Eric Nam Unearths His Most sensible  Good looks Secrets In Interview With Refinery29

Eric Nam Unearths His Most sensible Good looks Secrets In Interview With Refinery29

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSolo singer Eric Nam recently sat down with popular American fashion and good looks website Refinery29 to share his male cosmetic secrets with fanaticsin all places the world. 

In addition to his paintings as a best singer and host in Korea, Eric Nam has also turn into known for his amazing complexion and transparent skin. In fact, to be told more about how he maintains such fair skin with his busy career, Refinery29 invited him for to an interview, where he shared his day-to-dayregimen and discussed the variation between male beauty in South Korea in comparison to the United States.

Here are just probably the most interview questions and answers:

How much has your appearance replaced since you’ve moved to South Korea?

When I pass back to the States, one of the comments I am getting the maximumincessantly is, Oh, you dyed your hair? Yes, Ive been dyeing my hair since I were given to Korea four years ago. Korea is an excessively fashion- and beauty-forward country, so hair and makeup isn't a taboo topic. Its just like, Oh, cool, its a new style. Theres now not that stigma or stereotyping that comes when men take excellent handle of their hair or skin.

What used to be your first reaction to dressed in a complete face of makeup?

You know, it turned intoin realitybizarre because you appear like the filmedition of yourself. I undoubtedly looked so much sharper and much cleaner. In person, it was more or less weird.

What have you learned from this focal pointto your skin?

You know, as a faculty student, skin care isnt affordable and its not your biggest priority. Yet Ive discovered how very important it will also be for first impressions. When youre smartly put-together, and you've got gotclean skin, it is going a long way. I used to be interviewing the Superstar Wars cast, and Daisy Ridley asked me why my skin was so nice. She said, Im going to name you lot radiant man, because your skin is so radiant. Like, Okay, greatto satisfy you.'

Make certainto have a look at Eric Nams full interview with Refinery29 to pay attentionthe remainder of the questions and answers!

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Eric Nam drops 'Good For You' and 'Interview' MVs

Eric Nam drops 'Good For You' and 'Interview' MVs

Eric Nam drops 'Good For You' and 'Interview' MVs Mar 24, 2016 03:30

Eric Nam has released two new MVs for his new album 'Interview'.

'Good For You' is the namesong of the album, an RB track accompanied via piano sound and Eric Nam's gorgeous vocal. 'Interview' could also be of the similar genre, an easy-listening track with candy lyrics.

Check out the 2 MVs below

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Eric Nam releases “Good For You” MV from “INTERVIEW” EP

Eric Nam releases “Good For You” MV from “INTERVIEW” EP

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEric Nams 2d mini-album INTERVIEW has in the end been released together with his leading name tracks song video Excellent For You on March 24th!

INTERVIEW is the primary album to be released from Eric Nam in 3 years since his debut with his 1st mini-album Cloud 9, having released singles in between. The album includes aoverall of five tracks adding an world (English) edition of Smart For You.

Serenading listeners with his candy vocals, Eric Nam transforms into a radio DJ in the music video.

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I.O.I Unearths Out Which Member Has The maximum productive  Good fortune In Romance In line with Face Reader

I.O.I Unearths Out Which Member Has The maximum productive Good fortune In Romance In line with Face Reader

I.O.I Reveals Out Which Member Has The maximum productiveSuccess In Romance Consistent with Face Readerleonid July 23, 2016 0 I.O.I Finds Out Which Member Has The precise Luck In Romance Consistent with Face Reader The women of I.O.I have had their fortunes told through a face reader!

On July 22s episode of Mnets LAN Cable Buddies I.O.I, the womancrewcontributorshunt down the opinion of a face reader.

Kim Doyeon lighting up when the reader tells her that her face is an excessivelyexcellent blessing and that no longer only does she resemble actress Jun Ji Hyun, yet she also possesses an identical physiognomy with her as well.

The face reader tells her, You simply take after Jun Ji Hyuns assets.

Feeling positive close to her results, she inquires about her luck in love, when her close friend Choi Yoojung reveals insider data about her love life.

Choi Yoojung divulges, Kim Doyeon hasn't ever dated or maybe touched the hand of a man.

The face reader also publicizes that the I.O.I member with the absolute best fortune with love is Im Na Young, prompting Jeon Somi and Choi Yoojung to cheer in excitement. Glad about Lim Nayoungs sensible fate, Choi Yoojung exclaims, We could send her off to marriage!

