Samsung is a step forward in global cellular wallet war

Samsung is a step forward in global cellular wallet war

Samsung`s Executive Vice President Rhee In-jong had expected that Samsung Pay cellular fee provider is often a game-changer yet it's miles receiving a better-than-expected response. it's converting buyers way of life and acquire habit hastily and strongly, he said.

Samsung Pay will release in the U.S. on September 28, its first in a foreign country launch, and may head-on subject Apples Apple Pay and Googles Android Pay. Samsung plans to extend its mobile payment service extra to China, the U.K., Spain and in other places soon.

Amid intensifying war in the global mobile wallet market, Samsung Pay is a step forward of rival services. Samsung Pay uses either close to box communications that calls for a separate instrument and magnetic protected transmission generation that works with magnetic stripe card readers, stated Han Seul-ki, researcher at NH Investment and Securities. It carries both universality and convenience that cant be matched through Apple Pay that supports most effective near field communications and Android Pay. Near field communications device distribution rate is 1 % in Korea and five percent in North America.

Helped by Samsung Pay effect, similar portions providers and safety certificate holders have transform No. 1 beneficiaries and are proceeding a rally in inventory markets. Consistent with Korea Stock Exchange, Korea knowledge Certificate Authority stocks surged 77.62 percent in barely over a month, emerging from 10,500 won (8.83 U.S. dollar) on August 21 to 18,650 won (15.68 dollars) on Tuesday. The company gives finger print certificate service to monetary corporations partnering with Samsung Pay, and receives commission expenses consistent with payment.

Amotech, which manufactures modules for Samsung Pay, also saw its proportion value upward push 41.49 percent over the similar period, whilst Hansol Ways that materials wireless chargers embedding Samsung Pay machine rose 22 percent. Payment agreement service firm Korea info and Communique soared 21.52 percent on expectancies that Samsung Pay micropayments will increase. many of us hesitate micropayment with credits cards, but micropayment will building up since as other folks can just touch the smartphone directly to the reader for Samsung Pay, said Park Jong-seon, director of mid to small cap stocks at Eugene Investment and Securities. Firms that get commission feeds per payment will changed into the maximum important beneficiaries.

However, caution is needed when making an investment in Samsung Pay-themed stocks as themed stocks are stocks whose costs bounce after being suffering from a selected factor. Shares of security certificate firms and mobile security solution firms are surging just because of the explanation that they might reap up sales if the mobile payment marketplace expands despite the truth that they aren't at once associated with Samsung Pay. Korea Electronic Certification Authority, a certification authority very equivalent to Korea guide and Communication, saw its shares skyrocket 200.77 percent. Initech, a parent corporate of Smartro that manufactures magnetic stable transmission gadgets surged 75.86 percent as a themed stock.

There are many not directly associated stocks which are expected to enhance stakes helped by the enlargement of the mobile payment market. But there is just a small collection of stocks that may without delay benefit, Korea Investment and Securities researcher Lee Seong-hyeok said. Their stocks can plunge on profit-taking trading.

Investors will have to also take wary way on number one beneficiary stocks and notice how much sales they make from Samsung Pay, Park from Eugene Investment and Securities said. I'd counsel investment in stocks with sound primary income according to trade layout and stock levels.


 Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as Irreplaceable Actor

Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as Irreplaceable Actor

Having turned just 27 this year (Korean age), Kim Soo Hyun has become one of Korea’s representative and irreplaceable actors.

From his early project Giant to the most recent syndrome-causing You Who Came From the Stars, the actor has been setting records with his successful projects.

With numerous places sending out love calls, Kim Soo Hyun turned all of this success to those around him and remained humble.

Having just completed filming, without having chance to look around at the explosive response surrounding him, Kim Soo Hyun looked rather relaxed and calm. One could see the actor has finally left behind ‘Do Min Jun,’ the character who struggled with deep emotions, from the looks of ease on his face.

 Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as ‘Irreplaceable Actor’

-How would you compare Do Min Jun to Kim Soo Hyun?

“(Do) Min Jun knows many things, but I need to study a lot more. If there’s a common trait, it would be the seriousness. People tell me that I’m very stubborn and determined. The closest people around me have recently pointed out that I focus too much on one thing. They told me that in order to act, I need to see the big picture instead of narrowing my view. After a moment of thinking I told them that I look at the trees, instead of looking at the forest. I think my tenacious personality helps me in acting.”

-It must have been hard to act out an alien character.

