Fei’s “Fantasy” Is A Disappointing Dose of Reality

Fei’s “Fantasy” Is A Disappointing Dose of Reality

20160721_seoulbeats_fei_fantasyFeis Myth Is A Disappointing Dose of FactWritten via Lo On July 22, 201607202016_seoulbeats_FeiIts best been two months since Jias departure from Miss A was once announced, and enthusiastshad beenfrightened about Omit As long run since, especially as Min and Suzys contracts expire next year, leaving Fei as the only real member whose long-term destiny alongside JYP is assured. In that vein, its demandingnot to read her solo début as a bad omen of whats to come, either for her and her group, because Fantasy is a global of disappointment.

If youre hoping that Feis solo profession would continue Miss As self reliantlady image, I recommend y'alltake a glance atsome other dimension, because in this one, Fantasy is as some distance from that as possible. Both the song and MV frame Fei as a literal male fantasy, interested only in what she can do to thrill her partner.

The MV starts off promising, with a gritty urban dystopia harking back to Blade Runner. However, it briefly becomes transparent that the easier comparison is to Total Recall. A tenderguy enters a seedy building, one where other folks (presumably) have sex in the hallways and sell seedy services. He can pay for time with a suite of virtual reality goggles, goggles that bring Fei into the MV as a program.

Voyeur Boy watches as Virtu-Fei is going about acting out his whims. He watches her draw a bath, lie on a bed, dance, pose sexily, or evencarry out rhythmic gymnastics. Its no longer precisely a framing tool either; the MV cuts back to Voyeur Boys thick swallows and enraptured expressions more than once. It does now notpermit you tofail to remember that that she is not anythingyet the object of his desire. She has no needsrather then to please him, not even a voice Fei is onlyobservedmaking a song in the MV, as thoughpermitting her to voice her choice to please him would give Fei too much agency. She doesnt even get pants!

The twist comes round the three-minute mark, when, to Voyeur Boys suprise and delight, Fei materializes appropriate in front of him. Upon knowing this, attractive dancing and implied coitus ensues, finishing the MV. However, for the explanation thatno person else ever sees Fei in the genuine world, I'm of the opinion that Fei never actually entered reality, but that Voyeur Boys obsession with Virtu-Fei have become so tough that he lost the facilityto inform fantasy from reality. Honestly, Fantasy is more frustrating than anything, just because ITbecame so with reference tocreating aobservationat the objectification of idols and women, the aid of them to mere fantasy. . . and then it doesnt. Just goes on being sleazy and objectifying.

07202016_seoulbeats_Fei3The song Fantasy is nothing special. Its a softer take on house; lusher with a delicate, planned arrangement. And yet, it falls into the main failing of trendy electronica: Fantasy never builds to anything. It just repeats on an never-ending loop that wears out its welcome very quickly. Fei herself is serviceable. Shes stable and her falsetto is lovely enough, but she doesnt wow and her voice on a standard basis blends with the instrumentals in an aural slurry.

The lyrics, though, are a large letdown. Miss A was tricky and independent, even in love, and it's farmiserable to see Fei provide herself as a passive object, willing to develop intoanything else her spouseneeds her to be in position oflast her own woman. The reality that those lyrics were penned by JY Park does nothing but upload a measurement of squick.

Fantasy is an utter letdown. The song is tepid, the MV sleazy, and Fei grew to become into a willing doll for whoever wants her. It hurts my soul. I dont know whos fantasy this is, but it aint mine. My only hope is that the following fourth dimension Fei releases a solo MV, she gets pants.

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Boys Republic to make fantasy into reality through their comeback with 'Fantasy Trilogy'

Boys Republic to make fantasy into reality through their comeback with 'Fantasy Trilogy'

February has been full of surprises so far and Boys Republic are next to join the list of comebacks to look forward to this month with their three-part project "Fantasy Trilogy"!

Boys Republic will release three title tracks, one for each part of the trilogy, starting on the 20th and plan to show a 180 degree transformation.

Universal Music Korea stated, "This project has the meaning, "When fans" fantasy becomes a reality." Through "Fantasy Trilogy", we want to fulfill fans" dreams and fantasies... [Boys Republic] plan to meet fans through a variety of stages during the first-half of this year."

Get ready for the first part of their "Fantasy Trilogy" kicking off on the 20th!

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Fantasy K-Pop Collab: 2NE1 + Run-DMC [Special Reality Edition]

Fantasy K-Pop Collab: 2NE1 + Run-DMC [Special Reality Edition]


Fantasy K-Pop Collab: 2NE1 + Run-DMC [Special Reality Edition] 2NE1 + Run-DMC As K-Pop continues to spread across the globe, these fantasy collaborations seem to more frequently be moving into the very tangible realm of reality.

The latest expected collaboration is with YG Entertainment's all-star girl group 2NE1 and American hip-hop legends Run-DMC.The two groups have announced that a dual-project is in the works as part of the Adidas All Originals Unite Campaign.

The four energetic members of 2NE1 are no strangers to collaborations with some of the US's biggest acts in hip-hop music.

