Drama Review 'W' Episode 5

Drama Review 'W' Episode 5

There's a point of view shift from Yeon-joo to Cheol here, which finally ends up explaining numerousinformation aboutthe basis of"W"that till instantlywere unclear. First of all, we know what the title"W"refers to internally now, and featurea neaterclutch of the series of occasions that led Cheol from tragic backstory to genius investigator. Yet the more very important shift is Cheol's emotional state. Through reading the"W"comic book, Cheol can see his wholeexistence pass in front of him.

This is a sexy messed up mental country to be him. I in reality felt trulyresponsible for so much of"W", because such a lot of this episode is just pointing out that it isroughly messed up how other people use fiction to vicariously identify with the pain of alternative people. Even granting that Cheol is a fictional character, there are precisegenuineindividuals in the sector who have suffered the loss of enjoyed ones in terrible circumstances. Portraying their pain for the sake of our own amusement is lovely cold.

On a less discouraging note, I am not convinced Cheol is really a fictional character. Yes, the supporting evidence does appear to make any other interpretation at this point unlikely- but now not impossible. The entire lot insight Seong-moo has regardingCheol that turns out to be evidence of the man's manmade nature may merely as without problems existobserved equally insight to his personality that might be expected from any individualwho is been in intimate touch amongst the guy for so long.

Advertisement The similarcan also beacknowledged for Cheol's deductions into Seong-moo's character. Believe this. We make private judgments in accordance withof uswe do notdefinitely know all of the time, just primarily based on extant subject material transmitted via mass media. As an example, whenever you read my studies y'all probablyhave opinionsto my personality and how I tick, and several of thosereviews are almost definitely true. But they are true simplest to the level you notice my reviews. There is more to my existence and personality than just my reviews.

Cheol himself is the proof of idea for all this, since over and over againthe guy defies expectancies of what he "should" do and as a substitute exactly does what he needs to do. Seong-moo and Yeon-joo are nowa lot morelimited characters than Cheol because they suspect in talegood judgment and Cheol does not, even supposing ostensibly Seong-moo and Yeon-joo are characters in the genuine world. It be all...very complicated, shouldn't be it? And as usual, the cliffhanger only makesthe situationworse.

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Drama Review 'Bring It On, Ghost' Episode 8

Drama Review 'Bring It On, Ghost' Episode 8

While the pacing in "Bring It On, Ghost" is slow as same old we do in spite of everything become some vitalknowledge cleared up reasonably quickly. It turns out that Hye-seong can if reality exist told see ghosts, the man's just very just right at pretending like he can't. What any of this has to do with Bong-pal or Hyeon-ji is still most commonly shrouded in mystery, yetI am onlysatisfied that the maximum importanttale is moving ahead in perceptible model at all. Now there might beexact dramatic tension when Hye-seong is on-screen.

...Which for the most sectionisn't all that often, since as normalthe majority of the taleis going to exploring the courting between Bong-pal and Hyeon-ji. They have got moved on from the standardindistinct antagonism to in point of fact admitting they preferplacing out with each and every other. WhileKim So-hyeon-Iis tremendous pouty in terms ofthe complete lotthat occurs at the amusement park, this is rathersuitable for the role. When wanting an actress who will act like a topcollege girl, a real high facultywoman is a hornysmart pick.

Not that Hyeon-ji is a high school lady really. Her converting of clothes, while most manifestly a puzzling display screen of ghost logic, is symbolically representative of Hyeon-ji's persona growth. Hyeon-ji can wear a lovelyget dressed to characterize that she's not truly a high school student anymore, and Hyeon-ji too can vesture a new outfit to greaterdefine her new activity every bit a ghostbuster. Why? As it looks cool.

AdvertisementThat remains the most efficienttotal defense of "Bring It On, Ghost", which continues to fumble slightly when it comes to the real ghost-related shenanigans. Whilst the intellectualmedical institution case is interesting, it also ends truly quickly, necessitating any other random generic ghost combat precisely to fill for time. I love the ghosts better when we've got close toelementaryconcept of why they are withal hanging around in the arena of the living at all, since among other things it provides more personality to the fights.

This flaw notwithstanding, "Bring It On, Ghost" does continuallyarrange to be cute in the majoressential ways. Cheon-sang and In-rang glancetotally ridiculous in their ghostfighting outfits, even iffor the explanation that they're just the middlemen for an inherently bizarre job the appearance is appropriate. And I just cannot startsufficient of that ridiculous ghostfighting van, where did they even get that thing? Did any individualat the production team in finding it in the back alley in the back of their mom's house?