“It was hard to express the time Do Min Jun has gone through. He must’ve had a lot of curiosity when he first came to earth. Then he probably closed off and learned not to show emotions as he got hurt by people over time. I didn’t think that those things would be much different for an alien. I acted out the emotional scenes as I do in other dramas.”

-You received a lot of praise for the scenes where you cried

“I got a lot of help from the other cast members when I acted out emotional scenes. Kim Chang Hwan sunbaenim, Jun Ji Hyun nuna, director Jang Tae Yoo and writer Park Ji Eun all helped me to express and focus on the emotions.”

-What was your favorite scene?

“I personally liked the epilogue scene that shows Do Min Jun freezing time and holding Cheon Song Yi’s hands to kiss her at the frozen lake. It was nice to add in warm feelings to a snowy and frozen surroundings. Writer Park Ji Eun told me she was touched to see me taking my gloves off during the scene.”

 Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as ‘Irreplaceable Actor’

-How was acting alongside Jun Ji Hyun for the second time?

“It was comfortable to act with Ji Hyun nuna, since we already acted together in The Thieves. Her cheery personality really brightened up the filming site. "

"I said this during press conference too, but I can focus more on acting when I look at her. The age difference probably played a role too, but she allows me to focus well. When I acted with her, I tried to think in my head, ‘I’m acting with Cheon Song Yi, the biggest star.’”

-How is someone like Cheon Song Yi as a woman?

“Every time I read Cheon Song Yi’s lines (before filming), I would think that she is adorable. I would like a cheerful girlfriend like her. But I also think it would be tiring (laughter). To deal with a girlfriend like her, you would need to have personality like Do Min Jun. But I still would like one.”

-Do you like how the drama ended?

“I wanted a sad ending. I really wanted to make people cry. I thought of Do Min Jun dying as he continues to love Jun Ji Hyun, instead of returning to his star. But if it were me, I would’ve returned to live longer (laughter). I think it was a good ending.”

 Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as ‘Irreplaceable Actor’

-What do you makes your projects so successful?

“I started getting a lot of love starting with The Sun and the Moon. The successes were due to the projects, not because of me. In Secretly, Greatly, I was a North Korean spy who came to love South Korea. And in You Who Came From the Stars, Do Min Jun was like a combination of characters I’ve acted so far.

-Do you have any fears for continual success?

“First and foremost, I’m thankful for people who are seeking me. But I am afraid that I won’t be able to challenge myself freely, as there are more and more things I need to protect and keep."

"I realize that the more I struggle, the more people I have that I can lean and depend on. I got closer to my co-workers at agency or co-stars by talking about things I struggle with.”

-Your popularity has been rising in China. What are your future plans?

“I will be meeting with fans in China starting in March. I was happy to be giving good news to my Korean fans towards the end of the drama. Please encourage me as I make my trip. It [debut in China] is still very awkward and difficult for me. But I will do my best. I will need to work hard since I can’t speak the language, but I’m happy that they’re showing their interest in me. I will work hard.”

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SuPearls  One Step Forward, Two Steps Back -

SuPearls One Step Forward, Two Steps Back -

Seoul Beats Idols Music Film Drama TV Media Style Culture TweetSuPearls ? One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - musicSuPearls ? One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - SuPearls – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Written by Cynthia On March 5, 2013SuPearls ? One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - So if you haven’t heard, SuPearlsthe girl group formed on the reality singing show K-pop Star who eventually got picked up by YG Entertainmentdisbanded, and every member but Lee Hi had their contracts terminated. According to YG, the disbandment was the girls’ own idea (a statement that many including myself find dubious) but whatever the reason, the girls were dropped from the label, much to the disappointment of everyone who had been looking forward to this talented group’s debut. And while K-pop has survived plenty of pre-debut disbandment—a lot of our favorite idols were originally in bands that never debutedI feel like the loss of SuPearls in particular is setting the industry back in many ways.

SuPearls ? One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - The most obvious setback concerns the members who got dropped. Where are they going to go from here? It’s been over a year since the girls’ famed stint on K-pop Star, and while I’m sure that other labels were waiting to snatch them up while they were on the show, now that they’ve been out of the spotlight for a year it’s probably going to be harder for them to get offers. And who knows when will be the next time we ever hear from any of them? Secret’s Hyosung was originally scheduled to be in a girl group under Good Entertainment back in 2007, but after the group disbanded pre-debut, she ended up not making her official entrance under T.S. Entertainment in the K-pop scene until 2009. And she’s one of the luckier ones – no one knows what happened to the other members of Smile, the five-member boyband Donghae and Leeteuk were in (before Super Junior) that disbanded because SM wanted to debut TVXQ instead. And itd be a huge shame to see these huge talents just fade away into the realm of K-pop acts that should have succeeded but didnt.

