Dia Takes a Step Back with “On the Road”

Dia Takes a Step Back with “On the Road”

160618_seoulbeats_diaDia Takes a Step Back with At theAvenueWritten by ability of Elaine On June 18, 2016160618_seoulbeats_diaDia is back with their first mini album Happy Ending, nine months after the crowd made their debut with complete album Do It Amazing. Several adjustments to the workforce lineup have took place since then, akin to the departure in their onetime leader Seunghee, addition of new member Eunchae, and in all probability most notably, Jung Chaeyeon and Ki Heehyun’s (formerly known below the degreecall “Cathy”) brief withdrawal to sign in for Produce 101 prior to being re-inserted into the community subsequently the display ended.

Dia’s profession had an difficult to understandget startedto mention the least – in spite of having promoted two songs from their first album, “Somehow” and “My Friend’s Boyfriend,” the organization failed to win much advertisementluck and public popularityall over this time, and debuting in the similar year as loads ofvitalitynewbies such as Gfriend and Twice, the group temporarily disappeared under the radar. However, 2016 proved to be a game changer for the group as either Chaeyeon and Heehyun receivedsubstantialfame from the survival prove Produce 101, with the latter having made it into the general 22 and the former in fact debuting in the ultimate group, I.O.I. It used to be around this time when MBK announced that Chaeyeon would be joining Dia for their summer comeback, which is how the group arrived at its go back amongst “On the Road” on June 14.

160618_seoulbeats_dia“On the Road” is a sweet, upbeat pop music that describes a girl’s memory of her first love as she walks along a similartrail equally she did in the past. The song is based totally upon an effortless melody this is then infused with poweralthough the dramatic strings in the hole and secure percussion, and the occasional tinkling of wind chimes also create a fantastical effect now not unlike the“fairy-like” vibe many ladyteamsobjective to convey. However, the song borders on overly saccharine when the composition is blended with the ridiculously top pitched vocals, from which we are most effectiveintroduced a spoilthroughout Heehyun’s rap lines.

If I were to describe this unlock in one word, it’d be innocuous – the song is adorableand delightfulyetnot anything memorable, and a similaris going for the concept. I assumed we’d be seeing less of the schoolgirl thought after Gfriend and Lovelyz graduated from their trilogies, but Dia it more or less feels has taken the baton. Granted, the group pulls it off neatly – the simplicity and consistency of the outfits conveys the purity of the concept that and permits the group’s excellent visuals to polish through. However, for the ones whowould possiblyconsider their “Somehow” days, this comeback seems like a step back – the group has the prospective to be a lot morecolorful on stage and pull off more vigorous choreography, without wasting the cute and approachable symbol MBK turns out to be aiming for.

160618_seoulbeats_diaAs for the MV, it remains true to the lyrics. The video starts off with the participants uncovering a time capsule, which sets the scene for a song about memories, and then presentationsmore than one cuts of the members with their faceless first love, gambling out nostalgic scenarios from sharing ice cream to unstated confessions. All of the video is undoubtedly visually pleasing, with the shooting places well selected to give upward thrust to aesthetic shots, and the pinkish filter out that became placed over the whole clips, which wasn’t preciselyessential but gave the video a cushyglance which was in line with the concept. The shots also do an excellentprocess of highlighting the members’ beauty.

My greatest complaint, however, is MBK’s active attempt, it seems, to make the group into Chaeyeon and her backup dancers. Yes, Chaeyeon is definitely the maximum recognised member of the group at the moment, and yes, her visuals do suit the middle position. However, at the same time, the Produce 101 finalist doesn’t want to exist on screen each five seconds for folks to understand that she’s in the group. If the album cover, in which she  stands in front of the remainder of the members isn’t indication enough, it also occurs in multiple other portions of the choreography, and she may be given refrain lines in favour of her status in the center. Don’t get me wrong – I adore Chaeyeon, and recognise her looks and popularity make her one of the crucial most marketable members, but in its place of stressing Chaeyeon’s lifestyles in Dia, MBK will have to be the usage of her recognition to bring more attention to the group as a whole, in its placeof making a one-top among its members. 

160618_seoulbeats_diaAll in all, Dia’s “On the Road” is a nice comeback that'son no account unenjoyable by any means, but undermines the capability they showed in their previous days. It feels like MBK should’ve spent more time making plans their return instead of riding the Produce 101 wave whilst it hasn’t yet died down, but given the newfound attention the group is getting, I’m still constructive approximately their long run endeavours.

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'Reply 1988' Park Bo Gum Takes A Step Back

'Reply 1988' Park Bo Gum Takes A Step Back

Reply 1988 Park Bo Gum Takes A Step BackIn "Reply 1988" Park Bo Gum understood how Ryu Joon Yeol felt about Hye Ri.

On the 16th episode of cable channel tvN Friday/Saturday drama "Reply 1988" titled "The first snow is coming" broadcast on Dec. 26th (script Lee Woo Jung, director Shin Won Ho), Taek (played through Park Bo Gum) confessed to Duk Sun (played by Hye Ri) after winning in a pageant and then asked her out on a date to observe a movie.

