CLC’s Eunbin Temporarily Halts Team Promotions Because of  Fitness Issues

CLC’s Eunbin Temporarily Halts Team Promotions Because of Fitness Issues

CLCs Eunbin Temporarily Halts Staff Promotions Because ofFitnessProblems kokoberry June 18, 2016 0 CLCs Eunbin Temporarily Halts Organization Promotions Due To Health Issues Following news of CLCs Eunbin being not ableto wait a fan signal event, Dice Entertainment has released an authenticobservation informing lovers that she could be temporarily halting group promotions due to health issues.

Below is their official statement:

Hello. Here's Cube Entertainment.

We are informing you that Kwon Eunbin will temporarily halt group promotions for CLC till she can recuperate her health.

We would love to make an apology to many fans who have beenlooking forward to CLC to begin comeback promotions with all seven contributorsin addition Eunbins comeback for turning in this unexpected and unlucky news.

Kwon Eunbin beginning vomiting and had migraines at the similar time on June 17, so she right away went to a sanatorium to obtain an exam and treatment.

Despite her deficient health condition Eunbin was oncemade up our mindsto accomplish on KBS 2TVs Track Bank live. She also participated in the practice session for todays MBC Music Core performance, yetit's beendecided she might now not beacting due to her poor stamina. After discussing it with her, she has been hospitalized and is receiving treatment.

Thus todays MBC Music Core functionality volition have six members carry out on degree without Eunbin.

After receiving suggestion from the medical institution to be hospitalized and receive remedyso as to utterly recover, Eunbin has made a decision to temporarily halt group promotions. We ask for understanding.

Tomorrows scheduled SBS Inkigayo performance and planned fan sign match will best accept six members without Eunbin who shouldn't bein a position to attend.

We will let you know of Eunbins long run promotions following the effects from the hospital and the state of her health.

We express regret to fans who cherish Eunbin and plan on having her be capable of meet fans after recovering. Thank you.

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April’s Hyunjoo Temporarily Halts Crew Promotions Because of  Fitness Issues

April’s Hyunjoo Temporarily Halts Crew Promotions Because of Fitness Issues

Aprils Hyunjoo Temporarily Halts Crew Promotions Because ofFitnessProblems an0ya Might 12, 2016 0 Aprils Hyunjoo Temporarily Halts Organization Promotions Due To Health Issues Lady group Aprils Hyunjoo may now not betaking part in group promotions until additionalrealize due to experiencing issues with her health.

On May 12, DSP Media announced that Hyunjoo will temporarily halt all group activities. According to the agency, Hyunjoo has been suffering from respiring problems and common headaches, which have made it tricky for her to perform on tune shows. As Hyunjoos health is their utmost priority, they'vemade up our minds to make her leisure for the time being.

Hyunjoo will be receiving remedy and that specialize in her recovery prior to greeting enthusiasts again, her agency emphasized.

Meanwhile, April might be pursuing promotions for Tinker Bell with 4 members, beginning amongst this weeks music shows.

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Luhan temporarily postpones activities because of  fitness issues

Luhan temporarily postpones activities because of fitness issues

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterLuhan sparked some considerations after saying a briefruin from his promotional activities because of his health. 

On December 6th, a representative from Luhan’s controlfirmpublished that, “Luhan’s fitness has now not been good” and said that due to the his unreasonable scheduling commitments, they plan to discontinue his activities for the time being.

The agency additional stated that the medical institutioninstructed that Luhan takes a relaxation as they begin discussions on cancelling his upcoming fan assembly this week.

Meanwhile, since announcing his leave from SM Entertainment and EXO, Luhan has remained busy in China, acting on a lot of films, entertainment systems and selling his own music. Luhan’s prisonstruggle with his former agency continues.

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CLC’s Eunbin Recovers And Rejoins Crew Promotions

CLC’s Eunbin Recovers And Rejoins Crew Promotions

CLCs Eunbin Recovers And Rejoins Staff Promotionskokoberry June 22, 2016 0 CLCs Eunbin Recovers And Rejoins Organization Promotions CLCs Eunbin has recovered after receiving remedies at a hospital. She had up to now experienced fitnessproblems and Dice Entertainment released an reputableobservationannouncing she would temporarily halt group promotions.

