Cosmic Ladies MV Filming At National Monument Sparks Controversy, Firm And Director Respond

Cosmic Ladies MV Filming At National Monument Sparks Controversy, Firm And Director Respond

Cosmic Ladies MV Filming At National Monument Sparks Controversy, Firm And Director Respondilmare42 August 6, 2016 0 Cosmic Girls MV Filming At National Monument Sparks Controversy, Agency And Director Respond A controversy unfortunately emerged due a misunderstanding surrounding the filming of an upcoming tune video for Starship Entertainments rookie girl group, Cosmic Girls.

It used to be reported by way of Channel A on August 6 that a womanworkforce had trespassed onto the Sinduri Coastal Sand Dune, a countrywide monument that has symptoms up to informsite visitorsnow notto move into the secure area. The Sinduri Coastal Sand Dunes were made a national monument in 2001, and quite a bit of dramas, music videos, formpresentations (including 2 Days 1 Night), and flicks (including War of the Arrows) have filmed at the location.

Channel A reported that the monument’s belongingscontrol told the community to get off the dunes over a loudspeaker, yet they failed to leave. It also claimed that the gangultimately left once the police arrived and suggested them to leave.

After it turned intopublished that the organization was Cosmic Girls, Starship Entertainment posted an apology to their fan cafe on August 6. In their apology, they state they had verified prior to filming that the music videos production corporate Fantazylab had gained a permit. Starship also says that as many works were filmed there in the past, they didn't think that there would be a problem.

Starship writes, When we heard about the boundaries on location, we asked that the music video crew stop filming, and made up our minds not to incorporate the photos in the music video.

However, Fantazylabs Kim Ji Yong, the director of the music video, has since posted to Facebook to elucidate what took place on location. He first apologizes for the truth that there has beenan issueall over the filming, but is going on to supply an explanation for that the production agency did if fact exist toldobtain a enable to film.

He writes, We showed that there was miscommunication between the volunteer who told us over the loudspeaker that lets not movie and the individual on the filming permit team for the dunes that had helped us. After this, we even acquiredassist in regards to further filming.”

Nevertheless, Kim Ji Yong writes that they consulted with Starship Entertainment and made a decision to edit the scenes out of the music video.

Cosmic Girls is lately gearing up for their first comeback as a thirteen-member group with the free up of The call of the game on August 17.

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DIA, Cosmic Ladies and Gugudan contributors left at a loss for words  throughout greetings for I.O.I

DIA, Cosmic Ladies and Gugudan contributors left at a loss for words throughout greetings for I.O.I

60stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter With I.O.I simplest being a briefteam and several of the participants already branching off with their reputableteams activities, confusion has arise.

Following the transitoritywoman groups first official activities with Chrysalis and Dream Girls, I.O.I is determinedto pass back once back this summer as a unit of 7 members. The remainder4 members can beselling alongside their official girl group. Jung Chaeyeon returned to DIA, Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina officially debuted as a phase of Jellyfish Entertainments gugudan whilst Yu Yeonjung has been showedto sign up in Starship Entertainments Cosmic Girls as the 13th member.

However, the girls activities below their commonfirm is still overlapping with that of I.O.I regardless of promotions for Dreams Ladies having ended following the Dream Concert.

The 11-members currently took the degree equallyan entire on July 16th where they conducted many in their hits adding Dream Girls, Select Me, Yum Yum and more. For Chaeyeon, Sejeong, Mina and Yeonjung, they were spotted hesitating throughout the groups greeting. During a performance, some members were also observed bumping into one another. With the alteration of choreography (for 7 members as a substitute of 11), the temporary prestige of the gang with more than a few branching off into their own activities have surelyturn out to be confusing for the entireneighborhood members.

Fans have expressed their issues for the group, especially people whoshould attend other schedules for either their groups.

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Cosmic Ladies  Proportion Their Mind On Yoo Yeonjung Joining The Group

Cosmic Ladies Proportion Their Mind On Yoo Yeonjung Joining The Group

Cosmic WomenProportion Their Mind On Yoo Yeonjung Joining The crowd leonid July 12, 2016 0 Cosmic Girls Share Their Thoughts On Yoo Yeonjung Joining The Group The participants of Cosmic Girls open up about their restructuring as a 13-member group.