Furthermore, the head3women of I.O.I with the simplest luck in cash according to the face reader are Jeon Somi, Zhoi Jieqiong, and Kim Sohye, whilst Choi Yoojung stands as first position in success, followed by Kim Doyeon and Kim Sohye.

Watch the members obtain and speak about their fortune below!

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BEAST unearths their mind on former member Jang Hyunseung in fresh interview

BEAST unearths their mind on former member Jang Hyunseung in fresh interview

4stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter In a while after their first comeback as a five-member group, BEAST revealed their mind on former member Jang Hyunseung via an interview with Elle Korea

When asked about how they feel now selling every bita set of five, workforce member Kikwang answered, Our bond has turn out to bemore potentby way of this incident and even if we wont be in a position to fill his void correctsome way in time we can existcapable of slowly fill it. After hearing what Kikwang said, member Joonhyung added, Our song expresses BEAST presently very well. I attempted my best possible to painting the individualsemotionsthose days.

Check out the tune video for BEASTs newest song Ribbon below:

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Wonder Girls’ Yeeun Unearths Embarrassing Secret About Private Hygiene In Contemporary Interview

Wonder Girls’ Yeeun Unearths Embarrassing Secret About Private Hygiene In Contemporary Interview

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter All the manner througha up to date interview with Entertainment RelayWonder Girls member Yeeun made each personat the set laugh with her blunt confession. 

When discussing her hygiene, Yeeun printed that on account of her own laziness, she continuouslyis goingthru long sessions of time without bathing, and best goes to clean up if she wishes to. Upon hearing this, either her crewindividuals and the group of workers members at KBS couldnt hang in their laughter, commending her for her blunt honesty. After hearing her confession, however, many fanatics also admitted to having the similaraddiction and praised Yeeun for having the courage to talk up and saying it.

Wonder Womencurrently made their comeback with Why So Lonely. Take a glance at the tune video below:

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Interview "Oh Hae-Young Again" Eric Moon meets his lifestyles drama

Group Shinhwa's Eric Moon met his existence drama. He isgrow to be the 'romantic comedy king or roco king' and he's met such so much ofworthwhilefolksvia it.

tvN drama "Oh Hae-Young Again" is readya girl named Oh Hae-yeong (Seo Hyeon-jin) whose life is twisted upas a result ofsome other Oh Hae-yeong (Jeon Hye-bin) who is more a success than her. Between them there's aguy named Park Do-kyeong (Eric Moon) who is a song director and Oh Hae-yeong's lover.

Eric made up our minds to do the drama due to Park Do-kyeong. "I concept Park Do-kyeong had eachpart of a guyI mightimagine cool. He acts cool, he does notyou must besaid by others and doesn't take credits to himself".

The 2d thing that took Eric Moon's middleused to be the script. He thought the role of the male personality wasn't too giant when he saw the script. However, he saw the prospective in the script. Also, the folk about him advisedrunning amongst director Song Hyeon-wook. "I heard numerousexcellent things about him and i would be toldmuch from him".

A 3rddetail in Eric Moon's resolution to be in the drama becomeas it was a romantic comedy. "I am also a a section of Shinhwa so I will notburn up all my time in acting alone. I want to do a little of either and a romantic comedy may releasethe maximum efficient effect". There's no need for largemovements and he's discovered what he likes.

Eric's role of Park Do-kyeong looks bored stiffat theout of doorsyet is in fact very affectionate on the interior and he is taking care of Oh Hae-yeong. He worries about her living by myself then he leaves his shoes at her house. When he provides her a birthday present, he's shy so he tells her it was anything he had mendacity around. Eric says, "I get a feeling after Iglance at a script after being in romrnatic comedies so repeatedly now. I attempted to bring out the simplest in what the author had in mind".

Park Do-kyeong has a unique gift. He can see the long run very suddenly. Eric found it tough to act this section out because if he did not do it right, the drama could turn very childish.

Eric overcame this worry with the religion of the body of workers and crew. "I put all my religion in them. They helped me make a neater scene with the cameras or music or technology".

He discussed the director of photography Han Dong-hyeon and said, "He's the suitableby way of filming. I read an interview of his and he said he researched me and Hyeon-jin for two weeks, gazing our paintings and operating out the camera angle. Perhapsthat is why I looked so sensible in the drama and so did Hyeon-jin".

Eric Moon picked out the 'wall kiss' and 'helping hug' as his favourite scenes. He said, "The wall kiss was where Do-kyeong and Hae-yeong burst out their feelings all at once. There has beenquite lots ofpowersince the intensity was prime but after that the total lot was easy".

