CLC’s Kwon Eunbin rushed to the hospital, halts all activities

CLC’s Kwon Eunbin rushed to the hospital, halts all activities

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIt was oncelately announced that CLCs Eunbin changed into taken to the health center to be treated because offitness concerns. 

Although it wasnt printedprecisely what her health considerations were, her agency Cube Entertainment announced that she would be right away halting all activities, and that her crew CLC would be once backselling and appearing as 6 contributorstillextra notice.

After hearing the announcement, fanatics expressed their worry for Eunbins health yet also criticized the industry for the volume of rigidity and paintings they force on idols. Feminine idols had been known to head on excessive diets, train dancing for hours each day, and sleep for not up to 3 hours a day.

Check out CLCs newestsong video Top Heels below:

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CLC’s Eunbin Temporarily Halts Team Promotions Because of  Fitness Issues

CLC’s Eunbin Temporarily Halts Team Promotions Because of Fitness Issues

CLCs Eunbin Temporarily Halts Staff Promotions Because ofFitnessProblems kokoberry June 18, 2016 0 CLCs Eunbin Temporarily Halts Organization Promotions Due To Health Issues Following news of CLCs Eunbin being not ableto wait a fan signal event, Dice Entertainment has released an authenticobservation informing lovers that she could be temporarily halting group promotions due to health issues.

Below is their official statement:

Hello. Here's Cube Entertainment.

We are informing you that Kwon Eunbin will temporarily halt group promotions for CLC till she can recuperate her health.

We would love to make an apology to many fans who have beenlooking forward to CLC to begin comeback promotions with all seven contributorsin addition Eunbins comeback for turning in this unexpected and unlucky news.

Kwon Eunbin beginning vomiting and had migraines at the similar time on June 17, so she right away went to a sanatorium to obtain an exam and treatment.

Despite her deficient health condition Eunbin was oncemade up our mindsto accomplish on KBS 2TVs Track Bank live. She also participated in the practice session for todays MBC Music Core performance, yetit's beendecided she might now not beacting due to her poor stamina. After discussing it with her, she has been hospitalized and is receiving treatment.

Thus todays MBC Music Core functionality volition have six members carry out on degree without Eunbin.

After receiving suggestion from the medical institution to be hospitalized and receive remedyso as to utterly recover, Eunbin has made a decision to temporarily halt group promotions. We ask for understanding.

Tomorrows scheduled SBS Inkigayo performance and planned fan sign match will best accept six members without Eunbin who shouldn't bein a position to attend.

We will let you know of Eunbins long run promotions following the effects from the hospital and the state of her health.

We express regret to fans who cherish Eunbin and plan on having her be capable of meet fans after recovering. Thank you.

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CLC Unearths “High Heel” MV That incorporates Kwon Eunbin From “Produce 101″

CLC Unearths “High Heel” MV That incorporates Kwon Eunbin From “Produce 101″

CLC FindsPrime Heel MV That incorporates Kwon Eunbin From Produce 101ck525 March 21, 2016 0 LINE it!CLC Displays High Heel MV That Contains Kwon Eunbin From Produce 101 It looks like Kwon Eunbin, who is recentlycollaborating  in “Produce 101,” will soon be joining CLC in staff activities.

CLC’s managing agency, Cube Entertainment, revealed a tune video of “High Heels” that involves Kwon Eunbin, today, on March 21, 2 p.m. KST, via their legitimate website. Here isthe primary time she appears as a member of CLC. This music video is from when the gangused to bemaking ready their comeback back in February.

Kwon Eunbin becameat the beginning slated to be a new member of CLC. Despite the truth that she had accomplished recording for their new album and music video, she ended up engaging in Mnet’s “Produce 101” as the comeback schedule were givendriven back and she was returned to a trainee status. Then when CLC was in a position for a comeback,  Eunbin could now not  take phase in CLC’s comeback activities because she was still participating in Produce 101.  Accordingly, Dice Entertainment cut out all of her portions from CLC’s “High Heels” music video when the neighborhood made its comeback in February.

Today, the music video for High Heels that includes Kwon Eunbin has been made to be had for viewing.

Many speculate that Cube is revealing a music video with the total group, adding Kwon Eunbin, in preparation for CLC’s oversea schedules. They are going to existliberating a mini album in Japan in April in conjunction with other promotion events.

Watch the hot music video for High Heels down here!