On July 12, Exy, Eunseo, Dayoung, and Soobin of Cosmic Girls dropped by skill of MBCs radio display Park Kyung Lims 2 OClock Date as guests.

During the program, Park Kyung Lim asks them about Yoo Yeonjungs fresh summation to the team and they share, We already knew about it to a few extent. We have got been buddies amongst Yeonjung since we were trainees and we were supporting one every otherso much all this time. The firmamassed us around and instructed us. We are glad and thinking about her addition.

They continue, Yeonjung is a pleased virus. The temper of our group has at all times been bright, yet with Yeonjung its grow to be even brighter. Its fun.

On July 11, Starship Entertainment was once announced that Cosmic Girls will turned into a 13-member group with Yoo Yeonjung joining the team after her promotions with assignmentwoman group I.O.I.

Cosmic Girls - Would You Like?Enhance the artist by purchasing Cosmic Girls - Would You Like? from YesAsia Source (1)

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Watch: Cosmic Ladies Releases Unforeseen And Mysterious Teaser

Watch: Cosmic Ladies Releases Unforeseen And Mysterious Teaser

Watch: Cosmic Ladies Releases Unforeseen And Mysterious Teaserkminjungee July 10, 2016 0 Watch: Cosmic Girls Releases Unexpected And Mysterious Teaser On July 10, Starship Entertainment posted an unexpected teaser for rookie womanworkforce Cosmic Girls (WJSN).

In the mysterious teaser, the 12 western zodiac symbols flash by way ofprior tothe logo for the highly debated 13th zodiac, Ophiuchus, seems after a cluster of gemstones explodes.

Speculations are rife as other peoplearound the interweb try to bet what this teaser mayconceivable mean. Some say that it might be for a attainable comeback, whilst others indicate that the query mark and new symbol could imply the addition of a new member. They also upload that a capacity new member is perhaps I.O.Is Yoo Yeonjung, as she may be housed beneath Starship Entertainment.

Watch the fast teaser below, and let us know what you suspect its for!

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MBC’s “PD Notebook” Apologizes To C-JeS For Falsely Mentioning That The Firm Did No longer Respond To Them

MBC’s “PD Notebook” Apologizes To C-JeS For Falsely Mentioning That The Firm Did No longer Respond To Them

MBCs PD Pocket book Apologizes To C-JeS For Falsely Declaring That The Firm Did Now not Respond To Themjun2yng June 29, 2016 0 MBCs PD Notebook Apologizes To C-JeS For Falsely Stating That The Agency Didn't Respond To Them The morning of June 29, following the June 28 broadcast of MBCs PD Notebook covering the Park Yoochun case, the display posted a realize on their homepage apologizing to C-JeS Entertainment.

The post says, It was onceprintedthru a June 29 article from Usher in POP that the observation made right through the June 28 broadcast of PD Notebook announcing that C-JeS Entertainment didnt make any statement changed into false. C-JeS said to media, When we were asked to give a statement to PD Notebook in regards to the series of incidents, we answeredby the use of e-mail.'

PD Notebook then states, After confirmation with our production team, we've gotshowed that C-JeS responded with the e-mail underneath on June 24.

Here is the whole text of C-JeSs reaction to PD Notebook (revealed in the PD Notebook apology post):

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

This is our response for your request for our cooperation referring to the PD Notebook broadcast scheduled for June 28.

From the first reports at the incidents to now, our stance has not changed. Many shops have asked interviews, yet nosotros are not able to consent to any.

Due to indiscriminate reports on unconfirmed scenarioswhich are still being investigated, Park Yoochuns symbol is being ruined. In this presentscenario alongside rumors flying about and with the essence of the placement being lost, we would like tostay our course, and we might bein a position to do the total thing we can to regain Park Yoochuns honor and reputation.

We hope you perceive why we have not anyselection but to respond to interview requests in line witha particular guide.

PD Notebook then apologizes: We sincerely express regret to audienceconcerning the phase which we failed to confirm. We might also like to specific our private regrets to C-JeS Entertainment. We will, via more thorough confirmation, bring you largerannounces in the future.

