“Far Away Love”: The C-Drama Starring Park Hae Jin That Each Drama Fan Wishes To See

“Far Away Love”: The C-Drama Starring Park Hae Jin That Each Drama Fan Wishes To See

Far Away Love: The C-Drama Starring Park Hae Jin That Each and every Drama Fan WishesTo peer t0ky0nights July 25, 2016 0 Far Away Love: The C-Drama Starring Park Hae Jin That Every Drama Fan Needs To See Ever since Cheese In The Trap ended we have gotno longer been ready to see much of Park Hae Jin. Even supposing its finishingused to bethought to be disappointing by way of many, there isn't any denying that Cheese In The Trap becomea well-liked drama that kept its audience coming back for more!

Once again, Park Hae Jin has captivated our passion in his maximumthese days aired drama, and I promise this ending is more satisfactory! A ways Away Love broke thrunumerous the vintage Chinese drama barriers, and delivered a fascinatingtale that kept the Park Hae Jin wave alive in China. However, this a laugh drama is gaining the eye of the Korean and the world crowd alike; here are among the reasons we think you're going toexperience Far Away Love!

Complex yet refreshing story that grabs its viewersFar Away Love

Meng Chu Xia (Li Fei Er) is a 28-year-old positivelady who is raising her teenage nephew. She has discoveredas a result of her age and the truth she is raising her nephew — ever since her sister disappeared — that she canneed toaccepta wedding without love. Shen An (Park Hae Jin) is a a success businessman who has given up on love after a heartbreaking relationship, and has determined that he needs to get married to enrich his symbol of a solid CEO.

Despite the realityeither one of them have given up on love, and want to go married, those two leads do now nottake to every other at first. Whilsthe's engaged to any individual his overbearing mom approves of, Shen An startsto note Meng Chu Xia. She doesn'tgo back his interest, and states that she may not bea device for him to rebellionopposed to his mother nor will she be an accessory for a rich CEO who is besttaking a look to toughen his image. When Shen An suddenly reveals himself without a fiancee and Meng Chu Xia is wanting a stable and legit man, this drama starts to get interesting!

Impressive forged for the very bestunityMain Cast

Most folks already know Park Hae Jin from the variousprofitable Korean dramas he has starred or gave the impression in. He is back, as good-looking and as charming as ever, in this stress-free Chinese drama. He co-stars with Li Fei Er, who is a well known Chinese actress that has been in a long list of popular Chinese dramas and movies. In combination these two make a gorgeous pair with the idealquantity of chemistry.

Almost each popular drama has to have competitive love interests to combine things up! Far Away Love is not any exception and it stars the handsome Zhang Lun Shuo, in additionthe pretty Song Yi to stay things interesting. Either of them perfectly embrace their characters and uploadsome otherpoint of interest to this drama as they are attempting to combine things up for our main couple!

Adorable chemistry between the foremost coupleCute 0

Numerous shots of Park Hae Jin and Li Fei Er will also bediscoveredat the actresss Weibo account. All of these images are enthralling and end up that these two have so much of chemistry together. This compatibility is perfectly transferred to the drama screen.

Even in shots that were taken by fans, the chemistry is apparent between these two! There could also beanything adorable about their drastic height difference.

Hilarious misfortunes bring out the most efficient in folksThis reason why is without delayassociated with the dramas story line, and shall we not love it more! It more or less feels that every time Shen An and Meng Chu Xia meet close tothe start something disastrous is set to occur. Fortunatelylots of theunluckycases befall upon Shen An, and we get to see a bit of of his lenient nature, as he can never bring himself to hate Meng Chu Xia.

When they first meet she borrows his mountain motorbike because she is in a pinch. Little does she know that it's farvalue a fortune and he was sitting in a automobilestaring atyour complete spectacle develop. He is gracious and makes a decision not to press fees for the robbery of a motorcycle that prices more than some houses.

Meng Chu Xia finds herself in some other mess when she by chance breaks a display screen in one of his restaurants. He occurs to be there and once back watches the mess spreadsooner than him. This time he steps in and tries to deal with the issue, but finds himself with a face stuffed with cake while she briefly escapes the crisis zone. It was glaring that she smeared cake on his face on purpose, but he lets it slide and is more interested by why his face is decorated alongside a wasteland he failed to approve for the menu.