The group was seen on stage as special guests for Snoop Dogg's Seoul concert back in May, also in conjunction with the Adidas All Originals Unite endorsement project.

Additionally, they have worked extensively with singer-producer Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas who is working as 2NE1's primary producer for their US debut.

Run-DMC too have had their fair share of genre-bending collabs in the past - perhaps most famously their mashup of "Walk This Way" with iconic rock band Aerosmith.

Run-DMC have long been considered the origination of the hip-hop beats familiar in the genre nowadays when, in the 1980's they moved away from the early days of rap where funk-disco-infused sounds backed the raps.

With their direct, aggressive verses and hard-thumping beats, the group was able to start a hip-hop movement and inspire rappers for generations to come.

2NE1 also have had in integral role in shaping modern K-Pop music.

Notorious for adding flavors from other genres to their sound (most notably reggae and electronic beats), CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy have been stand-out originals in a genre that, at times, seems stuck in an endless circle of repetitive pop songs.

Their unique voices combine for refreshingly hip and new songs and they have unrivaled stage presence.

Although their musical backgrounds differ greatly and they are several decades apart in age and experience, a collaborative effort between 2NE1 and Run-DMC is sure to leave an extraordinary impression on fans from both sides of the ocean.

More announcements will be made regarding the official collaboration details as the time draws nearer, so stay tuned!

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Fantasy K-Pop Collab [Reality KCON 2013 Edition]: G-Dragon + Missy Elliott

Fantasy K-Pop Collab [Reality KCON 2013 Edition]: G-Dragon + Missy Elliott

G-Dragon, collaboration, Big Bang

Fantasy K-Pop Collab [Reality KCON 2013 Edition]: G-Dragon + Missy Elliott G-Dragon + Missy Elliott With the announcement that Missy Elliott will be performing alongside K-Pop's biggest namesatKCON 2013later this month, so many fans are eager to see what is in store.

Earlier in the year she and G-Dragonconfirmed that they had collaborated for some tracks on the Big Bangleader's upcoming solo album.

Elliott, too, has a new album in the works, her first since 2005, and while not yet confirmed, there is some speculation that we will be hearing G-Dragon featured in at least one song.

Therefore, this is a very special edition of Fantasy K-Pop Collab - the collaboration between G-Dragon and Missy Elliott is not wishful thinking, but something very real and soon to be unveiled.

G-Dragon has made a name for himself not only as the frontman for the very popular group Big Bang, but as an composer, lyricist, and producer in addition to his own solo activities as a rapper.

He embodies swag in every sense of the word, a complete original who rarely holds back and has set himself apart as a true one-of-a-kind star in the Korean music industry.

Missy Elliott not only is the first and only female rapper to have six platinum albums, but she was on the forefront of the modern hip-hop movement in America.

An original performer with a unique style that is all her own, Elliott has won the praise of critics and millions of fans around the world.

With five Grammy's under her belt, and a long list of production credits to her name, Elliot has had an formative role in shaping the US music industry as we know it today - much like her Korean counterpart has done with K-Pop in the past several years.

The collaborative effort between the two is expected to be explosive, and while we have no idea just yet what the two have come up with, it is sure to be completely original and a game-changer for K-Pop in the global market.

The energy, lyrical delivery, and incorporation of elements from other genres is what G-Dragon brings to the table.Couple that with Elliott's proven track record of producing solid RB and hip-hop tracks and unprecedented talent, and we are all in for something mind-bendingly awesome.

As for Missy Elliott's KCON appearance - expect her to hit the stage with G-Dragon and deliver a memorable performance that is sure to go down in the hip-hop history books.

Additionally, we hope that Elliott's collaborations do not stop with G-Dragon.Famed Korean hip-hop pair Dynamic Duowill also be in attendance at KCON 2013, and seeing them on stage together would be an incredible treat - one that will hopefully lead to more collaborations in the future.

So get pumped - the G-Dragon-Missy Elliott mash-up is a very real thing and it is going to be AWESOME. Props to the KCON USA team for making this fantasy collaboration a reality!

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Reporters divulge that a undeniable  superstar “friend” pairing is in reality a couple

Reporters divulge that a undeniable superstar “friend” pairing is in reality a couple

13kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A contemporary airing of a show Brave Reporters revealed that a most sensible actress and singer pair that the public know handiest equallypals are if fact exist toldfanatics in disguise.On the show, a reporter discussed a couple that most peopleused to beended inconsiderare just friends. The reporter mentionedthat primepoint actress A and peak level singer B have currentlydevelop into a couple. She described actress A as a filled with life and adorablepersonalitywhilst stated that singer B sweeps charts each and every fourth dimension he releases an album. Whether B is a solo artist or in a setbecameno longer mentioned.

According to this reporter, a close friend of the 2showed that the two are dating. She publishedextra hints throughannouncing the two had recently left on a travel abroad. The two left secretly yet met up on the aircraft at which point they showed such screenof love aboard the plane. The public still only knows of them as close friends. She later faced the firm alongsidethe tips and the officials, flustered, told her that it was a vacation out of friendship.

