard.

Meanwhile, AOA released their fourth mini album these days with the namesongSensible Luck. The song is a refreshing summer dance number written by Canadian composer Matthew Tishler, and it crowned music charts soon after its release.

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HALO to make a comeback in the route of controversy   'Young Love' preview video

HALO to make a comeback in the route of controversy 'Young Love' preview video

HALO can bemaking a returnin the path of their fresh controversy. 

SEE ALSO: Rookie workforce HALO disenchantedlovers alongside allegedly impolite actions, firm apologizes

HALO printed on November 30 that the crowd would be freeing their first mini-album 'Young Love' with a preview video. "Feeling is Good" is their identify track, yet equallywe have already noticed from the group, the album will be full of pop.

The individuals said, "We're sincerely reflecting for causing sadness to our fans. We made up our mindsto comeso as to compensate for causing our fans hurt."

In comparable news, HALO bumped into some problem with their fans because of alleged mistreatment of fan letters and fan gifts in addition PDA with rumored girlfriends.

HALO will be creating a comeback with 'Young Love' on December 3. 


Lee Tae-im and Clara to make a comeback

Lee Tae-im and Clara to make a comeback

Actresses Lee Tae-im and Clara are coming back. the 2 of them were swept up in a wide factor of profanity and struggle with the management. The once attractive icons are now making an try to make a comeback.

Lee Tae-im was once in the hot seat for swearing at a co-star of a television display she became in. The pictures of her profanity was released and parodies of it spread out. In the end, Lee Tae-im took 7 months off in self-reflection earlier than she got here back with the drama "You Will Love Me".

Lee Tae-im chose to look in the tvN prove "Saturday evening Reside Korea" and publicly express regret to the public about her misbehavior. At the finish of the show, she said, "It"s a 100% my fault. i'm in the wrong. I would actually like to mention to Yewon that I"m sorry". The style she handled the placement even self-dissing herself, succeeded in turning back the hearts of people who grew to become clear of her.

Clara had a long duration of clash with her outdated management, Polaris. She claimed she was sexually pressured by way of the chairman Lee Gyu-tae sued the control for nonexistence of her contract. Polaris claimed she acted on her own will without consulting the corporate and countersued her. The text messages between her and Lee Gyu-tae were printed in the process.

However, Clara was discovered now not accountable ultimate July. It turned out that Lee Gyu-tae had threatened to "slit her throat" in the procedure of investigations and this controlled to shop for some sympathy for Clara as it proved that managements still claimed authority over their artists. However, Clara is still being mocked as "liar Clara".

After tying the knot with her former management, she"s coming back with a Chinese drama. In keeping with her present management, she"s starring in "Happy Chocolate" as Wook-yeong and she"s still making an allowance for coming back with a Korean project.

The two actresses were once the icons for sexiness and fitness and they gave the impression in all places from entertainment presentations to videos and drama. However, they suffered other problems and the public turned faraway from them. Several stars have attempted to return after such unlucky occasions ago and the consequences were part and half. How they provide themselves after the ruin is the severe thing on whether they prevail or not. there isn't any genuine resolution yet they want to be trustworthy about the problem as a substitute of heading off it. As they are either actresses, they're going to want to position in a load more effort in that part.

A source said, "There is drive in status in front of the public that once turned their backs on you. Lee Tae-im didn"t hide and took it to the face so she succeeded in part in getting back interest. Clara was found not guilty but not all and sundry thinks she"s blameless so she wishes to method this topic with sincerity".

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Clara to Make a Comeback Via Chinese Drama

Clara to Make a Comeback Via Chinese Drama

Clara to Make a Comeback via Chinese Drama Actress Clara could be making a return after a year through a Chinese drama.

On November 18, it's been printed that Clara has landed a lead role in the Chinese drama, “Chocolate Filled with Happiness,” (tentative title) in which she will be able to play a fascinating chaebol or heiress. She will input filming for the drama as early as next week.

The drama will be directed by Jung Ang Gook, whose old works come with “Flowers in the Fog” and “Princess Pearl.” The director collaborated with Korean actor Joo Jin Mo for the tv series, “Flower in the Fog.”

Upon the inside of track of her return, Clara took to SNS to be in contact with her fans. On November 17, Clara wrote on her Instagram, “Hello, here's Clara. i am hoping all and sundry has been neatly and healthy. because of the toughen from my fans, i've been resting with my circle of relatives after an amicable agreement was once reached in September.”

