Crazy things plastic surgeons acknowledged about having a look like celebrities

Crazy things plastic surgeons acknowledged about having a look like celebrities

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPlastic surgical procedure is very fashionable in Korea and it type of feels as thrumany of us have asked to seem like their favourite celebrities.

Korean celebrities, either men and women, are known to be one of the vitalmost pretty and good-lookingother people in the world, making the usual of attractiveness in the rusticincredibly high. Whilstmany peopleconsider undergoing plastic surgical operation to enhance their looks, turning into like their favorite famous personisn'tat all times possible. In addition, many Korean celebrities are accused of undergoing plastic surgery themselves, akin to EXIDs Hani, G-Friends Eunha, Red Velvets Joy, I.O.Is Chaeyeon, and a few even admit to it themselves.

A contemporary mail serviceat the Korean network board Instiz via the title, Words I heard from plastic surgeons on the dating between individuals and big name photos, demonstrated that undergoing a procedure to appear like your favorite celebrity won't existimaginable in the primary place.

The original poster showed images of actress Han Yeseul, INFINITEs leader Kim Sungkyu, JYJs Kim Jaejoong, and VIXXs Ken to plastic surgeons to peer their response. The resulting comments from the plastic surgeons are moderately hilarious and quite a bit of netizens expressed their need to be reborn with Kim Sungkyus face kindin addition commented that Kens nose is like artwork.

A translation of the original Korean post is below:

It would be quicker to carve a new face at the back of your head.

To get this sort of jawline, you per chance canmust extract all your teeth.

If you're making your eyes so large, your bones would show.

If you're making your nose so high, it would melt off the 2nd one you stepped off of the surgery bed.

Celebrities aren't celebrities for no reason.

Everyone is so beautiful and handsomeㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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These 4  feminine celebrities with a little bit of luck admitted to having had plastic surgery

These 4 feminine celebrities with a little bit of luck admitted to having had plastic surgery

34stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Even though theres still a negative stigma around plastic surgical operationregardless of its status in South Korea, there werea couple offeminine idols who have bravely admitted receiving surgery ago to improve their visuals. 

A contemporary article by TV Report highlighted three popular female singers and an actress whove with a little of luckpublishedthey'd some cosmetic procedures done. Focusing on I.O.I/DIAJung ChaeyeonFIESTARCao Lu, former 2NE1 member Minzy, and actress Min Hyorin, explaining that fanaticsimagine them even prettier after their confessions because they proved that they were self-assured about themselves.

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TRENDING Honey Lee finds which facial feature plastic surgeons sought after to “fix”

TRENDING Honey Lee finds which facial feature plastic surgeons sought after to “fix”

3stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter In a contemporary episode of MBCSection TV, actress Honey Lee publishedan enchantingtalerelating to her dimples and plastic surgeons.

Aired on Might 31st, the attractiveness queen revealed that she has been approached through plastic surgeons ago who presented to modern out her dimples.

She said, People used to name me names on account of my asymmetric dimples and this is why plastic surgical operation clinics called me. They told me they mightdelicate out my dimples for me. Yet I kept telling people that it used to be my sexy point and in spite of everything they ended up agreeing with me.

Images supplied by Television ReportPhotographs provided by TV Document

Netizens praised her for her resolution to stay her original charms, saying:

483, 17 The ultimatePass over Korea

467, 14 Lee Honeys dimples are her captivating point why would you smooth them outwill you be chuffed after each and everyunmarriedlady in Korea looks the similardiscover tactics torecognize individuality whether its a guy or a girl they all have their exclusive beauty.

321, 4 She became insane all over Miss Universe. Shes very beautifulpresently too and her dimples are very enticing as well. I like Lee Honeys exotic face.

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15 Things yous Didn’t Know
approximately these Korean Celebrities’ Names

15 Things yous Didn’t Know approximately these Korean Celebrities’ Names

15 Things you Didn’t Know or And therefore those Korean Celebrities’ Names An Actor’s point call is A lovely large bargain. As A famous person in the populace middle, A call is A section of your symbol, A section of your logo. So IT follows that coming to A resolution in your logo call for the remajorder of your profession is more or less like becometing A tattoo. IT’s permanent, And if you wish to must modify IT, you will need erase IT And get commenceed over. Here Are fifteen Korean celebrities alongside infrequently whimsical, infrequently odd, common, or moving reviews at the back of their point calls.