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I.O.I Yujeong Embroiled In Attitude Controversy, Firm Responds

I.O.I Yujeong Embroiled In Attitude Controversy, Firm Responds

I.O.I Yujeong Embroiled In Attitude Controversy, Firm Responds May 20, 2016 10:13

Choi Yujeong of rookie ladyteam I.O.I is belowhearth for her impolitehabit on her contemporary appearance from KBS 'Vitamin' which aired on Might 19.

On more than a few ocmmunity sites, screencaptures of Yujeong performingfed upa few of the guest, fiddling with her nails, and now notspecializing in the program unlike the alternativevisitors are uploaded and acquire negative comments from netizens.

Netizens comment, "She's not concentrating well","She's still a rookie and already giving unlikeable image" whilst others protect her with "I've watched the broadcast yetdid notrealize this","It's unfair to accuse her with just this one.","Just watch out next time".

In reaction to this, Yujeong agency Fantagio states, "She's shouldhad been very tired as a result of the tight schedule. It is indeed immature and we may beready tolisten and displayan easier Choi Yujeong in the future."

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AOAs Seolhyun’s Beyond Sparks Extra  Grievance  Relating to History Wisdom Controversy

AOAs Seolhyun’s Beyond Sparks Extra Grievance Relating to History Wisdom Controversy

AOA’s Seolhyuns Beyond Sparks AdditionalGrievanceRelating to History Wisdom Controversysoojji Would possibly 15, 2016 0 AOA’s Seolhyuns Past Sparks Further Criticism Regarding History Knowledge Controversy In spite of AOA’s Seolhyun and Jimin’s apologies over their loss ofancient knowledge on an episode of Channel AOA, netizens’ sadness over this controversy has yet to die down.

Netizens are further criticizing the situation as Seolhyun graduated from Gyeonggi Arts Top School, which is situatedappropriatearound theside road from An Jung Geun Park, a public park devoted to the very historical figure Seolhyun and Jimin may justnow not identify. The park displays a statue of An Jung Geun at the entrance.

Netizens were circulating footage that display the how close Seolhyun’s school and An Jung Geun Park are (pictured below), turning a chilly cheek in opposition to Seolhyun’s apology.

This controversy has grown as a result of Seolhyun’s prestige as being a well known idol icon, her participation in public provider announcements, and activities as ambassador for Korean Tourism. Harsh criticism of Seolhyun’s function as ambassador even prompted the Korean Tourism Board to cope with the issue. This controversy has grow to be a painful enjoy for either Seolhyun and for fans.

The controversy began over the May 3 episode of “Channel AOA,” where Seolhyun and Jimin were challenged to spotvital historical figures. Both AOA contributors were not ready to identify An Jung Geun, a familiar figure of the Korean independence movement. They guessed incorrectly several times in a joking manner, which provoked a hurricane of criticism for their lack of fundamental historical knowledge.

Seolhyun and Jimin spoke back to the problemviaperson apologies acknowledging their lack of know-how and expressing their embarrassment.

What are your mind concerning this factor following the revealing of data about Seolhyuns school?

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Was AOA’s “Good Luck” Track Video Edited On account of History Controversy Firm Responds

Was AOA’s “Good Luck” Track Video Edited On account of History Controversy Firm Responds

Was AOAs ExcellentGood fortuneTrack Video Edited As a result of History Controversy? Firm Respondsporshia Would possibly 15, 2016 0 Was AOAs Brilliant Luck Music Video Edited Because Of History Controversy? Agency Responds AOAs new name track Nice Luck has been taking the music charts by typhoon since its free up at 12 a.m. KST on May just 16.

However, in a while after its release, the music video have become unavailable. It was later re-uploaded, yet many have spotted edits to the music video and are speculating as to what the explanationscould be.

Fans saw that the edited scenes are the ones that included product placement. A Toyota logo on a automobile was blurred out in one scene at 2 mins 37 seconds, whilstevery other scene at 2 minutes 43 seconds was cut completely. Fanatics speculate that those edits are because of the inclusion of Toyota and Honda branded cars, either one ofwhich might beJap companies, and that they were got rid ofto turn sensitivity for the new history controversy, in which contributors were not ableto spotcrucial Korean ancient figure who fought for Korean independence from Japanese colonial rule.

AOAs agency, FNC Entertainment have replied to the speculations, stating, Excluding the vehicles, we admit that other products in the music video were integrated every bit product placement. The vehicles, however, were simply borrowed because of the the local scenario and we had no goalto teach the brand.