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Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 14

Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 14

Min-ho (played by way of Jeong Hae-gyoon) is Hye-jeong's estranged father. I have never had much reasonto talk about Min-ho because it is never been transparent to me how very important he was once to Hye-jeong's story. It roughlylooked like Min-ho turned into merelyany otherimpediment Hye-jeong had to overcome, although he has sympathetic personality traits. Seo-woo, you'll be able to recall, has the similar problem. Well, eitherthe hole and the final of this episode immediatelycope with the relevance of Min-ho's presence/absence in Hye-jeong's life- to tough cathartic effect.

Or perhaps information technology just gave the impression that way because I am so used to "Doctors" missing any form of emotional have an effect on at all. Creator Ha Myeong-hee very much dips into the melodrama toolbox for the plot this time around. Belowcustomarycases 1may well be more severe of the stylethe taleis going but...well, Namgoong Min is solelyin realityexcellent being the victim of the melodrama for once. Or not it's hard now not to get choked up by the cruelselections he makes, even if they are patentlythe incorrect ones.

One explanation whyhere's such an tremendouswarfare for Hye-jeong to confront is that she can not solve this hassle by being an ideal doctor. It also highlights why the occasional speak aboutcash is if truth be told important. Hospitals are expensive, which is why if you arepleased with your clinical care, you must donate to the health facilityat oncein its place of gifting the attending doctor alongside a car.

Yes, I'm still sour about that and other beyond plot points. Truthfully, I am notlooking ahead to "Doctors" to toughen much once Namgoong Min in any case leaves because there is notwithstanding this worrying goofy propensity duringthe opposite stories. Soon-hee it turns out that runs the maximum important hangout for the entire doctors in the medical institution now, which approach thatthey willdisplay up at the most beside the point times for the most inappropriate reasons. Whilstthose scenes are not bad they are slightly silly.

But "Doctors" has at all times been most powerful when it's been taking stabs at the metaphorical middle (I still to find the literal surgeries to be lovely boring). Baek Seong-hyeon has trivially little screen time yet continuouslyprovidesa robustfunctionalitysimply by convincingly being Seo-woo's perfect friend. It abilitya load more to be great to somebodywho istype of a jerk than it does to someone who is constantly portrayed as perfect and super-attractive. Although oddly enough, with her parental problems more exposed, I locate I'm liking Hye-jeong more as a protagonist now than I have in quite awhile now.

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Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 13

Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 13

Namgoong Min, it sounds as if unsatisfied via acting opposed tokind equally the male romantic lead in"Beautiful Gong Shim", makes a unique appearance in this episode of"Doctors"as the loving father to two adorable moppets. This finally ends up being eitherjust right and bad. The great is thatNamgoong Minis in maximum casesfantastic in the role, and the youngsters acceptglorious chemistry. The bad is thistale has little to not anything to do with the emotional arcs of any of the trueapplicableprimary characters in"Doctors".

It's in fact Seo-woo of all those who ends up taking a relevant hobby in the family. And see, here's what I mean about"Doctors"finding techniques to make Seo-woo sympathetic when we aremanifestlynow notmeantto love her. She has smart bedside manner, and is almost certainlyprobably the mosteasiest doctors in the solidby way of questions like which personawould i need as my physician if I were sick.

It does notlend a hand that Hye-jeong and Ji-hong continue to be embroiled in their on the wholetacky romance with its minimum of conflict. The nearest Hye-jeong and Ji-hong ever get to hassle are discussions about the level to which they must exist "out" as a couple. I might bein a position to admit that as minor as this impediment is, I do appreciate that there are a minimum of moments this episode where Hye-jeong has to battle to get what she wants, which make it an importantgrowth over the standard in"Doctors".

AdvertisementThere also area couple of funny gags sprinkled thoughtout here- the most important one being what I am assuming is a reference to"W", because the plot point in query is so inherently foolishI will notget a grasp of any other reason it's in the script at all. Typicallytalking dramas should alwaysattempt tosteer transparent of pointing out when they are acting cartoonish. Even supposing really, bringing up the gangster combatin reality simplyrings a bell in my memoryof ways Hye-jeong used to stand more boldstumbling blocks than the similar generic clinical emergencies.

Is it just me, or does the production team just stay replaying an analogous clip of a pulsing red thing? There is a very elementarytrend for all of the doctoring portions of"Doctors". It never topics what the expressdifficulty is, the doctors just have a council to take a glance at out and figure out how to solve it, which they in the end do. Whilst this episode of"Doctors"is greater than original alongside its cute, even then the drama can notactuallybreak out its own predictable format.

