Eric Nam Talks About A Time He Sought after To Surrender Being A Singer

Eric Nam Talks About A Time He Sought after To Surrender Being A Singer

Eric Nam Talks About A Time He Sought after To Surrender Being A SingerJiwonYu June 16, 2016 0 Eric Nam Talks About A Time He Wanted To renounce Being A Singer Eric Nam has published that he wanted to quit being a superstar when he went thru depression.

On the hot episode of My Father And Me on June 16, Eric Nam starts speaking about how much he respects his father.

He says, My father immigrated to the States 30 years ago. I beganfocused on how much courage you maywant back then to take that massive step in life.

Then he explains, There used to be a time I needed to give up being a singer and move back to how it was. I had depression, too. I talked with my dad whilst crying, announcing that I would like to pass up. Yet my father went via hardships, too, and I didnt need to let him down.

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Jo Jin Woong Confesses Hes Sought after To Surrender Acting Before

Jo Jin Woong Confesses Hes Sought after To Surrender Acting Before

Jo Jin Woong Confesses He’s Sought after To Surrender Acting Prior to notclaira July 10, 2016 0 Jo Jin Woong Confesses He’s Wanted To renounce Acting Before Actor Jo Jin Woong lately sat down for an interview to discuss his long occupation in the industry.

After creating acall for himself at the stage, Jo Jin Woong debuted in his first movie in 2004. Since then he has been excited about over 50 projects, addingthe new tvN hit drama “Signal” and the high-grossing film “Assassination.”

In the interview, Jo Jin Woong talks about his status and how he feels about his selection of career.

“I’m no longerthe sort to reside on fame,” he says, “but I’m aware of it. I know that I should be more in charge when I may bein a position to feel other folksobserving so I believe the weight of that.”

There are scenarios where he feels more guilty than others. “When fanaticsarise to me and say oppa or hyung, I know that I must existlargerso as to set a excellent example.”

“Are there times when I wish to give up acting?” he continues. “Every day. Really, every day, all of the time. But I can’t say it. Once my wife acknowledgedanything like that. She said infrequently my way of lifeused to be so demanding that she wanted to run away. When I asked her why she didn’t, she told me, ‘But you've got nowhere to run.'

He adds later, “The paintings of an actor is at all timesbrand new and exciting. You want to have to stay feeling the ones feelings, yetthere isn't anytransparent boundary. When I work on a project, there are hard times. There are times when I can’t sleep because I preserve thinking of the following day’s scenes. And no one send awayassist you. The instant the director calls ‘Action’ you will needbattlefor your own.”

Jo Jin Woong recently gave the impression in the film “The Handmaiden” and The Hunt is next in line to be released in theaters.

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Jeon Hye Bin Talks About “Oh Hae Young Again” Co-Star Eric And His Type Personality

Jeon Hye Bin Talks About “Oh Hae Young Again” Co-Star Eric And His Type Personality

Jeon Hye Bin Talks About Oh Hae Young Back Co-Star Eric And His Sort PersonalityJiwonYu June 29, 2016 0 Jeon Hye Bin Talks About Oh Hae Young Again Co-Star Eric And His Kind Personality Actress Jeon Hye Bin has spoken about her Oh Hae Young Again co-star Eric in a contemporary wrap up interview on June 29.

During the interview, she says, Eric used to be a sunbae to me back in his Shinhwa days. Back in the ones days, he felt like the sort of senior to me that I couldnt even glance at his eyes.

She continues, Yet Eric as an actor feels slightly different. Hes an excessivelybeing concerned person. He's taking care of his juniors and the group of workers very well.

Jeon Hye Bin adds, I got hereto understand why Eric is so popular thru this drama. Hes a fab sunbae whose movementsdiscuss more than his words.

Meanwhile, Oh Hae Young Again has aired its remaining episode on June 28. Once you havent already, catch up to the last episode on Viki:

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Eric Talks About His Favourite Kiss Scenes From Oh Hae Young Again

Eric Talks About His Favourite Kiss Scenes From Oh Hae Young Again

Eric Talks About His Favourite snog Scenes From “Oh Hae Young Again”jun2yng June 27, 2016 0 Eric Talks About His Favorite Kiss Scenes From “Oh Hae Young Again” The general week of tvN’s “Oh Hae Young Again” is upon us, and with finish and then near, the drama production released some behind-the-scenes pictures of the cast, all smiles and chemistry to the end.