Sometimes I concern some his priorities in this series!

Our main woman finds herself in yet another pinch when she is short of cash at a restaurant, and she turns to invitethe only real other celebration in where if she can borrow some money. This occurs to be Shen An, who recognizes her instantly even regardless that she does not appearto preserve in mind him. He is short and impolite with her, but still supplies her the money in the end.

Shen An is nicer than he will have to exist when he runs into Meng Chu Xia again. This time she is attempting to break out from her demeaning ex and his new fiancee. She grabs Shen An as her boyfriend by accident and spills a beverage on his jacket in the process. He is ticked and tries to leave, but lets his compassion get the most effective of him when he hears her exs haughty words. Pretending to be her boyfriend, he puts the alternativeguy in his position before he leaves the bar. She chases after him and insists on taking his jacket to be cleaned; practically stripping it off of him, to the amusement of a few onlookers.

He is in surprise and realizes that he just cannotrealize her, but he also ismoderately intrigued by her despite their a lot of appalling encounters. He is trapped by his interest and it's hilarious to observe him check outto be informed more about her, despite his nagging gut.

Shen An continuously proves that he is husband subject matterHusband Material

Eventually he manages to get as regards to her and learns of her preference to have a husband that mighttake care of her and her nephew. He is undaunted by this and takes it upon himself to prove that he shall be reliable. If it isaidinground the house, solving faucets, spending time with her nephew, or making certain she is going to the health center when she is sick, he does it all!

I especially found this section enjoyable, as many dramas that experience a prosperous CEO generally tend to painting them as spoiled or not able to serve as without the assistance of their station. Shen An refuses to slot in this stereotype as he flippantly tackles the entiretythis is thrown his way while he pursues Meng Chu Xia.

Watch Far Away Love here!

Are you taking into considerationfinding out Far Away Love, or are you already watching this exciting Chinese drama?t0ky0nights is a K-Pop enthusiast, whose interests come with many sorts of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean entertainment. She can also be establish dancing or writing articles, and lyrics, most of the time. You'llto find her on Instagram here.

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Shin Se Kyung Receives Love-call For Upcoming Drama Starring Park Yoochun

Shin Se Kyung Receives Love-call For Upcoming Drama Starring Park Yoochun

Shin Se Kyung Receives Love-call For Upcoming Drama Starring Park Yoochun

Actress Shin Se Kyung has received love-call for the female lead role in an upcoming drama,starring JYJ's Yoochun!

One industry insider told the media outlet Daily Sports that Shin Se Kyung has been confirmed for the upcoming drama “Sensing Couple” (working title), and is currently in preparations for production. The actress’ agency Namoo Actors told the media that although she has been offered the role, she is still considering it.

Previously also known as “Girl Who Can See Smells,” the drama from the team behind “Rooftop Prince” is set to star Park Yoochun in the leading role. Miss A‘s Suzy was initially offered the female lead role, but has turned it down due to her group activities.

The drama will premiere after the completion of “Hyde, Jekyll, Me,” in April.

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Upcoming Drama

Upcoming Drama "Kill Me Heal Me" Releases Poster, Starring Love Triangle Love Between Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon

“Kill Me Heal Me” Starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum Releases First Four Posters

MBC’s upcoming drama “Kill Me Heal Me,” starring Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Kim Yoo Ri, and Oh Min Suk, has dropped four new posters.

The first two depict the love lines of the drama, one with the words “I Will Protect You,” showing Ji Sung with his head comfortably in Hwang Jung Eum’s lap. The other shows an unfortunate love triangle, throwing Park Seo Joon into the mix, with the men looking in opposite directions. It is subtitled, “Hold me, save me, love me.”

kill me heal me 2

Also released were two more posters, one showing the full main cast, and one depicting Ji Sung’s one-man show, with his various personalities in tow: “One day they showed up inside of me.”

kill me heal me 3

Pan Entertainment stated, “We feel that the relationships between the characters came out well in the four posters for ‘Kill Me Heal Me.’ We hope you look forward to this drama, which will make you take a second look at internal scars and wounds that might otherwise be overlooked.”

kill me heal me 4

“Kill Me Heal Me” is set to air its first episode on January 7 at 10 p.m. KST.