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Drama Review 'Bring It On, Ghost' Episode 7

Drama Review 'Bring It On, Ghost' Episode 7

So it sounds as if ghosts can get...sick? Well, "Bring It On, Ghost" does nottruly belabour this point, so I may not either. All of the bizarre things that ghosts can seemingly makedon't appear to betruly intended as pararealism anyway. They are only storytelling advices in which Bong-pal can explicit affection to Hyeon-ji. This much is important, since closing episode established that Bong-pal doesn't really have an opportunity amongst Seo-yeon, despite the truth that she insists on expressing (platonic) passion in him.

The layout overall is more of the usual. We are given merely enoughdata about Hye-seong to graspthat he isvital without really having any more or lesstransparentconcept why. Hye-seong's storyline appears like an abridged edition of the plot from an absolutelyother drama. It has nearlynot anything to do with the rest Bong-pal is doing. We know that finally Hye-seong's connection with Bong-pal could be explained, yet looked at on person merits it is not even clean Hye-seong's crimes have anything to do with ghosts at all.

The ghost that should exist fought this time around fares rathergreateras a result of the equipped social commentary. Given Bong-pal's rather ominous dating with his own father, having a ghost maintainidenticalproblemsin maximum cases proves to be moderately interesting. It is helping that the ghostbusting side of "Bring It On, Ghost" makes more sense than usual. Cheon-sang and In-rang are slowly getting the hang of your entire "locate those whowantlend a hand with ghosts" component of the story.

AdvertisementThe fights, themselves, though, have lost a massive number of their charm for me. Here isbasically because there might beno longer actually that much common sense to them. Bong-pal and Hyeon-ji lose opposed to the ghosts for awhile tillit is time for them to win. That is truly all there is to it. Previous in the drama we heard a goodquantity about the significance of vulnerable points, yet neither of the ghosts dispatched this episode had evident weak issues that I noticed. They just type of faded away after a fortunate hit.

"Bring It On, Ghost" suffers chiefly from being little more than the sum of its parts. Whilstit islovelygazing Hyeon-ji take a glance atto be informedjust for the sake of learning, Hyeon-ji turns out to have most commonly forgotten about exploring her own backstory, which handiest ever gets exposition by capacity of accident. An easier feel of mutual shared desires would assistance "Bring It On, Ghost" a lot. Plot progression close to the finish of the episode signifies that we're in any case getting on the topic of that point, thoughI have had that idea before.

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Drama Review 'The Excellent Wife' Episode 8

Drama Review 'The Excellent Wife' Episode 8

While Hye-kyeong is busy with this hard case, we get an easierglance at Tae-joon and Joong-won, their mind and emotions for the girlin addition their morality. Some dark facts surface in episode 8 and the complete lotresults in a homicide and a new crisis. As smartly as her work, Hye-kyeong continues to handle two men who have their own ideas more or less what she wishes while she tries to stay her circle of relatives afloat.

I acknowledged in my review for episode seven that Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) would be at risk when facinga perilouscrook like Jo Gook-hyeon (Go Joon) and while I used to be right, it form of feels she could have worse folks to face, addingthe only she is recently married to. I could bein a position tocommunicate more about Tae-joon's (Yoo Ji-tae) machinations and imaginable crimes in a bit, yet his habit toward Hye-kyeong isn'tpreciselyanything he will also behappy with either.

Advertisementane had up to now assumed that he's fake, manipulative and narcissistic and while the latter two still stand, he does have some twisted honesty in his feelings for his wife. There's aerroneous sense of "love" there, which in Taejoonland way that he is enthusiastic about having her and keeping her what he considers to be safe. Unfortunately, that impliesdismissing her entirely, mendacity to her, the use of her and let me know if I must continue with this, because I have a list.

His plans for her come withemploying Joong-won's (Yoon Kye-sang) feelings for her to get his way and as lousy as this is, the receiving finish of that temptation is now not doing wonderful either. Joong-won still commits immoral acts to put into effect his coverage on Hye-kyeong, which she never asked for. At the similar time, he is acutely conscious of his flaws. Dan (Nana) issues this out and while knowing larger arguably makes him worse than Tae-joon at the moment, it suggests that he has some hope for redemption. Tae-joon does not.

Despite his behavior as a husband, I'm going to not call him a assassin just yet. He had each and everyreason why and opportunity to harm Amber as well, but he did not, no less thanso a long way as we know. Sang-il (Kim Tae-woo) is solely equally shady and mean as a character, so I believe him perfectly able to this act. Whatever they are doing, I stay up for the day Hye-kyeong teaches either a lesson.