Duk Sun did not know anything else and acknowledged that she would do so. Jung Hwan (played by Ryu Joon Yeol) who had a overwhelm on her had a gloomy face. Taek's face showed that he wasn't going to ready to focal point further. As she used to be split between love and friendship she didn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, "Reply 1988" is the 3rd of the answer series - "Reply 1997" and "Reply 1994." Here is a comediancircle of relatives drama about five families who are living in the similar alley in 1988 in Seoul. The drama capabilities Sung Dong Il, Lee Il Hwa, Ra Miran, Girls' Day Hye Ri, Ko Kyung Pyo, and Park Bo Gum.


Spoiler 'Answer Me 1988' Park Bo-geom takes a step back from Hyeri

Spoiler 'Answer Me 1988' Park Bo-geom takes a step back from Hyeri

On the 16th episode of tvN's 'Answer Me 1988', Taek (Park Bo-geom) asked Deok-seon (Hyeri) to observea filmin combination on Saturday because he planned to admit his love to her after his winning the approachingultimate match.

Deok-seon acknowledged yes and Jeong-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol), who was once in one-sided love with her, looked sad. Jeong-hwan of directionmayno longerpay attention toreading afterward Taek asked Deok-seon out. It changed intotricky for Jeong-hwan to undergothe placement between friendship and love.

Taek won the overallfit and called Deok-seon overdue at night. Yetthe telephone call was to cancel the film date. He said he would no longer be in a positionto cross back to Korea because of an unforeseen new schedule.

Taek already knew Jeong-hwan's middlein opposition to Deok-seon when he discovered a photo of Jeong-hwan and Deok-seon from the wallet Jeong-hwan left in the back of in Taek's room. And Taek also showed his assumption about Jeong-hwan's love for Deok-seon from Jeong-hwan's glance of love in his eyes around her.

Taek shed tears silently and made up our mindsto position a halt to his love toward Deok-seon temporarily.

Jeong-hwan also discovered Taek's heart towards Deok-seon and made a decision to take a step back. Taek and Jeong-hwan might not expose their heart to Deok-seon effortlessly as it is thesubject between love and friendship.


The SB Mixtape: 6/15/2016, Avenue  Go back and forth I  At the Road

The SB Mixtape: 6/15/2016, Avenue Go back and forth I At the Road

20141115_seoulbeats_mixtapeThe SB Mixtape: 6/15/2016, StreetCommute one — At the RoadWritten through Qing On June 15, 2016Temperatures are hiking as many nations around the sector ease into summer. Hailing from tropical Singapore where its endlessly hot and soupy, Im now not especially fond of the heat. Yet as a large fan of young adult novels, Im still enthralled by the speculation of summer—the promise and freedom that this warm season brims with.

It sounds likethe rest can take place in summer, and nowhere is this feeling of optiongreater captured than in a road trip. So in this edition of the SB Mixtape,  Ive put in combinationa listing of songs that Identification love to jam along to in the auto as it cruises from one destination to another.

Regardless of whether youre going on a real road trip, plug in and let the soaring vocals of Chen and Hyomin, the lively choruses of AkMu and VIXX, and the plucky guitar chords of B1A4 and Juniel take you on an imaginary cross-country drive.

Road Trip I: On the street from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

What songs would you put in your summer road vacation playlist?


Watch: U-KISS Takes Us At the back of The Scenes Of Stalker Jacket Photo Shoot In New Video

Watch: U-KISS Takes Us At the back of The Scenes Of Stalker Jacket Photo Shoot In New Video

Watch: U-KISS Takes Us In the back of The Scenes Of “Stalker” Jacket Photo Shoot In New Videoilmare42 June 15, 2016 0 Watch: U-KISS Takes Us Behind the curtain Of “Stalker” Jacket Photo Shoot In New Video On June 16 in the dead of night KST, U-KISS shared a video that provides us a glimpse behind the scenes of the photo shoot for their fresh comeback!

The video presentations the group taking their jacket footage for their 11th mini album, entitled “Stalker.” The mini album includes aidentifysong of the similar name, and used to be released on June 7.

In the video, the guys goof off a bit of for the behind-the-scenes camera, get their makeup touched up, and pose personally and in teams for their shoot. Watch the participants in the video below, which incorporates the song Take It Slow from their new mini album.

ukiss stalker yesasiaToughen the artist by potential ofpurchasing U-KISS - Stalker from YesAsia Related Tags U-KISSPost NavigationOldTaleASTRO Is In a position For Summer In New Teaser Photo

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SHINee's Taemin takes you in the back of the scenes of 'Press It' in spotlight medley ver. 2!

SHINee's Taemin takes you in the back of the scenes of 'Press It' in spotlight medley ver. 2!

SHINee's Taemin is bringing you any other video for his solo comeback with 'Press It'!

SEE ALSO: SHINee kick off their 4th Japexcursion 'SHINee Global 2015 ~DxDxD~'

In this 2dspotlight medley video, enthusiasts get to have a look at Taemin at the back of the scenes as he creates his track videos and more. There also are interviews with the fantastic dancers that collaborated with the SHINee maknaefor his comeback.