SuPearls ? One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Not only is SuPearls disbandment holding back the members, but it is also holding back social progress in the K-pop industry. I’m sure some of us were disappointed when Michelle Lee first got voted off of K-pop Star for reasons that might not have been purely based on talent. As previous writers have noted, her official debut would’ve been a sign of continual progress in K-pop concerning biracial members, who previously have not been given the best of treatment in Korean society. Having someone who looks more “foreign” but can’t be reduced to the gimmick-y “token foreign member” role (after all, she’s still Korean, born and raised) could have brought up some great discussion on ethnic identity and the treatment of Korean’s minority population. But as SuPearls run on K-pop Star begins to fade from memory, without the security of a K-pop group backed by a huge label its going to take Michelle Lee even longer to gain her footing in the K-pop industry and have the rest of society warm up to her.

Also, I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s kind of shady that no matter how much YG Entertainment is so obviously influenced by black music and black culture, it can’t be bothered to have a black person under the company. Taeyang’s allowed to set a black caricature of himself as his Twitter icon and make terribly uninformed hair choices in the name of hip-hop, but there is no room for an actual black girl who can channel Aretha Franklin like no other? Really?

SuPearls ? One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - But aside from the personal and social setbacks, one of the biggest disappointments concerning SuPearls disbandment is how it represents K-pop’s continual shafting of musical talent. As we always point out, musical talent is not always a priority in the K-pop world. As a result, we get a lot of bands with “black hole” idols who just don’t bring anything to the table musically, and we have lots of super talented idols who are forced to sing basic but catchy songs that don’t showcase their talents at all. Yes, we have some powerful idol singers who shine when separated from their groups, and we’ve got some powerful solo singers such as Ailee and now Lee Hi. But while solo singers are great, there is so much more musical potential in a vocally-packed singing group.

SuPearls ? One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - SuPearls displayed the full range of talents voices can have when combined – they went beyond the standard ad-libbing down by every band and learned how to sound good together via blending and harmonizing. As a group of only vocalists, they could have had the ability to perform some more complex arrangements than other pop groups – just look at the rich sound SM’s project group SM the Ballad pulled off when the singers were taken away from their respective pop groups. And since they wouldve been debuting under one of the biggest K-pop labels as well as getting limelight from their K-Pop Star days, SuPearls could’ve challenged the status quo of image over musical talent and made other groups/labels reconsider their priorities. Power soloists alone don’t have the same effect because they’re not exactly competing in the same arena – no matter how good a soloist sounds, groups have the marketing advantage of having more voices to listen to, more faces to watch, more personalities to fall in love with, etc.

Look YG , you’re not exactly known for having stellar vocalists outside of Big Mama, and we all know you didn’t give them the publicity they deserved, hence them leaving your label. But with Big Mama disbanded, and groups like Piggy Dolls nowhere to be seen (no really, what happened to them?), you had the potential to release the next generation of power vocal groups in mainstream K-pop. Instead, you’re making room for an “SNSD-like” rookie group with a “unique YG style”. We already have an SNSD and a bunch of SNSD spin-offs – do you really think this industry needs more groups known for their looks? What we really need are the girls who blew an SNSD song out of the water, a group that could rightfully be marketed as talent first, image second. As much as you want to say SuPearls disbandment was the girls’ own decision, the way you hyped up your new girl groups image at every chance while not mentioning SuPearls for ages tells me where your priorities are. But as long as you and other labels continues to focus on new style over new talents, K-pop will never be taken seriously as a music genre. YG, SuPearls was the best idea you ever had, and frankly, you blew it.

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Two More Accusers Step Forward for Go Young Wook's Sexual Abuse Case

Two More Accusers Step Forward for Go Young Wook's Sexual Abuse Case

Two More Accusers Step Forward for Go Young Wook's Sexual Abuse Case

The Go Young Wook sexual abuse case is gaining momentum as the police recently reported that two more victims have stepped forward with allegations against Go Young Wook. 

On May 16, the police revealed that an additional two people have filed reports against Go Young Wook.

Go Young Wook, who is facing statutory rape charges, reported to the police station to be investigated on May 15. However, due to the additional allegations, the investigation time was significantly increased. It is reported that Go Young Wook was questioned for over nine hours.

Investigations on the two additional allegations have not been started yet so it is difficult to know if they are true or not. 

Stay tuned on Soompi for more news on this case.

