Drama Review 'The Excellent Wife' Episode 8

Drama Review 'The Excellent Wife' Episode 8

While Hye-kyeong is busy with this hard case, we get an easierglance at Tae-joon and Joong-won, their mind and emotions for the girlin addition their morality. Some dark facts surface in episode 8 and the complete lotresults in a homicide and a new crisis. As smartly as her work, Hye-kyeong continues to handle two men who have their own ideas more or less what she wishes while she tries to stay her circle of relatives afloat.

I acknowledged in my review for episode seven that Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) would be at risk when facinga perilouscrook like Jo Gook-hyeon (Go Joon) and while I used to be right, it form of feels she could have worse folks to face, addingthe only she is recently married to. I could bein a position tocommunicate more about Tae-joon's (Yoo Ji-tae) machinations and imaginable crimes in a bit, yet his habit toward Hye-kyeong isn'tpreciselyanything he will also behappy with either.

Advertisementane had up to now assumed that he's fake, manipulative and narcissistic and while the latter two still stand, he does have some twisted honesty in his feelings for his wife. There's aerroneous sense of "love" there, which in Taejoonland way that he is enthusiastic about having her and keeping her what he considers to be safe. Unfortunately, that impliesdismissing her entirely, mendacity to her, the use of her and let me know if I must continue with this, because I have a list.

His plans for her come withemploying Joong-won's (Yoon Kye-sang) feelings for her to get his way and as lousy as this is, the receiving finish of that temptation is now not doing wonderful either. Joong-won still commits immoral acts to put into effect his coverage on Hye-kyeong, which she never asked for. At the similar time, he is acutely conscious of his flaws. Dan (Nana) issues this out and while knowing larger arguably makes him worse than Tae-joon at the moment, it suggests that he has some hope for redemption. Tae-joon does not.

Despite his behavior as a husband, I'm going to not call him a assassin just yet. He had each and everyreason why and opportunity to harm Amber as well, but he did not, no less thanso a long way as we know. Sang-il (Kim Tae-woo) is solely equally shady and mean as a character, so I believe him perfectly able to this act. Whatever they are doing, I stay up for the day Hye-kyeong teaches either a lesson.

As vital as it's milesto understand Tae-joon and Joong-won better, I do feel the ultimate two episodes are sidelining her studiesoutdoor of the triangle a bit. They are more about the men's needs and morality than they are about her. As the titular personality she wants to reclaim firm and control, so I am hoping that here is where the 2d onepart of the series will take us.

"The Excellent Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'The Excellent Wife' Episode 2

Drama Review 'The Excellent Wife' Episode 2

We have every other event involving girls in episode two of"The Just right Wife"and this time the crime is rape. Hye-kyeong's emotional bonding to her first consumer served her well, yet she falters when she will have toprotectany individual who makes her uncomfortable. Our empathetic heroine's principles are challenged, the power starts affecting her and we be told that she will havea gloomy secret to answer to for. To make subjects worse, her husband helps to keep interfering with her work.

Both instancesto this point are non-public to Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) for other reasons. She felt empathy for the wife of an untrue husband who dragged her into his mess, because she herself is shamed for Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae). This time the victim lands at thecontraryaspect of the spectrum. Like the lady Tae-joon cheated with, the buyer is a sex employee who might accept likewise been hired through him at some point. Hye-kyeong struggles with this, which is the maximum importanta phase of her persona development.

AdvertisementIt could also bean excellent cautionary tale about the glorification of emotionally invested felony representatives. Fiction steadilyitems lawyers who bond with prospects as champions of justice, but bias is a flaw in genuine life. Hye-kyeong handiest hesitates momentarily, but it still influences her religion in her client. The rape case is used for treasured social commentary. Rape culture assures the prospective victim's observe is at all times undervalued and the preconceptions on sex employees makes their combat even harder.

