Eric Nam’s New Tune To Feature Loco And Lyrics By ability of Tablo

Eric Nam’s New Tune To Feature Loco And Lyrics By ability of Tablo

Eric Nams New Tune To Feature Loco And Lyrics By way of Tabloehk38 July 12, 2016 0 Eric Nams New Track To Feature Loco And Lyrics By Tablo New main points for Eric Nams upcoming track had been revealed.

Entitled Cant Lend a hand Myself, the virtualunmarried volition feature AOMG rapper Loco in addition lyrics by Epik Highs Tablo.

Known to proportion a close brotherly bond, Eric Nam and Tablo were reportedly throwing around concepts for Erics comeback when Eric asked Tablo to pen the lyrics for his song. Tablo thankfully obliged, and Cant Assistance Myself used to be born.

Cant Support Myself tells the tale of a guy who cant involve his love and confesses to his lover. The song will first be printed on M!Countdown on July 14 and may officially drop on July 15 at nighttime KST by way of online music sites.

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Watch: Eric Nam Has A Confession To Make In Cant Assist Myself MV, Featuring Loco

Watch: Eric Nam Has A Confession To Make In Cant Assist Myself MV, Featuring Loco

Watch: Eric Nam Has A Confession To Make In “Can’t Lend a hand Myself” MV, Featuring Locoilmare42 July 14, 2016 0 Watch: Eric Nam Has A Confession To Make In “Can’t Assist Myself” MV, Featuring Loco Eric Nam is back with a catchy new virtual single!

On July 15 at nighttime KST, Eric Nam released the track video for his new track entitled “Can’t Help Myself.” The song functions rapper Loco of AOMG, and the lyrics were penned through Epik High’s Tablo and Loco. Eric Nam co-composed the track in conjunction with Andrew Choi and 220 (Joseph Park).

Watch Eric Nam blow their own horns his hilarious dorky dancing, Michael Jackson impression, magic tricks, and dabbing, in addition his romantic, ever-so-suave side in the video below!

Eric Nam has already made his music display comeback for the track, as he debuted “Can’t Help Myself” on July 14’s episode of “M!Countdown” with a functionality featuring SEVENTEEN’s Vernon. Watch it here!

Prior to the unencumber of his new single, Eric Nam counted down with fans, as neatly as visitors Ailee and Urban Zakapa, on a resideprove on Naver’s V app.

What do you consider Eric Nam’s new single?

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Akdong Musician Needs To Stay Their Trademark Off-Beat Tune And Lyrics

Akdong Musician Needs To Stay Their Trademark Off-Beat Tune And Lyrics

Akdong Musician Needs To Stay Their Trademark Off-Beat Song And Lyricsnotclaira Would possibly 28, 2016 0 Akdong Musician Wants To Keep Their Trademark Off-Beat Music And Lyrics On Could 20, Dazed magprinted some footage from their June factor pictorial with Akdong Musician.

Akdong Musician currentlygot here back with the album “Spring.” The Korean title, however, literally translates as “puberty.” “Instead of literally representing teenage puberty, the album represents a transformation of mind,” they said. “We sought afterto precisethe thrill and anxieties of new dreams and love, in additioninterest about the world.”

The bright, antique vibe of the pictorial reflects the duo’s eclectic musical style. Suhyun’s hair is bright red whilst Chanhyuk curled his hair and took off his glasses. The 2 are dressed alternately in denim, plaid, athletic gear, pinstripes, and khaki, complementing instead of copying one another.

“We wish to keep pursuing music and lyrics this isother from all and sundry else,” they shared. “We hope the 2d onea section of our ‘Spring’ album can be more mature, especially since there'll be a two year hiatus.”

Lee Chanhyuk had up to now expressed his intentions to enlist in armycarrier afterward the group’s comeback this year.

The complete pictorial and interview were released on May also 21 in Dazed Korea’s June issue.

Akdong Musician Spring Vol 1 yesasiaGive a spice up to the artist viapurchasing Akdong Musician Album - Spring Vol. 1 from YesAsia Source (1)

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Lee Hi Tops Tune Charts With “Breathe,” Written by ability of SHINee’s Jonghyun

Lee Hi Tops Tune Charts With “Breathe,” Written by ability of SHINee’s Jonghyun

Lee Hi Tops Track Charts With Breathe, Written by way of SHINees Jonghyuncrystalcove March 8, 2016 0 LINE it!Lee Hi Tops Music Charts With Breathe, Written by SHINees Jonghyun Its excellent to have Lee Hi back.

