Entertainment professionals vote on the maximum efficient of K-Pop: Solo, Group, and Song

Entertainment professionals vote on the maximum efficient of K-Pop: Solo, Group, and Song

10kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Recently, song industry and entertainment professionalsgot herein combination to vote on the maximum efficient of the simplest in a ballot given out by way of media portal Asia Today.

The media portal surveyed one hundredother peoplethat come with broadcasters, staff that worked in film, drama, entertainment, and music to vote at thehighestmegastar (actor, entertainer, and singer) from the beyond x years (2005-2010).

So who shined the most ago 10 years when it comes tomost sensible song, most effective solo, and most competitive male and feminine groups? In finding out below!

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

#1 |  PSY Gangnam Taste 51 votes

#2 | Busker Busker Cherry Blossom Finishing 27 votes

#3 | Kim Dong Ryul, Sung Si Kyung 12 votes

#1 | Women Generation  88 votes

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented on the customary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the most neatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

Why..where is WG. Dang glance at Large Bangs votesㄷㄷIU, Big Bang and Psy are irreplacableNo topic what your age and gender I suspectindividuals love Big Bang..Busker Busker is still there in any casethose yearsSNSDs votes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThis is more like the finalfive years than 10 Source: Instiz and Asia These days

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Song Joong-ki, Kim Woo-bin and Yoon Si-yoon, 3 actors who showed off the maximum efficient ab in dramas

Song Joong-ki, Kim Woo-bin and Yoon Si-yoon, 3 actors who showed off the maximum efficient ab in dramas

As summer has arrived, we now have put in combination the names of the 3 stars, who showed their toned abs in their dramas: Song Joong-ki, Kim Woo-bin, Yoon Si-yoon.

Song Joong-ki, 'hotter than the sun'.

Just like the identify of his outdated drama, "Nice Guy", Song Joong-ki presentations off a pure-hearted and nice guy appearance. The prettyboy returned as a manly guy when he returned after serving the requiredarmy service. When gambling his noted office Captain Yoo Si-jin, his girllovers had to be afflicted by 'Yoo Ji-jin Syndrome'. His six pack printedall through the drama used to beexcellentample to thievegirl drama fans' heart.

Kim Woo-bin, 'you can take off your blouse any time, yet please don't'

Kim Woo-bin's body is as hot as his face. You can have a look at it all in KBS 2TV's Uncontrollably Fond'. Since he debuted, his lady fans fall in love with him for his contrasting appeals, reputedly blatant yet soft-hearted inside. With his new role, Sin Joon-yeong in the recently running "Uncontrollably Fond", it's milestransparent that drama fans will swoon over him again. Especially, as the episode on July 14 has revealed Kim Woo-bin's six pack, it can beone of the crucialmaximum memorable drama scenes so far.

Yoon Si-yoon, Kim Tak-goo has grown up neatly

He grew up so fast! After he becomedisregarded from the army afterwards serving the Marine Corps, Yoon Si-yoon is this kind of masculine man now. As he joined KBS 2TV's 'One Evening Two Days' as a new member, he also revealed his unforeseenfacet being a pure-hearted man. He then took a concern in his occupation to turn out to be his acting tasteby capability of taking a role in JTBC's "Mirror of the Witch". Especially when he took off his best in the drama, he showed off his hot allure by revealing his toned ab. Contrasted to his docile glanceat the face, Yoon Si-yoon boasts his company toned ab. Drama fans are falling for his unexpected appeal again.

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Koreans Vote for the maximum efficient Representative Hanbok Model

Koreans Vote for the maximum efficient Representative Hanbok Model

Koreans Vote for the maximum efficient Representative Hanbok Style kokoberry February 9, 2016 0 LINE it!Koreans Vote for the correct Representative Hanbok Model On February 10, Channel A publishedthe result of their ballotin regards to theabsolute best illustration Korean hanbok model. The inside of track channel polled three hundredladies and men in their 20s and 30s.

The poll queryused to beWhen you were to select a representative Korean model to lend a hand globalize hanboks, who would be most fitted for that?

Actress Lee Young Ae changed into the transparent winner with 34 % of the votes. Olympic champion figure skater Kim Yuna took 2dposition alongside 18.7 percent. miss As Suzy was 3rd with 12.3 percent whilst AOAs Seolhyun was fourth with 2.3 percent of the votes. 32.7 percent of citizens voted for other individuals.