Coming back to the primary story, we get a neaterglance how the scandal affects Hye-kyeong's family. I to find ITappealingthat we have gotnow notobserved any of her buddiesexcept Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang). She feels remoted and her meltdown is understandable. Joong-won obviously has a weigh down on her, but I wonder how he would react to a imaginable rejection or persisted disobedience by her at work. He's success-driven and I'm actually notcertain about his character yet.

As I mention earlier, Hye-kyeong gets some much wanted characterization here. I appreciate the primary episode's center of attention on her existingscenario and actions, but her thoughts, emotions and expansion as a character are vital in her own story. I'm hopingto look more of what she keeps inside ofand notice her morality challenged. Apart fromthe present scandal, the writing suggests that Hye-kyeong is the wrongdoer to successful and run which Tae-joon shielded her from.

This tournament explains why Tae-joon feels entitled to interfere with her work. More importantly, the reality that Hye-kyeong accepts his assistback feels a little like creating acare for the satan twice. Preferencemay finally finish up in corruption and i'minterested by Hye-kyeong's choices. The writing is still shaky on the procedural part, but here's a Korean drama so I assume aneought tosettle for this and cross on.

"The Sensible Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 6

Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 6

A new case opens in"The Just right Wife"and it tackles euthanasia and abortion at the similar time, which offer the series a larger load than it willin the end handle. Dan enters the sport between Sang-il and Tae-joon whilst Hye-kyeong and Joong-won are busy with the case. Jae-moon makes a go back and his condition is worsening, causing battle amongst Joong-won over the past. His fragile emotional state results in a mistake involving Hye-kyeong.

The criminal event in episode six is more advanced than old ones. At the euthanasia front, things are simple. The patient sought after to die and has a correct to. The explanation IT gets confusing is for the explanation why thatgirl is pregnant. This may also be a cruelly most unlikely case. The mum signed her death desiressooner than being with kid and she is not able to consent to an abortion at this time. It's miles equallyforgeda controversy for the pro-choice aspect as it's for the pro-life one.

AdvertisementUnfortunately the series opts for emotional manipulation and overused ideasto select its side, instead of handling the very valid arguments on either ends and specializing in the humanity of them. The opposition is painted as practically cartoonish in their cruelty and the circle of relatives on its aspect comes whole with inheritance drama. By capacity of turning the case into a circus for dramatic effect, the drama finally ends up belittling the very genuine gravity, ethicalcatch 22 situation and pain the kind ofscenarioreasons to every person involved.

The majortale progresses more smoothly and the time has come for the ever so mysterious Dan (Nana) to make tough choices. I will not tell whether her persona has been underacted or underwritten till now, yetI'm hoping we can beready to get to grasp her better now. She obviously respects Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon), but she could also be manipulative and secretive. Given both Sang-il (Kim Tae-woo) and Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) look liketerrible people, most likely she has sensible reason to conceal her intentions.

The episode also explores Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang) and his courting with his father. The interactions are wonderful and the pain is obviouslylarge for both men. The legal case serves as atonement for Joong-won and as bad as it is for him to exploitcustomers for this, it does give him a chanceto look them as other people again. His fragile state is what results in the kiss, but Hye-kyeong's reaction is more interesting.

Hye-kyeong isn't any longer tolerating Tae-joon's lies and she admits that her tolerance was oncejust an effort to like him. Seeing her construction here makes me fear less about the affection triangle, because she is still in control. While the episode bites off more than it can chunk with its court battle, it does supply food for idea and I hence even sobelieve it a fair one.

"The Excellent Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 5

Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 5

"The Excellent Wife"smacks us with a large twist in episode five, which adjustmentsa actually perfect deal about what we've got known so far. It individually worries me concerning the future, yetmost likelyit is going to existan excellent thing. The felony event this time comes to Hye-kyeong's beyond social circle and with Tae-joon home, it just brings more unhappy memories to the surface. Meanwhile, Joong-won steps up his game and faces Tae-joon.

This is one enormous elephant in the room, so let us deal with it. Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) is a coward who had his wife lift his crime. I had in the past assumed that his entitlement and controlling habit stems from a feeling of being owed anything for his heroism, but he manages to be even worse. In retrospect, I must have expected this, but Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) as a culprit used to be an attractive concept. Which is why this twist worries me, so undergo alongside me here.