Singer Lee Hi in the end released her album today, at nighttime on March nine KST, after a 3 year absence. Her new album, titled Seoulite, is a part album produced by Lee Hi along side label HIGHGRND’s Tablo and his fellow Epik Top member DJ Tukutz. One of the crucialidentify songs, “Breathe,” used to be written by SHINee’s Jonghyun. The opposite championship song is Cling My Hand. Music videos for either songs were printedin addition to the album, which you'll be ready to view here.

As of 6:00 a.m. KST on March 9, Breathe ranked first in the real-time charts on Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh  Music, Soribada, Genie, Naver Music, and Monkey 3, achieving a virtual music web site all-kill.

“Seoulite” also functions many other talented artists, adding WINNER’s Mino, and rappers Incredivle and Dok2.

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Yoon Jong Shin and Tablo Drop Collaboration Tune The First

Yoon Jong Shin and Tablo Drop Collaboration Tune The First

Yoon Jong Shin and Tablo Drop Collaboration Song “The First”ilmare42 January 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Yoon Jong Shin and Tablo Drop Collaboration Track “The First” Epik High’s Tablo is the first artist in 2016 to paintings with Yoon Jong Shin on his noted series of per thirty days tracks!

Their song is fittingly titled “The First,” and showcases either Yoon Jong Shin’s glossy vocals and Tablo’s at all times impressive rapping. The trippy music video stars both thosetalented musicians in addition American graffiti artist JonOne, who is captured growing a work of art on a wide canvas (as smartly as Yoon Jong Shins suit), and a skilleddamage dancer.

Its statedthat when Yoon Jong Shin changed intopartial to JonOnes work, the 2 met up and talked, and then determined to both make their own piece of art that expressed what they had discussed at thesubject of the first time. Yoon Jong Shin set about writing a song (and asked Tablo to take on the writing of the rap section) whilst JonOne ready to create one of his famend pieces of graffiti artwork.

Check out the music video below!

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“Infinite Subject  Tune Festival” Level at MBC’s “Gayo Daejejun” to Feature Zion.T and Park Jin Young

“Infinite Subject Tune Festival” Level at MBC’s “Gayo Daejejun” to Feature Zion.T and Park Jin Young

Infinite SituationSong Festival Degree at MBCs Gayo Daejejun to Feature Zion.T and Park Jin Youngilmare42 December 24, 2015 0 LINE it!Infinite Challenge Music Festival Stage at MBCs Gayo Daejejun to Feature Zion.T and Park Jin Young Amid reports of a distinct collaboration functionality planned throughLimitless Challenge at MBCs year-end award display Gayo Daejejun, it's been clarified that the sole artists from the hot space Challenge music festival who are showed to be appearing are Zion.T and Park Jin Young.

The music festival came about in August of this year, and featured musicians teaming up with forgedparticipants from Infinite Challenge to create and carry out an normal song in front of over 40,000 fans. The musicians concerned this year were BIGBANGs G-Dragon and Taeyang, IU, Hyukoh, Zion.T, Park Jin Young, and Yoon Sang.

In an reputable press liberate from December 24, a representative from Gayo Daejejun says, On December 31 at 2015 MBC Gayo Daejejun, the unfashionablefashion leaders Infinite Challenge Saturday Saturday is a Singer and the chart-topping Infinite Challenge Music Festival can be reenacting their performances.

However, because ofagenda conflicts, lots of the musicians from this years music festival will possiblyno longer existready to attend. A representative of IU told OSEN, IU will be an MC at SBSs Gayo Daejun, so due to the her busy year-end schedule, it is going to be tough for her to take part. BIGBANGs G-Dragon and Taeyang also have outdated commitments, as they're going to be in China attending Hunan TVs New Years Eve special at the date of Gayo Daejejun.

Hyukoh will be keeping their own year-end concerts on December 30 and 31, that will make it hard for them to wait Gayo Daejejun as well. A representative of Yoon Sang has also mentioned that they havent heard anything else roughly a planned appearance at Gayo Daejejun.

In addition, the forged members of Infinite Challenge also is more than likely not attention the show. Therefore, even supposing Zion.T and Park Jin Young will be performing, their respective partners Haha and Yoo Jae Suk are reportedly now not joining them.

MBC told TelevisionFile on December 24 that the special performance had at all times been planned to justcome with the musicians from the music festival, and not the cast members of Infinite Challenge.