Now that she has recovered, she might be rejoining group promotions beginning amongst a functionalityat the June 22 episode of MBC Musics Display Champion.

Previously, Eunbin began experiencing vomiting and migraines on June 17 and temporarily halted group promotions on June 18.

The medical institutionshowed that she were givenunwell from overworking. After receiving treatments and recuperating, Eunbin expressed her desiresto end up group promotions. Her request ended in Cube Entertainment permitting her to rejoin group promotions starting with their Prove Champion performance.

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CLC’s Kwon Eunbin rushed to the hospital, halts all activities

CLC’s Kwon Eunbin rushed to the hospital, halts all activities

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIt was oncelately announced that CLCs Eunbin changed into taken to the health center to be treated because offitness concerns. 

Although it wasnt printedprecisely what her health considerations were, her agency Cube Entertainment announced that she would be right away halting all activities, and that her crew CLC would be once backselling and appearing as 6 contributorstillextra notice.

After hearing the announcement, fanatics expressed their worry for Eunbins health yet also criticized the industry for the volume of rigidity and paintings they force on idols. Feminine idols had been known to head on excessive diets, train dancing for hours each day, and sleep for not up to 3 hours a day.

Check out CLCs newestsong video Top Heels below:

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Pledis Entertainment Releases Commentary About SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoo’s Fitness And Long term Album Promotions

Pledis Entertainment Releases Commentary About SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoo’s Fitness And Long term Album Promotions

Pledis Entertainment Releases Remark some SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoos Fitness And Long term Album Promotionskokoberry June 14, 2016 0 Pledis Entertainment Releases Statement About SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoos Health And Future Album Promotions On June 15, Pledis Entertainment released an authentic statement referring to SEVENTEEN member Wonwoos health and participation in upcoming album promotions.

The firmpublished that Wonwoo is still improving and may now not be joining in broadcast promotions because ofconsiderations for his health. Previously, Wonwoo was oncenot ableto accomplish at Dream Concert due to the acuate gastritis.

Below is their official statement:

Hello. Here's Pledis Entertainment.

It has been made up our minds that SEVENTEEN member Wonwoo isn't doing broadcast promotions in the meanwhileso as to make a healthy recovery.

Wed love toask for forgiveness to enthusiasts who cherish and love Wonwoo for bringing this surprising news in additionthe former news about his health final time.

Following his diagnosis with acute gastritis, Wonwoo won a check-up in order to recover. The check-up revealed that he lost stamina and it changed intodecided that he would wish fourth dimension to relaxation and would be unable to continue promotions after a long discussion with Wonwoo.

Wonwoo were resting in order to stabilize and get well afterward his acute gastritis. With intentions to sign up in promotions for the planned repackaged album, he participated in recording and song video filming. However, we made a decision that music presentations and broadcast schedules would be too much for Wonwoo who is still recovering. We prompt that Wonwoo rest for his health and for his future.

Wonwoo showed a robust volition to sign up for his individuals in promotions, yethe'll exist resting this time in order to utterlyget well so he will also be healthy and be with SEVENTEEN for a long time. Hence SEVENTEENs broadcast promotions and schedules for their repackaged album is planned to feature 12 members. Wonwoo will rejoin promotions and meet fans after his health is solely recovered.

We make an apology once back for causing fans to worry. Please beef up Wonwoo and SEVENTEEN.

We hope Wonwoo makes a whole recovery soon.

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I.O.I Finishes Up Team Promotions With “Dream Concert” Performance

I.O.I Finishes Up Team Promotions With “Dream Concert” Performance

619stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter The 11 winners of hit Mnet survival show Produce 101 got herein combination to shapeassignment group I.O.I, which would advertise every bita set for 12 monthsbelow YMC Entertainment before disbanding. 

