Fans End up Their Willpower and Love at Dean's First Ever Manhattan Show

Fans End up Their Willpower and Love at Dean's First Ever Manhattan Show

DEAN LIVE IN NYC - June 4th, 2016 PHOTOS DEAN LIVE IN NYC - June 4th, 2016 PHOTOS DEAN LIVE IN NYC - June 4th, 2016 PHOTOS DEAN LIVE IN NYC - June 4th, 2016 PHOTOS They might be patient yetthey could also bein a position torarely wait. As clich as the remaining sentence sounds as it refers to "Put My Hands On You," that is how many concert goers felt at the day of Jun. four when uprising RB singer Dean held his first ever NyTown show.

As enthusiastsaccumulated at the Copacabana on W. 47th and 8th with the forecasts declaring thunderstorms, attendees were let in early whilst VIP ticketholders were capable of wait inside of too for their meet and greet.

Once the clock struck six o'clock, the VIP room roared of screams as Dean's team got here out and offered the 23-year-old singer up to the front of the room. In a question 20-30 minutes, a room of a minimum oftwo hundred fans zipped in the process the hi-touch and picture-taking with the singer and emptied out the room.

AdvertisementHowever, as the meet and greeters were exiting the VIP room, the overall admission ticketholders were heading out to the door. It used to be then that observe spread that the venue has replaced within an hour of the show's initial get startedbecause of sound and technical difficulties.

From the Copacabana to Chelsea's Flash Factory, fans flocked in combination (with some even running) 20 blocks down in the pouring rain, looking ahead tothe affection of Dean.

Arriving at the hot venue, the combination of feelings ran prime equally furious, perplexed and annoyed fans stood in the rain. But that did notforestall them from waiting and sharing the revel in amongst others. Fans shared umbrellas, concealedbeneath coats, while concert organizers SIVA Staff passed out rubbish bags and cardboard pieces to protect them thru the rain. In the end, the trouble to get by way of the concertgoer battlebecomeaccomplishedby way of how neatlyevery person worked together.

Doors opened a little after eight, and Flash Factory's Grand Central-like venue opened its doors and floors and was soon closed in with loads of committed fans.

SIVA Neighborhood artist and Show Me The cash finalist Milan unfolded the display with 3 songs followed by Joombas Track Group's very own Cheech Bundy throwing it back with genuineold-fashioned hip-hop transitioning into the trendy day trap vibes.

It was just atopic of time tillthe fellow of the evening took the level in bright lights.

Young rebellion Dean came out with white lighting fixtures aiming at him while DJ Prince became up the go into reverse to his Anderson.Paak-featured hit "Put My Hands On You."

The crowd was lit. Literally. Phones sprung up as fans snapped, recorded photos and videos of the Korean RB crooner as he busted out some moves all through his one hour set making a songall of the tracks off his 130 temper : TRBL EP.

Dabbing to his contemporary gain "bonnie clyde" Flash Factory was turnt as tracks like "Pour Up", "what2do" "half moon (D)," and "21" followed up.

Exiting the stage after acting his U.S. debut song "I'm Not Sorry" the room chanted for an encore to which Dean came back out to accomplish "I Love It."

Apologizing and thanking the fans for their improve and patience, Dean and his team stayed for a little bit to do a couple of more meet and greets with VIP ticketholders. Fortunate fans who waited for the singer out of doors of the venue were also passed signed posters from the concert organizers.

It is secureto mentionthat whenthe total thing - the fans, the production team, concert organizers and Dean himself - everything was dealt in the most promethodup toconceivable last minute.

While the buzz of Dean's first New York prove still spark up conversation, it is handiest a matter of time to when his next reveal will be.

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8 ways fans show their idols love

8 ways fans show their idols love

We"ve been focusing pretty heavily on the more extreme cases of bad behavior by so-called sasaeng fans and anti-fans. However, there are also countless ways in which fans showed their extraordinary love for their beloved idols.

1) They show undying support during concerts Concerts might be times for idols to shine, but that doesn"t mean that fans can"t sweetly take the limelight sometimes.