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CLCs Kwon Eunbins Father Published to be Broadcast Reporter

CLCs Kwon Eunbins Father Published to be Broadcast Reporter

CLC’s Kwon Eunbin’s Father Printed to be Broadcast Reporternotclaira March 7, 2016 0 LINE it!CLC’s Kwon Eunbin’s Father Revealed to be Broadcast Reporter After several folksstarted reporting that CLC’s Kwon Eunbin’s father used to bea printed reporter, Cube Entertainment showed the news.

According to several representatives, Kwon Eunbin’s father changed intodecided on for an award in 2012 by skill of the Broadcasting Newshounds Federation and the Korean Broadcasting Association. On March 7, CLC’s aspect responded.

“Kwon Eunbin’s father is a broadcast reporter. Eunbin has at all times been pleased with her father’s occupation. Thank you for appearingpassion in even one of these news.”

Kwon Eunbin’s mom is a stay-at-home housewife, and either parents are supporting their daughter’s aspirations to transform a singer.

Although Kwon Eunbin is a section of CLC’s new seven-member lineup, she is recently inactive in the crowdbecause of her activities on Mnets “Produce 101.” She was in 16th position at the finish of the primarycircular of voting.

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G.O's Enlistment This Week Well Halts MBLAQ Activities

G.O's Enlistment This Week Well Halts MBLAQ Activities

MBLAQ G.O. In Winter Album(Photo : J.Tune Camp) Some other K-pop idol is reporting for duty.

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, MBLAQ member G.O (Jung Byung Hee) dropped the music video for "Numbness," a song her recorded for the soundtrack to the Korean Television drama Madam Antoine. On that same day, it was once also announced that G.O would start his four-week army boot camp as a phase of his neededarmed forces enlistment on Thursday, Feb. 18.

According to a file done by way of the Korea Herald, an insider at G.O's listing label, J.Tune Camp, statedthat when being diagnosed with narcolepsy, the singer will "serve as a public group of workers equallyan selectionselection toprovider as an active soldier."

Furthermore, G.O's enlistment will effectlively halt all of MBLAQ's workforce activities with fellow individuals Seungho and Mir to movecenter of attention on person projects. This comes after the crowd rebranded themselves a trio remaining year following the departure of members Thunder and Lee Joon.

G.O is expected to be discharged from his service on Feb. 17, 2018.

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TWICE Halts Chinese Activities in Mild of Nationality Controversy Surrounding Member Tzuyu

TWICE Halts Chinese Activities in Mild of Nationality Controversy Surrounding Member Tzuyu

TWICE Halts Chinese Activities in Mild of Nationality Controversy Surrounding Member Tzuyucrystalcove January 13, 2016 0 LINE it!TWICE Halts Chinese Activities in Light of Nationality Controversy Surrounding Member Tzuyu TWICE is temporarily halting activities in China.

TWICE member Tzuyu, born and raised in Taiwan, is at the middle of a controversy that has pressuredthe womanteams agency, JYP Entertainment, to factor a formal remarkthru its Weibo account.

Tzuyu, in conjunction with other non-Korean participants from her staffgave the impressionon the net broadcast/ variety show My Little Tv last November. All the manner through the program, Tzuyu held up a Taiwanese flag to turn her nationality. Member Mina, Sana, and Momo did the similar for their country, Japan. Tzuyus action was once picked up via the Taiwanese singer Huang An, who opposes Taiwanese independence from China, and he described Tzuyu on his Weibo account as a Taiwanese independence supporter.

The problem of Taiwanese independence is a more arguable than same old alongsidethe impending presidential elections for the country, and Tzuyu and Two timeswerestuck in the thick of heated feelings and politics. TWICE has already recorded for Beijing TVs Lunar New Year special, yet the groups appearance in the real broadcast is reported to be edited out.

In reaction to the controversy, JYP China mentioned on it authentic Weibo account, Tillthe misconception has been resolved, we could bein a position to halt TWICEs activities in China. It continued, JYP is a corporation in the cultural business, now notan organization with a political position. Considering Tzuyu is handiest 16 years old and her education, she isn't at the age where she can act with a political motive. JYP extra elaborated, Because other folks are pronouncing we are adverse toward China, our partners in China are experiencing difficulty with paintingscomparabletrade and duties. Unlessactually revealed, we'll halt Chinese activities.

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Kim Soo Mi Halts All Activities In the Entertainment Industry

Kim Soo Mi Halts All Activities In the Entertainment Industry

Kim Soo Mi Halts All Activities In the Entertainment Industry Actress < robust>Kim Soo Mi may be hanging an all-forestall to her entertainment activities, adding her planned appearances in videos and dramas. She published on July 17 that she may be seeing a psychiatrist because of the malicious comments that she these days read over the net.

