Dispatch Compares The Astounding “Before And After” Footage Of Those 12 Male K-Pop Idols

Dispatch Compares The Astounding “Before And After” Footage Of Those 12 Male K-Pop Idols

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even supposing its effects is more obtrusive on feminine idols, the visuals of male idols also arein massive part dependent at the use of makeup. 

In fact, with such so much of netizens pointing out how tremendouslyother the industrys most sensible female idols such as AOASeolhyun and EXIDHani glance without makeup on, media outlet Dispatch released a phtoo compilation of male idols sooner than and after makeup to turnlovers that male idols looks too canfluctuate drastically dependent on their stylist.

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Fans Claim Those  Footage  End up Double Criteria Exist Between Male And feminine K-Pop Idols

Fans Claim Those Footage End up Double Criteria Exist Between Male And feminine K-Pop Idols

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens claim that there is a double same old that exists between male and feminine idols in the K-pop industry

Double popular is a rule or conceptthis is unfairly implemented in othertechniques to alternativeother people or groups. Thoseteamswill also be classified into races, sex or the different idol groups. For example, iKON member Koo Junhoe was once spotted clubbing a couple of times with women surrounding him regardless of his rookie status. Even supposing many worldfanatics took his facetpointing out that it's farok to club since he's at his age, many Korean netizens and fans criticized him for no longer being wary amongst his personaleveningexistence despite his rookie status. Many Korean netizens brought up a captivating point that if it becomea feminine idol clubbing with guys surrounding him overdue at night, she would be criticized and be called names.

Does double typical exist between male and feminine idols which many of the times it is bigoted for female idols?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens claim double standard exists in the K-pop industry with this evidence.

Titled IU vs Park Bo Gum, here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

They had the similarideayetdiversified reactions from people.

IU handiestwere given criticized but each person is claiming that they prefer Park Bo Gum.

It is so unfair how the reactions treating male and female idols are so different.

I hate the double standard.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

184 / -50 Would like to know anything more funny? Prior to IUs controversy referring to IU purposely spread her red lipsticks to constitute a cat, she even did a interview hahahahahahaa What is even funnier is that folks criticized her for modeling for Lolita but other idol groups like Red Velvet was featured in there as well. If IU was being criticized for being in that magazine, all other groups will have tohad been criticized as well.

149 / -38 Double Standard is genuine in this industry. They at all timestake on IU for no explanation whybut if Park Bo Gum does this, they claim the photo is so awesome and that this is a boyfriend shot. They constantlyattempt to criticize IU for no reason.

143 / -38 Even before the photo shoot was released, IU explained her reasoning in the back of the spread lipstick. She sought afterto symbolize a cat and told all through the interview that she would like the peoople to recall to mind her as a lovely joker.

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These five idols constitute why the 97 line is emerging as the head  elegance of male visuals

These five idols constitute why the 97 line is emerging as the head elegance of male visuals

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even ifloversceaselessly argue whether the 94 line or the 99 line is the maximum impressive magnificence of feminine idol visuals, the 97 line has temporarily emerged as the front-runner with regards to male idol visuals. 

In fact, fans on Pann recently discussed five male idols whose authentic and exceptional visuals are representative of the 97 line. Already blessed with a dangerousaggregate of visuals, height, and aura, fans cant agree with that those five 97 line idols are besttwo decades old and just beginning their careers.

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Fans rank the pinnacle visual male K-Pop idols

Fans rank the pinnacle visual male K-Pop idols

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics online have ranked K-Pop idols once again, this time naming the presentBest 7 visuals among male singers. 

The list comprises some individuals of workforce EXO, who is already well known for having many visual members, in addition BTS, WINNER and also member from the rookie group NCT.

Take a glance at the list below. Do you consider the ranking? What is your ownscore in regards to peak visual male idols?

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These two male idols are thought to be the representative visuals of SM Entertainment

These two male idols are thought to be the representative visuals of SM Entertainment

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAlthough SM Entertainment is known for having many flower boys, loverslately discussed two male idols that they believe to be the representative visuals of the agency. 