In this almost magical moment, BoA"s fans unexpectedly started singing her song "Meri Kuri" back to her. Even the normally calm and professional singer started to cry, singing along with her fans as they let her know that she would always have their love and support. 

2) They help out in their idols" names

Sometimes fan mobilize together to make a difference in the world. For example...

For IU"s 21st birthday, her fans decided to donate blood under her name to help children diagnosed with cancer.

SONEs made 107 blood donations to the Korea Leukemia Exchange under Girls" Generation Sooyoung"s name to benefit cancer patients in need.

"Kim Jonghyun"s Fan Alliance" donated food, urine pads, and animal snacks to benefit the animals at Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE).

And Hoya"s fanclub "Hear, Ho" donated 2 million KRW ($1,800 USD) on his 25th birthday to Soree 119 for children with hearing deficiencies.

3) They celebrate birthdays together

Sometimes idols just might be too busy to celebrate their birthdays with close family and friends. Luckily, fans are ready to make their birthdays a special day for them!

Fans helped Jungshin start off his birthday celebrations early.

EXO-Ls celebrated Chen"s special day!

4) They heal the earth in their idols" names

In addition to paying homage to their idols" talents and star power, fans were able to protect the environment as well with special K-pop forests!

To celebrate T-ara"s 5th anniversary, Queens united to raise over 9 million KRW ($8,800 USD) to create a beautiful T-ara forest in Seoul.

EXO-Ls donated through "Tree Planet" for a "Baekhyun forest" for Baekhyun"s birthday.

Chilean fans of Lee Minho"s fanclub MINOZ planted trees through the "Reforestemos Patagonia (Reforest Patagonia)" campaign. Calling it the "Lee Minho Forest," this forest stands for the club"s love for Lee Minho as well as their hope for a future visit from the actor himself.

5) THey responsibly send rice wreaths

While flowers are customary gifts of appreciation and support, K-pop fans have matured to sending rice wreaths instead

Hyosung was gifted a glorious rice wreath by her fanclub "Hyosung Fan Cafe Superstar" for her then-upcoming drama "Ghost-Seeing Detective."

HOTTESTs all over the world broke records as they donated over 28.088 tons (approximately 62,000 lbs) of rice, 6,000 eggs, 1,150 coal briquettes, and 600 kilograms of animal feed. In total, 2PM received 29.438 tons (approximately 64,700 lbs) of items, which they donated to youth in need.

YoonA thanked fans after they donated over 15.373 tons of rice wreaths to "The Prime Minister and I" press conference.

6) They also send food for strength and energy!

With their hectic schedules, K-pop stars are often exhausted as they go without sufficient food and sleep. However, fans definitely care for their favorite idols!

Chinese fans sent Song Ji Hyo a coffee car filled with delicious pastries while she and her staff were filming "Ex-Girlfriend Club".  What a thoughtful and delicious gift for the hardworking actress and staff!

내가 좋아하는 메뉴들만 쏙쏙 들어있던 간식차 >.< 촬영에 지친 우리 배우분들과 스탭분들 모두 너무x21 맛있게 먹었어요~!!! "다라씨 잘먹었습니다~" 라는 말을 몇번이나 들었는지...^^;; 내가 들을 말이 아닌데.. 항상 이렇게 든든하게 챙겨주고 응원해주고 기 살려주는 울 블랙잭들 & 다라빠들 너무 고마워요 최고야 최고... 아 새튀 짱맛있었어요!!! 센스있어..!!! 꾸벅!!! (__)

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on May 27, 2015 at 9:02am PDT

2NE1"s Dara received a pleasant and much-appreciated surprise when fans sent her a snack car during the filming for her web drama "We Broke Up." Filled with her favorite snacks, Dara thanked her fans, as the food kept both her and drama staff happy and energized despite the exhausting work.

7) They protect and defend their idols

Haters are just unavoidable sometimes, but that doesn"t mean fans can"t do anything about them.

When the hashtag #EXOLWantChanyeolDead appeared, fans quickly jumped onto their SNS platforms to counter this false claim. Using the hashtag #EXOLLovesChanyeol, EXO-Ls made sure that Chanyeol knew that he would always be loved and watched over by EXO-Ls.