A source close to Kim Soo Mi acknowledged that she also resigned from “< robust>having a look Back At Me.” according to the source, even supposing she has already filmed two weeks’ value of fabrics, she is probably now no longer making any longer appearances after that, hinting that her condition is terribly serious. The source also acknowledged, “Kim Soo Mi these days purchased a smartphone, and she read the malicious comments at the net for the primary time, which gave her moderately a surprise.”

< robust>Jo Young Nam, who had these days had a public war with Kim Soo Mi viaout the “having a look Back At Me” press convention, acknowledged, “I wrote a letter telling her now no longer to fret. I plan to send her the letter with vegetation, via < robust>Lee Kyung Kyu.” He persevered, “i believe awful over what came about. I don’t know if I’m a excellent author or now no longer, so I just wrote frankly about what I sought after to mention.”

Kim Soo Mi is related to be  warding off touch with any individual after mentioning her resignation from “having a look Back At Me.”

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2AM"s contract expires, Jo Kwon to stay while Seulong and Jinwoon leave + Rep comments on possibility of group activities


Unfortunately, it"s come to light that the 2AM members" contracts with JYP Entertainment have expired (with the exception of Changmin, who has 6 months left still).

With his contract expiration, Jo Kwon decided to renew with the agency, but Seulong and Jinwoon have decided to leave.

JYPE rep revealed to Newsen, "Jo Kwon has recently decided to remain at JYP, while Seulong decided to go to SidusHQ. Jinwoon is currently negotiating a contract with Mystic Entertainment."

So does this mean this is the end of 2AM? To that question, the rep responded, "Seulong and Jinwoon both decided to head to different agencies to take on new challenges and changes. As Jo Kwon has been carrying out roles in musicals, he"ll continue focusing on singing and musicals... This was all wrapped up with no ill feelings between the members. It seems they"ll all be focusing on their individual activities for the time being, but because the members have a great relationship and are also on good terms with JYP, if the conditions and requirements are right, there is the possibility that they can carry on group activities. So it"s not that they"ve officially ended group activities."

So rest assured fans, 2AM have not disbanded! We may be seeing individual activities from them for now, but like the rep revealed, the group is open to promoting together if the timing is right. We hope that timing will be sooner than expected, but in the meantime, let"s wish each member the best of luck on their new challenges!


GOT7's Jackson Rushed to Hospital During

GOT7's Jackson Rushed to Hospital During "Idol Star Athletics Championships 2015" Filming

GOT7's member, Jackson, is reported to have sustained ankle injuries while filming today on the set of "Idol Star Athletics Championships."

While participating in the relay game for MBC Lunar New Year’s Special Idol Star Athletics Championships, Jackson tripped over in the process of handing over his baton, spraining his ankle

About this, an affiliate of JYP Entertainment told Newsen on February 3rd, “Jackson received a simple emergency treatment at the hospital after he got injured. The extent of his injury is not serious but he will be visiting the hospital today to receive a complete checkup.”

GOT7's Jackson Rushed to Hospital During Idol Star Athletics Championships 2015 Filming

Meanwhile, Idol Star Athletics Championships, which began during Chuseok in 2010, features idols competing against once another in various games of sports, such as track and field, archery, futsal, curling and more, becoming a representative Holiday program that can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, due to the idols’ frequent injuries, unilateral schedule announcement and long hours of filming that goes over 20 hours, it has been creating a lot of noise every year.

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BEAST’s Lee Kikwang Injured while Playing Soccer, Rushed to Hospital

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang Injured while Playing Soccer, Rushed to Hospital

BEAST member Lee Kikwang was recently rushed to the hospital after injuring his foot while playing soccer for the filming of the KBS variety show Cool Kiz on the Block.

The cast of the Cool Kiz on the Block were participating in a friendly opening game of the FC Seoul 30th Anniversary event. They were up against former FC Seoul payers, called the FC Seoul Old Star team. Lee Kikwang was playing soccer as part of Cool Kiz on the Block team when the ball hit his right ankle. He expressed pain after being hit and was immediately taken to the hospital. It is yet unknown how severe his injury is. He is currently being examined and treated.

Also participating as part of the Cool Kiz on the Block team were Kang Ho Dong, fellow BEAST member Yoon Doojoon, SHINees Minho, and ormer FC Seoul member and national athlete, Lee Young Pyo.