According to a well-liked postal service on PannEXOSuho and NCTTaeyongs visuals are remarkable even in an firm with such so much ofgood-looking male idols. Noting Suhos sumptuous looks and Taeyongs infamous resemblance to industry legend and previous SM artist JYJJaejoong, the post has gaineda huge number ofcertain reactions from fans.

Although fans understandably couldnt come to consensus on which of the 2may smartly bethought to bethe pinnacle male visual in SM Entertainment, fans agreed that the two are no doubtauthentic and distinguished visuals in the K-pop industry.

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6 Feminine K-Pop Idols Who Were given Asked Out Via Male Celebrities

6 Feminine K-Pop Idols Who Were given Asked Out Via Male Celebrities

6 Feminine K-Pop Idols Who Were given Asked Out Via Male Celebritieskokoberry July 13, 2016 0 6 Female K-Pop Idols Who Got Asked Out By Male Celebrities Many K-pop idols don't appear to bemost effective popular among fans, theyre also highly sought after by fellow celebrities. Most stars dont would like toexposeknowledgereferring to who has asked them out, yeton occasion they are carewornto showmain points on more than a few broadcasts.

Here are some female K-pop idols who have opened up about requests so far from male celebrities!

Girls Generation member and solo artist Taeyeon is without equalwoman crush. In a 2009 episode of robust Heart, the singer was asked how many dating gives she had won thus far. She confessed, Talking honestly, its more than 10. Taking into consideration that its 2016 now and Taeyeon has only gotten more popular, one can suppose that the number has larger significantly.

SISTAR member Soyou is widely known for her gorgeousbody and melodic voice. In 2014, she printed on tvNs Taxi that she has indeed been asked out by male celebrities. Soyou said, Following the unencumber of Some I did obtain requests. I also got a couple of more after my appearance on MBCs I Reside Alone.'

With her appearance on Mnets Produce 101, Jung Chaeyeon enjoyed a surge in popularity. The I.O.I and DIA member recently seemed as a guest on KBS2s GladIn combination and talked about how celebrities showed they were interested by her thru her firm and her acquaintances. Furthermore, she disclosed they'dquite so much of professions in the entertainment industry and that she have beena gigantic fan of one of them.

The statuesque 9MUSES attractivenessprior to now revealed on a radio display that many of us necessitate for her telephone number. She explained, There are those that ask by way of ZE:A and other folks from the similar agency. However, she added that she rejects such requests when acquaintances ask her.

Last year, all through an episode of JTBCs Please Deal with My Refrigerator, the EXID member used to be asked if male celebrities have shown hobby in dating her. She showed this and revealed that singers, actors, and comedians have asked her out. Seems like her boyfriend, JYJs Junsu, become the fortunatesome of the bunch!

In 2011, Jaekyungs close friend NS Yoon-G spoke about the Rainbow leaders fame alongside male celebrities. NS Yoon-G disclosed that many noted Hallyu actors have asked Jaekyung out. However, she added that Jaekyung unfortunately rejected them. On a other instance, Jaekyung revealed that 3individuals from a similar idol team asked her out when she was a trainee.

Are there any other K-pop stars who have revealed that they got asked out by celebrities? Let us know in the comments below!

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Top 10 male idols with the maximum productive butts

Top 10 male idols with the maximum productive butts

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Ago weve committed lists to the entirety from abs, to underwear, to mustaches Yet what about the unmarriedmaximummentionedframea section of this generation: butts.

With idols appearing that they are ready to twerk and wiggle wiggle, it’s time we showed our love for one of the vitalvery best butts in K-Pop. See which male idols make the list of TOP 10 Male Idols With Gigantic Butts!

1. EXO’s International trending butt Sehuntumblr_inline_nc29jmK3QQ1qaw7od tumblr_inline_nc29mcDJO91qaw7od

2. Infinite’s “Butt Analyzer DongwooBKPYoutCcAARXHY tumblr_inline_nc29rwGB3e1qaw7od

3. B2ST’s “Tight Pants” Doojoontumblr_inline_nc29vbXTWb1qaw7odtumblr_inline_nc29y84VI51qaw7od

4. EXO’s “You Make Me Growl” Kaitumblr_inline_nc2a0d6jgx1qaw7od9614_827etumblr_inline_nc2a1bxARK1qaw7od

5. Rain with the buns of steel

6. Great Junior’s “AAAAYYY PAPI” Donghaetumblr_inline_nc2atl7Bk71qaw7od tumblr_inline_nc2aunmK3S1qaw7od

Its so attractive, Eunhyuk cant even stay his hands off.