Netizens detectives are currently runningnot easy to figure out who this couple could also be

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented on the long-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

I think there's a high choice that here is Jihyo and GaryIf it were monday couple I might 100% enhance themoh I'm hopingit's far them that might make my dayI hope its none of my boys ㅠㅠㅠㅠPark Shinhye and Jung Yong Hwa?There arent that many top solo male artists so it will have to be an idol Source: Instiz

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Watch: pass over As Fei Is A Fantasy Come To Existence In Solo Debut MV

Watch: pass over As Fei Is A Fantasy Come To Existence In Solo Debut MV

Watch: leave out A’s Fei Is A “Fantasy” Come To Lifestyles In Solo Debut MVilmare42 July 20, 2016 0 Watch: miss A’s Fei Is A “Fantasy” Come To Life In Solo Debut MV girl A member Fei has now made her solo debut!

On July 21 in the dark KST, Fei dropped the song video for her first solo release, entitled “Fantasy.” In the video, Fei acts as the celebrity of a virtual truth fantasy, dancing and attractivethe guy who’s watching. Yet after he eliminates the virtual truth goggles, Fei without noticeseems in the room he’s in, apparently coming to life.

Watch the video below! Be warned that it's far rated 19for sexual themes.

Fei made her debut in 2010 as a member of miss A with their track “Bad WomanJust right Girl.” The gangmaximumlately released their mini album “Colors” in March of 2015.

What do you bring to mind Fei’s solo debut track?

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Watch: omit As Fei Drops Teaser Video For Solo Debut Fantasy MV

Watch: omit As Fei Drops Teaser Video For Solo Debut Fantasy MV

Watch: leave out A’s Fei Drops Teaser Video For Solo Debut “Fantasy” MVilmare42 July 19, 2016 0 Watch: miss A’s Fei Drops Teaser Video For Solo Debut “Fantasy” MV On July 20 at nighttime KST, miss A member Fei shared an intriguing teaser video for her upcoming solo debut!

Fei could be making her solo debut with the song “Fantasy,” that may exist released on July 21 at midnight KST. In the recent teaser video for the song, a guy enters a depressing basement, where he sits down and an eye mask is put on him. Once the mask is on, we see what seems to be a projection of Fei in a bikini. Watch the teaser video below!

It was onceprior to now reported that Fei’s music video will be rated 19 . Her new solo album became produced by way of JYP founder Park Jin Young, and her name track “Fantasy” is described as a Britpop-inspired dance and RB track.

What do you call to mind this glimpse of Fei’s debut concept?

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f(x) Victoria To Celebrity in New Drama 'Ice Fantasy'

f(x) Victoria To Celebrity in New Drama 'Ice Fantasy'

Ice Fantasy f(x) leader Victoria Song may be starring in the drama Ice Fantasyalong aspectfamous person Feng Shao Feng. The drama is expounded to be stuffed withheaps of action and romance.

According to the clicking release, the drama revolves round thestruggle between the Ice and Fireplace Kingdoms. Royal heirs of respective kingdoms will have to compete opposed toeach and every other to take the following spot as a higher generation's wonderful leader.Friends and families will be put against one another in their own civil wars.

Ice Fantasyis in line with a Chinese series, City of Delusion andwill be to be had on DramaFever's web page onJuly 24th!

Advertisement For more info about the drama, take a glance at the drama's page on DramaFever!

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Korean Comic Kim Shin Young After all Breaks Silence With Reality About Alleged Superstar Sex Tape

Korean Comic Kim Shin Young After all Breaks Silence With Reality About Alleged Superstar Sex Tape

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKim Shin Young braves the public as she for my part denies malicious speculations that she was oncethe femininefamous person in a reported sex tape. 

On July 12th, Kim Shin Young broke her silence thru her ownr adio display and stated, “I am now notthe girl in the sex tape.” In step withthe fame and entertainer, she became embarrassed about the sex tape controversy and won more than 16 videos for the beyond4 days. She went on to expose that as the difficulty continued, she can'tlend a handyet watch it and clarified that it was not her. There has been no way that she’ll be ready to movie and described herself as a “very lonely person.”

She was praised for the manner she treatedthe debate and expressed her surprisein opposition to it. She also thanked the eagle-eyed netizens who discovered online evidence just about her identity trough the site of her moles.

Kim Shin Young ended her remark alongside a message that she was hopingnobody else will brokenthrough the misunderstanding.

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K-Pop Fanatics  Be informed  The reality  At the back of  Two times Momo’s Adorable Nickname

K-Pop Fanatics Be informed The reality At the back of Two times Momo’s Adorable Nickname

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even if many TWICE fans incessantlytalk to member Momo as Moguri, netizens have at all times been curious as to why she used to be given this sort of nickname. 

With such so much of netizens wondering and posting questions on the nickname online, however, loverslately explained the explanationin the back of the nickname, which may also be interpreted as Momo the raccoon. The use offootage and screen shots of Momos interactions with her fellow members, fans showed that Momos apperance adorable antics do indeed resemble that of a raccoon.

Check out this video of Momo appearing off her attractive dance moves on Weekly Idol below:

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