Eric spoke about one of his favorite scenes from the drama: the wall kiss (from Episode 9).

“The first kiss scene in the drama was once in Episode 9. It changed into a past due one, and it was an intense point in the drama where numerous pent up emotion was released at once, so I used to beactuallysatisfied when I saw it in the script,” acknowledged Eric. “When the scene after allgot here around, I was worried because I assumedit can exist too difficult. Director Song Hyun Wook told us he sought afterminimum cuts, and a dirty, no-holds-barred combat between a guy and a woman, so Search engine marketing Hyun Jin and I made more than one promises to every other beforehand, and we shot the scene in one take.” Eric said he and Seo Hyun Jin couldn’t wait to glance at the scene right through the broadcast.

Eric named some other of his favorites (from Episode 13):

“One of my private favorites is the scene where Hae Young runs to me in front of the clinic and kisses me. I was the only to take the lead for the wall kiss and the ‘grilled clam’ kiss scene, and this was one where Hae Young initiated the kiss and the emotion. Seo Hyun Jin acted beautifully, and with sincerity.”

Continuing, Eric said, “From the point where the background song stops, appearing a closeup on Hae Young’s shoes, the entire way to the kiss, it was such an emotional scene. Since we went so robust at the start, with the wall kiss, the whole skinship scenes that followed were natural and comfortable.

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Eric Nam Talks About His Beyond Relationships And Dating Taste On “Old House, New House”

Eric Nam Talks About His Beyond Relationships And Dating Taste On “Old House, New House”

Eric Nam Talks About His Beyond Relationships And Dating Taste On Old House, New Area JiwonYu June 22, 2016 0 Eric Nam Talks About His Past Relationships And Dating Genre On Old House, New House Eric Nam currently participated in a recording of JTBCs Old House, New House, where he mentioned his past relationships.

During the recording, the MCs ask Eric Nam, After seeing you on TV, I believe youre a romantic guy who knows how to take excellent care of your girlfriend. When used to be the ultimate fourth dimension you lot dated?

Eric Nam reportedly answers, I dated for the primary time during my 2d year of college. I have to understandan individual for some timesooner than dating, so my first datingbecamerather late.

He continues, I get started dating after I feel that the individual 1 possess known for many yearssuitsneatly with me. Thats why my center doesnt exchangewithout difficulty once I commence dating someone.

This episode of the display starring Eric Nam will air on June 23 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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MAMAMOO Prepares To Give Eric Nam A troublesome Time In We Were given Married Preview

MAMAMOO Prepares To Give Eric Nam A troublesome Time In We Were given Married Preview

MAMAMOO Prepares To Give Eric Nam A troublesome fourth dimension In “We Were given Married” Previewnotclaira June 18, 2016 0 MAMAMOO Prepares To Give Eric Nam A Hard Time In “We Got Married” Preview MBC’s “We Got Married” has released a preview for next week’s episode, and enthusiasts of MAMAMOO can be expecting to be excited!

Solar’s team MAMAMOO visits the newlyweds and in the preview will also beobservedappearing off their implausiblepower (and laborious Eric Nam) and grilling him about his past.

Moonbyul asks him in a rap, “How many girlfriends have you had?” and Wheein asks suspiciously, “What is your courting amongst Chloe Moretz?”

At the finishin their segment, MAMAMOO chants, “Kiss” at the embarrassed couple and Hwasa tells Eric Nam, “We’re going to come each day,” much to his horror.

The preview also presentations Cao Lu and Jo Se Ho taking section in a romantic date at the Han River and Kim Jin Kyung freaking out when she learns that Jota has filmed a scene with some othergirl for the MADTOWN tune video.

Watch the preview below!

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BREAKING JYJs Yoochun promises to surrender being an idol for all time if rape fees are shown true

BREAKING JYJs Yoochun promises to surrender being an idol for all time if rape fees are shown true

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Previous this week, actor and singer Park Yoochun used to be defendant of raping a girl in a leisure room of an adult entertainment establishment. Soon after, netizens turned into disgusted over the reality that Yoochun went to an adult entertainment established order in the primary place, especially throughout his army service.

After this usual accusation got here to light, a long-time fan of Yoochun allegedly printed his secrets, alternatively they remain unconfirmed. Due to the the accusation of rape, netizens started to bring back his beyondmovements as well.