B1A4′s Jinyoung Would possibly  Sign up for Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jung For A Love Triangle in New Drama

B1A4′s Jinyoung Would possibly Sign up for Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jung For A Love Triangle in New Drama

B1A4s Jinyoung MightSign up for Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jung For A Love Triangle in New Dramacrystalcove Could 23, 2016 0 B1A4s Jinyoung Can evenConnect Park Bo Gum And Kim Yoo Jung For A Love Triangle in New Drama B1A4 member Jinyoung is in dicussions to sign up for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, headlined by capacity of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung.

If the casting is finalized, Jinyoung would play the role of the captivating Kim Yoon Sung, who would shape a love triangle with Park Bo Gums and Kim Yoo Jungs characters

This drama may beprimarily based off of the web-novel of the similar name. The talespecializes in the romance that is going on in the palace in the past due Joseon Dynasty.

Park Bo Gum will be gambling Lee Young (also referred to as Crown Prince Hyomyeong), a sensible and handsome prince, and Kim Yoo Jung will be playing Hong Ra On, a woman who cross-dresses to live to inform the taleyetfinally ends up in the palace to fulfill Lee Young on account ofunforeseen circumstances.

The drama premieres on KBS2 on August 15.

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Fans Eagerly Look ahead to “Doctors” K-Drama Starring Park Shin Hye And Kim Rae Won

Fans Eagerly Look ahead to “Doctors” K-Drama Starring Park Shin Hye And Kim Rae Won

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSBSs upcoming scientific drama Doctors these daysshowedmost sensible actors Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye as its male and feminine leads. 

With either Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye no longer having starred in a drama in over a year, netizens have expressed their choiceto peer the two on their Televisionmonitors once again. With such talented actors, netizens are already predicting that Doctors will be a well-liked and a hit series.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

440, 21 Kim Rae Won is any suchexcellent actor and Park Shinhye is a gorgeous and talented actress I cant wait

329, 27 Oh~~ Theyre both such amazing actors I goto like this drama

298, 22 Daebak..Park Shinhye and Kim Raewon here's going to be the very best next drama for me

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Jeon Ji-hyeon negotiating new drama with author Park Ji-eun from

Jeon Ji-hyeon negotiating new drama with author Park Ji-eun from "My Love from the Star"

SBS drama "My Love from the Star" creator Park Ji-eun is making plans a new drama with Jeon Ji-hyeon's control Munhwa Changgo.

The firm is planning on creating a drama for the primary time and they'reoperating on getting Park Ji-eun to get on board.

Nothing particular about the drama has been showed yet and actress Jeon Ji-hyeon is due in February as she is 10 months pregnant.

Whether or no longer she'll be in this new drama shouldn't besureyet she has to take a wreck after she supplies birth.

Meanwhile, Jeon Ji-hyeon used to be awarded the Presidential Quotation at the 2015 Culture and Arts Award Ceremony.


Park Bo Young lends her candy voice for the song 'Leave' for starring drama 'Oh My Ghost' OST

Park Bo Young lends her candy voice for the song 'Leave' for starring drama 'Oh My Ghost' OST

Park Bo Young showed she isn"t merely a skilledActress yet tooA excellent singer amongstA candy voice!

The OSTAnd MV "Leave" for her drama "Oh My Ghost" has merely been released. Her voiceAnd the lyrics have compatibility smartly amongst the scenes whichAre shown in the MV,And having theActress sing for her own starring drama merely makes information technology that a lot more particular.

As the 3rd OST that"s been released for the drama, the song describes how Park Bo Young"s persona feels in her land of existenceAnd how unhappy the virgin ghost persona is ready wasting her memories.

It"sA touchAnd calming song which isA brilliant plus to "Oh My Ghost"s OST tracklist.