After the departure of Jay Park from 2PM, anti-fans circulated a shocking petition that called for his suicide, gathering over 3,000 signatures. However, his fans continued to stay right by his side to protect him from his haters. Creating a petition called "Please Forgive Our Jaebeom Just This Once," fans were able to get over 6,000 signatures, over twice as many as the anti-Jay Park petition.

8) They honor their idols" dreams and hopes

After the devastating car accident that proved to be fatal for members EunB and RiSe, fans stood together to make EunB"s wish of ranking #1 on music charts come true. Appropriately pushing Ladies" Code"s "I"m Fine Thank You" to the top spot, fans made sure that Ladies" Code would rank #1 and EunB would see her wish come true. 

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#EXOLLovesChanyeol trends worldwide as EXO-L show their loyalty and love in response to anti-fans

#EXOLLovesChanyeol trends worldwide as EXO-L show their loyalty and love in response to anti-fans

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterEXO-Ls have trended #EXOLLovesChanyeol in rebuke of a hate hashtag trended by antis of the EXO member.

While the origins of the hashtag is unknown and who started it, EXO-Ls noticed the use and hashtag #EXOLWantChanyeolDead on Twitter, with many asking themselves who would use such a tag and showing anger as they questioned who would ever wish for someones death.

On April 13th and well into the 14th, EXO-Ls began using the hashtag #EXOLLovesChanyeol to show the singer that he is well-loved by his fans despite the previous tag used. While the initial hate hashtag never trended worldwide, EXO-Ls showcased their love in one of the best ways for Chanyeol by getting #EXOLLovesChanyeol to trend worldwide.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol, along with the other members of EXO, has been positively promoting Call Me Baby, which has won a total of six music show awards thus far.

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EXO's Kai Uploads Selfies To Show Fans His Love

EXO's Kai Uploads Selfies To Show Fans His Love

EXO’s Kai Leaves Heartfelt Message of Thanks for Fans

EXO's member Kai recently showed love and gratitude to his fans on EXO-L's official homepage.

On January 16th, Kai wrote a post titled, “It’s excited and happy Kai of EXO,” which reads:

Hello. This is excited and happy Kai of EXO.

Everyone~~~ I’ve missed you~~~ Ahh, breathless, I’m out of breath..sigh. My birthday and now the Daesang (Golden Disk Awards). I couldn’t not come to the official homepage [after that]. I’ve run over at once to share my joyful and happy heart with everyone.

From the birthday wishes at the airport, to the internet birthday video messages, the countless letters, and finally this awesome Daesang birthday present as the highlight. This year’s birthday is a happy one filled with all of you. EXO-L did it all.

I really think I am a lucky person. It’s because I always feel limitlessly loved by EXO-L. Are EXO-L also able to feel my feelings? I will work even harder so that I don’t lose to all of your love. I will love you more!!

Everyone, it’s the new year! Make a promise with me this year. Since it’s the new year, let’s start from a blank slate. And one by one, as if you’re drawing a picture, draw your days. At the end of the year, let’s check what kind of picture we’ve drawn together.

I believe that any picture drawn with EXO-L will be a beautiful one. EXO-L! Let’s also spend this year joyfully and happily. You know that I always love and care for you, right? I trust that you know~ Then bye for now~~~

P.s. A selca explosion to repay the birthday wishes (I wrote this in a happy state so I don’t know what I’ve written.)

Along with this post, Kai uploaded a series of selcas displaying various facial expressions as a small gift for fans.


Miss A's Fei attracts fans with her charm on Chinese dating show 'If You Love'

Miss A's Fei attracts fans with her charm on Chinese dating show 'If You Love'

Miss A's Fei attracts fans with her charm on Chinese dating show 'If You Love'

Fei has attracted much attention for her new photos on Chinese dating reality show "If You Love".

The photos showed various sides of Fei as in one photo she was dressing in a croptop and shorts and showing a sexy dance. Her slender legs and slim waist line captured everyone attention at the filming set. In another one she portraited a more feminie and lovely charm as she was wearing a large hat and also put a flower on her hair.

