EXID Wraps Up “L.I.E” Promotions, Disclose  Long term Comeback Plans

EXID Wraps Up “L.I.E” Promotions, Disclose Long term Comeback Plans

EXID Wraps Up L.I.E Promotions, ExposeLong term Comeback Planskokoberry July 5, 2016 0 EXID Wraps Up L.I.E Promotions, Reveal Future Comeback Plans EXID might becompleting promotions for their first studio album Side road with their functionality on SBS MTVs The Display on July 5. Their identifysong L.I.E placed first on quite so much of music charts and the gang won several first position wins on music displays as well.

Following their wonderfuleffectsregionally and internationally, EXID will take a smashand get ready their next album.

The contributorspublished their emotions on wrapping up promotions. Jeonghwa said, I used to begladto turn the public and our enthusiasts a new symbol and more than anything else else I was oncepleased that I may meet and keep in touch with fans thru fan signaloccasions for our first studio album.

Hyelin commented, Finishing promotions feels bittersweet. I changed intochuffed that our title track and B-side tracks won love. Thank you for sending us numerous love.

Member Hani added, I believeconvinced that many of uswere givento grasp of LE unnis composing talents and maknae Jeonghwas charms. Now that we are finishing album promotions, we canpay attention toperson activities and listen on supplementing sides nosotros felt we are lacking.

Their firm revealed that arrangements for a new song are being made. The track is being aimed for a liberatesomedayall the style through the latter part of 2016.

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K-Pop Workforce G-Friend’s CEO Finds  Long term Plans For Horny  Idea Comeback

K-Pop Workforce G-Friend’s CEO Finds Long term Plans For Horny Idea Comeback

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even if they just debuted remaining year, woman group G-Friend has already shown themselves to be one of the maximum up to dateteams in the industry. 

And after their freshgood fortune alongside their newest song Rough, their firm CEO So Sung Jin sat down to talk about with ize how the crowd has controlled to do so neatly and then quickly.

The CEO first explained their initial plan following G-Friends debut, revealing they'd planned to take small steps and increase a fandom. However, with the slippery video incident going viral, So Sung Jin described it as a fortunatetwist of fate that helped propel G-Friend into popularity. In addition to explaining their styling and choreography, he also published that the workforcethese days has no plans to undertaking into an attractivethought nor will they have got any member changes.

People say that over time, its herbal that a womancommunity would do a sexy theoryyet I dont believe in that. You will have toimaginethe colour of the group when opting for a concept for them. G-Friend will almost definitely never move down that sexy route.

Upon hearing this, enthusiasts showered the CEO with praise, complimenting him on his sure mindset and transparent design for the group.

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the most well liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

2228, -159 I hope you guys remain every bit the organization weve all noticed yous as

1190, -125 I saw the interview and enjoyed it. Stay up the great work.

887, -125 I enjoyed the interview. Im already having a lookaheadon your next album.

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So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin Proportion  Pictures from Stunning Wedding Day, Disclose  Long term Plans for Children

So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin Proportion Pictures from Stunning Wedding Day, Disclose Long term Plans for Children

So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin PercentagePictures from Stunning Wedding Day, ExposeLong run Plans for youngsters deedeegii October 4, 2014 0 LINE it!So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin Share Photos from Attractive Wedding Day, Reveal Future Plans for Children Actors So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin have in the end tied the knot!

The two actors held their exquisite marriagerite at The Raum in Gangnam, Seoul and officially was a married couple on October 4.

The ceremony itself used to be held privately for 800 of the couple’s families and friends. The groom’s close friend and firm colleague, actor Joo Sang Wook, took over as master of ceremonies for the wedding. They went without an officiator and opted for either the bride and groom’s fathers to read a letter for their children instead.

Prior to the ceremony, In Kyo Jin shared his mind about the marriage: “Today, I ultimatelyrealizethe sentiments of those that are getting married. I wish to thank all and sundry who has come to our wedding. I’m more than happy today.” About the couple’s plans for children, he also revealed, “We are making plans to have children next year. I would truly like my first kid to be a son, and the youngest baby to be a daughter.”