The original sexual attackfeesopposed to Park Yoochun were currently dropped, in a while later the investigation into the rates began. However, Yoochun was still accused of heading offthe click following the controversy.

While investigation was still underway yet some other alleged victim emerged claiming to had been raped by potential of him.

As rumors and conjectures began spreading like wild fireplace CJes Entertainment played a robust hand with their contemporaryreputablecommentarymentioning that Yoochun will leave the industry and retire if any of those charges laid against him were shown true.

Below is an immediate translation of the hot official statement by CJes Entertainment

Hello here is CJes Entertainment. 

We are sorry to freta huge number offolks by being keen on such incidents continuously. 

The 2nd lawsuit against Park Yoochun which was just reported is false and we plan to lead them to take obligation for defaming our artist and more.

Police investigation is definitely underway in regards to the first incident and we agree with that he'll soon be proven innocent.

We are very shaken that whilstwondering hasnt even begun for the 1st incident yet some other imitation lawsuit was filed against him and that we discovered out thru press.

Park Yoochun is currently beneath immense intellectual stress. Please chorus from reports in line with false facts and stay up foreffects from the police investigators.

If any charges are proven and he's proven accountable of any crime he will for all time retire from the entertainment industry.

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Eric Nam Confesses He Sought after  To hang Solar’s Hand On “We Were given Married”

Eric Nam Confesses He Sought after To hang Solar’s Hand On “We Were given Married”

Eric Nam Confesses He Sought afterTo hang Solars Hand On We Were given MarriedJiwonYu Might 21, 2016 0 Eric Nam Confesses He Wanted To Hang Solars Hand On We Got Married At thefresh episode of We Got Married that aired on May just 21, Eric Nam confesses that he actually wanted to preserve Solars hand.

After going on a date together, Eric Nam walks Sun home, yet theres just a little of an awkwardness between them. Solar tries to liven up the temperthrough joking around with him, but the 2 say good-bye without getting to hug or maybe hold hands.

During Eric Nams particular person interview, he confesses, I used to beexcited aboutpreserving her hand. Actually, all I'lltake into accountswhilst walking her housewas once holding her hand. I kept hesitating whether I will have to hold her hand or not.

Solar, on the alternative hand, says during her interview, I felt like I must hug him at the end. But that moment became so tacky for me. Thats why I acted all cool.

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SHINee Talks Person Activities and Long run Plans All through Their Time in Chicago EXCLUSIVE

SHINee Talks Person Activities and Long run Plans All through Their Time in Chicago EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)Thank you to the entirechallengingpaintings of SubKulture Entertainment and the willpower of thousands of K-Pop loversround the world, SHINee's first fan-meeting in the U.S. was oncea big success.

Despite their busy schedule, SHINee graciously set aparta couple ofminsin their fourth dimensionto take a seat down and communicate amongst KPopStarz about their present schedule, their person activities and their quick time in Chicago.

KPopStarz:You've just come from the Korea Times Track Festival in Los Angeles. How does it feel to be maintaining your first fan-meeting here in Chicago?

Minho: It is been decades since we closingcarried out in L.A. so we were in realitysatisfiedto satisfy our fans there. We are as welltrulyeager about our Chicago fanmeeting and we are hoping to come up with all an ideal performance.

KPopStarz: You may just have traveled so much over the process your occupationyet is there one position in the arenayou have not visited yet but would really like to? What do you wantto look and/or do there?

Jonghyun: We've got never been to puts like Egypt and Africa so we would actuallylove to see what or not it's like to accomplish there and be in a position to enjoy the culture.

KPopStarz: Have you had a possibilityto have a look at Chicago's noted deep-dish pizza yet?

Key: We had a pizza birthday party today! We ate a wide variety of deep-dish pizza. It become truly good.

Jonghyun: We ate it once nosotroswere given here. It was really thick!

KPopStarz: Did you favor it?

Jonghyun: Back in Korea I once looked up a recipe for deep-dish pizza and attempted to make it but after as of late onelearnedgenuine Chicago pizza is such a lot better. Now I ammore or less embarrassed by way of the pizza I made before.

KPopStarz: If it makes you're feeling any better, it took me five years to master the Chicago taste pizza.