Check it out above and the primary highlight medley here while youignored it!


'Cosmopolitan' takes you at the back of the scenes of AOA Cream's photo shoot!

'Cosmopolitan' takes you at the back of the scenes of AOA Cream's photo shoot!

AOA Cream currently had a photo shoot with 'Cosmopolitan,' and now the mag has released a behind-the-scenes video!

In it, each and every member presentations off her professionalism and surprisingexcellent looks, checking out put after pose whilstappearing no signal of exhaustion.  As a group, their chemistry is astounding to note.  When talking to the camera, the women are bright and cheery and stuffed with aegyo!

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EXO Lead Vancouver Target audience In 'One Step Back' Chant As Fanatics On Overall Admission Ground Get Crushed

EXO Lead Vancouver Target audience In 'One Step Back' Chant As Fanatics On Overall Admission Ground Get Crushed

EXO(Photo : KPopStarz) Enthusiasts attending EXO's concert in Vancouver were faced with a deadly situation, resulting inconsiderationsforward of the group's upcoming concert stops in Chicago and Newark.

During the Vancouver concert on Friday night, EXO's individuals were forced into a state of affairs where they were time and again request fans to step back from the degreebecause ofprotection concerns. In step with firsthand accounts from the performance, EXO led a chant of "One Step Back" during the concert on two instanceswith the aim to urge fans to leave respiring space.

Videos from the development showed EXO looking to turn the placement into a joke, regardless of the serious situation.

"I feel like there are a massive number offolks coming in front," acknowledged Baekhyun to the target audiencethru a translator.

"People who are in the very front, I believea minimum of 50 people are going to the Emergency Room. You know what? Individualsstatus at the back are going to look us higher than you guys in the front.... Yet because you may be all packed in the very front, I believe like you can not see very well. So for your safety, are you in a position to just take one step back? One step back back please?"

Other members of EXO picked up the chant and asked the fans to step back, with Chanyeol dancing whilst urging fans forward.

After the concert, a handful of fans unfolded a "SORRY EXO" fan page on Facebook, expressing an apology against EXO for the habit of fans at the concert that ended in concern.

Local paper Vancitybuzzreported that fans had to be evacuated because of thegentle injuries and described EXO as begging their fans to stay calm.

The conditionisn't new to North American fans of K-pop. A 2013 display featuring Endless in Long islandTown resulted in an identicalcases of K-pop idols asking fans to remain secure and eventual resulted in the crowd members telling the audience that they would have to forestall the prove if fans continue to endanger other concert goers. A replaced venue and raised awarenessof the former concert's problems helped make certain that the audience wasn't as intense at closing month's INFINITE concert in New York City.

EXO will carry out in Chicago on Friday then end the North American leg in their EXO'luXion excursion in Newark on Sunday.

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance author and replica editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey and Paste Magazine.

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Uhm Ji On Proves She Takes After Her Mom on “The Go back of Superman”

Uhm Ji On Proves She Takes After Her Mom on “The Go back of Superman”

Uhm Ji On Proves She Takes After Her Momat theGo back of Supermanorionight October 24, 2015 0 LINE it!Uhm Ji On Proves She Takes After Her Mother on The Return of Superman On the impending 101st episode of The Return of Superman, Uhm Ji On tries her hand at riding a scooter for the primary time.

The episodes theme is If it's crucial to turn worry into courage, despite the truth that Ji On doesnt display much fear at all when she tries the scooter. She zooms round the park on her own, obviouslytaking phase in herself. Ji On even surprises her own dad Uhm Tae Woong with her sense of balance regardless of information technology being her first time.

Netizens noticed that her moms ballerina blood should run thru her because of her just right feel of balance.

This episode will air on October 25 at 4:50 p.m. KST. You'll be ready toget ready for the hot episode by way of catching up on episode one hundred below!

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Rain Takes On New Television Role As A guy With A second  Probability In 'Come Back, Uncle'

Rain Takes On New Television Role As A guy With A second Probability In 'Come Back, Uncle'

(Photo : KpopStarz )Singer-actor Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) is showed for the lead in every other SBS drama scheduled to start in February 2016.

The new tv drama,Come Back, Uncle, and should air Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Rain will play a good-looking manager Lee Hae Joon, who dies, yet is given the opportunity to are living again. Come Back, Unclewill explore the which means of true lifestyles and essence of it.

Come Back, Uncleis based totally off the japanese novel Tsubakiyama Kachi no Nanoka-kan, which translates to Seven Days of Manager Tsubakiyama.

Rain's maximumcontemporary television taskused to besome other SBS drama from September 2014,My Beautiful Girl. The display also starred f(x)'s Krystal Jung, INFINTE's L, and Cha Ye Ryun.

Rain portrayed Lee Hyun Wook, the CEO of ANA Entertainment, which the firm searches and trains idols, a role he himself turned into very conversant in given his long profession as a pop superstar in South Korea.

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