They continued, If there are portions of the music video which aren'tsmartly done, or are lacking, we cannow not hide them and shouldask for forgiveness for them accordingly. We are hoping that there'll be no misunderstandings in regards to thevans and emblem product placement.

AOAs agency, FNC Entertainment had previously asked for figuring out from fans on their Twitter for the video being taken down, explaining they had to edit it due to an error having been made.

You can take a glance at the re-uploaded video below:

What are you mindat the situation?

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AOAs Jimin And Seolhyun Respond To Controversy Over Their Loss of  Historic Knowledge

AOAs Jimin And Seolhyun Respond To Controversy Over Their Loss of Historic Knowledge

AOA’s Jimin And Seolhyun Respond To Controversy Over Their Loss ofAncientWisdom ilmare42 Would possibly 12, 2016 0 AOA’s Jimin And Seolhyun Respond To Controversy Over Their Lack of Historical Knowledge After being heavily criticized for being not ableto spota very powerful Korean historical figure on their fact show, AOA participants Jimin and Seolhyun have now either apologized.

Both members took to Instagram on May just 12 to specific their apologies. Jimin writes the following:

“Hello, here is AOA’s Jimin. In the May also 3 episode of ‘Channel AOA’ on OnStyle, I took phase in a history quiz, all the manner through which I wasn’t in a position to respect Ahn Jung Geun and I inappropriately took the broadcast too lightly.

As a superstar who is in the public eye, I disillusionedmany of us with my joking approach, and I in reality apologize. I’m so sorry. There are not any excuses for my error. I have learned via this that lack of awareness is the largest mistake.

I express my apologies sincerely and should reflect deeply on this. I can make my best possibleat some point to be knowledgable about history to the level that I might now not be embarrassed, not just as a celebrity yet every bit a citizen of South Korea.

Once again, I express regret for my mistake. I’m sorry.”

Seolhyun also posted the subsequent on her Instagram:

“Hello, this is AOA’s Seolhyun.

I actuallyexpress regret to all and sundry who used to be upset by my lack of historical knowledge at theCan also 3 episode of ‘Channel AOA’ on OnStyle.

As a citizen of South Korea, I must accept shown a significant attitude towards history. I used to be unable to, and hence stimulatediscoveredso much and am reflecting on that fact.

I am embarrassed about this, and feel deeply apologetic againstthose who 1 upset. I'llstaythe complete lotthat you've gotten gotstated in mind, and have a look at to be more wary in the future.

Once again, I deeply apologize.”

What do you take into consideration Jimin and Seolhyuns apologies?

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I.O.I’s Reps Respond To Controversy Over Alleged Copying of Girls’ Generation In Track Video

I.O.I’s Reps Respond To Controversy Over Alleged Copying of Girls’ Generation In Track Video

I.O.Is Reps Respond To Controversy Over Alleged Copying of ladies Generation In Track Videoleonid Would possibly 2, 2016 0 I.O.Is Reps Respond To Controversy Over Alleged Copying of Girls Generation In Music Video I.O.I is caught up in a controversy regarding some similarities between their debut music video and Girls’ Generation’s Into The recent World.

A teaser for their debut album’s name song Dream Girls used to be released on May just 2, and netizens were fastto indicate scenes that resemble portions of Girls Generation’s 2007 debut music video “Into The New World.

The acknowledged scenes are those of Yu Yeonjung portraying an aspiring style designer, Kim Chungha dancing boldly on a suite of stairs, and Zhou Jieqiong (Pinky) appearing graceful ballet turns, which audiencein comparison to the components of Girls Generations YoonA, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun respectively in Into The New World.

I.O.Is representatives told news outlet Bring in POP on May also 2, “The music video changed into made to fit the lyrics, which are about hopes and dreams.” They explained additional that “Dream Girls” objectives to send a bright and hopeful message that a dream will also beaccomplished if one diligently works for it.

The participants of I.O.I have said before that they wish to debut with a song that might stir their hearts when they concentrate to it in the future. They in my view voted for “Dream Girls” as their title song.

I.O.I will drop their debut album on Can alsofour and hold their exhibit at Jangchung Health club on Might 5.

Watch the teaser for yourself below!

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