Two More Accusers Step Forward for Go Young Wook's Sexual Abuse Case


“Doctors,” A Drama About Non-public Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Both

“Doctors,” A Drama About Non-public Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Both

Doctors, A Drama About Private Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Either somilha July 20, 2016 0 Doctors, A Drama About Personal Growth, Love, And Finding Courage For Both These days reigning over the Monday Tuesday primetime drama slot is SBSs Doctors, starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. Doctors is a romantic drama set in the scientificglobal that unearthsthe tale of a guy and a girl who conquer their adolescence struggles. Its a drama about personal growth and the sure effects of authentic love written via screenwriter Ha Myung Hee of Top Society and directed by director Oh Choong Hwan of My Love From the Star.

Park Shin Hye stars as our major character, Yoo Hye Jung, a pessimistic high-school antisocial who comes from a coarse background. Hye Jung struggles with opening up to these around her, opting for rather to take choicemovements which ceaselesslyends up in violence. Her tale unfolds in some waythat permits us to peer her growth from an apathetic and competitiveearly life to that of a young, decided doctor. 

Kim Rae Won plays the local high college teacher, Hong Ji Hong, who comes from an prosperous family. His compassion for his scholars and care against them breaks down their barriers and serves as a type of encouragement for Hye Jung. He is a superbinstructoryet his mannerisms recommend that there are topics in his lifestyles that he avoids. Even supposing Ji Hong is adopted, he stocksa robust bond with his followed father.

If the impressive production group of workers and major characters did now not catch your attention, the drama also capabilities an achieved ensemble of supporting characters. Audienceacquainted with the drama “Pinocchio” might beready to witness a other dynamic between Yoon Kyun Sang and Park Shin Hye, as the former plays a neurosurgeon (Jung Yoon Do) who works in the similar hospital. Jung Yoon Do is highbrow and blunt; his quirky personality makes him the comedic relief but also endearing to watch.

Lee Sung Kyung, who garnered combinedstories for her portrayal in Cheese in the Trap wraps up our romantic quadrangle as Hye Jungs hardworking and rich classmate, Jin Search engine optimization Woo. Lee Sung Kyung delivers in her portrayal of the jealous high faculty student who fancies her homeroom teacher. Despite the truth that her motives are commonly selfish, her talent to voice her feelings makes her a personality thats in a function to much development. Not each2nd lead is supposed to serve as a rival for a heroine. In this drama, Seo Woo and Hye Jung percentage many differences, but bitterness and hate isn'tthe sole result in their clashes. 

Doctors has aired 10 episodes of its 20 total so far. By this point, weve been exposed sufficient to our characters to grow to be invested in their stories. As this display has progressed, I'mrepeatedly being inspired by the deft way it has captured the relationships between various individuals. The prove has done an implausibletask showing raw human emotions whilst pairing it with a sprint of sweet romance.

There are many stereotypical roles in the drama that will havelong gone wayward, but they didnt. The superficially stereotypical are fleshed out into unique, relatable characters. For example, Jin Seo Woo is the beautiful moment lead who comes from a prosperouscircle of relatives and is complete of jealousy, but she is also a personsufferingto appreciate herself and to discover the values she needs to reside by. Yoo Hye Jung is the cuteleading character with a disturbing past; she could also bea girlfinding out to be touchy and robust in a global where it roughly feelsladies cant be both. The characters in this drama are multidimensional. Just as in genuine life, it isn'tsimple to categorize them as just right or bad.

The beautiful cinematography and the sprinkles of narration by Yoo Hye Jung have truly made this drama a joy to watch. Although I was concerned about the teacher-student dating narrative, I am beginning to understand perhaps the story is intended show the growth a of mentor-mentee relationship to that of lovers. This topic, which turns out taboo, has been treated amongst care and an enchanting plot.

Are you interested in this drama? Music in to the primary episode of Doctors below.

“Why don’t you've a boyfriend yet?” ask my relatives. I shrug and tell them I’m too busy, declining to mention the reality that I am in truth in more than one parasocial relationships with my favourite celebrities. It’s the fan-girl life for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sign up for me, somilha, as I consume more K-pop, more dramas and the restI will get my hands on throughout the internet.

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Next Story Kim Rae Won DisplaysThe ability Of A look In New “Doctors” Stills

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Kim Rae Won Displays  The facility Of A look In New Doctors Stills

Kim Rae Won Displays The facility Of A look In New Doctors Stills

Kim Rae Won DisplaysThe ability Of A look In New “Doctors” Stillsnotclaira July 20, 2016 0 Kim Rae Won Shows The Vitality Of A Glance In New “Doctors” Stills Love in the beginning sight, hearts in their eyes the significance of a glance in love is lovely clear.