AdvertisementLet us omit close to the twist for a moment. The court case of this episode supplies USA a glimpse into how Hye-kyeong lived and how she turned intodeserted after her husband's scandal. It presentations United States of Americaa girl who is truthful and kind, but also unaware of the hypocrisy of others. This would provide an explanation for why she can not see Tae-joon for who he is. Seeing her fight between happiness and awkwardness with him houseback is wonderfully done. My fearis thisfocal pointwould possibly change.

Until now Hye-kyeong has been somebody who could give a 2dprobability to her once liked savior and lover. It was a captivatingbattle and the selection was somewhat hard. This twist turns her into a victim who has time and againapproved betrayal. It changes her from an individual in regulate to someone who is being willfully manipulated. This isn't a bad change. Seeing her upward thrust from her self-victimization would be an empowering story. I just ponder whetherthis is whyat the back of it.

This episode has Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang) face Tae-joon and get started an unofficial war for Hye-kyeong. One guy is someone who forces his biased remedy on Hye-kyeong to meet his crush, which ended at the day of the accident. The opposite is a traitor who has no thought of the have an effect on his movements have on his family. My worry is that Hye-kyeong may need been become a victim for the sake of a twisted love triangle.

Everything is dependent on the creators' intentions. The autotwist of fate twist will also be a fine addition to the tale of a lady who reclaims the lifestyles she sacrificed for romanceno longer reciprocated. I sincerely hope that my be troubled volitionend upfoolishvia the end. I am hoping that the affection Dramaland has for male vitality games and scandalous romances will now not overtake the keycharm of"The Sensible Wife".

"The Nice Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 3

Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 3

A new case is opened and a new guest persona comes with it in episode 3 of"The Just right Wife", yet they do more for the key plot and characters than act as a client. Tae-joon is in short released from prison and his little excursion supplies some dark revelations about his personality. There is so much going on here and the pacing is beginning to generate numerous confusion by way of propelling the complete thing forward.

Seeing Myeong-hee (Kim Seo-hyeong) and Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang) published every bit siblings fathered by the at all times delightfulYoon Joo-sangas Search engine marketing Jae-moon is moderately a amusing outcome. Jae-moon is a fascinating lineament and now notsimplest because he pointers Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) off at thehassle Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) is in or for sensing his son's emotions for her. He could also be in a an identicalscenario to her. He'son my own and sportinga big weight on his shoulders. Unfortunately, his taleis going by too fast.

AdvertisementThe series turns out to be speedingand becauseI haven't watched the original, I can't tell if they try to squeeze a multi-season paintings into one, which would be catastrophic. I believeas though the drama is being too indistinct close to who knows what, who needs what and who has done or could have done what. Having mystery is a vitala section of this story, but the rate at which cryptic knowledge comes out leaves no time to retain and procedure it.

So a ways this were on the procedural aspect only, which is straightforwardto seembeyondbecause of the situations being standalone. I do to find IT contrived that Park Do-seop (Jeon Seok-ho) helps to keepstoning up as the prosecutor in Hye-kyeong's cases, but most likely he has in some way orchestrated it or he occurs to be in the ones we see. The rate of the USB recovery containing Tae-joon's alibi, however, feels too convenient. A mix of confusing writing and rushed resolutions is a bad one.

I can take care of some pointof bewilderment for now. It'lljust existan inventiveresolution to slowly provide an explanation for what has been, is and can be happening. The largerdifficulty alongside the hasty plot progression is that it hinders character development. Tae-joon is obviously a narcissist and has a dismal side, but I think as if the latter, new revelation would have more have an effect on if we knew his blank surface personality better.

As much as I wish to take more information, I wish episode 4 will take a damage and focal point what we've got so far. Joong-won's overwhelm is cute, but his timing is awful. I'm curious if Hye-kyeong's dating with Tae-joon is dysfunctional either ways. Would she use Joong-won to punish her husband? She already has muchto cope with and now her sweetheart's mother is meddling. Hang in there, Hye-kyeong.