7. SHINee’s “Flaming Charisma” Minhotumblr_inline_nc2aehdOag1qaw7odtumblr_n6lajy917m1rmmikuo1_500

8. BIGBANG’s “BAEsung” Daesungtumblr_inline_nc2ap4z2TY1qaw7odtumblr_inline_nc2apq28LR1qaw7od

9. 2PM’s “Junho You need This” Junhotumblr_inline_nc2ayo0R6T1qaw7odtumblr_inline_nc2b1mRgZP1qaw7od

BONUS: “Gonna Make You Sweat” PSYtumblr_inline_nc2bfip3MB1qaw7od

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Dispatch releases list of idols before/after makeup photos

Dispatch releases list of idols before/after makeup photos

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWeve all observedvariousearlier than and after makeuppictures of our favourite male and feminine idols, yet accept you visiblethose seven womanteamparticipants and their sparklingnaked faces?

Dispatch, a Korean media publication, collected earlier and after photos of 7 of the freshestfeminine idol stars known for their original make-up styles adding Girls Generations Tiffany, KARAs Goo Hara, SISTARs Hyorin and Soyou, f(x)s Sulli, EXIDs Hani, and Apinks Son Na Eun.

The publications article reinforced the theoryof ways powerful make-up use can in fact exist for the enhancement of a persons physical appearance. The thing too sprouted the interest of many readers who have now not yet considered the before photos in their favorites artists.

Many netizens who checked out the articles list of idols showed their distaste and fairevaluationsin opposition to the photos—some leaving brutal comments and others leaving compliments of the stars.

Check out some of the before and after photos of the womanneighborhood members below:

KARA's Goo Hara: before and after make-up comparison. KARAs Goo Hara: before and after make-up comparison.

① KARAs Goo Hara: is known for being the representative of all naturalblameless female idols. Referred to as Barbie Goo, the KARA member looks totally pure and fascinating when she has no make-up on. Her smooth, flawless skin with out asymptoms of acne or scars makes her no make-up face a lot more baby-like and innocent. However, with all of thepretend lashes and cat-eye eyeliner, she flips a complete 180 degrees into a gorgeous Barbie.

f(x) Sulli's before and after make-up comparison. f(x)s Sulli: before and after make-up comparison.

② f(x)s Sulli: is well known for being the beautiful maknae amongmaximum South Korean girl groups. Even her nickname is Sulvely, a mixture of her call Sulli and the observeadorable put together. However, it's miles seen that the f(x) maknae obviously loses much of her loveliness without a complete makeover and gains cuteness and beauty amongst her bare face despite the reality that the dark circles generally tend to cut down the scale of her once charismatically massive eyes in half. Once the famous person puts on a full face of make-up with the ones rosy red blushes and shiny lip tints, the lovely peach Sulli makes a comeback.

SISTAR's Soyou: before and after make-up comparison. SISTARs Soyou: before and after make-up comparison.

③ SISTARs Soyou: is most commonly known for her resemblance to a cat with her standard dark, smokey, attractive heart make-up. Althoughthe total public run across the SISTAR vocalist as a strong, fearless girl, without the make-up she looks just as soft-hearted, fragile, and harmless equally a cute baby. Seen in the before shot is Soyou as she wakes up in the morning; her moderately swollen eyes and messy hair bun are charismatic. However, when dressed in nighttime pink lip tints and colouredtouch lenses with winged eyes, the intensity of her charm triples.

SISTAR's Hyorin: before and after make-up comparison. SISTARs Hyorin: before and after make-up comparison.

④ SISTARs Hyorin: mightappear to bethe attractive and tough diva of all girl teamsat the market, but if she isnt wearing any make-up, the intimidating unnie that we all think she is disappears into 1000 little pieces. So where does her sexiness move when she takes the make-up off? It doesnt in reality disappear, its simply hidden at the back of her flawless tan skin and more youthfulhaving a look face. Before the make-up is a baby-faced Hyorin who radiates with cuteness, and after the make-up is the robust vocalizerwe like to see.