As vital as it's milesto understand Tae-joon and Joong-won better, I do feel the ultimate two episodes are sidelining her studiesoutdoor of the triangle a bit. They are more about the men's needs and morality than they are about her. As the titular personality she wants to reclaim firm and control, so I am hoping that here is where the 2d onepart of the series will take us.

"The Excellent Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 8

Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 8

"Uncontrollably Fond"is overwhelmingly about Joon-yeong and his laborious journey. The opposite characters are provide and they obtain screen time, yet IT isKim Woo-binwho carries the display alongside his hot-tempered and life-loving Joon-yeong.

Not that Joon-yeong is an ideal character. No. He's a dominant male who believes that pushing a ladiesto like him is okay. He approach well, and is honest in his affections, but that roughlyforceisn't okay. To make his love for No Eul parallel the bullying habit he pulls is not okay. It should existhighest if she got hereto realize her feelings for him herself.

AdvertisementThat said, the beauty of his affections is endearing and his sincerity is far appreciated. He is fair where Ji-tae is not. The secrets Ji-tae assists in keeping and mixed with his soaring brand him a slightly unlikeable character. He wavers in limbo instead of build a decision. It lets in for the manipulative and Machiavellian Jeong-eun to have her way with him and his family. There's a distinct loss of individuality in his character, and also with Jeong-eun's. The similar lack is once in a whilediscovered in No Eul, especially in scenes when she will not be with Joon-yeong. Those characters wantdesires and alternatethat's not dependent on others.

"Uncontrollably Fond"hits some beautifulcandy emotional notes, but its personality continuity (aside from Joon-yeong) and the contrived plot are a uniquesusceptible spot. It still has a possibility to improve. If not, please enjoyKim Woo-bin. He is hitting it out of the park.

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Drama Review 'W' Episode 4

Drama Review 'W' Episode 4

One of the standards that makes Cheol any suchattention-grabbing protagonist is that he's legitimately actually smart. Even if the guy's a persona in a genre mystery comic, Cheol thinks like a realgenuine person. When loopyatypical contrivances jump out of nowhere for the sole obviousreason of killing him, Cheol simply notes that there isn't any such thing as coincidence. And he is right, even if the genuinesolutionis way stranger than Cheol may have ever most likely imagined.

Or any individual else for that matter. Let's glance at So-hee (played byEugene Jung). She breaks ranks with Cheol here at the Yeon-joo factor less out of spite and more because her interpretation of the location is unquestionablyway more logical. Whilst Cheol is ratherbloodless alongside So-hee, at the similar time he cannotactuallyprovide an explanation for why she's wrong, because Cheol's own incomplete theory is so utterly bonkers that So-hee would just think the strain of some of these attempted murders is getting to him.

Yet for all this Cheol is still willing to benefit from an unwanted scenarioto have a look at and bully Yeon-joo for answers. In short, Cheol is a shockingly complex character, and this is the reason why Yeon-joo's descriptions are as ironic as they are unbelievable. An individual says "comic e book character" and the picture that pops up to brain is anything very two-dimensional and simply defined. Yet over and over again Cheol defies Yeon-joo, the readers, or even his writerwith regards to unpredictable behavior.

AdvertisementCheol's complete world, for that matter, is so impossibly well-defined that it ischallengingto trulycall to mind IT as being a paintings of fiction. Study the sheer attention to detail in terms of character reasoning, politics, and logistics. Cheol's globalis solely as"Real"as Yeon-joo's, if no longer moreso taking into account how much we havenoticed of the 2 in relation to one another. Which one is the more manmade construction- where with goofy doctors or the only where the police are best mildly agitated with an glaringly uncooperative suspect?

But never intellect our reactions to this episode- how are the real world comedianlovers going to react to this? As the plot progresses and the comic world has to react to how Yeon-joo seems and disappears out of nowhere, the"W"comic has to talk about its own genre conventions in some waythat totally breaks suspension of disbelief. And the cliffhanger to this episode of the"W"drama is only going to place a more insane spin on it.

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Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 12

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 12

The kidnapper is in spite of everythingprinted in episode twelve of "Wanted", yet this handiest complicates the situation. There could also bethe chance of an partnerin the police and the investigation still does now not acceptall of thebeyond culprits. The presentventure is met with fantastic resistance as SG Team starts to interfere with the display and put largedrive on its team. With the show's long run and Hyeon-woo's protection now uncertain, time is running out for the "Wanted" team.