In addition, 2PM' Chansung, Nichkhun along with Chinese stars Liu Yan, Sunny Wang, Zhang Li will also star in this show.

The first episode will be broadcast on May 25th.


Three Days Park Yoochuns Fans Go to Crazy Lengths to Show Their Love

Three Days Park Yoochuns Fans Go to Crazy Lengths to Show Their Love

“Three Days” Park Yoochun’s Fans Go to Crazy Lengths to Show Their Love JYJ’s Park Yoochun, starring in the drama “Three Days,” has brought about a magnificent fandom for the ‘Tae man’ in China, once again realizing the scope of his popularity.

On April 15, C-JeS Entertainment said, “In China, Park Yoochun’s popularity is explosive. Putting together ‘Tae’ from his ‘Three Days’ character name Han Tae Kyung and the word ‘man,’ the term ‘Tae man’ was coined. On major Chinese portal site Baidu, the members in Park Yoochun’s fan community number 230,000.”

Such is the power of the lead actor in a series. With Park Yoochun’s popularity, fans in China gathered roughly 200 million won (approx.. $192,000) and bought a billboard by the front gate of a shopping center in Beijing. On the billboard that spans roughly 10,700 square feet, the fans wrote, “365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds. We want to see you every single day. We hope Yoochun’s new drama ‘Three Days’ becomes a huge hit, and we congratulate you in advance.”

Moreover, a Chinese “aunt fan” club for Park Yoochun even sent a coffee truck to the set of “Three Days” on a cold day, taking care of not only Park Yoochun, but all of the staff, as well.

“Three Days” Park Yoochun’s Fans Go to Crazy Lengths to Show Their Love

The total view count for the drama has hit over 300 million between Youku and Tudou, and Park Yoochun’s old 2012 drama “Rooftop Prince” made it all the way back up to seventh place.

“Three Days” Park Yoochun’s Fans Go to Crazy Lengths to Show Their Love


Girls Generations Seohyun asks fans to show Mr. Mr lots of love

Girls Generations Seohyun asks fans to show Mr. Mr lots of love

Girls’ Generation‘s youngest member Seohyun recently asked fans if they have listened to their new mini album “Mr.Mr“!

On February 26, the beautiful girl updated her Twitter with the message, “U guys waited a really long time!! Did u all listen to our new single yet?? Please show Mr.Mr. lots and lots of love.” along with a photo showing her new transformation for ”Mr.Mr” concept, which is quite different form her look in her recent musical “The Moon that Embraces the Sun“.

Fans left comments such as, “She”s wearing “Mr.Mr”s concept,” “Her hair color is intriguing,” “She looks so good in white,” and more.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will have their first comeback performance for “Mr.Mr” on the March 6th broadcast of “M! Countdown“.


Big Star's Feeldog and INFINITE's Woohyun show their love and gratitude to fans

Big Star's Feeldog and INFINITE's Woohyun show their love and gratitude to fans

Big Star"s leader FeelDog expressed his gratitude toward the fans who went to the set location of MBC"s "Idol Star Athletics Championship" to show their support. It appears he had treated fans to some free kimbap!

FeelDog recently tweeted, "Brief resting time~ It was really not much, but did you enjoy the kimbap? We will do better on the next album so we can all eat meat together! Until that day, I will only look and run forward," and posted a picture.

In the picture, FeelDog is enjoying a short respite during filming and taking advantage of the free time to show his gratitude towards fans with a cute sign that says "Only One (fan name)"s support is alive."

SEE ALSO: Big Star ask fans to not leave them "Standing Alone" in dance practice video

In addition, INFINITE"s Hoya uploaded his own message and picture on Twitter from the special athletics program. He wrote, "A picture I took of our Inspirit (fan name) and our Heart Prince." In the picture, member Woohyun is sitting in front of their fans while forming a heart with his arms. Cutely enough, the members are copying his pose, showing INFINITE and Inspirits" mutual, infinite love.