MBCs Gayo Daejejun will air on December 31 at 8:55 p.m. KST, and may be hosted by Kim Sung Joo and Girls Generations YoonA.

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Yankie Is Our Editor's Most sensible  Select For The 10 Perfect Korean Rap Songs Of 2015 With 'Sold Out' Featuring Zion.T, Loco And Epik High's Tablo

Yankie Is Our Editor's Most sensible Select For The 10 Perfect Korean Rap Songs Of 2015 With 'Sold Out' Featuring Zion.T, Loco And Epik High's Tablo

Yankies Sold Out featuring Zion.T, Tablo and Loco is our editors option for top rap song of the 2015. It's at all times tempting when assembling all these end-of-the-year roundups, to seem to which songs sold the maximum copies or made the largest wave on social media. Yetthat is what popular charts, trending hot lists and awards displays are for. When you asked 50 Korean hip-hop lovers for their 2015 height 10, they wouldmost definitely respond with 50 totallyother lists. But as a living, respiring human, I will alonetruthfully tout the songs that get my own heartbeat racing. The rappers in this list are some of the well-nighcutting edge performers of the genre. So, sit down back, click the ones underlined links and let's get this celebration rolling.

1. Yankie - "Sold Out" featuring Zion.T, Loco and Tablo of Epik High

In a year that the Korean song scene had more than its fair proportion of high-profile collaborations, it is only fitting that the 2015's most productive K-hip-hop track would be one of them. For his part, Tablo brought the similar infectious power that made his crew Epik High's own all-star collaboration from 2014, "Born Hater," featuring Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I of iKON, one of the most year's highpoints to "Sold Out." As the ringleader of a four-MC lineup this strong, Yankie does what any wonderful leader does, he works as demanding equally anyone, whilst laying back when it's time for the others to shine. The result'sa legitimatethis isjust aboutnot possiblenow notto transport to. Upload to that the truth that this talented ensemble turns out to be actually having amusing without someone taking the court cases (or themself) too seriously pushes the vibe on "Sold Out" over the top.

The Quiett's float sackusually merely be heard saturated with with high-speed hi-hat and keyboards. But once he were giventhe distance on this track for his flow to breathe, the unique MC used to bein a position to ascend to new heights. Even thoughthere's no denying that The Quiett has been perfecting his craft for some time, one of the riveting things about "Bentley" is how it kind of feels to be one of these songs that even shocked its creators with how tremendous ITgrew to become out. And although rap music has had a long love affair with automobiles like rock 'n roll prior to it, The Quiett injects a cinematic urgency over a beat possessing a nearly mystical quality to create that sought-after dynamic of sounding either new and vintage at a similar time.

3. Peejay - "I Get Lifted" featuring Beenzino

One exciting fashion that endured in Korean rap in 2015 turned into a go toward the more jazz-inflected sound of the classic technology of the 1990s. Nowhere was embracing the cool more a hit artistically than on Peejay's "I Get Lifted." Teaming up with one of the country's most prolific and consistent rappers never hurts either. Beenzino is helping take this cast throwback beat and turn it into a drama in 3 acts. And just if you finish upcertainthe entire lot was built on two turntables and a microphone (plus a sampler or two) a blistering saxophone solo makes you reconsider the song's construction.

4. Zico of Block B - "Well Done" featuring Ja Mezz

The Thankful Dead aren'tgenerally the go-tosource subject matter for hip-hop manufacturerssearching for hot beats. But on "Well Done," Zico and Ja Mezz turn the vocal hook at theliked Dead classic "Dark Star" (often regarded as the most sought-after of the band's are living set by way of bootleggers because of its infrequent appearance in concerts after 1974) and use it as the springboard for an edgy sound, burning with attitude, directly from the streets. Jerry would be proud.

5. GD TOP of huge hit - "Zutter"

For hardcore Large Bang fans, there might bejust onecall that mattered in rap in 2015, or two names actually, as so-called band "sub-unit" GD TOP were accountable for the ingenious highpoint of the per thirty daysflow of singles that ended inthe crowdalmost owning the pop charts all summer. All stated and done, the "MADE" series sold over thirteen million singles worldwide, all still without the neighborhoodfreeing a full-length album. But just as very important for the group's cultural have an effect on as their advertisementgood fortune is that while a majority of the 8 "MADE" singles unveiled between April and August veered toward an eclectic, though most commonly mainstream pop sound, on "Zutter" the Hallyu icons proved they is also able to tear up the track with the most efficient of them. For all the musical styles that adolescencebuddies G-Dragon and T.O.P check out on for size, it's miles when the duo are losing rhymes that they appear to be the most at home. Whatever your mind are on Big Bang, there just isn't any denying the duo is dropping hot hearth here.