However, it used to beprinted that the ladies would be finishing promotions as a team after their recent Dream Concert performance, and would now focal point on running in sub-units as an alternative of a complete eleven member group. With news of the women ending their community promotions, enthusiasts have already beganto stress about I.O.Is eventual disbandment, in spite of there being more than five months left.

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Winner Halts Promotions for Normal Appearance on Form Show

Winner Halts Promotions for Normal Appearance on Form Show

Winner Halts Promotions for Normal Appearance on SortDisplay crystalcove March 10, 2016 0 LINE it!Winner Halts Promotions for Regular Appearance on Variety Show YG Entertainment unearthsas of late that Winner is officially halting promotions, beginning March nine KST, for their newest album, Exit: E.

The reason whywas once kept beneath wraps and just described as Winner making readya uniquetasktill but recently. YG had prior to now announced the Winner 2016 Project Go outStream schedule, with the first step being the unmarried release, step two being the mini album, and step 3via five yet to be revealed, yet today, YG Entertainment exhibits that Winner is filming for variety show for 5 weeks. This appearance has been in the works since six months ago and Winner began filming for the show on March 9. The crowdisn'tperforming exactly as an episode guest megastar but as regular solidcontributors for five weeks.

Its infrequent that an idol workforcemight bea section of the regular cast of a wide range show, but with the exception of the teams concert, the members are utterly devoting their time to this project.

A YG Entertainment rep explains, Its now not just an easy appearance on a selection show, but a co-production with the broadcasting network, so Winner has to be with the camera all day long for five weeks. We cant divulge what network, what show, or what kind ofstructure yet, but we've gotready this for decades for Winner, and because it's miles Winners first regular casting for a range show, we can continue to organize well.

Meanwhile, Winner will be protecting their first concert, Winner Exit Excursion in Seoul, at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena on March 12 and 13.

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MC Kim Sung Joo to take a damage from activities because of  fitness issues

MC Kim Sung Joo to take a damage from activities because of fitness issues

It has been reported that popular MC Kim Sung Joo has determined to take a ruin from all activities for three weeks to improve his optometric fitnessproblems

The MC announced his break after the maximum recent recording of MBC's 'Mask King', where he's active as the major MC. Kim Sung Joo could also bethese days a DJ For KBS Cool FM's 'Kim Sung Joo's Track Plaza' as smartly MC for JTBC's 'Please Deal with My Refrigerator', and upcoming presentations JTBC's 'Cook' and Mnet's 'WE KID'. 

We hope he willget better soon!

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BTS Cancels Two Jap Concerts Bringing up  Fitness Issues

BTS Cancels Two Jap Concerts Bringing up Fitness Issues

BTS Cancels Two Eastern Concerts MentioningFitnessProblems an0ya December 27, 2015 0 LINE it!BTS Cancels Two Japanese Concerts Citing Health Issues BTS has abruptly canceled two scheduled Japanese concerts because ofcontributors Suga and V experiencing acute health problems.

Regarding the matter, BigHit Entertainment issued an authenticcommentary through its official Twitter on December 27.

The firm relayed that sooner than the concert scheduled to be held in Kobe on December 27, Suga and V were not ableto finish the practice sessiondue to the dizziness, and were immediately taken to a nativehealth facility for a qualified checkup. Whilst the CT scan effects showed that nothing was onceseriously wrong, the medical professionalsstated that physical task on degreewould possiblymake them feel dizzy again, and recommended to have Suga and V under additional supervision.

According to BigHit, Suga and V firmly expressed their desire to move on stage and meet their fans, yettaking into account their diagnosis, it becamemade up our minds that they will have tofocal point on recovery for the time being.

Due to the concert appearing lacking and incomplete with two lacking members, the agency made the verdict to cancel either Kobe concerts scheduled for December 27 and 28. The crowd members will soon go back to Korea where Suga and V are expected to headvia a thorough clinical examination.

Fans will be in a position to have their tickets completely refunded, and BigHit expressed its deepest apologies to fanatics for causing inconvenience.

We wish Suga and V a quick and smooth recovery!

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