Who do you trust you lot studied is the simplest hanbok model? Vote below!

For more stunning gorgeous actresses in hanboks click here. If youre more inquisitive about hot male actors in hanboks, click here.

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VOTE: Which Is the maximum efficient VIXX Concept

VOTE: Which Is the maximum efficient VIXX Concept

VOTE: Which Is the maximum productive VIXX Concept?Raine0211 January 30, 2016 0 LINE it!VOTE: Which Is the fitting VIXX Concept? What makes VIXX special? When I bring to mind K-pop I suspect of gorgeous people, polished dancing, high-energy performances, flashy costumes, and large budget entertainment companies. Those are a a section of why I in finding K-pop so incredibly addictive. It’s tough to pinpoint what makes each and everystaff special, yet VIXX’s individuality sticks out from the various talented acts lately gracing K-pop. Why? These boys takes their concepting above and beyond. It's far never just anythingplain like a “sexy” concept or a “masculine” concept. Their complete comeback is dressed in a well-thought out tale that carries thru to the group’s good-bye stage, which is what provides them an edge in the highly competitive track industry and makes them such a lotamusing to apply and to watch!

VIXX’s debut unmarried “Super Hero” flew the six boys onto the K-pop scene (minus the capes) as unknown comedian book-like superheroes. In comparison to later concepts, “Super Hero” is the broadest, but it jump-started their originalpopularity every bit an leading edge concept group. The enthused boys greeted lovers alongside zippy lyrics that involve hope for an awesomelong term where they would shuttle the world.

A few months after “Super Hero,” the arcade game-themed “Rock Your Body” single dropped. Like “Super Hero,” it was oncestuffed withpower and pep, but it dug a little additional into the sectordefinedby way of its new arcade concept. The music video and are living stages were crammed with flashing neon colors, photographs of mascot Rovix, and boyish haircuts and outfits. Dance moves mimicked the jerky appearance of game characters, and the lyrics promised a destinycomplete of adventure.

On and OnVIXX_On_and_On “On and On” crashed landed onto the music scene with an extraterrestrial feel that changed intototallyother from its cheerful predecessor. The lads had morphed into intergalactic vampires who sported flashy new hair colours like icy blue and burnt orange, smokey eye makeup that darted up against the temples, and just about glowing, animal-like contacts. Their mummy-dance readily embodies their alienesque theme with its jarring and angular choreography.

VIXX went even darker with their next comeback, “Hyde” — a spin at thenoted tale of Jekyll and Hyde. This was the primary fourth dimension that VIXX tackled a sad and eerie concept, and what made it special was its duality. The boys were divided at all times. Every bit of all the comeback showed the combat between mild and dark, Jekyll and Hyde. Even the packaging of the album reflected the diametrically adversarial personalities; a month after “Hyde,” the crowd released a repackaged album called “Jekyll” with the addition of new, contrasting brighter songs like “G.R.8.U,” finishing up the concept.

VIXX’s next album proved that these boys were now not afraid to play on the edge. In fact, the concept that was so bold that the choreography and video had to be altered to slot network regulations. “Voodoo Doll” embodies a surprisinglyunstable and violent story: the individuals are trapped by a loopywoman and tortured by way of voodoo doll. There has been eventide a giant, skull-tipped voodoo needle used as a dance prop that aided in the telling of the dark love story. The voodoo doll was also created as a prop, physically bringing the theorem to life.

“Eternity,” VIXXs 6thunlockregardless ofhandiest being in their 2d year, was softer in concept than “Voodoo,” but it had more emotional depth. The concept specializes in the timelessness of love regardless of how scary, sad, or painful it's going to be. Timepieces and pieces of timepieces embellish the sets of the video and the stages. In the video cogs and clock faces flow above the temporary boys, giving off a feel of other-worldliness and impermanence that copies the vastness of time. Unlike the extremity of “Voodoo,” here the boys’ looks are more subdued.

Continuing the fad of unhappy beloved songs, VIXX takes on a cyborg theme with “Error” in overdue 2014, a song about how hard it's to omit painful love. Taking a look back on their other albums it’s simpleto peer how different this idea is in the case of musical style, performance, and choreography. The boys are at all times connected, like wires, whether by physical touch or solidarity of robot movement. The promotions display them in varying states of electronic breakdown, the lyrics describe emotional breakdown, and the video literally breaks down Hongbin and his lady love till nothings left but his cyborg heart.