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Crime Drama Missing Noir M Reveals Compelling Trailer, Starring Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon

Crime Drama Missing Noir M Reveals Compelling Trailer, Starring Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon

OCN’s Crime Drama “Missing Noir M” Starring Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon Releases Teaser Video

To further drum up anticipation for its upcoming broadcast, OCN's crime drama "Missing Noir M" has revealed its compelling trailer!

Starring actors Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon in leading roles, the dark crime drama will be a follow-up to OCN’s popular “Bad Guys,” which aired last year.

In the short teaser video, Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon can be seen inspecting a dark, ominous looking warehouse.

“Missing Noir M” will be a drama about the odd collaboration between an elite FBI agent, played by Kim Kang Woo, and a hardboiled veteran detective, portrayed by Park Hee Soon. They will be solving disappearance cases related to organized crime.

“Missing Noir M” will premiere on OCN on March 28.

Watch the teaser video below.


[Video] tvN Upcoming Drama

[Video] tvN Upcoming Drama "Hogu's Love" Hold 1st Script Reading Session, Starring After School's UEE, Lee Soo Kyung

The cast member of tvN’s upcoming drama “Hogu’s Love” has attended the first script reading.

TvN’s Hogu’s Love is a romantic comedy depicting Hogu (Choi Woo Sik), who has no dating experience at all, coincidentally running into his first love Do Do Hee (Uee), and getting tangled up in a complicated relationship and a dangerous friendship.

It will be directed by director Pyo Min Su, who produced KBS 2TV’s Iris 2, Full House and The World that They Live In and written by writer Yoon Nan Joong, who wrote tvN’s Flower Boy Ramen Shop, KBS 2TV’s Queen of the Office and more.

The cast and production team of Hogu’s Love recently gathered at the CJ EM center to carry out the first script reading. This day’s script reading was attended by Uee, Choi Woo Sik, Lee Soo Kyung, director Pyo Min Su, writer Yoon Nan Joong as well as the rest of the cast and staff members. Due to the unique characters and lines, the script reading was filled with laughter, marking a good start.

[Video] After School’s Uee, Choi Woo Sik and More Attend First Script Reading for ‘Hogu’s Love’

Prior to the script reading, director Pyo Min Soo said, “When this drama ends, it will be April of 2015, around the spring. I hope that we can carry this out happily and healthily so that this drama can help people welcome a happy spring.”

After School’s Uee, who will be acting as Hogu’s first love and the national swimming team’s goddess ‘Do Do Hee,’ perfectly pulled off the competitive and rough character. Uee’s comical acting shown in the script reading video also brings out laughter.

Choi Woo Sik, who will be acting as ‘Kang Hogu,’ showed off his cheerful charms and natural acting ability, transforming into Korea’s representative ‘pushover.’ Once the script reading started, Choi Woo Sik synced with his character by not only using various voice tones and facial expressions but meeting eyes with his co-star Uee as if he was actually filming the drama. Acting opposite each other, Uee and Choi Woo Sik smiled each time they met eyes during script reading, showing fantastic chemistry. They even earned the nickname of ‘Woo Yoo couple’ on the spot, hinting at the popularity of the drama.

The rookie actress Lee Soo Kyung, who will be acting as Hogu’s twin sister, also caught attention by syncing 100 percent with her character ‘Kang Ho Kyung.’ Standing at 170 cm tall and with a confident image, Lee Soo Kyung dynamically expressed her tomboyish and sloppy character.

Hogu’s Love is set to begin on February 9 at 11 p.m. (KST)

Photo credit: CJ EM



2AM"s Seulong to replace SS501"s Park Jung Min in tvN"s drama "A Pushover"s Love"

2AM"s Seulong has been confirmed to star in upcoming tvN"s drama "A Pushover"s Love".

According to a rep from rtvN on January 2nd, 2AM"s Seulong will replace SS501"s Park Jung Min and take the role of a lawyer named Byun Kang Chul who is a perfect and cold city man.

Aside from Seulong, After School"s Uee, Choi Woo Sik, Lee Soo Kyung have also been added into the final line up.

"A Pushover"s Love" will focus on the love story between Kang Ho Go(Choi Woo Sik) who is a webtoonist"s assistant and Do Do He(Uee), a national swimming goddess. The first episode will be broadcasted on February 9th at 11PM KST.