Meanwhile, So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin will go away for Indonesia on October five to revel in their honeymoon commute in Bali.

Check out probably the mostsurprising photos below: so yi hyun in kyo jin 5 so yi hyun in kyo jin 2 so yi hyun in kyo jin 3 so yi hyun in kyo jin 4 so yi hyun in kyo jin 7 so yi hyun in kyo jin 8 so yi hyun in kyo jin so yi hyun in kyo jin 6 so yi hyun in kyo jin 9Congratulations to the newlywed couple!

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EXIDs Hani Talks About Her Love Life, Long term Plans, and More

EXIDs Hani Talks About Her Love Life, Long term Plans, and More

EXID’s Hani Talks About Her Love Life, destiny Plans, and More EXID‘s Hani currently conducted an interview with The Megastar magazine, and responded a massive number of non-public questions.

Everyone’s favourite query is, of course, whether she is seeing anyone. She responded, “I need to, yet i suspect I'd no longer be fascinated by the opposite user if I were to begin dating now. I have ample hassle looking after myself, and I don’t think that I may just deal with someone else. Also, being with the contributors of EXID is such a lot fun, and I don’t feel lonely at all.”

Hani also showed her mature side. in spite of being born in 1992, she has been very proactive, even if EXID was once no longer neatly known. She said, “While we were not doing much as a team for 2 years, I couldn’t stand it. i used to be stressed out about the truth that I wasn’t going anywhere, so I enrolled myself in a Chinese school, and made plans to be less stressed.”

Moving onto her looks, Hani changed into asked whether she thought to be getting plastic surgical operation to modify her nose, which sets her with the exception of other feminine celebrities, since her nose is hooked.

She said, “Often I do. i'm from time to time tempted. I don’t take into accounts it usually, but I realize it in some images or videos. It looks very prominent, but it’s also what sets me apart. I feel I am content.”


The interview also addressed Hani’s old remark that she plans to leave EXID.

Hani clarified, “I didn’t mean that i may be in a position to leave EXID. I just supposed that ‘I have this dream of changing into a psychologist. I am thankful to my dream,’ and folks neglected the point. I just meant that I was at all times inquisitive about reading psychology. I think that dreams change, and I was too rash to mention anything definitive about it. Don’t worry. You’ll see me for a long time.”

She then mentioned being the maximum well known member in EXID.

“At first, I was under pressure and I felt in charge against the others, because we went thru the similar hardship but I was the primary one to get the opportunity. I might often concern at the finish of a schedule, ‘What must I say? must always I say that I was tired?’ but if I went back home, the members would consistently hug me, asking me ‘Was it fun? Who else was there?’ and I felt stupid. I sooner or later told the members about my worries, and they said, ‘You would have to were tired too. We are thankful that you thought about us whilst you were so tired.’ Now we are like sisters.”


Hani concluded the interview by capability of giving a sneak top of the approaching plans for EXID. When asked whether there'll be a comeback soon, she said, “I think someday in September or October! We’re wanting very not easy and we’re fascinated about it. We were worried that we'd finally end up being a one-hit wonder, but “Ah Yeah” went well and now we just wish to revel in ourselves.”

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Ailee wraps up promotions for “Heaven” + plans for comeback at the end of May

Ailee wraps up promotions for “Heaven” + plans for comeback at the end of May

Ailee wraps up promotions for Heaven + plans for comeback at the end of May

Singer Ailee, who has debuted with Heaven, has wrapped up promotions for her debut track and will be making a comeback at the end of May.

A representative of her agency, YMC Entertainment, stated, Ailee has ended her promotions for Heaven on April 1st on SBSs Inkigayo. She is now currently working on her new album and is predicting for a comeback at the end of May.

Back in September, Ailee impressed viewers with her powerful vocals on MBCs Chuseok special, Singer and Trainee. She then made a sensational debut with her debut track, Heaven on February 9th.

Meanwhile, Ailee has joined KBS 2TVs Immortal Song 2 as a fixed cast, and has once again received much praise for her outstanding performance.