Big Star's Feeldog and INFINITE's Woohyun show their love and gratitude to fans


Shinhwa Has The Best Fans On Earth  Changjo Show Their Love In Some Very Unique Ways

Shinhwa Has The Best Fans On Earth Changjo Show Their Love In Some Very Unique Ways


Shinhwa Has The Best Fans On Earth?Changjo Show Their Love In Some Very Unique Ways Shinhwa Changjo - 2012 Shinhwa concert The ReturnShinhwa fans.We all know at least one.But, compared to the fans of other idol groups, there is something very special about them.

It's hard to put your finger on it exactly.Is it that they are shy about admitting their bias at first?Or that they have been dedicated fans for over a decade?Maybe it's the unique ways they show their love?

Admittedly, I had never really thought much about Shinhwa until this year with their 15th anniversary.I admire that the group has had continued success after so many years.I like that when you look at how Shinhwa has changed over the years, it fits with the times.They may have been around longer than any other K-Pop group, but they are still just as relevant as when they first debuted.

But maybe what I like the most about Shinhwa are those special fans of theirs.

Go to a Shinhwa concert (if you're lucky enough to get tickets, that is) and you will see a very diverse crowd.Old and new fans of all ages, shapes, and sizes - and all with one very important thing in common: the idea that Shinhwa has always been, and will always be, the best.

I didn't think I knew any Shinhwa fans until I was working on a piece about the 15th anniversary concert in Seoul this past spring.

I was taking a break and skimming through Facebook when I saw a post from a close friend of mine - she was smiling ear-to-ear and holding a bright orange Shinhwa sign.I instantly messaged her.

This is the point in our more than three-year-long friendship when she revealed that she is, in fact, a die-hard Shinhwa Changjo and has been since she was very young.

"When I was in middle school, I saw Shinhwa for the first time.I was so impressed by the fans that I wanted to join them," she explained."And the Shinhwa members have so much charisma!Even now, they still continue to make an effort."

The same thing happened with my roommate.Knowing full well what my job is, she didn't tell me about her almost life-long obsession with Shinhwa until two weeks before she moved out.

The next day, she even told me that when she confessed to some other Shinhwa Changjo that she had revealed her bias to me, they scolded her saying that I "wouldn't understand."

And this got me thinking, why are Shinhwa fans so shy about their love?

"Shinhwa and the fans believe we have a special relationship," explained my friend."It's a matter of respect."

I get that.This is probably why you don't see girls walking around decked out in orange with 'Shinhwa' tattooed on their faces.

But it doesn't mean they don't have their own ways of infiltrating the minds of non-fans with their bias.

Recently, those clever Korean netizens have been hard at work sifting through K-drama episodes to find evidence that the writers are closeted Shinhwa Changjo.

Two specific television shows come to mind, 2009's Boys Over Flowers and the currently airing I Hear Your Voice.

The Boys Over Flowers writer was a bit obvious with her fan status.The character's attended Shinhwa High School, Goo Junpyo's family's company was named Shinhwa Group and had an orange company logo.

While those examples are blatant, there are countless other hidden clues that only Changjo would recognize - including certain phrases, names, and locations.

The writer for I Hear Your Voice may have tried to hide her fan status at first, but things are now getting a little excessive.She appears to have a really strong affection not just for Shinhwa, but for member Shin Hye Sung especially.

Like the Boys Over Flowers writer, naming characters or places carefully is one way to interject with fan bias.The female lead is Hye Sung and her mother's restaurant is called Hye Sung Chicken.The twins' names resemble the singer's given name as well.

Some clues, like names, are very obvious, while others only Shinhwa fans would understand.

The careful use of numbers - Min Jun Guk's criminal ID number is the same as Shin Hye Sung's birthday - or the main character's affinity for a certain food - she pours sesame oil all over each meal - are more examples.

Even written clues abound in I Hear Your Voice - newspaper headlines including 'Shinhwa,' or on-screen text messages that include members' nicknames.

The scripts themselves are even orange!

Whether they hide their participation in the fandom or sneak it in to their work somehow, Shinhwa fans really do have a unique way of showing the love - making them some of the most impressive fans on earth.

Don't believe me?Here is how my former roommate described her passion for Korea's longest-running boy band:"I feel like they are my family and life.I can't explain my life except them."

(ed's note: Is there another fandom like this one? FTISLAND's Primadonna perhaps?)