On July 20, Pan Entertainment released new stills of the SBS drama “Doctors.” In the pictures, Kim Rae Won is taking a look at Park Shin Hye, and he’s fairly much dressed in his center on his sleeve.

The pictures are behind-the-scenes cuts from the July 18 episode where Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) takes Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) to where where he used to head fishing with his father.

Viewers wrote in to say, “It seems like Dr. Hong will soon wear a suit i.e. for a wedding,” “I wish any individual would appearance at me like that,” and “He should dear her so much to seem like that.”

Did you're feelingthe affection in Kim Rae Won’s eyes? Watch the newest episode below!

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Spoiler Added episode nine captures for the Korean drama 'Doctors'

Spoiler Added episode nine captures for the Korean drama 'Doctors'

Added episode nine captures for the Korean drama "Doctors" (2016)Directed by ability of Oh Choong-hwanWritten by Ha Myeong-heeNetwork : SBSWith Kim Rae-won, Park Shin-hye, Yoon Gyoon-sang, Lee Seong-kyeong, Kim Yeong-ae, Jeong Hae-gyoon,...20 episode - Mon, Tue 22:00Also referred to as "Doctor Crush"SynopsisA drama about the realism in the courting between doctors and patients and the social prejudice of tutorial background and origin.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/06/20

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Drama Review 'Doctors'Episode 10

Drama Review 'Doctors'Episode 10

Flashbacks sprinkled during this episode remind us of the tough trials and tribulations Hye-jeong and Ji-hong wernt thru back in the day that encouraged them to get directly to the scientificprofession path. I in finding the inclusion of those flashbacks puzzling, since all they do is job my memory that at one time"Doctors"was about folks exceeding their own expectancies to do just right in the sectorin position of act all surly. And now the taleis simply a love triangle.

Not even a compelling love triangle at that. Each person down to the unnamed nurses knows completesmartly that Yoon-do has totally0probability amongst Hye-jeong, and that it is only his overall cuteness that prevents his pursuant habit from being explictly creepy. I could beready to admit, regardless that onerecognize that he had the heart to in truth go an particular rejection. There were most effective blatant hints, after all, that for sure Hye-jeong's middle lies with Ji-hong.

It does not really, most commonly because Hye-jeong is cynical for some reason. That issome othergenuine irksome point for me. It is been over ten years and yes, it's farterrible what came about to Hye-jeong's grandmother, yet has she in point of fact just been reliving that one painful moment this whole time? Hye-jeong only in the close to pastbegan to paintings at this hospital- used to belifestyles at her oldsanatoriumdepressingsufficientthat each and every one Hye-jeong becamecurious about was getting the qualification to come to this one and investigate what happened to her grandmother?

AdvertisementThese are the flashbacks and personality backstories I trulywould like to see. To date"Doctors"has been practicallyutterlychuffed with just giving us naked bones archetypes and looking ahead to U.S. to root for the characters only for the sake of self-identification. Once back I can see the attraction of this. Ji-hong and Yoon-do are either such nice, in general encouraging men that or not it's hard to actually dislike either one of them all that much.

Be that as it may, there still will not bethe rest more or less them that's all that interesting, and the similarmay also bestated for the remainder of"Doctors". The political disputes and the rather light medical emergencies the drama assists in keepingbobbing up with remain incredibly dull. There isn't any sense of dramatic stakes, and no crisis. Admittedly, in a purely romantic tv show, it isn't necessarily all that bad for the tale to be comforting instead of exciting and dynamic. But as the flashbacks stay reminding me, at one point"Doctors"was capable of juggle some of these balls rather skillfully, so I do not know why presently it's only placing any effort into keeping the romance moving.

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Video Added Korean drama 'Doctors' episode 10

Video Added Korean drama 'Doctors' episode 10

Added episode 10 for the Korean drama "Doctors"

"Doctors" (2016) Directed through Oh Choong-hwan Written by Ha Myeong-hee Network : SBS With Kim Rae-won, Park Shin-hye, Yoon Gyoon-sang, Lee Seong-kyeong, Kim Yeong-ae, Jeong Hae-gyoon,... 20 episode - Mon, Tue 22:00 Often referred to as "Doctor Crush" Synopsis A drama about the realism in the dating between doctors and patients and the social prejudice of tutorial background and origin. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/06/20

Note : because of licensing, videos would in all probability not existto be hadon your country

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