"The Smart Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 4

Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 4

Episode 4 of"The Just right Wife"is without a doubt an developmentat theultimate one, as it balances its pacing and is goingduring the things we wish to know ahead of moving on. This time we've got two situationswhich provide U.S. much wanted exposition and a hefty dose of characterization. There is a load more to Tae-joon, Joong-won and Sang-il than we see and they all unfortunately take a self-serving hobby in Hye-kyeong's matters.

"Ask, and it might be given you" is as random for drama as it's miles for religion. Occasionally your wish will come true, typicallyit's going to not. I'mgladto mention that my wish for episode four to slow down and give an explanation for things has come true. Episode 3 tackled too much for its duration and the interactions felt very rushed and missing context. This time we get nicely presented exposition and a fewfantasticpersonaconstructionthru cases at onceattached to our leading characters.

AdvertisementThe redevelopment case introduces us to Jo Gook-hyeon (Go Joon), the guy Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) is expounded to have had unlawful dealings with, yet information technology also introduces the victim of Hye-kyeong's (Jeon Do-yeon) automobiletwist of fate from the past, Mr. Kang (Han Gap-soo). The reality that the 2 men paintingsin combinationcan't exist a coincidence. Shim Eun-sook's (Bae Hae-sun) case on the opposite giveoffers United States of America some quality time with Sang-il (Kim Tae-woo) and is helping us notice where he stands relating to morality.

By developingscenarios more heavilyassociated withthe keytale and arising the characters similar to them, there's nowant for switching from facet to side like episode three did. We've known Sang-il is harsh and manipulative, but now we are certain that he isn't squeaky blank himself and that he could also bea horny lousy person. On the other hand, Joong-won and Hye-kyeong's perceived scandal unearths the mistrust in Tae-joon and shatters his phantasm of a picture-perfect future. I wonder whether jealousy is the most effective real reason, however.

Lee Yeon-joo's (Park Ah-in) presence sparks some lower thanfulfilling revelations about Joong-won's work ethics and so does his communication alongside Joon-ho (Lee Won-geun). I assumed his overwhelmwas once pure, but I wonder if he had the rest to do with Tae-joon's present situation. Joong-won's fixation turned into clear, but now we know he'sin truth manipulative and opportunistic. Something is for sure, Hye-kyeong is stuck between a rock and a difficultposition with those two.

Her reaction when she testifies in court provides me hope, however. She is truthful and does no longer tolerate abuse when she can keep away from it. Mr. Kang's reappearance would definitelyreasoncomplications and it could explain some of Tae-joon's actions, but it's Hye-kyeong's choices which interest me. I am hopingto peer her divorced, unmarried and paying for any crimes she has committed by the end. Hey, a woman fire hope.

"The Sensible Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 1

Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 1

"The Excellent Wife"starts with a focal pointat theprovide and offers us handiest the naked essentials of the past. Episode one establishes the scandal and we flash aheadto some extent where our heroine has a husband in jail, not anythingyet her telephone contract to her call and a circle of relatives to support. We are presentedto a couple key characters and our lead gets her first court case. This may also be a packed, easyand trendy premiere for the drama.

Kim Hye-kyeong's (Jeon Do-yeon) function is dire, but instead ofthat specialize in her handling of her husband's scandal, we get to look her just as she startsto dance back. Here isa sensibleresolutionin relation to pacing, because we get to the joysa section of her paintings equally a attorneycorrect away. It could also bea lot more realistic. A lady amongsta large mess on her hands and teenyoungsters who want her has little time to type her emotions out.

AdvertisementThis is a premise which is able to flourish in the context of South Korean culture. Hye-kyeong is the middle of attention and now not in an even way. The disgrace of her husband's scandal is used to humiliate her, her position as an older runninggirl is used to workoutvitality on her. All of this is encouraged by way of a gadget of strict social and administrative center hierarchy. Even so, Hye-kyeong doesn'tpermit this habit from just somebody and she does not settle forthe speculation that her husband's shame is her family's.