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Internal War Among Dice Entertainment Personnel Disrupts Long run Comeback Plans

Internal War Among Dice Entertainment Personnel Disrupts Long run Comeback Plans

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterCube Entertainment has been trending in the news, yet unfortunately, no longeras a result of their artists. The firm has been in the highlightbecause of an alleged inside conflict.

It was onceup to now reported that the agency was experiencing internal struggle in regards to its control and staff. The problem has grown so massive that their own body of workersindividuals have refused to turn up to paintingsor maybe contacted. With body of workers availability low, this has led toa topic alongside Cubes long term promotional time table for their artists.

As a result, Dice has issued a press release that revealed they were recently undergoing an adjustment phase.

Solo artist Hyuna changed into expected to drop a new album soon. Whilst the precise date has no longer been confirmed, Hyunas album has been driven back for an August release. Additionally, Cubes new boy group Pentagon, which loverswere waiting for, their debut has also been delayed. As Pentagon was set to accomplish a concert in birthday partyin their debut this month, their upcoming activities are currently unclear.

Cube Entertainment was founded in 2006 through Hong Seung Sung and Shin Jung Hwa. They've since debuted many idol teamsadding 4Minute, BEAST, BTOB, CLC in addition solo artists G.Na and more. The agency made a strategic partnership and allience with iHQ in 2013.

Watch Hyunas closing solo tune Roll Deep featuring BTOBs Ilhoon:

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EXID Wraps Up Promotions For L.I.E With 1st Position On The Show, Performances By way of ASTRO, DIA, And More

EXID Wraps Up Promotions For L.I.E With 1st Position On The Show, Performances By way of ASTRO, DIA, And More

EXID Wraps Up Promotions For “L.I.E” With 1st Position On “The Show,” Performances Through ASTRO, DIA, And Moreilmare42 July 5, 2016 0 EXID Wraps Up Promotions For “L.I.E” With 1st Place On “The Show,” Performances By ASTRO, DIA, And More EXID has grabbed their fourth trophy to upload to their sequence for their hit song “L.I.E!”

On July 5’s episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” EXID was once up opposed towomanteams gugudan and DIA for the win. Even though gugudan gained the maximumissues from Korean electorate live, EXID received 1,036 elements from Chinese voters to gugudan’s 262 and DIA’s 202, in addition the very best pre-show score. In total, EXID won with a ranking of 8,410, whilst gugudan acquired 7,199 points and DIA had 6,151.

The Display was the group’s ultimatetune show promotion for “L.I.E,” they usuallyglancespecificallyoverjoyed to have won! Hani unfortunately wasn’t in a position to be provide for their win. Watch their functionality and encore below.

Other performances this week were by gugudan, A.De, VAV, Nolza, DIA, Romeo, MADTOWN, Melody Day, Courageous Girls, VOISPER, SONAMOO, ASTRO, and KNK.

Check out some of them below!

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Pledis Entertainment Releases Commentary About SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoo’s Fitness And Long term Album Promotions

Pledis Entertainment Releases Commentary About SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoo’s Fitness And Long term Album Promotions

Pledis Entertainment Releases Remark some SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoos Fitness And Long term Album Promotionskokoberry June 14, 2016 0 Pledis Entertainment Releases Statement About SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoos Health And Future Album Promotions On June 15, Pledis Entertainment released an authentic statement referring to SEVENTEEN member Wonwoos health and participation in upcoming album promotions.

The firmpublished that Wonwoo is still improving and may now not be joining in broadcast promotions because ofconsiderations for his health. Previously, Wonwoo was oncenot ableto accomplish at Dream Concert due to the acuate gastritis.

Below is their official statement:

Hello. Here's Pledis Entertainment.

It has been made up our minds that SEVENTEEN member Wonwoo isn't doing broadcast promotions in the meanwhileso as to make a healthy recovery.

Wed love toask for forgiveness to enthusiasts who cherish and love Wonwoo for bringing this surprising news in additionthe former news about his health final time.

Following his diagnosis with acute gastritis, Wonwoo won a check-up in order to recover. The check-up revealed that he lost stamina and it changed intodecided that he would wish fourth dimension to relaxation and would be unable to continue promotions after a long discussion with Wonwoo.