Apink's Son Na Eun: before and after make-up comparison. Apinks Son Na Eun: before and after make-up comparison.

⑤ Apinks Son Na Eun: is truly known for searchingthe similarwithout reference to the make-up she wears or doesnt wear. However, if theres somethingthat may stimulatereplaced from her before and after photos, its the eyebrows that get lighter and no more noticeable when bare. Though her eyebrows and lips generally tendto hold a bland color, the remainder of her skin looks beautiful flawless and doesnt appear to want any basisto hide up. Because her eyes are already so giant and round, so as to uniquely alternate her style, her way of eyeliner leans more towardthe easy and long pin-up instead of the bolder pussycat or cat-eye style.

Girls' Generation's Tiffany: before and after make-up comparison. Girls Generations Tiffany: before and after make-up comparison.

⑥ Women Generations Tiffany: definitely has a drastic difference in her before and after make-up shots. Before she wears make-up, she presentationsan overly young and sophisticatedherbalgood lookswhilst her after make-up face radiates a luscious and sexy beauty. In her before shot, Tiffany seems likean extraordinarily shy student who has a excellent looking crescent eye-smile. In her after shots, the Ladies Generation member makes you suspectof a pretty doll. The red lipstick, which is in most cases the toughest make-up to tug off, looks atypicalin this Girls Generation vocalist.

EXID's Hani: before and after make-up comparison. EXIDs Hani: before and after make-up comparison.

⑦ EXIDs Hani: is the most neatly liked female idol to take over the new wave of K-pop and could also bethe general female idol to show off her before and after make-up comparisons. The doll-like EXID member who is understood for being pretty, sexy, and sensibletoo can own negative complexions similar toanything else of us. Is that even possible, you say? Well, judging through Hanis before photo, it more or less feels to be fairlytransparent that she is still pretty flawless. Though its undeniable that there'sanythinga bitlacking in her before make-up shot, the idol star is fast to adorn her appearance with the luxe eyeliner and rosy pink lip tint.

Now that youve seen all seven of the idol members photos, have a look at the top-voted netizen responses, translation courtesy of Koreaboo, below:

6212, -216 They claim that these are all before make-up photos, but none of them are of exact bare faces. Kekeke.

3611, -131 They also borrowed the strength of further procedures as well asthe usage of make-up.

3307, -216 Tiffany kekekekekekeke.

2582, -334 What are we going to do about Hyorin and Son Na Eun? Keke.

2090, -104 Man, employing bare-face selcas for this article is a foul. How can these photos be considered as bare faces when they used telephone apps and other editing instrumentto mend their flaws~~?

447, -52 Hani shouldnt disclose her forehead, it makes her face glance really long.

350, -17 The mentality of this fool journalist who claims that these bare faces used for make-up advertisements are their genuine bare faces kya~ Its manifestly edited to make their products appearance good.

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Fans Claim Here is  the best real Male Idols You need to have To Be Following On Instagram

Fans Claim Here is the best real Male Idols You need to have To Be Following On Instagram

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSocial media service Instagram has transformthe maximum important outlet for idols to share their non-publicpictures alongside fans. 

And whilstquite so much of idols upload stunning selcas and updates in their lives, fanatics claim that INFINITE member Ls Instagram is a must-follow. Known for his elite visuals, fans claim that Ls selcas on Instagram are so surprising that his excellent looks may also cleanse eyes. Take a glance atone of the crucialnewest selcas from his Instagram account below:

Although L is understood for taking amazing selcas, watch as he tries to take photos with his ugliest faces below:

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These K-Pop male idols will damage your bias standards

These K-Pop male idols will damage your bias standards

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterHave your favourite member in an idol team already chosen? That is, till you spot any other member from the similarneighborhood

On an internetnetwork board, one netizen indexed their favorite and bias of several idol groups. One glance at them will have you converting your brain on who your bias is. They come with EXOs Baekhyun, BEAST Yoon Doojoon, INFINITEs Nam Woohyun, iKONs B.I and masses more.

The list is in no specific order.

What are your biases for each and every idol group?

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