Filming the scene where Hae-yeong runs and leaps into his arms, Eric wasn't so sure. Seo Hyeon-jin had to wear a twine without train for the primary fourth dimension in her life so time were givenbehind schedule and the scene had no music so it looked awkward and comical. Eric felt greater when the music was put in. "I think the music made the scene appearance very fantastical. The music stored it".

"Oh Hae-Young Again" is a meaningful drama to Eric Moon. It brought him the nickname 'romantic comedy king' and quenched his thirst for a winning drama he hasn't had the flavor of recently. "Oh Hae-Young Again" persevered with nice grades ever since the 1st episode and the overall episode hit a listing breaking 9.991% in cable drama history.

"My performance? I'mproud of it. I have greed for acting now. I did not know what I sought after to do after a drama in the past, but now I am stimulated. The onesindividuals around me have stimulated me; they would laugh and shaggy dog storythroughout a wreck but turn their faces around throughout the set".

Eric Moon says the drama feels more special because he's worked with so many precious people. "We all agreed we will be unable to get out of "Oh Hae-Young Again" easily. We wonder whetherwe will e'er meet anything else that's this satisfying. I could bein a position tocertainly say "Oh Hae-Young Again" is my life's work".

In the close to future, Eric Moon is going back to making a song for a while. Then he mayget back with acting. "The most vital thing is that the drama has to be fun" he says.

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Long-Time Fan Unearths Alleged “Secrets” About JYJ’s Yoochun Following Prostitute Rape Controversy

Long-Time Fan Unearths Alleged “Secrets” About JYJ’s Yoochun Following Prostitute Rape Controversy

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJYJ leader Park Yoochun was lately accused of sexually assaulting a girl at an adult entertainment establishment. 

And whilst the singer hasnt been shownblameless or guilty, many enthusiasts have already became their backs on him for visiting this sort ofpositionall over his navy enlistment. In fact, one fan who has been partial to his former group TVXQ for about seven years, recently posted what she claims to be his dark secrets.

According to the fan, Yoochun on a typical basis visits such adult entertainment institutionssimilar to room salons and rub down parlors, and that his asthma is simply an excuse to steer transparent of serving active duty. She also added that hes also a smoker and doesnt plan on quitting smoking any time soon. She then reminded fans about Yoochuns alleged involvement with a sasaeng fan from Busan, claiming that he seduced and then dated her. The fan also hooked upfootage of Yoochuns alleged sasaeng fans albums, proving that she was once a fan.

While hes currently serving his obligatoryarmy duty, Yoochun released the tune video for his song How Much Love Do You've gotOn your Wallet now not too long ago. Take a glance at the music video below:

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This graph unearths  the explanation why 9MUSES hasn’t discovered  good fortune yet

This graph unearths the explanation why 9MUSES hasn’t discovered good fortune yet

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn mildin theirfresh member alternate with individuals Euaerin and Minha leaving the group, lovers of ladyworkforce 9MUSES have created a comprehensive timeline for the group. 

Outlining the teamscomplete history from their debut under Star Empire Entertainment and list the groups albums and lineups throughout their releases, fans were surprised to notice how frequently members leave and sign up for the group. In fact, in not up to six years since their debut, the gang has lost 8 members, leaving Hyemi as the sole founding member to stay in the group. With such so much of lineup changes, fans are claiming that the groups loss ofcohesion is why they havent discoveredluck yet in the industry.

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AOA’s Seolhyun Unearths The “Good Luck” In Her Life

AOA’s Seolhyun Unearths The “Good Luck” In Her Life

AOAs Seolhyun FindsThe greatSuccess In Her Lifestyles porshia Might 17, 2016 0 AOAs Seolhyun DisplaysThe coolest Luck In Her Life On Could 17, AOA staged their comeback performance for their new nametuneJust right Luck on SBS MTVs The Show. Whilst backstage, the members share experiences from the making in their music video for the hot song.

At one point, the query What is sweet luck to the members? comes up. Seolhyun instantly answers, Assembly the individualswas oncesmart luck. At this the alternative members make it transparent that they believe shes being cheesy, yet Seolhyun continues regardless of the cries of opposition.

Its the truth, what am i in a position to do? she says, while hanging her handsround the other members. Theyre the excellent luck in my life. Despite their embarrassment at the unexpected proclamation, the members seem to understand the sentiment and they show a wonderful bond.

AOA is currently selling their new mini-album Sensible Luck together with the title track of the similar name.

AOA Mini Album Vol. four - Nice Luck yesasia Enhance the artist by ability ofpurchasing Good Luck from YesAsia Source (1)

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