In VIXXs February 23, 2015 single this is a remake of an R.ef 1995 classic, “Love Equation,” they go back to a pep pier sound despite the somber lyrics. Its a bubblegum pop sound they'd only visited on a few tracks in their previous albums. Though theyd long gone nighttimeaspect in concept for just about a year, the boys of VIXX rally and are undoubtedly sunny in this track. It’s a breath of clean air among their heavier ideas and evidence of the group’s versatility. They aren’t just a gloomy concept neighborhood — they are lots more.

Freshly released “Chained Up” is moderately a daring piece. It’s mature, very sexy, and plays with walking the line, much like “Voodoo” did. This time, however, instead of violence, the organization explores their sensual side, pitting the natural white matches and blameless love with rose-red chokers and chains. The lyrics talk of short of love, but at the similar time feeling trapped by it. In one instance, we see Ken in a sexy bed of wildflowers, and in the following we see he is trapped in a pitcher box. It’s an excessively neat concept with a massive number of double entendre and numerous sexy.

It’s been just over 3 years since VIXX graced the realm with their debut. They’ve grown from boys to men in that point and now they're a highly polished, wildly a hit group. Ravi has his hand in the songwriting procedure on practicallyeach album and mini-album. Leo has joined him as a songwriter. Hyuk and Hongbin have grown immensely, receiving more portions and turning into much fiercer. The six members’ self belief accept grown with their revel in on stage, in front of the camera, and all in their promotional experiences, especially with their depravedfinding out curve. The evolution of VIXX has come thus far and their impression has spread wide. Fortuitously for us, they aren't done evolving.

Raine0211 is a lover of all things Korean, especially K-pop, K-drama, and Korean food. When she’s not writing for Soompi, she’s gambling the cello and singing. She happily indulges in a wide variety of K-pop, but her biases are SHINee, Infinite, and VIXX. She lives with her sister and her two cats, Timmy and Momo, all of whom also love K-pop and K-drama.

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FNC Entertainment States N.Flying Will Begin Solo Promotions Prior To Group Debut

FNC Entertainment States N.Flying Will Begin Solo Promotions Prior To Group Debut

Rookie band N.Flying will meet fans individually before their group debut.

FNC Entertainment"s Han Sung Ho announced this news on FNC TALK on July 13:

"We apologize to fans for the news of N.Flying"s leader Lee Seung Hyup"s injury. Lee Seung Hyup is currently recovering from his surgery, and is determined to resume normal activities again. N.Flying"s debut will be pushed back due to the unexpected incident but fans will be able to meet the other members of N.Flying through other promotions."

N.Flying is FNC Entertainment"s new boy band - third after FTISLAND and CNBLUE; expectations have been high for the rookie band. Although Lee Seung Hyup"s knee injury has pushed back the group"s official debut, drummer Kim Jae Hyun has been confirmed to play the lead role in SBS"s new drama "Modern Farmer".


YG Entertainment releases more information on 2NE1's new song + Seungri's new solo album

YG Entertainment releases more information on 2NE1's new song + Seungri's new solo album

YG Entertainment releases more information on 2NE1s new song + Seungris new solo albumYG Entertainment's Yang Hyunsuk makes another announcement through the official blog, YG-Life.

Earlier today, Yang Hyunsuk made another update and has relayed news regarding 2NE1 and Seungri.

According to Yang Hyunsuk, 2NE1 will be releasing their new song "DO YOU LOVE ME" on August 7th as scheduled. The track is produced by Teddy and is described to be fierce and exciting track, inviting a similar vibe to their hit track "I Am The Best."

2NE1 reportedly worked with a new and foreign choreographer and has successfully completed all dance rehearsals. However, it was also explained that their was a setback in the production of their music video, which was set to be directed Seo Hyunseung. Due to the delay, the agency decided that they will be releasing a home video for the track, rather than a music video to avoid further delays in their release dates. 2NE1 is said to have filmed with mobile phones and old-fashioned cameras for their new video, unveiling a more casual concept.

After wrapping up activities for "Falling In Love," 2NE1 will hold their first stage for "DO YOU LOVE ME" on SBS Inkigayo this August 7th.