Yoo Ah in Uhm Hong Sik -> < robust>Yoo Ah in

yoo Ah in

Yoo Ah in’s common call is Uhm Hong Sik. Asked why he uses A point call, Yoo Ah in  stated his common call is a section of every minute well land, And he chose his call Ah in in response to the German observe for one – eins.

Kim Ji Suk Kim Bo Suk (jewel) -> < robust>Kim Ji Suk

kim ji suk

Kim Ji Suk would possibly appear to exist the Actor’s genuine call as IT’s And therefore routine, yet Kim Ji Suk’s exact call is Kim Bo Suk, existcause of this ‘jewel.’ IT turns out, the Actor’s whole circle of relatives has uncommon calls, handn through their grandfather, in response to the puts that they were born: Kim Buk Kyung (Beijing), Kim Sin Sa (Sinsa-dong, Also way ‘gentleman’), etc.

Because his mom concept Kim Ji Suk And his older brother Sin Sa would possibly become made a laugh of, their calls were ex re positiond to Kim Ban Suk (which by the way way basis) And Kim Bo Suk (jewel).

Choi Jin Hyuk Kim Tae Ho -> < robust>Choi Jin Hyuk

choi jin hyuk

while Kim Tae Ho used to existn’t A bad call for An Actor, the “< robust>Infinity situation” manufacturer may exist calld Kim Tae Ho, And Any net seek of the call brought up the manufacturer’s call maiden. So the Actor switched to Choi Jin Hyuk. seek engine marketing is the entirety.

Kang Ye Won Kim Ji Eun -> < robust>Kang Ye Won

kang ye won

Kang Ye Won maiden Acted existneath her genuine call, Kim Ji Eun. Alternatively, following A 2002 movie in which she every minute wellk on A use that required numerous skin exposure, she made up our minds to throw Away the call And get commenceed over alongside the call Kang Ye Won. Her call carries the corresponding Chinese characters for strength, Art, And centre.

in Kyo Jin Do Yi Sung -> < robust>In Kyo Jin

in kyo jin

while in Kyo Jin Acted existneath his point call make Yi Sung for x years later on his 2000 de yet, he used to exist not Able to brand a success, And alongside A converting of Agencies, he ex re positiond his call every minute neatly, returning to his birth  call.

Kim Yeon Woo Im Hak Chul -> < robust>Kim Yeon Woo

kim yeon woo

At the fourth dimension of his de yet, Kim Yeon Woo – who used to exist printed re majoring week every minute Cleopatra on “King of Mask Singer” – used to exist looking to recall to mind A point call alongside musician < robust>Yoo Hee Yeol. There came About to exist A cafe that they frequented called Yeon Woo, which has A quite candy con now no longeration, And therefore they made up our minds on that for his point call, A super duet for his candy voice.

Park Hyun Bin Park Ji Woong -> < robust>Park Hyun Bin

park hyun bin

the key singer At Park Hyun Bin’s label  used to exist < robust>Jang Yoon Jung, And therefore the firm asked her who the preferred Actor used to exist At the fourth dimension. When she calld< robust> Hyun Bin, the firm made up our minds to hand Park Ji Woong the call Park Hyun Bin, And therefore he would ex switch into every minute popular A singer every minute Hyun Bin is An Actor.

Rain Jung Ji Hoon -> < robust>Rain

rain jyp

When Rain used to exist recording his de yet tune, IT used to exist raining so much, And therefore < robust>Park Jin young gave Jung Ji Ho at the call ‘Rain.’

Seo Kang Joon Lee Seung Hwan -> < robust>Seo Kang Joon

seo kang joon

Seo Kang Jo directly every minute wellk the call of < robust>Ha Jung Woo‘s director At the fourth dimension.

Jang Hyuk Jung Yong Joon ->< robust> Jang Hyuk

jang hyuk

Jang Hyuk also every minute wellk the call of An excessively neatly known director.

Ha Ji Won Jun Hye Rim -> < robust>Ha Ji Won

ha ji won

prior to her de yet, Ha Ji Won used to exist looking to recall to mind A point call, And finally, she went alongside A call her director gave her. But IT used to existn’t only Any call! IT used to exist the call of the executive’s maiden – And unrequited – love.

Ha Jung Woo Kim Sung Hoon -> < robust>Ha Jung Woo


Ha Jung Woo used to exist in fact A point call regarded every minute through Actor < robust>Kim Sung Soo, who finally  made up our minds now no longer to convey the call existcause A director concept IT And thereforeunded like A ’90s porn Actor’s call. Later, label mate Kim Sung Hoon (Ha Jung Woo) took up the call.