In Mi-ok (Kim Seon-yeong-III) we trust, for the explanation thatwoman has finishedso much for this investigation, adding being appropriate close to her non-public suspicions for the kidnapper's identity. Joon-goo (Lee Moon-sik) has been a chance from the get go, because his dating amongst Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) made him one of the vital first folks she would request lend a hand from. He used to be likewisethe consumer whoadvised Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong). This makes me inquisitive about the obviouslynon-public relationship between those3 people.

AdvertisementHowever, I don't feel Joon-goo is the final piece of his own puzzle. We still don'tunderstand how he controlledto obtaininside ofknowledge about Sang-sik's (Seo Hyeon-cheol) case and frame placement. Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) discussed that only contributors of the investigation will have known. This suggests that there may just even so be an confederate nosotrosdon't know of within the force, keeping up my suspicion of Yeong-gwan (Sin Jae-ha). I do hope here is addressed by ability of the end.

The mission to make Choi Pil-gyoo (Baek Seung-hyeon) pay has been completed, but we know that he isn't the just one to had beengoing through Jo Nam-cheol (Park Sang-wuk). This indicates that Ha Dong-min's (Son Jong-hak) contact, who seems to be a prosecutor, could be Choi's accomplice and most likelythe secretindividual that can exposethe entire thing about SG Group's wrongdoings. I still have the nagging suspicion that he mightif fact exist told be Joon-goo's secret partner, but possiblyI'm overthinking this.

Things are about to get badand i'mjust a littleconfused by the investigative team's loss ofsecurity precautions. They overtlyspeak about the case at UCN's premises and Seung-in even brings in the maximum important evidence supplied by Lee Yong-hwan (Choi Deok-moon) to wherethese days function by the very group they are running against. Seeing the police and the production cooperating is nice, but some secrecy would assistance here.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, there's no telling what Joon-goo will do. I do not think he would harm Hyeon-woo (Park Min-soo), but if the lady Jin-woong (Lee Seung-joon) interviewed is his circle of relatives and Hyeon-woo's present captor, he might grow to be agitated. SG Group's grip at the investigation will also tighten. Hye-in and Seung-in will wantthe completeaidthey may also be ready to go to kind this large mess out.

"Wanted" is directed by Park Yong-soon, written by Han Ji-wan-I and features Kim Ah-joongJi Hyeon-wooEom Tae-woong and Park Hae-joon.

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Drama Review 'W' Episode 3

Drama Review 'W' Episode 3

Yeon-joo does now not take the slightest concept how to supply an explanation for the lifestyles of Cheol's parallel universe, so she starts investigating the most effective realposition with doable answers- her dad's annotations. Yet Seong-woo's authorial notes are not special capabilities intended for reader enjoyment. They areunusually painful reminiscences of a hard time in Seong-woo's life, and how the key plot movements in"W"were all reactions to Seong-woo's emotional state. That is, till Cheol took on a life os his own and begandevelopment Seong-woo's life much as Seong-woo built Cheol's.

"W"is imminently intriguing as an explanation of the dating between an writer and his creation. The relationship between Seong-woo and Cheol hits all kinds ofappealing beats that anybody who has ever attempted to seriously write a tale can understand. Despite the truth that Seong-woo created Cheol, he cannotregulate him because Cheol has his own distinct sense of motivation. Seong-woo can not draw Cheol to act a selected way with the exception ofthru external circumstance, or else Cheol's movements volition feel unnatural and poorly written.

And Cheol maintains all of this intensityinside of his own global every bit well. Apply how even although Yeon-joo assists in keepingseeking tohave interaction Cheol as though he were a clich, the guy manages to stayunexpected her backthrough acting like...well, by acting like a guy who has observedevery type of extraordinary suspicious stuff, and will only remain alive viaconsistentingenious thinking. Cheol turns out to have figured out that whatever external force is combating him from solving the mystery isn't bound by coherent logic.

AdvertisementThis, I think, is why Cheol is so attracted to Yeon-joo. Her habit from the very starting has made it transparent that she thinks in the similar mysterious common sense as Cheol's creator. For the hooded assassin of Cheol's circle of relativesto seem and disappear without leaving a hintis unnecessary rationally, but it does make an analogousroughly irrational sense as Yeon-joo forestalling attempted homicide and solving issues of unprovoked kisses.

Unluckily for Cheol, as a technical spectator he lacks the facilityto use such meta-reasoning. You'll be in a position topossibly see how this all works to positionthe elemental narrative of"W"in a moderately baffling place- but in a just right way. The storyline is so totally off the rails it isnot possible to betwhat is going totake place next. Incidentally, do not watch the preview."W"lives and dies at theenergy of its plot twists, and the preview spoils several of them.

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