The series presentationssymptoms of a revolutionaryway with its characters. Excluding Hye-kyeong's unapologetically fair reaction to the force she receives, we would have a lesbian or bisexual persona in Kim Dan (Nana), which is crucialbreakthrough for Korean television. The drama turns out fitting for social commentary, but it does not fail to rememberthe worth of nice humor in presenting it. The truth that Hye-kyeong uses the theme from "Jaws" as the ringtone for her sweetheart's mother is brilliant.

The premiere episode most commonly sets the tone, major conflicts and the initial ethical alignment of its major characters. Hye-kyeong is just, selfless and caring. Her husband, Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) is entitled, controlling and unfaithful. Hye-kyeong's friend and boss, SEO Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang) is a mystery and so is her first partner, the aforementioned Dan. The firm's co-CEO, Seo Myeong-hee (Kim Seo-hyeong) is prickly, but she knows good work when she sees it.

My good first impressions notwithstanding, I'm skeptical on some things. The oversight in regards to the CCTV photos is convenient, but can evidence realistically be bypassed so easily? Hye-kyeong's specialise in her husband's cloth cabinet is intriguing, but a little vague. Is she spotting clues or are we to remember that she has been conditioned to generally tend to his image? Regardless, as someone who has not watched the yankee serialI think episode one is a forged start.

"The Good Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 8

Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 8

"Uncontrollably Fond"is overwhelmingly about Joon-yeong and his laborious journey. The opposite characters are provide and they obtain screen time, yet IT isKim Woo-binwho carries the display alongside his hot-tempered and life-loving Joon-yeong.

Not that Joon-yeong is an ideal character. No. He's a dominant male who believes that pushing a ladiesto like him is okay. He approach well, and is honest in his affections, but that roughlyforceisn't okay. To make his love for No Eul parallel the bullying habit he pulls is not okay. It should existhighest if she got hereto realize her feelings for him herself.

AdvertisementThat said, the beauty of his affections is endearing and his sincerity is far appreciated. He is fair where Ji-tae is not. The secrets Ji-tae assists in keeping and mixed with his soaring brand him a slightly unlikeable character. He wavers in limbo instead of build a decision. It lets in for the manipulative and Machiavellian Jeong-eun to have her way with him and his family. There's a distinct loss of individuality in his character, and also with Jeong-eun's. The similar lack is once in a whilediscovered in No Eul, especially in scenes when she will not be with Joon-yeong. Those characters wantdesires and alternatethat's not dependent on others.

"Uncontrollably Fond"hits some beautifulcandy emotional notes, but its personality continuity (aside from Joon-yeong) and the contrived plot are a uniquesusceptible spot. It still has a possibility to improve. If not, please enjoyKim Woo-bin. He is hitting it out of the park.

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Drama Review 'W' Episode 4

Drama Review 'W' Episode 4

One of the standards that makes Cheol any suchattention-grabbing protagonist is that he's legitimately actually smart. Even if the guy's a persona in a genre mystery comic, Cheol thinks like a realgenuine person. When loopyatypical contrivances jump out of nowhere for the sole obviousreason of killing him, Cheol simply notes that there isn't any such thing as coincidence. And he is right, even if the genuinesolutionis way stranger than Cheol may have ever most likely imagined.

Or any individual else for that matter. Let's glance at So-hee (played byEugene Jung). She breaks ranks with Cheol here at the Yeon-joo factor less out of spite and more because her interpretation of the location is unquestionablyway more logical. Whilst Cheol is ratherbloodless alongside So-hee, at the similar time he cannotactuallyprovide an explanation for why she's wrong, because Cheol's own incomplete theory is so utterly bonkers that So-hee would just think the strain of some of these attempted murders is getting to him.