Ma makeng Suk Lee makeng Suk -> < robust>Ma makeng Suk

ma dong suk

Ma makeng Suk’s nick call All through his college years used to exist ‘ satan’ makeng Suk (ak-ma makeng Suk), existcause he’d at All fourth dimensions playfully throw punches At his buddies, An Act that later gave birth to the call Ma makeng Suk. this present day, IT Appears evening his mom calls him Ma makeng Suk.

Gong Yoo Gong Ji Chul -> < robust>Gong Yoo

gong yoo

Gong Yoo stated at the get commenceed of his profession when receiving A ‘new star’ Award, “My exact call is Gong Ji Chul, yet i’m Acting existneath the call Gong Yoo, taking the sur calls of either one of my folks.” He went on to mention that he would ex switch into An Actor that doesn’t ex switch into A burden on his folks’ calls.

Jo Jin Woong Jo Won Joon -> < robust>Jo Jin Woong

jo jin woong

Jo Jin Woong Also honors A parent alongside his point call, which is barely the call of his father. Jo Jin Woong used to exist at the get commenceed active existneath his own call Jo Won Joon while A play Actor, yet finished up later taking his father’s, so every minute to put upon himself A upper point of obligation And hand himself encouragement to paintings more difficult And do neatly through his father’s call. Joking, Jo Jin Woong’s father told him, “You’re evening going to borrow my call? Pay A price if you wish to accept to exploit IT.”



[Plastic Surgery] Which Korean Celebrities Possess Golden Ratio For Facial Beauty

[Plastic Surgery] Which Korean Celebrities Possess Golden Ratio For Facial Beauty

The Korean specialist plastic surgery has revealed to list of celebrities who possess the golden ratio for facial beauty on Mnet‘s "Moon Hee Jun’s Innocent 15+."

To determine which idols have the perfect facial ratios, the surgeons began by dividing the survey between male and female stars. The male candidates included popular idols such as 2PM’s Nichkhun, BIGBANG’s T.O.P, SHINee’s Minho, Super Junior’s Donghae, and EXO’s Suho. Some of the female candidates mentioned were Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Red Velvet‘s Irene, missA’s Suzy, Girl’s Day’s Yura, Davichi’s Kang Minkyung, f(x)’s Krystal, and AOA’s Seolhyun.

The plastic surgeons discussed previous and current facials ratio trends and stated that, “The perfect facial ratio was 1:1:1 in the past, but the recent trend of wanting to look sharper and younger made the 1:1:0.8 ratio most appealing.” The numbers represent the distance of forehead to eye brows, eye brows to nose tip, and nose tip to chin.

In the male category, WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo placed second and a plastic surgeon commented saying, “[Kim Jinwoo’s] overall ratio fits perfectly with the current trend. He has a very good facial features.” EXO’s Suho took the title of best facial ratio and was even said to have “the golden facial ratio” by one of the plastic surgeons.

In the female category, Irene from the rookie group Red Velvet beat out her senior competition and came in second place. A surgeon explained, “[Irene’s] upper, middle, and lower portions of the face have a good ratio and is maintained well.” Girls’ Generation’s Yoona took the title for the best facial ratio in the female category and received comments saying, “[Yoona’s] facial proportions are perfect and it could be considered the ideal face.”

Here are the candidates and an example of the facial mapping:


Source: eNews 24


8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings

8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings

I only had the guts to get my ears pierced and when I did that, I cried in anguish. Imagine getting your eyebrow, lip, or hand pierced? No way Jose! Let"s take a look at 8 celebrities and their crazy piercings! 

G-Dragon"s got a load of ear piercings and he got his nose pierced recently.

8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings

I"ve never seen that huge piercing on Seungri"s ear!

8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings

From what I can see, Hyoyeon has got five piercings on one ear alone!

8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings

Amber has got four!

8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings

Miss BoA"s got a handful of them on her ears too!

8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings

missA"s Jia used to have a piercing on her lower lip!

8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings

U-Kiss"s Eli has got a piercing in between his thumb and index finger.

8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings

Look at baby Taeyang"s eyebrow piercing!

8 Celebrities and their Crazy Piercings


5 Celebrities Who Fought Back Crazy Fans

5 Celebrities Who Fought Back Crazy Fans

Micky Yoochun is known for running into some awkward times with fans who have pushed the star to his limits. Remember the time a fan ticked him off by shoving her camera in his face and he defiantly grabbed it from her and walked away. Yoochun: 1 Fangirl: 0.