Meanwhile, Yang Hyunsuk also released information on Big Bang's Seungri's new solo album. It was confirmed that he will be releasing his second mini-album on August 19th. The new release will have a total of six new tracks with Seungri participating in the composition and production.

Seungri will be promoting the track "I Have Something To Say (할말 있어요) and is described to be a house music track. The music video was directed by Han Samin, the same director from Big Bang's "Blue," "Bad Boy" and "Monster."

With the release of his album, Seungri will continue promotions until the end of September. After which, he will be releasing his solo album in Japan and will continue promotions there.

Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyang will be releasing their own solo albums after Seungri's comeback. Currently, the two are in the final stages of their new albums.

As an ending message, Yang Hyunsuk reminded that Kang Seungyoon will be releasing his title track "Wild And Young" on July 31st, followed by 2NE1's "DO YOU LOVE ME" on August 7th and Seungri's solo album on August 19th.

Past updates from YG: 2NE1 | YG Girl Group | Kang Seungyoon | Boy Group A and B | G-Dragon | Akdong Musican and Bang Yedam |

Source: YGLIFE


YG Entertainment Kang Seung Yoon to Debut as Solo and Group

YG Entertainment Kang Seung Yoon to Debut as Solo and Group

Kang Seung Yoon, YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment Kang Seung Yoon to Debut as Solo and Group YG Entertainment Kang Seung Yoon to Debut as Solo and Group"Superstar K2" contestant Kang Seung Yoon will be debuting as both a solo artist and in a group and has gained much attention.

YG Entertainment stated today on their official blog that he will be debuting in a new rookie group as well as debut as a solo.

The group will be competing against another team in YG and will appear on a reality survival program which will determine which group will debut.

YG stated that Kang Seung Yoon has trained for 3 years and is someone to keep a look out for.

Kang Seung Yoon will release his first solo mini album pre-release song on July 15.


2NE1 CL Group Photo For First Solo Song, 'Strong Boys of YG Family'

2NE1 CL Group Photo For First Solo Song, 'Strong Boys of YG Family'

2NE1, YG Entertainment, CL

2NE1 CL Group Photo For First Solo Song, 'Strong Boys of YG Family' 2NE1 CL Group Photo For First Solo Song, 'Strong Boys of YG Family'2NE1's member CL revealed the group photo for her first solo song.

YG Entertainment revealed a group picture of YG family members who participated in CL's song "The Baddest Female" MV releasing on May 28.

In the picture are seen G-Dragon in a red hat and Taeyang, and of course Teddy, Choice 37, and other famous artists of YG.

CL's first solo song "The Baddest Female" is a slow hip hop song where CL's rap will be accentuated.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment


Is SM Entertainment making ready to debut the following “Girls’ Generation” woman group

Is SM Entertainment making ready to debut the following “Girls’ Generation” woman group

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics are suspecting SM Entertainment could also be gearing up to debut a new ladyworkforce soon after noticing circulate from the firm in selling their feminine rookies.

According to fans, the agency has been pushing their female newcomers into the spotlight, gaining them fans so asto collect them a wide fanbase, perhaps to create the followingWomen Generation ladyneighborhood (in terms of popularity). Agoor evenmaximum recently, female trainees weretaking part in SMs SMTOWN circle of relatives concerts.

While some could have left, fans are checklist the trainees who have been printed thus far.

Go Eun Image: Move Eun / 1993.3.18 / From Seoul, South Korea / Leader, Lead Vocal

Image: Hyerin / 2002.02.26 / Manchester, England / Major Vocal Image: Hyerin / 2002.02.26 / Manchester, England / Major song

Image: Hina / 2000.01.05 / Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Japan / Leading Dancer, (Speaking) Japanese Image: Hina / 2000.01.05 / Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Japan / Main Dancer, (Speaking) Eastern

Image: Lami / 2003.03.03 / Busan, South Korea / Acting, visual, dance Image: Lami / 2003.03.03 / Busan, South Korea / Acting, visual, dance

Additionally, fans have suspected a latest addition to the group, the youngest daughter of singer Park Hak Gi, Park Jung Yeon, born in 1997. She has also been spotted in beyondtrack videos for SM Entertainment singers.

natepann-253349574 Image: Park Hak Gi and his two daughters; eldest at the left, youngest on the proper

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