KPopStarz: Onew, you've been in quite much of musicals and dramas, your maximumfresh being Descendants of the Sun. What was the most challenging a section of your role as Dr. Lee Chi Hoon?

Onew: This was my first real drama so being used to this role was a little tricky but I'dindisputably like to take on a other function in the future.

KPopStarz: Key, you've playedin differentvarious musicals over the last few years. Which role has been the most difficult, so far?

Key: Anatoly from Chess. He is a Russian chess player and a 40 year old married man. That was the most complicated functionI have ever played.

KPopStarz: Which role has been your favorite?

Key: Ummm... Obviously, Usnavi from In the Heights.

KPopStarz: Is there a role you'll like to play in the future?

Key: I've performed Bonnie and Clyde, the musical, in Korea prior to but I wish to play it once more. I beloved the songs, really.

KPopStarz: Minho, you would possibly be scheduled to megastar in a new ancient drama this September. Is there any special education you've had to take on to arrange for this role?

Minho: I've been practicing horseback riding and also martial arts. I'm in truth filming it presently and am really taking a lookahead to it airing and I actually hope that fans will adore it equally well.

KPopStarz: You actually have a new film opening this month. Are you excited?

Minho: I'm really waiting for the movie's debut and I'm pleased that I've gotten to attempt out new things.

KPopStarz: Are you able tolet us knowslightly approximately the film?

Minho: It's greater for you in finding out in the theaters.

KPopStarz: Jonghyun, we heard you'll existfreeing a new album soon. When are we able tobe expecting IT to be released?

Jonghyun: No, no longer yet! (laughter) I'm still getting readyappropriate now. I would like it to be perfect. You'll be able to onlymust wait a little longer for this new music.

KPopStarz: Taemin, you released your first full-length album previous this year. Congratulations! You put a huge issue of work into this album, writing lyrics, getting ready stages, shooting MVs and such. What was the toughestcomponent of this solo comeback?

Taemin: Mmm... How do I say this? The obligation of having to discover that heartfloor between the corporate and what each personsought after to do with it. Although they had a commonplace goal, just looking tocollect all of the tips and cause them to work was difficult. And also bearing the responsibility of the finisheffects is difficult.

KPopStarz: Do you've gota favourite moment or memory, either all through preparation, production or whilst promoting?

Taemin: We filmed in Los angeles and it was really rainy and cloudy while we were there, which was how the elements was when we first came in Chicago. The weather here really strikes a chord in my memory of my time filming in LA.

KPopStarz: Can we see more of your lyric writing skill in the future?

Taemin: Nope! (group laughs) I believe my mind and emotionswill also be portrayed via other methods, instead of lyric writing.

KPopStarz: Is there a opportunitywe'd get a complete SHINee U.S. concert excursionsomeday in the future?

Taemin: Although we've traveled and toured in a number ofthe different countries in Asia, we have not had a chance to tour here in the U.S. yet; however, if the danger ever got here up, we would truly like to.

Minho: I would love for this Chicago fan-meeting to be the beginning of anything more here in the U.S.

KPopStarz: Is there anything else you'd like to mentionin your fans?

Jonghyun: It's taken us a long time to have a fan-meeting here in Chicago so we wantto regard them to a veryjust right performance.

True to their word, SHINee delivered a memorable functionality during their fan-meeting in Chicago, leaving fans with 1000000 happy memories and a desperate wish for this beloved team to make it back to the States very soon.

© 2016 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do no longer reproduce without permission.

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Shinhwa’s Eric Says He’s Surrender Smoking For Good

Shinhwa’s Eric Says He’s Surrender Smoking For Good

Shinhwas Eric Says Hes Surrender Smoking For Excellent an0ya April 28, 2016 0 Shinhwas Eric Says Hes Quit Smoking For Good Shinhwas Eric is decided to keep away from cigarettes.

On April 28, he shared about his contemporaryresolution to quit smoking by method of Navers V app. In this day, fellow member Kim Dong Wan visited the set of Erics newest drama Oh Hae Young Again with a coffee truck.

While giving enthusiasts a excursion of the drama set, Eric surprisingly revealed, Im a nonsmoker, so I dont care about the designated smoking areas.

He then explained to Kim Dong Wan, Ive quit smoking. Its been two days. It doesnt subject whether its been an afternoon or two — Ive quit smoking for good, suggesting hes determined to make a lasting alternate in his way of life habits.

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