5 Celebrities Who Fought Back Crazy Fans

Nice boy Taecyeon of 2PM has had enough of fans sexually harassing him on Twitter. The singer Tweeted this week that he promises to bring down anyone who dares to sexually harass the singer again.

miss A"s Suzy Bae may be the nation"s sweet little sister but when photos of a man groping and humping a Suzy cutout board surfaced, Suzy made sure her agency brought this fool down.

5 Celebrities Who Fought Back Crazy Fans

Soft spoken Jaejoong wasn"t all sweet towards sasaeng fans who knocked over an elderly woman and man to take a photo of the stars. He took to his Twitter to vent out his anger and let psycho fans know that he doesn"t find it cool to run over elderly people to get a stupid snapshot of him walking into a car.

5 Celebrities Who Fought Back Crazy Fans

Shinhwa"s Dong Wan admitted to spraying crazy fans with cold water to get them to leave, after they broke into the group"s home, used their bathroom, and took their laundry. Can you imagine pushing this nice guy to that limit?


35 celebrities appeal the lawsuit ruling against plastic surgery clinic for commercial usage of their photos

35 celebrities appeal the lawsuit ruling against plastic surgery clinic for commercial usage of their photos

Last week, the judge ruled against the favor of 35 celebrities who were suing a plastic surgery clinic for using their names and photos for commercial purposes without consent. However, it appears all 35 of these celebrities are far from letting this go as they were revealed to have appealed this decision on January 14. The celebrities include Jang Dong Gun, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Nam Gil, Girls" Generation, Wonder Girls, f(x), Super Junior, 2AM, and 2PM.

se concludes.


K-pop Celebrities Go Crazy Over Today's Hottest Group EXO

K-pop Celebrities Go Crazy Over Today's Hottest Group EXO

EXO, seungri, heechul, miss A

I've been trying to think of a clever name for this, but all I could come up with was Exo-pedemic. Lame? I'll come up with something wittier.

K-pop Celebrities Go Crazy Over Today's Hottest Group EXO

Exo is the new craze these days not only amongst fans, but also surprsingly amongst celebrities as well. The 12 membered group is sweeping charts, hearts, and farts (I just needed the latter to rhyme), with their on-stage presence, powerful singles, moves, and their handsome looks. Their first studio album, "XOXO" produced their big singles, "Wolf," and "Growl." Two versions of the album, a Korean "Kiss" edition and a Mandarin "Hug" edition both collectively sold over 500,000 copies in Korea, making them the best-selling artist on the Hanteo charts since 2009! I mean these guys are huge and it's looking like they may be the next big rookie group to trump on everyone! So not only are they garnering millions of fans daily, the boys are also winning the hearts of celebrities. Let's take a look at what some celebrities are saying about Exo.

Big Bang's Seungri appeared on MBC FM4U's "Kim Shin Young's Song of Hope at Noon", where he said that he thought the boys were quite the handsome and young fellas. Then Seungri proceeded to get all grandpa and say that he saw the boys napping and had an urge to put a blanket on them. For a veteran like Seungri to say that about you is a pretty big deal I'd say!

When MBC's "Section TV Entertainment" asked JYP's miss A on who they thought in the K-pop industry were really good dancers, the group didn't hesitate and shouted, "EXO!" in unison. They went on to specifically choose Kai as the best dancer of all. What a compliment!

Super Junior-M's Henry, aka the most talented being in K-pop, tweeted a photo of he and Exo's Suho saying, "EXO fighting! Suho jjang jjang man!" The two shared a photo while recording MBC TV's upcoming Chuseok special called "Idol Star Athletics CHampionships," where literally every single K-pop idol is competing in.

K-pop Celebrities Go Crazy Over Today's Hottest Group EXO

Super Junior's most eccentric member Heechul, who just came back from the military, appeared on "Super Junior's Kiss the Radio," and said something that startled everyone in the room. When asked who he wanted to be paired up with in "We Got Married," Heechul admitted to wanting to be teamed up with Exo's Xiumin. I have zero to no idea what's going on there with that answer but love sees no gender so who wants to make a petition to get these two married on the show?

Exo just won 3 whopping trophies from "M! CountDown," "Music Core," and "Inkigayo."

Would you "Growl" for Exo like these celebrities too?