Yet for all this Cheol is still willing to benefit from an unwanted scenarioto have a look at and bully Yeon-joo for answers. In short, Cheol is a shockingly complex character, and this is the reason why Yeon-joo's descriptions are as ironic as they are unbelievable. An individual says "comic e book character" and the picture that pops up to brain is anything very two-dimensional and simply defined. Yet over and over again Cheol defies Yeon-joo, the readers, or even his writerwith regards to unpredictable behavior.

AdvertisementCheol's complete world, for that matter, is so impossibly well-defined that it ischallengingto trulycall to mind IT as being a paintings of fiction. Study the sheer attention to detail in terms of character reasoning, politics, and logistics. Cheol's globalis solely as"Real"as Yeon-joo's, if no longer moreso taking into account how much we havenoticed of the 2 in relation to one another. Which one is the more manmade construction- where with goofy doctors or the only where the police are best mildly agitated with an glaringly uncooperative suspect?

But never intellect our reactions to this episode- how are the real world comedianlovers going to react to this? As the plot progresses and the comic world has to react to how Yeon-joo seems and disappears out of nowhere, the"W"comic has to talk about its own genre conventions in some waythat totally breaks suspension of disbelief. And the cliffhanger to this episode of the"W"drama is only going to place a more insane spin on it.

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Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 12

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 12

The kidnapper is in spite of everythingprinted in episode twelve of "Wanted", yet this handiest complicates the situation. There could also bethe chance of an partnerin the police and the investigation still does now not acceptall of thebeyond culprits. The presentventure is met with fantastic resistance as SG Team starts to interfere with the display and put largedrive on its team. With the show's long run and Hyeon-woo's protection now uncertain, time is running out for the "Wanted" team.

In Mi-ok (Kim Seon-yeong-III) we trust, for the explanation thatwoman has finishedso much for this investigation, adding being appropriate close to her non-public suspicions for the kidnapper's identity. Joon-goo (Lee Moon-sik) has been a chance from the get go, because his dating amongst Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) made him one of the vital first folks she would request lend a hand from. He used to be likewisethe consumer whoadvised Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong). This makes me inquisitive about the obviouslynon-public relationship between those3 people.

AdvertisementHowever, I don't feel Joon-goo is the final piece of his own puzzle. We still don'tunderstand how he controlledto obtaininside ofknowledge about Sang-sik's (Seo Hyeon-cheol) case and frame placement. Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) discussed that only contributors of the investigation will have known. This suggests that there may just even so be an confederate nosotrosdon't know of within the force, keeping up my suspicion of Yeong-gwan (Sin Jae-ha). I do hope here is addressed by ability of the end.

The mission to make Choi Pil-gyoo (Baek Seung-hyeon) pay has been completed, but we know that he isn't the just one to had beengoing through Jo Nam-cheol (Park Sang-wuk). This indicates that Ha Dong-min's (Son Jong-hak) contact, who seems to be a prosecutor, could be Choi's accomplice and most likelythe secretindividual that can exposethe entire thing about SG Group's wrongdoings. I still have the nagging suspicion that he mightif fact exist told be Joon-goo's secret partner, but possiblyI'm overthinking this.

Things are about to get badand i'mjust a littleconfused by the investigative team's loss ofsecurity precautions. They overtlyspeak about the case at UCN's premises and Seung-in even brings in the maximum important evidence supplied by Lee Yong-hwan (Choi Deok-moon) to wherethese days function by the very group they are running against. Seeing the police and the production cooperating is nice, but some secrecy would assistance here.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, there's no telling what Joon-goo will do. I do not think he would harm Hyeon-woo (Park Min-soo), but if the lady Jin-woong (Lee Seung-joon) interviewed is his circle of relatives and Hyeon-woo's present captor, he might grow to be agitated. SG Group's grip at the investigation will also tighten. Hye-in and Seung-in will wantthe completeaidthey may also be ready to go to kind this large mess out.

"Wanted" is directed by Park Yong-soon, written by Han Ji-wan-I and features Kim Ah-joongJi Hyeon-wooEom Tae-woong and Park Hae-joon.

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