Wonwoo were resting in order to stabilize and get well afterward his acute gastritis. With intentions to sign up in promotions for the planned repackaged album, he participated in recording and song video filming. However, we made a decision that music presentations and broadcast schedules would be too much for Wonwoo who is still recovering. We prompt that Wonwoo rest for his health and for his future.

Wonwoo showed a robust volition to sign up for his individuals in promotions, yethe'll exist resting this time in order to utterlyget well so he will also be healthy and be with SEVENTEEN for a long time. Hence SEVENTEENs broadcast promotions and schedules for their repackaged album is planned to feature 12 members. Wonwoo will rejoin promotions and meet fans after his health is solely recovered.

We make an apology once back for causing fans to worry. Please beef up Wonwoo and SEVENTEEN.

We hope Wonwoo makes a whole recovery soon.

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9MUSES Unearths  Long term Plans For Crew After Departure Of Members

9MUSES Unearths Long term Plans For Crew After Departure Of Members

9MUSES UnearthsLong term Plans For Workforce After Departure Of Individuals kokoberry June 8, 2016 0 9MUSES Displays Future Plans For Organization After Departure Of Members Superstar Empire printedpreviousnowadays that 9MUSESs Euaerin and Minha have graduated from the group.

The firm clarified issues about the future of the gang and revealed, Latelywe wouldn't have any plans to upload new members to 9MUSES.

9MUSES debuted in August 2010 with their unmarried album We could Have a Party. Inside two months of promoting, member Jaekyung left and Hyuna joined as a new member. In August 2011 members Rana and Bini left the group. Following this, Kyungri joined the group in January 2012 and the group promoted with 8 members.

The group had nine members once back when Sungah joined 9MUSES in January 2013. A year later, Lee Sem and Eunji left the group. A couple of months later Sera left in Would possibly 2014. Then Sojin and Keumjo joined the group in 2015. Now that Euaerin and Minha have left, 9MUSES currently has six members.

Star Empire added, 9MUSES is currently busy running on a new song that can be released in July. The members are getting ready for unit group promotions and particularmain pointsrelating toit is going to existmade up our minds soon.

Do you suspect new members mustsign up for 9MUSES?

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Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About How Glad  He's With Ku Hye Sun And Their Long term Plans

Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About How Glad He's With Ku Hye Sun And Their Long term Plans

Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About How SatisfiedHe's amongst Ku Hye Sun And Their Long run Plansilmare42 June 7, 2016 0 Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About How Happy He Is With Ku Hye Sun And Their Future Plans On June 7’s episode of “New Adventure to the West 2,” Ahn Jae Hyun talks a little about his plans for the future with his new wife, Ku Hye Sun.

As the cast’s maknae, Ahn Hae Hyun cooks up a hurricane in the kitchen for the guys’ breakfast. Whilst hes challenging at work, he says, “My dream has at all times been to be a just right dad. I’ve constantlysought after to have a happy circle of relatives more than I needed to be an A-list celebrity. Yetyou need to havea taskso as to reside that roughly life, you know?”

He says, “I think that every one you lotwant is the monetaryskill to assistthe folk you love.” He adds, “Ku-nim has the similar opinion with that,” the usage of his lovable nickname for Ku Hye Sun.

A member of the team asks him, “Then do you wish to accepta kid with Ku Hye Sun early on?”

“No,” he replies appropriate away. “I’ve replaced my brain on that. I wish to existan even husband. Prior to nosotroswere given married, I assumed to myself that I needed to be a tight dad. But now I would like to be a decent husband.”

“So I need to stay having a laugh with Ku-nim on our own,” Ahn Jae Hyun says. “Even after we cause a child, I believe I’ll be announcing ‘I love you’ to my wife first before I say it to our son or daughter. But maybe everyone adjustments afterwardsasserting that?

He then all at once exclaims, “It’s so fantastic correct now! I can’t even provide an explanation for information technology in words.”

Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun started dating after starring in the drama Blood in combination in 2015. The pair currently registered their marriage in May.

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