6. illinit - "Beer In My Backpack"

Anyone sufficiently old to be partial to the brew recalls that early excitement of heading house alongside a bag stuffed with beers, prepared to kick a couple of back for a few kicks. With the manner rapper illinit attacks the track with fierce precision on this infectious song, it's transparent he hasn't had one too many. With a sound that's both grounded with forgedabilities and obscured with psychedelic production flourishes, illinit proved to be a big innovator this year. His album "Made In '98," though yet to acquire any mainstream press, announced the arriving of a different voice on Korea's hip-hop landscape.

7. MaseWonder - "Summer Night"

"It was a summer night throughout the weekend," MaseWonder said of his moody end-of-summer opus when I interviewed him remaining month. "My pals and I were drinking and dining at the riverside. You notice them precisely like that during the music video. I believe ane succeeded in shooting the fever of the night." Capture it he did. MaseWonder would most likely not take created much of a stir in the West with "Summer Night," but he crystalized a temper on the track, a good expression of a super moment as he experienced it that might now continuously exist there for all folks to enjoy. More than any song on this list, "Summer Night" is a curative tonic.

8. Deepflow - "Lookin' Good"

One glance at Deepflow and it'sratherclean this guy is not very messing around. Built like a truck, there is without a doubtquite so much ofpaintings for the MC in safety or ultimate struggling with if your complete rap thing does not work out. But if he alternatives up on the mic, Deepflow is as gentle as a feather. And as a substitute of gambling up his difficult guy persona, he instead chooses to laugh it up, opening the song with a clip from some tacky US truth show. And Deepflow's nuanced artistry extends to the way "Lookin' Good" was produced. The morphing layers of synths harken back to the days when Dr. Dre was still hungry.

9. 5Zic of M.I.B - "Zick Jasper"

Zick Jasper wasn't just a song identify for 5Zic, he rebranded with the name for his solo career. And with the bombastic beefed up low end of a hot bass drum propelling the songs despair piano loop for all time forward, the song doe have that feeling of a declaration of principles. In renaming himself, Jasper also staked his claim on darker territory than his band would ever tackle. His long run is wide open.

10. P-Type - "The Stranger"

Zico wasn't the only real Korean MC to discovertrendy day magic in North American classic rock, as P-Type turned Neil Young's 1970 hit "Southern Man" into one of the year's most propulsive beats. And though the haters would be fastto indicate that with the bite of "Southern Man" sampled on "The Stranger," it's actually more of a mash-up than a new song, it is P-Type's electrified rapping that makes it among the year's best. If Kanye can patternmassive chunks of songs, why cannot P-Type?

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Superbee disses Tablo once back in new tune 'Ambulance'

Superbee disses Tablo once back in new tune 'Ambulance'

Superbee disses Tablo once back in new music

Rapper Superbee has released any other diss track devoted to Tablo.

In the track "Ambulance", Superbee alleges that he used to be unfairly removed from "Show Me the cash 4" because of the truth that Tablo and Incredivle were familiar with each other earlier than the show. He also asserts that Tablo loves to speak negatively about Amoeba Culture, asking Tablo and Tablo"s enthusiasts to name him at his non-public telephone number.

The lyrics state: "The gamers know that Bee were given eliminated because Incredivle is HIGHGRND... You stole my song and level ideas... If you're taking your mask of reputation off, you"re Diablo. You play politics so well, you are making politicians" cheeks harm from smiling. You will have to check out running for candidacy."

Listen to the track below.



Who is the primary artist to unencumber tune thru Tablo's label HIGHGRND

Who is the primary artist to unencumber tune thru Tablo's label HIGHGRND

Who is the primary artist to unencumber song via Tablo

Tablo"s label HIGHGRND is ready to release some music, yet from who? The label is gearing up to have its first actual release since its founding, and a teaser symbol and a date has been revealed, even if the artist names are slyly replaced with query marks.

Their SNS announced a release date set for October 21, by an artist featuring any other two artists, who haven't begun to be revealed. So far, hyukoh and Code Kunst are a phase of HIGHGRND, and Lee Hi used to be previous reported to make her comeback through Tablo"s label too. Any guesses as to who it's going to be?

Stay tuned for more updates as they come!


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