She continued, “I agree with the entire thing ended with a super result because of the the aid of my fans. Thank you. I can paintings difficult to turn out to be a more mature consumer in the future. the elements has been getting colder. Please cope with your fitness and be happy. I like you.” Together with the comment, she uploaded a smiling image of herself as well.

Last year, Clara changed into excited by a lawsuit with Polaris Entertainment, her former agency, after she sued the CEO for sexual harassment. Polaris had then accused the actress of blackmailing. In September, Clara and Polaris Entertainment had reached a agreement and Clara’s contract with the firm was terminated. Clara then install a one-person agency so as to restart her occupation as an actress.

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Clara to not make a comeback

Clara to not make a comeback

Actress and singer Clara doesn"t have any plans to make a comeback anytime soon.

Sources told TV Report, "She has no plans to get back to work. She"s going to focus on the trial for now".

"It"s not true that she finished recording. Please refrain from any speculations".

A media claimed that the female singer and actress has started to prepare for her comeback. It claimed that she was going through a representative to make contact with another entertainment company to communicate.

Clara signed a contract with Polaris Entertainment in June last year. However, she filed a report in December saying she was "sexually harassed" by Chairman Lee Gyu-tae. She asked for a cancellation of contract and started a case. Polaris counter-sued her and her father for blackmail in January.


Sunny Days make their comeback as 5 members with

Sunny Days make their comeback as 5 members with "Half of the World are Men"

Sunny Days make their comeback as 5 members with

Girl group Sunny Days are back with a new lineup and the song "Half of the World are Men"!

As mentioned before, the previously added members Bichen and Gyuhee have left the group, and Jung Yoon was added to the group. Member Seoyeon will also be inactive during this album promotion due to health reasons, so Sunny Days have made a comeback as five members.

Without further ado, check out their new sound above!


JYJ’s Yoochun to make drama comeback with ‘Three Days’

JYJ’s Yoochun to make drama comeback with ‘Three Days’

JYJs Yoochun to make drama comeback with Three Days

JYJs Park Yoochun is coming to your television screen next year!

According to C-JeS Entertainment, Yoochun will be starring in the upcoming SBS drama Three Days (working title), which is expected to broadcast in February 2014. He will play an elite bodyguard, Han Tae Kyung.

Three Days is a drama about the presidential bodyguard tracking down the president who went missing after three sounds of gunshot when having a vacation in his private villa. It is a collaborative work of Sign and Ghost writer Kim Eun Hee, and PD Shin Kyung Soo from Deeply Rooted Tree.

The agency explained, Yoochun decided to participate in this drama without hesistation after seeing the solid story and good synopsis.


G-Dragon To Make Television Performance Comeback On 'Yu Hee-yeol's Sketchbook' This Friday

G-Dragon To Make Television Performance Comeback On 'Yu Hee-yeol's Sketchbook' This Friday

G-Dragon, Big Bang

G-Dragon To Make Television Performance Comeback On 'Yu Hee-yeol's Sketchbook' This Friday G-Dragon will appear on this week's 'Yu Hee-yeol's Sketchbook' to perform songs from his latest album COUP D'ETAT The day after releasing the first part of his second solo album, COUP D'ETAT,G-Dragon is heading into the studio to film for the acclaimed music program Yu Hee-yeol's Sketchbook.

According to a press release from G-Dragon's agency, YG Entertainment, the Big Bang leader will make his television comeback through the KBS music show.

G-Dragon will be in the studio to film the episode on Tuesday, September 3 and the show will air Friday night at 12:30am KST.

It will be the first televised performance of songs from G-Dragon's latest album and will also mark his first appearance on the program in a year since the release of his EP One of a Kind.

G-Dragon's appearance also comes a week after his label-mates, iconic girl group 2NE1 were guests on the music program.

Yu Hee-yeol's Sketchbook is part performance show, part talk show and is hosted by Yu Hee-yeol who is also known as Toy, a one-man project band.Each week, the program features three or four musicians who perform a handful of songs and then sit down for a brief interview.

FollowingYu Hee-yeol's Sketchbook, G-Dragon is set to perform next on this Sunday's episode of Inkigayo.